The Mani-Pedi Style He's Attracted To Most (Based On His Astro Sign)

Is there anything that makes us feel more put together than a fresh set of nails? If you say yes, we beg to differ. When a woman has her mani-pedi done, she can rule the world.

However, finding the right color, shape and finish beforehand can be a real headache. Unless its Christmas, where we habitually opt for shades of red, the stress of finding the right nail combo can ruin the point of relaxing and treating yourself.  Tough being a woman, isn't it?

The good news is that we're here to rescue you because we know how tedious making these choices can be. In fact, if you want to end 2019 with power statement nails that will blow the socks right off your SO or crush, we have the answers you're looking for.

How? We turn to the stars for our answers. Because of varying astrological personality traits and interests, the "perfect set of nails" is different for every sign.

Read on to see which type of claws will drive your man crazy.

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24 Set Off An Aries With An Electric Mani

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Grab the attention of a bold Aries in your life with fiery red nails.

For your sake, red is classic and versatile: it works during the Holidays and all year long.

A daring red will have your man groaning with excitement. Aries men are attracted to statements of confidence so they will respond to adventurous colors that pop out. 

Trust us, he'll quickly notice and appreciate your dynamic color choice― bonus if they're wildly long.

23 An Aries Man Will Look To The Moon

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If you want to impress an Aries man, pair an audacious set of fingernails with subtler toenails. Too much of a good thing can ruin it, so avoid a matching set and raise the stakes with a midnight shimmer shade.

Ladies, we're talking deep midnight blue for your feet (very trendy at the moment); the darker, the better!

22 The Power Of Wealth For A Taurus

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If it's a  Taurus man you're dealing with, picking a color won't be too difficult.

Taurus men dig whatever is luxurious ― and what buys luxury? Money. What is the color of money? Green.

By indulging in a luxe green shade, you're sure to tap into his ambitious side.

Want to flaunt your nails as elegantly as possible? Sip a glass of champagne next to him and see if he notices your power colored mani.

21 An Earthy Pedi Will Make A Taurus Weak

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Picking the polish for your toes will be relatively easy as well.

Because they like living large but are also patient and practical men, they go nuts over earth-tone color sets. A Taurus man will adore the versatility of a clean shade, so forget being experimental and stick to strong, sophisticated hues.

20 A Bright Yellow Will Catch That Gemini’s Eye

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Gemini men are communication masters, so don't be afraid to ask him what colors make his jaw drop.

A Gemini man will love to hang on to your hand if it is the type of mani that will get people talking. They like to spike people's curiosity and will revel in the visual stimuli of a yellow or bright green mani.

These two colors are unique and will show him that you're just as witty and flirty as him.

19 Simple Doesn't Cut It For The Gemini King

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Proclaim yourself the life of the party with equally flashy toenails.

Blacks and whites are too simple for a Gemini man who loves everything expressive and vibrant. So we suggest opting for a gorgeous grey and adding a nail design or embellishment for extra pizazz.

18 Cancer Men Love The Classics

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A Cancer man will be enticed by a manicure that's traditional; he doesn't need anything overly indulgent.

A manicure that is clean-cut and classic is what the Cancer man tends to notice most. Why? Because he likes to keep things simple and is attracted to the same.

Next time you get a manicure, request blush pink hues or neutral beiges. With the Holidays around the corner, you can also add a little shimmer without throwing him off.

17 A Little White Never Hurt No Cancer Man

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If you're opting for a matching pedi, your Cancer man will love a similar shade.

With the winter season nearby, you can feel dashing and secure with an adorable white or silver pedi.

These two colors speak to the emotional and sentimental side of Cancer men because they are pure, classic and just the right amount of playful.

16 Leo Men Want You To Shine

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What says drama and royalty more than gold, shimmery oranges, or rhinestones?

If you're trying to rope in a Leo with your manicure, make sure you choose colors that are bold, vibrant and scream off your fingertips.

Orange is a color not often integrated into everyday life and will, therefore, make a strong statement.

Throw any doubts of shyness out the window and add rhinestones or shimmery tips to guarantee to your Leo that you like to steal the show.

15 Leos Roar For Gold

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The same is true for your pedicure.

A Leo man likes anything that shines; picture a child in a brand new toy store and you've captured the essence of Leos and their affinity with shiny things. They are bold men with flair and want to see the same in you.

We suggest going for gold... literally.

14 Virgo Men And The “Au Naturel” Look

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Virgo men are known to be tremendously eco-friendly, so they're not usually compelled by the material indulgence of a manicure.

However, there are some shades that will delight them nonetheless. Without a doubt, they'll prefer anything natural, which means the "no nail polish" look is a winner in their books.

To achieve that, pick a sensible dusty rose with a beige base to soften. You want to get a look that is barely noticeable.

To achieve an extra-clean finish, keep your nails trimmed and relatively short.

13 Earthy Tones Excite The Planet-Friendly Virgos

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Because of their deep connections to nature, they will equally appreciate a neutral color on your toes.

Browns, taupes and greens will be your best friends when seeking the attention of a Virgo. These colors give off organic vibes and will remind your SO or crush that you care about the environment just as much as they do.

12 It Is Two Or Nothing With Libras

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You're sure to show up on your Libra man's next Instagram post if your manicure is double shaded.

Since they are all about balance, they like to see it reflected in most aspects of life, which is why having a mani with two hues of the same color will get them going.

Don't go overboard. Stick to solid colors that have expansive hue collections like blue.

If you can pull off a navy blue and light blue mani, you'll have him thinking you're all about duality... just like him.

11 He'll Settle For Pink Though

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Now, for your pedi, you don't have to break the bank doing the same― thankfully, our feet are hidden.

Next time you want to impress a Libra with your pedi, try a puritan baby pink.  While it's not as satisfyingly symmetrical as a duo color scheme, it will speak to his calm and peaceful side. Pinks evoke tranquility and serenity-something the Libra man can't get enough of.

10 Is Black Your Colour?

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Scorpio men are clear about what they like: and that's anything that is deep and dark.

Full of passion, a Scorpio man won't be able to look away if he notices your hands are rich with a sultry black manicure.

Don't be scared to go overboard, as shades get darker, they also grow more intriguing.

We know when it comes to black nails, women love it or they loathe it, but if you have a Scorpio man on the brain, black is the only color that will tell him you're not afraid.

9 The Dark Side Of Scorpio Men

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If you're not feeling the all black matching set, lighten the mood with an oxblood or red wine pedi. You can even add drama with a matte finish.

Since dark colors rule his world, you will surely amp up your game if a matching dark pedi is done.

Somber shades will cater to a Scorpio man's authoritative and outgoing side that has him feeling in control. You're telling him that you're as passionate as he is.

8 A Sagittarius’ Love For The Ocean Is Undeniable

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To keep a Sagittarius man on his toes, make sure your nails are slightly exotic.

They tend to be attracted to the colors of the ocean; purples, true blues, indigo, and blue-greens.

That gives you quite a few options to choose from for your next mani. A Sagittarius man's curiosity will have him constantly gazing at your nails because they will remind him of adventure and travel.

7 You’ll Be As Sweet As Cherries

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For your toes, forget the mermaid tones and impress your Sagittarius lover with a cherry red.

Red toenails are the perfect peekaboo for heels and sandals. It's a color that hardly goes out of style, so you won't have to worry about the Sagittarius need to remain unbored. Plus it'll fill you up with tons of confidence! Perfect for taking the plunge with your dude.

6 Neutrals Win Any Capricorn’s Heart

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A hardworking Capricorn man will always make a jump for something that is practical and subtle.

Capricorns take great concern in being taken seriously, so they will be attracted to someone who radiates that same kind of professionalism. Low key colors like tans, greys and oaky browns will help achieve a classic and competent set.

Keep nails short, and avoid any outrageous shapings. Capricorns will be thrown off by anything too brash.

5 A Little Something Extra For The Capricorn

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If you're not a fan of neutrals on both your hands and toes, you can get a little creative with your pedicure without leaving a Capricorn antsy. Try a deep teal, which balances allure with bossy-lady subtlety.

If this punch of a color is too much for you, try lighter aquatic tones which are mellow and will help bring out your energetic side-a trait Capricorn responds well to.

4 Is Dark Purple Your Forte?

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Aquarius men are friendly by nature, and they usually go with whatever feels good at the moment when it comes to style.

However, if you want him to focus on you,  an eggplant-colored mani will do the job.

Though Aquarius men are open-minded, they also have a mysterious side that will view the dark purple as a sign of intrigue and companionship.

3 Be An Original With An Aquarius

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Because of their constant transition in the world of fashion, they tend to be quite progressive and open to new trends.

Having an Aquarius man in your life is a great opportunity to experiment with color. We recommend a palette of power blues and paint every toe a different color. It will stand out immediately to him, and he won't be shy to tell you how much he likes it.

Aquariuses love the optimism of new things, especially fads like these ones.

2 A Fish Loves His Green Waters

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A Pisces man will want to make you his number one if he sees you sporting green nails.

As compassionate and emotional men, they will be drawn to lighter shades of power green. Green represents happiness and vitality; attributes Piscean men live for.

He'll want to hold your hand and get close to you. The bright color will engage with his sensitive side.

1 Show Off The Berry For The Pisces

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Pisces men tend to make decisions based on their moods, which will reflect whatever is creating the most energy in the room.

Painting your toes a lustrous berry color will have him zeroing on your feet in no time, and the soft but intense shade will have him thinking of romance. If you want to increase the intensity, opt for a metallic hue or a shiny finish; this adds playfulness to the overall look.

We're thinking it's a bonus that Christmas is around the color because your toes will fit right in with the mistletoe.

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