The Kind of Girlfriend We Are Based On Our Sign + The Kind Of Ex We Are

Relationships are strange things. Perhaps we behaved one way in one relationship and an entirely different way in another. Obviously, a lot of it depends on our partner. Were they supportive or controlling? Were they fun to be around or a total downer? Did we share interests? Did we argue? Did we communicate?

How we treat others should be a reflection of how we want to be treated, and relationships should be a very good indicator of that. Perhaps it takes looking at our astrological sign to determine our personality within a relationship. After all, the stars can help inform us of our strengths and weaknesses, which includes how we love and behave within the context of love.

On the other hand, there are the breakups. Maybe they involved fights or maybe they were a calm, mutual decision. Maybe we wallowed for days and watched The Notebook on repeat or maybe we hit the town with our best girlfriends in a bid to erase our exes from our minds. There’s no real right way to be an ex, especially if we were the ones getting booted. How we behave when a relationship is over could be just as telling as how we behave when we’re in the midst of all the love and butterflies, though.

Here's the kind of girlfriend - and ex-girlfriend - we are, based on our astro sign.

24 ARIES GF: The Fun Girlfriend

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The Aries girlfriend is a blast to be around, thanks to her boundless energy and spontaneous personality. She’s always up for the next big adventure and isn’t afraid of taking risks. She’ll be the first one to suggest cliff-jumping or heading on an impulse road trip across the country, just because.

The Aries girlfriend refuses to allow her relationships to fall into a rut because she’s always on the move. She keeps her partner on their toes, but isn’t that into playing games when it comes down to it. She only really puts the effort in when she’s sure enough about someone that she’ll let her passion propel her forward.

23 ARIES EX: The Reckless Ex

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Aries women rarely look before they leap, which means that when a relationship goes belly-up, they’ll run into the next drama that comes their way.

She’s the reckless ex who will decide on a whim to get a tattoo or travel across the country or chop off all her hair and dye it bright pink. She’ll say what she needs is a “change,” but really she’s looking for a distraction from all the negativity that seems to be entering her life at this very moment.

The Aries ex needs to keep moving and keep doing something to prevent working through what just happened with her BF.

22 TAURUS GF: The Dedicated Girlfriend

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The Taurus girl has a lot of amazing qualities that make her kind of the perfect girlfriend for the person who isn’t about things going crazy or getting wild. She’s stable, reliable, practical, and above all, she’s dedicated. She puts her whole heart and soul into her relationship and will make her SO her whole world. She’s a loving, nurturing type who is equal parts maternal and romantic in her relationships.

Sure, she might instigate a few fights along the way, thanks to the stubborn nature of this Earth sign, but at her core she’s a steady partner and an amazing long-term love.


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Look, the Taurus girl is not the type to put up with any BS. She refuses to try to win back someone who isn’t worth her time and she certainly won’t grovel for their affection. The Taurus ex, stubborn as she is, will be completely, 100% over a relationship if she gets dumped, because clearly that person wasn’t good enough for her anyway!

She’s not the type to even pretend to pursue a friendship, because she doesn’t see the point. Expect to be deleted from all of her social media and never hear from her again, because when she is done, she is very done.

20 GEMINI GF: The Summer Girlfriend

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The Gemini girl isn’t what we’d call great at making up her mind, which is why her type tends to be reserved for summer flings or fleeting romances. She wants to know everything about the other person and have all the fun and curiosity that comes with the beginning stages of a relationship. Once that’s over, though, she can cool considerably.

She’s a changeable sign, being of the Air element, and is too interested in learning what other people have to offer to really stick with someone for very long. But trust us, she’ll be unforgettable for the brief romances for which she's around.

19 GEMINI EX: The On-And-Off Ex

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The Gemini woman likes to be friends with an ex, which means that she can be the on-and-off type who disappears and reappears so frequently that her friends have stopped keeping track. Sometimes she instigates the breakup and sometimes the other person does. Sometimes she’s the one to want them back, and sometimes it’s the other way around.

The truth is, the Gemini girl isn’t always so great at being in a long-term relationship, and so these intermittent pauses keep her from getting bored or restless, but still offer enough security to her that someone will always have her back when she wants them.

18 CANCER GF: The Supportive Girlfriend

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While Cancer can get a bad rap for being moody and jealous, in a relationship the Cancer woman is actually very supportive. She understands the dark depths of the human soul and wants her partner to know that she gets them.

Surprisingly traditional and family-oriented, the Cancer girlfriend believes in unconditional love – it’s only when she gets burned multiple times that the darker, more suspicious side of this sign comes out. Otherwise, she goes out of her way to show her partner that she supports them, through thick and thin. This sign understands emotions and so she doesn’t run away from them.

17 CANCER EX: The Drama Queen Ex

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Breakups seriously hurt the Cancer girl, and she can find it extremely difficult to get over them. First, she’ll hole up at home in the name of self-care, watching weepy movies and not showering for days. Then, she goes OTT.

We’re talking going out partying or having friends over constantly so she feels comfortable enough to let out all her emotions after a few too many. She may have some rebounds but they’ll always leave her feeling worse off and reminiscing about her last relationship. She’s almost texted her ex a few too many times so her friends took her phone away.

16 LEO GF: The Proud Girlfriend

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The Leo girlfriend likes to have a partner who can look good on her arm, and we don’t just mean in terms of physical attractiveness. She wants a person of whom she can be proud, someone who has their own ability to command a room. When she finds them, the Leo girl won’t waste any time in posting pictures of her bae all over social media and gushing about them to anyone who will listen.

She understands the importance and value of being praised regularly and often, and so she’ll do the same with someone she loves. Leo women are warm-hearted and generous, so they want to show off who they’ve got!

15 LEO EX: The Attention-Seeking Ex

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When you break up with a Leo, you’ve made the worst mistake of your life – or at least, that’s what the Leo girl wants you to think.

This sign will take to social media and post about how much she’s living it up since becoming a single woman again. Her IG feed and Snapchat stories are filled with images and videos of her partying, hitting the town dressed to the nines, and draped over the hottest guy. She wants to show her ex what they’re missing to convince them that she’s so much better off now that she’s flying solo.

14 VIRGO GF: The Stable Girlfriend

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The Virgo girlfriend has her stuff together! She’s not a sign who’s on the hunt for her other half, but that doesn’t mean she’s not an incredible partner. The Virgo girlfriend will always pick up the slack because it’s what she’s done her whole life. She’s stable and responsible, but in a way that makes her SO feel cared for rather than judged (okay, maybe a little judged).

The Virgo GF may be a little particular, but it’s always coming from a place of love and compassion. Her maturity helps guide her through the difficult parts of a relationship because she doesn’t lose her cool and become dramatic.

13 VIRGO EX: The Confused Ex

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The Virgo ex doesn’t really understand what went wrong, and so she spends way too much time analyzing every last interaction, text message, and date to determine what happened. She’s spent so much time and effort trying to be the perfect girlfriend that she doesn’t understand how she, the one who is always in the driver’s seat, was the one who was blindsided by being dumped.

The Virgo ex can’t let stuff go until she makes sense of it, which can prevent her from finding another solid relationship until she’s completely worked through and fully processed the aftermath of her current one.

12 LIBRA GF: The Romantic Girlfriend

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Born under Venus and a total sweetheart at her core, the Libra girlfriend is a major romantic. She’s the type who loves Valentine’s Day and insists on celebrating every anniversary (or month-aversary) with someone special.

This Air sign is always looking for her other half, to balance her sign of the scales. She tends to fall pretty hard when it comes to relationships because she already has a lot of preconceived notions about how they’re supposed to turn out. Most of the time, the Libra girlfriend is swooning in the honeymoon stage, and she wants to keep it that way forever.

11 LIBRA EX: The Fake Ex

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On the surface, the Libra ex-girlfriend is the best thing to ever happen to a relationship! She’s sweet and civil, she’s totally understanding and fine and agrees that this was all for the best. She’s the kind of person you might think you’d be friends with eventually, after everything calms down.


The Libra ex has everyone fooled, because inside, she is hopping mad. She is hurt and embarrassed that her relationship didn’t work out, but she refuses to let that show – not out of some inner strength, but because she thinks that if she fakes being fine long enough, she eventually will be.

10 SCORPIO GF: The Loyal Girlfriend

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On the surface, the Scorpio girl seems like a mysterious and intense individual, but as anyone who’s gotten to know and get involved with this sign will tell you, she's much softer on the inside.

The Scorpio girlfriend is a loyal one who loves passionately with her whole heart. She’s hesitant to expose that vulnerable part of herself and won’t do so for just anyone; it takes a lot of trust and honesty over a period of time for her to open up. In return, she will promise an unwavering loyalty and devotion that’ll leave her partners thinking about her for years after things have long since fizzled.

9 SCORPIO EX: The Vengeful Ex

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Once you’ve been burned by a Scorpio, you know that this sign has a talent for discovering someone's weakness and using it against them.

Scorpio women rarely open themselves up to people enough to love them, so when that love turns into a dumpster fire, the Scorpio ex seeks vengeance for being wronged (at least in her mind). She feels duped into believing she could enjoy a relationship of security and compassion. So, to exact her revenge, she’ll use everything she knows about her ex to make him pay for what he did to her. She knows that she has enough ammo to make him sorry for whatever he did to her.

8 SAGITTARIUS GF: The Adventurous Girlfriend

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A free spirit through and through, there’s never a dull moment around the Sagittarius girlfriend! She’s always off in search of some new amazing experience and can only be with someone if they agree to go along for the ride.

The Sagittarius girlfriend can only be her true self when her SO is just as willing to step outside of their comfort zone to join her, because she can’t handle the idea of being tied down or restrained. She needs a partner-in-crime, but she can promise that she’ll make the adventure worthwhile! The one drawback is that she can run a little hot and cold, so her partner needs to keep up.

7 SAGITTARIUS EX: The Ignoring Ex

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As far as the Sagittarius ex is concerned, her last relationship never even existed. This sign is all about living in the now, and so she sees her last relationship as merely another step towards her future. She doesn’t harbor any hard feelings or ill will, necessarily – she just operates in an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

She’ll likely scrub her social media presence of her ex, delete them from her contacts list, and take a spontaneous trip elsewhere. Her ex is just another experience, another interesting chapter in the book that is her life, and she’s ready to turn the page.

6 CAPRICORN GF: The Old-Fashioned Girlfriend

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Probably unsurprisingly, the Capricorn girlfriend can be a bit of an old-fashioned type. That doesn’t mean she’s going to become a stay-at-home mom and bake cookies all day (unless that’s what she wants), but rather that she expects to be treated well by a gentleman and not taken for granted.

She might be a little conservative, but that’s because the Capricorn girlfriend refuses to waste her time on people who aren’t worth it. She values high quality in both her possessions and her relationships. She needs someone who can match her in terms of drive and status.

5 CAPRICORN EX: The Relieved Ex

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To be honest, the Capricorn ex knew something was amiss for a while, she just couldn’t find the right time to actually end things. While some might think that this sign is cold and calculating, she does have a soft heart and hates hurting people, especially those to whom she’s grown close.

The Capricorn ex is relieved that she doesn’t have to do the hurting, and glad that she won’t make her ex feel bad for finally pulling the plug. Now, she can move on to more appropriate partners who better suit her goals and values. She’s not the type to settle, but hey, it happens!

4 AQUARIUS GF: The Chill Girlfriend

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Often outgoing, the Aquarius girlfriend is a pretty relaxed person to be around. She doesn’t ask for a whole lot when it comes to her relationships, because she leads more with her head than with her heart. As a result, she’s pretty laid-back unless something really riles her up, which means arguments and fights are often kept to a minimum.

On the other hand, the chill Aquarius girlfriend can seem a little cold in the beginning stages of a relationship, because she doesn’t like to be mixed up in emotional drama. However, her clever brain means that she’s also surprisingly awesome at giving gifts.

3 AQUARIUS EX: The Rebounding Ex

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The Aquarius ex is the girl who ping-pongs to other relationships in the wake of a split. She needs someone new to focus her attention on, and to prevent her from having to look too deeply into what went wrong with the last one.

She’ll start going out and being social, but she’s on the hunt for someone new. It doesn’t even have to be someone she’s especially compatible with, as long as they soothe the burn of having just been dumped. They likely won’t last long, and she might jump to the next person or fly solo and date around for a while, but in the meantime, she’ll occupy herself (and her heart) with someone new.

2 PISCES GF: The Selfless Girlfriend

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Empathetic almost to a fault, the Pisces girlfriend is the selfless one who may give her partners an unrealistic expectation of all subsequent relationships! When she begins dating someone, she gives herself to them entirely. Romance, to the Pisces girlfriend, is integral to a successful relationship, and it’s something she always wants to utilize to ensure that her partner feels cared for, appreciated, and loved.

Sometimes, though, the Pisces girlfriend can give too much of herself away, which is especially detrimental to her if her other half is a selfish person who takes more than they ever give, as it can jade the compassionate Pisces.

1 PISCES EX: The Creative Ex

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To the Pisces ex, every heartache and heartbreak is simply a source of creative inspiration. This sign is always drawn in by the arts, and what better creative fuel is there than love and pain?

If she’s an artist, she’ll use her drawing, painting, or sculpting to transform her grief. If she’s a writer, it’ll be poems or stories. A musician will use song. You get the idea. The Pisces ex will channel all of her feelings into her craft in order to process the breakup and try and make something good or valuable come out of something that has left her feeling so sad.

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