The Most Annoying Things Each Zodiac Sign Does When They're In Love (His and Hers)

People always talk about the honeymoon period -- the first three to six months of a new relationship when we're totally in love and basically walking around in a fog. We can't help but think about our new boyfriend all the time and we just always want to be with him. The combination of love and hormones is pretty powerful, that's for sure.

We also tend to be super annoying when we're in love. We might not want to admit that because, hey, we always want to seem totally cool and calm and collected. But love makes fools out of every last one of us. If we're not acting crazy and foolish, we're probably not actually in love. We feel like we would do anything for our partner and we just can't imagine not having them in our lives. Since our zodiac signs can tell us so much about ourselves and our lives, it makes sense that the stars can tell us a lot about how we act when we're madly and deeply in love. What humiliating thing do we each do when we're in love? Let's find out! Read on to discover the most annoying thing that you do based on your zodiac sign -- and we've rounded up both his and hers entries, so you can let your boyfriend know as well!

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24 Aquarius (Him): Taking Forever To Make A Move

The Aquarius guy is a social butterfly. No one knows what he's going to do next so he's definitely not boring or dull. He also has trouble making decisions and can overthink absolutely everything. The most embarrassing thing that he does when he's in love is it takes him forever to make a move.

He just can't seem to let the girl of his dreams know that she's, well, the girl of his dreams. He's going to think it over for way too long... and he's also going to be annoyed with himself since he'll realize that if he had just asked her out earlier, he could have saved a whole bunch of time. But this is just the way that it goes for the Aquarius man. He can't help it. He'll be embarrassed, though, because he won't believe how long it takes him to finally ask her out on a first date.

23 Aquarius (Her): Trying To Seduce Her Crush And Getting Rejected

The Aquarius woman is very comfortable being physical and intimate, so those parts of a relationship are not only very important to her but truly no big deal. The most embarrassing thing that would happen to her when she's in love is she would try to seduce the guy that she's interested in. And she just might get rejected.

Since she's so comfortable with her body, she would have no trouble inviting her crush over for some Netflix and chill time. But it might not always work out for her, since of course not everyone likes everyone, and that would be a really crushing disappointment. Rejection definitely sucks, but it's a necessary part of life, and hopefully she can move on from her embarrassment and find someone else.

22 Pisces (Him): Being Super Lovey-Dovey And Mushy

Both Pisces men and women are very sensitive and emotional. The Pisces guy sounds like a pretty perfect boyfriend: he's sweet and actually likes talking about his feelings. Sign us up. Where do we find a guy like this?!

When this guy is in love, he gets super lovey-dovey and mushy. He literally can't stop himself from constantly texting his girlfriend sweet messages and telling her how he feels all the time. This will embarrass him since after a while, he'll start to wonder if what he's doing is a bit much. And if she tells him to back off a bit (because depending on her zodiac sign, she might not be super down with this), then he'll definitely be blushing from cheek to cheek. The poor guy.

21 Pisces (Her): Getting Too Attached

The Pisces woman has another embarrassing habit when she's in love: she can get super attached to the person that she's with. It's a by-product of being sensitive and emotional, and it's definitely something that we all do sometimes, no matter what our sign is. But it's worse for Pisces, who gets so completely emotionally invested in a new relationship.

No one wants to think of themselves as clingy, so if the Pisces woman realizes that she's acting this way, it's definitely an embarrassing experience. Hopefully her boyfriend will realize that she's just acting this way because of how much she loves him... and hopefully he feels the same. Then the crisis can be totally averted and they can go back to being hopelessly in love, which is the way that it should be.

20 Aries (Him): Moving Too Fast And Getting Burned

Both Aries men and women want to keep a lid on their feelings and make sure that they're the ones making the decisions. It would be super embarrassing for both of them if they fell for someone quickly and it didn't work out. The Aries man might move too fast with a new girlfriend and end up getting burned.

This would embarrass him since he would wonder why he acted this way in the first place. Couldn't he have taken things a bit slower? Would that have really been so horrible? At least now he'll have learned a good lesson and can take things a bit slower the next time that he falls for someone. And then he'll never have to feel quite so humiliated, which he definitely doesn't want to feel.

19 Aries (Her): Falling For A Guy Super Fast

The Aries woman doesn't want to fall for a guy super fast. She barely wants to fall for a guy at all. She's strong and independent and doesn't think of herself as someone who needs to be in a relationship. She's busy living her amazing life and that's all that she cares about.

If she falls in love and it happens quicker than she ever wanted or expected, she's going to feel totally embarrassed. She won't believe that she let this happen and she'll basically be really mad at herself. While there's nothing wrong with falling in love since, come on, it's the best thing ever, that's just not what an Aries woman is going to think. She'll see the situation in a bit of a negative light and won't feel good about herself.

18 Taurus (Him): Not Backing Down From A Fight

Both Taurus men and women are very stubborn. They can also be clingy and act like they own the person that they're dating. Dating a Taurus guy definitely means getting to know his super stubborn nature pretty well... and it also means that he's not going to back down from a fight.

Even if he's stubborn, he's not a jerk, so of course he's going to feel bad about the fact that he can't just stop feeling angry and move on. His stubbornness is going to end up embarrassing him and it's going to make the argument feel even worse. A certain amount of fighting in a relationship is fairly healthy since it's not possible to get along 24/7, but it's definitely hard to fight with a stubborn person.

17 Taurus (Her): Getting A Bit Too Clingy

The Taurus woman has one main embarrassing habit when she falls in love: she tends to be on the clingy side with her partner. That's because she's said to be the kind of woman who is basically made to be a long-term girlfriend.

Once she knows that she's comfortable with a guy and can really trust him, she won't ever want to let him go. She'll feel so good about the relationship that she might end up being too clingy and coming on too strongly. Hopefully her boyfriend will realize that she's honestly coming from a good place and that she's not trying to be annoying. After all, there are worse things than having a girlfriend who just wants to spend a lot of quality time with her boyfriend, right?!

16 Gemini (Him): Doesn't Want To Be Alone, Flirts A Lot

Geminis are said to have two sides and two personalities. Sometimes they're really fun to be around and other times, they're in horrible moods. Sounds fun... It's a lot for someone to deal with, that's for sure.

The Gemini man embarrasses himself in two ways when he's in love: he feels like he just can't be alone and has to stay in the relationship, and he also turns into a massive flirt. Or, more accurately, he's always a massive flirt, so he's just being himself even though now his relationship status has changed. Then he feels bad about the fact that he can't be more independent and that he can't stop flirting with other girls, even though he has a girlfriend. Yup, that's not exactly the most ideal situation.

15 Gemini (Her): Acts More Shy Than Usual

When the Gemini woman is in love, she basically turns into a different person and acts a lot more shy than she normally is. This is pretty embarrassing for her since she doesn't see herself as a shy person and doesn't want to be like this. But she can't help it. She loves her new boyfriend and those feelings make her bashful and innocent.

It takes the Gemini woman a bit of time to really get comfortable with someone. Like a lot of people, she can't just rush into something. She has to make sure that it's a good idea and makes sense for her life. Once she's in it, though, she's in it, and it's all good. She'll stop being so shy and will start acting like herself again.

14 Cancer (Him): Wondering If His Partner Really Loves Him

Cancer is a very insecure zodiac sign. That goes for both guys and girls, so both genders feel this way all the time. The Cancer guy is going to wonder if his girlfriend really loves him... and that's going to feel pretty embarrassing for him. It's not a fun experience to feel something negative and then hate that you're feeling that way on top of that.

He'll probably down deep down that she does and that he's being kind of silly and ridiculous. But that's the thing about being insecure, right? Insecure people just can't stop feeling that way. They worry and wonder about everything and they can't turn that part of their brains off. Hopefully he can understand how much his partner loves him and stop feeling so terrible about it because that's honestly no way to live (or love).

13 Cancer (Her): Taking Everything Her Partner Says Way Too Personally

The Cancer girl is going to find it tough not to take everything that her boyfriend says super seriously. She'll know that she shouldn't and that there's literally no reason to worry so much. But since she's so insecure, she won't be able to stop herself.

It's tough to be in a relationship with someone who is hypersensitive like this. She sweats the small stuff and is basically creating problems where they didn't exist before. Sounds like a super fun time for her boyfriend... She'll definitely be embarrassed by her behavior because she'll totally understand that she shouldn't get so upset and mad all the time. And if her boyfriend calls her out on it and says that she's being ridiculous, then she'll be even more embarrassed.

12 Leo (Him): Being Selfish And Self-Centered AF

Leos aren't known for being shy and insecure wallflowers. It's basically the complete opposite. The Leo guy is going to be selfish and self-centered when he falls in love because this is the way that he acts all the time. He can't turn it off. And he can't be anything but completely himself.

If he's not a jerk, then he's also going to be embarrassed by the way that he's acting. That doesn't mean that he's going to start acting better, of course. It just means that he understands that this is a flaw in his character. He's the kind of person who always needs to plan date nights and make all the decisions like what to order in for dinner or what restaurant to go to. He won't like that he has to do this, but he won't be able to stop, either.

11 Leo (Her): Expecting To Be Treated Like A Queen 24/7

The Leo woman is basically very similar to the Leo man. She won't accept anything less than the royal treatment all the time. Yes, all the time. She won't take no for an answer because this is just the way that she feels it needs to be.

Just like the Leo guy, if the Leo girl is a good person, she'll also be humiliated by her behavior. She'll realize that she's being kind of nuts and that she can't expect her boyfriend to wait on her hand and foot. That's just not normal and that's not the way that relationships work. But since this is her zodiac sign and this is her nature, she's going to apologize and tell him that she'll be better... and then turn right around and boss him around again. Oh well...

10 Virgo (Him): Waiting Too Long To Kiss Her

Both Virgo men and women are very shy and sensitive. That can make starting a new relationship a bit of a challenge.

The Virgo man is going to wait a super long time to kiss the woman that he's interested in. He'll just be way too shy to make this move early on. Of course, he'll be super embarrassed by this fact. Since he knows that traditionally, the guy is supposed to kiss the girl for the first time, he won't believe that he keeps getting nervous and chickening out. Eventually, he'll kiss her and all will be well, but in the meantime, he'll keep putting it off... and keep getting embarrassed about it. He cares about this girl so much that it becomes a really big deal to him. It's just part of his process.

9 Virgo (Her): Turning Away When He Tries To Kiss Her

The Virgo girl is just as shy as the Virgo guy, and this means that when her love interest tries to kiss her, she's going to turn away. Yes, she does want to kiss him. In fact, she really, really wants to kiss him. But she's so shy and sensitive that she's going to worry way too much about making the first kiss a good one... and that's going to make her prolong the moment for as long as possible.

It might sound kind of silly and like she should just get the first kiss over with. But like the Virgo guy, she wants things to be as special as they can be, and she puts a lot of thought into things like this. It's part of her process as well.

8 Libra (Him): Getting Serious Super Quickly

The Libra man isn't one to worry about jumping into a new relationship too fast. In fact, that's kind of his thing. He falls in love and wants to make his crush his girlfriend basically ASAP. His friends and family might tell him that he's moving too fast and that he should slow down a bit to make sure that things continue going well. He won't listen (or he'll listen but ignore their well-meaning advice).

Of course, just because he's jumping in fast doesn't mean that he thinks that this is a good idea. He might wake up one day and realize that he moved too fast and feel bad about it. It would embarrass him to think that another human being would have this kind of intense effect on him. Hey, that's love. It happens to the best of us.

7 Libra (Her): Being Moody

Libras have a tendency to be super moody sometimes. The Libra woman can get super moody even when she's totally in love. Even when she's fallen for someone, she can't help who she is or what her personality is like.

She's definitely going to be embarrassed by her bad moods, especially if they happen on a regular basis. She'll feel even worse if her bad moods cause fights with her boyfriend or if he brings them up all the time and asks why she's acting this way and what's wrong (which he probably will do if he's a decent guy and a good boyfriend). No one wants to date a moody person. It's not exactly something that is at the top of everyone's perfect girlfriend list.

6 Scorpio (Him): Needing To Talk About His Feelings

Scorpios are really sensitive people, so when the Scorpio man falls in love, he has this constant need to talk about his feelings. He can't help it. He also talks a lot about how he feels about the new girl in his life.

It embarrasses him that he's so sensitive because it feels like a part of his personality that he just can't turn off, no matter how hard he tries. Not everyone wants to be super mushy and emotional all the time. Okay, basically no one wants to be that way. It feels super unattractive and like a real turn-off. His need to talk about his emotions probably turn his girlfriend off, but it might feel like a bit much, especially if it happens 24/7.

5 Scorpio (Her): Becoming A Green-Eyed Monster

The Scorpio woman has a tendency to get really jealous when she's in a relationship and has fallen in love. When she falls in love, she really, really falls in love. She makes her boyfriend into the most important person in the world and wants to be with him all the time. This means that she gets jealous of people that he hangs out with and of things that he's doing.

She totally gets that this isn't a healthy way to behave. You can't sustain a relationship by acting this way. At the same time, this is inherent in her nature, so she's going to be humiliated by the way that she's acting. It's just a big mess and definitely not a pretty picture at all.

4 Sagittarius (Him): Dating A Clingy Woman

The Sagittarius guy is super into travel. He absolutely hates clingy people. Hates them. If he realizes that he's dating a clingy woman and is even in love with her, that would be something that he would find embarrassing. He wouldn't understand how he could let himself end up with someone like that. It's a real turn-off for him.

He won't be able to handle this and will also be humiliated on her behalf. He'll think that she should be more independent and still do the things that she loves. He's just not interested in being someone's everything and seeing them all the time. He's a free spirit (hence the whole need to travel thing) and can't be confined. He would feel trapped by a super clingy person.

3 Sagittarius (Her): Giving Up Her Whole Schedule For Her Partner

The Sagittarius woman is also into travel and she also loves having fun... but in a totally spontaneous way. When she falls in love, she's willing to keep her schedule open in order to spend time with her partner. This is a bit embarrassing for her to admit, though, since she's a free spirit.

Even the most independent-minded among us want to spend as much time as we can with the person that we're in love with. We suddenly can't live without them and we can't believe that we haven't known them forever. We're so grateful that they walked into our lives at the moment that they did. So everyone can definitely relate to what the Sagittarius woman does when she falls in love with someone.

2 Capricorn (Him): Wanting To Give Up His Whole Life For Her

The Capricorn guy is not known for wanting to settle down. He's super into his career and that's basically his entire life. But when he does fall in love, sometimes he seriously falls, and he wants to give up his whole life for this new girl. He can't stop thinking about her and suddenly she's the most important person in the world to him.

This would humiliate him because he's a career-focused guy who cares more about that than a relationship. He doesn't want his life to change and he wants to make sure that he's the one making the decisions. For him, being in charge is the name of the game. But as we all know, love makes us do crazy things and we can't be in control all the time.

1 Capricorn (Her): Opening Up Too Soon

The Capricorn woman would never dream of opening up to a new guy... or even a guy that she had been dating for a few months. She wants to be cool, calm, and collected and she wants to keep her cards close to her chest always.

But, of course, love has other ideas and other plans. If she falls in love and ends up being vulnerable and sharing her secrets with the new guy in her life, she would be pretty embarrassed. She would wish that she had waited a bit longer to tell him certain things about herself and would feel bad about it. There's really no reason for her to worry since this probably just means that she's truly in love and in a good relationship. But, hey, we all have our vices and flaws, and sometimes, they're all thanks to our zodiac signs.

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