The Lip Color To Get, Based On Everyone's Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Summer is a time of Popsicles, frozen drinks, and, of course, ice cream! Served in cups or in cones, single scoops or doubles, soft-serve or hard, ice cream is a summertime classic. In fact, there is actually a lot to be learned about a girl based on her favorite ice cream flavor! For example, while vanilla might appear to be a basic choice – the plain hamburger when you’re at a boutique burger restaurant – it’s actually a classic, especially if you’re picking up some high quality Häagen Dazs.

In this article, we’re combining two of our favorite things: ice cream and lipstick! Summer is a time when many of us experiment with our looks – hello, pastel hair! – so why not switch things up in the makeup department? With loads of formulas, finishes, and shades to choose from, we’ve done some of the work for you. Depending on what scoop you like to dig into the most, we’ve chosen an ideal lip shade for you to take for a test drive! (One thing you might want to be careful of: If you’re licking a cone, be sure you grab a lippie that has good staying power, especially since the heat is ramping up!)

20 VANILLA: Light Red

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A girl who says her favorite ice cream flavor is a girl who knows what she likes and doesn’t care if you call her basic or boring. A classic flavor like vanilla symbolizes a minimalist, timeless style, without anything that could be considered too in-your-face. The perfect lip color for this girl is a light red. She prefers to watch the action rather than take part in it, but still knows that value of looking put together – and what ties together an outfit more than a classic red lip? (Not too, bold, thanks!) A couple shades you might want to try out are: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Bang and Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crayon in Pêche.


Another classic flavor, chocolate is one that is beloved by a lot of people, but the girl who calls it her favorite is best suited in a coral lippie. Women who wear coral lipstick are more bubbly and outgoing than their vanilla peers, just in the way chocolate ice cream is a touch more exciting than its counterpart. Coral lipstick indicates a vivacious personality that isn’t too over the top. She’s a girl who is extremely likeable and easy to get along with. A few shades to check out in the coral color range are: Hype Girl by Color Pop, So Lit by Revlon, or Peach Beach by Too Faced.

18 STRAWBERRY: Soft Pink

The woman who loves strawberry ice cream is still a kid at heart. When you picture digging in to a gigantic cone, it’s usually a pretty pink scoop of strawberry that’s perched at the top. She’s a girl who can be a bit nostalgic and romantic, and envies the days of her youth, which is why a soft pink shade is the one for her. She’s cute and cuddly and has been called “adorable” on more than a few occasions in her adult life, but don’t be afraid to grow up a soft pink lip with an edgy smoky eye. Some shades to try are: Please Me by MAC, C209 from Make Up For Ever, or Pink Wink by Maybelline.

17 MINT CHIP: Mauve

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The perfect mint chip ice cream has the right amount of peppermint and the exact right amount of chocolate. Too much mint and you have a dessert that tastes like toothpaste; too much chocolate and you have chocolate chip ice cream. It’s all about balance, which is why the girl that calls this flavor her fave needs a lipstick shade that is just as harmonious: mauve.

Sometimes a little blue-shaded, sometimes a little grey, a girl who wears mauve is in control of her life, but likes to play with trends every now and then. She’s organized and patient (or tries to be) and a couple lippies that might put her in the driver’s seat are: Raspberry Ripple by Laura Mercier and Capricious by MAC.

16 COFFEE: Nude

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Warm and caring, the girl who prefers coffee ice cream above all else is a bit of an introvert. She’d much rather spend her days reading indoors than going on an outdoor adventure, and her style usually matches her inner monologue.

She’s thoughtful and a little closed off, until she meets people with whom she really connects. Likewise, coffee ice cream looks unassuming until you finally get a few mouthfuls. Nude lipstick is her shade of choice, because of all the range it offers, but because it can be subtle and still pull an entire look together. Polished, not overdone. Some shades to try are: Catrice Cosmetics’ Coffee and Cream and Fenty Beauty’s S1ngle.

15 BIRTHDAY CAKE: Rose Gloss

The girl who claims birthday cake as her favorite ice cream flavor is truly a kid at heart – and she looks it, too. Often spontaneous and dashing from one place to the next, this girl craves excitement but also isn’t willing to step too far outside of her comfort zone.

A rose-colored gloss is the perfect shade for her, because it’s youthful, can be swiped on in seconds, and won’t prevent her from having a good time. It makes her feel fresh-faced and beautiful, and who wouldn’t want that? A couple products to take for a spin include: Tulip by Laura Mercier and Jessica by Buxom.


A girl who loves to have fun and never takes herself too seriously is the girl who loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Crammed full of chunks of cookie dough, this flavor mashes two desserts in one, which is perfect for this girl. She’s extroverted around her friends, but not ridiculous around strangers, and always takes a chance on things others might hesitate about. Take a cue from her and check out bold shades like Revlon’s Femme Future Pink, NARS’ Let’s Go Crazy, or Maybelline’s Faint for Fuschia.

13 COOKIES & CREAM: Violet

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Cookies and cream may not be the trendiest of flavors but somehow, the girl who claims it as her fave is usually on the top of trends anyway, setting them rather than following them. She is effortlessly cool, and you might hate her, except for the fact that she’s usually incredibly nice, too!

Violet might be an intimidating shade for most women, but the cookies and cream lover owns it like the shade was made for her! Often easygoing and the best person to talk to in times of crisis, this girl should strut her stuff in lippies like MAC’s Heroine, Revlon’s Purple Aura, or Urban Decay’s Pandemonium.

12 NEAPOLITAN: Blue / Turquoise

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If a girl is calling Neapolitan her favorite ice cream flavor, it’s because she can’t make up her mind. Does she want strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla? Does she want some combination of the two of those three? Does she want the all at once? Commitment isn’t a thing this girl enjoys, so why should she be boring when it comes to her lip color.

Preferring to think outside the box, the girl whose fave flavor is Neopolitan should take a blue or turquoise lippie for a spin this summer. A few of our recommended shades include: Dreamer by Kat Von D, Insomniac by Anastasia Beverly Hills, or Jean Genie by MAC.


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Rocky Road is a bold flavor, as far as classic flavors go. It’s chock full of marshmallows, chocolate, and nuts, making it a pretty decadent treat. If it’s in a cone, whole pieces have to be bitten off and chewed, which is why plum is the perfect shade for the girl who names this flavor as her favorite.

Women who wear plum-colored lippies are unique and daring. They thrive in setting themselves apart from a crowd, and that refusal to conform hasn’t changed as they’ve gotten older. This girl should rock on with her bad self in vampy shades like Noir Red by Besame Cosmetics, Femme Fatale by Smashbox, or Material Girl by Huda Beauty.

10 CARAMEL: Peach

Like the caramel ice cream, she calls her favorite, this girl is a soft and generous individual. She regularly puts herself before others and will always have the backs of those she loves. She has a deep, multifaceted soul, and tends to be shy around those she doesn’t know very well.

A peach shade of lippie – like Fenty Beauty’s Up 2 No Good, Revlon’s Peach Parfait, or Lancome’s Rouge Cherie – are all just vibrant enough to earn her a little bit of well-deserved recognition without putting her too far into the spotlight. Plus, the color is gorgeous for spending days out in the sunshine!

9 MANGO: Lip Balm

Mango isn’t a flavor many people prefer when it comes to choosing ice cream. After all, ice cream is so decadent, it seems silly to try to make it healthy with fruit, right? However, the girl who chooses mango as not only her flavor of the day, but her favorite flavor ever isn’t one who puts too much stock in what other people think.

Rather than waste any valuable time in the morning getting ready, this girl will simply swipe on some lip balm to keep her pucker conditioned, toss it in her bag, and head out the door. She should look into moisturizing faves like the Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm from Fresh, the Rosebud Salve from Rosebud Perfume Co., or any of the drugstore staples like Burt’s Bees!

8 PISTACHIO: Burgundy

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Rarely a favorite for those who aren’t baby boomers, pistachio is still a staple ice cream flavor, and so we had to include it! The girl who calls this green-colored treat her fave may appear shy and reserved at first, but beneath the surface, she’s strong, complex, and creative. Pistachio is a flavor that you love or you hate, and this girl definitely loves it!

A matching shade for her quirky tastebuds would be burgundy, a dark hue that not many women feel that they can pull off. She may not speak her mind first, but she’ll definitely give you her two cents if you push her! A couple shades she might be interested in are Endangered Red by NARS, Prayer by Kat Von D, or Oxblood No. 437 by Burberry.

7 BANANA “NICE” CREAM: Tinted Lip Balm

Hardly qualifying as ice cream, the girl who blends up some frozen bananas and maybe adds a little agave nectar (because you know she’s vegan) is someone who can’t be bothered much by lip color – she’s too busy being active!

Instead, we suggest that the woman who claims this to be her favorite is best suited to a tinted lip balm. Some suggestions include: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment in any of its tinted varieties like Coral, Petal, Rose, and Bloom, or Clinique’s Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Color Lip Balm in Comin’ Up Rosy. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with preferring a healthy treat over a calorie bomb, just like there’s nothing wrong with opting for a pinch of color over something heavy!


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With the absence of chocolate (which would make it a standard popular flavor), peanut butter ice cream is decadent and just a little bit different. The girl who loves peanut butter ice cream is low-key but still knows what she wants out of life.

A dusty rose color is trendy, but universally flattering, much in the way that peanut butter is pretty much universally beloved! More sophisticated than pink, not quite as edgy as mauve, not as in-your-face as red, and more wearable than plum, a dusty rose shade like Revlon’s Rise Up Rose, Stila’s Patina, or Yves Saint Laurent’s Rosewood Gang is perfect for the peanut butter ice cream fan.

5 GREEN TEA: Brown

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Green tea is a trendy flavor, but one that not a lot of people like. When most people think of ice cream, they imagine something sweet and childish – green tea ice cream is the opposite of that. With more of an earthy flavor, we suggest an equally earthy lippie to match the girl who’s all about the green tea ice cream.

Like the matcha everything that’s been happening, brown lipstick is very of-the-moment, especially for when we transfer into fall. Colors like MAC’s Whirl, Bite Beauty’s Whiskey, or Tom Ford’s After Dark are all flattering shades that leave the girl who loves green tea with a little mystery.

4 BUBBLE GUM: Pink Gloss

Another ice cream flavor that shows the fan is a child at heart, we have bubble gum! This girl doesn’t take anything too seriously, which is both a blessing and a curse, depending on what’s at stake. She prefers to do things she enjoys rather than shoulder any responsibilities, and she often speaks before she’s thought things through. She’s a blast to be around, though, but a little of her goes along way – just like the lippie we chose for her! Pink gloss is such a girly choice of lip product, and something that is decidedly fun, but not always practical. Some of our faves are: Tell Me Dior by Dior, Boy Toy by bareminerals, and Blushing Margarita by Buxom.


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It might seem like an old-fashioned flavor, but any girl who loves butter pecan ice cream knows that it’s a classic that will never go out of style – just like a berry lippie.

This girl is intuitive, and prefers to look before she leaps. A berry shade of lipstick might seem daring, but it’s actually a little more low-key than a burgundy or plum, without being as trendy as a mauve. Add a little bit of eyeliner and mascara and you have a whole look! This girl knows to appreciate the little things, and prefers working for something high-quality rather than getting whatever’s fast and easy. Some shades she should consider: Fenty Beauty’s Griselda, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Poet, and MAC’s Rebel.


Ordering cheesecake ice cream is a decadent choice. This is a flavor that has a lot of variety, from the fruit-based strawberry or blueberry cheesecake to the crazier flavors that incorporate chocolate pies or brownie chunks alongside it. The girl who orders this flavor – and prefers it above all others – is one who isn’t afraid to be herself, and what shade of lip color does that better than a red?

Red is a lip color that isn’t for the faint of heart but, like cheesecake, there is a type for everyone! (And, like cheesecake, even if you think you won’t like it, once you try it, you fall in love.) Some of the our top picks are: MAC’s Ruby Woo, NARS’ Dragon Girl, and Urban Decay’s F-Bomb.

1 SORBET: Nude Shimmer

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The girl who prefers sorbet over ice cream, over “nice cream”, over frozen yogurt, over gelato, and even over sherbet is a girl who values her wellbeing above all else. She’s likely the type to have a row of succulents on her windowsills and make her own jam, and dressing up for her means getting out of her yoga pants. She’s low-maintenance but has a gorgeous inner soul, which is why we suggest she don a lippie that matches her beautiful interior. Without requiring lipliner or much blotting, a lipstick in a shimmery nude shade is ideal for her, and we recommend Caramel Glacé by Revlon and Nudo Shimmer from Stila.

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