The Internet Has Spoken: Here Are The Top 18 Best Features In Hollywood

Remember the "best" lists in high school? Chances are, your school created those based on student votes, and the results were displayed in the yearbook. You might have wished and hoped all year long that you would end up on it, and sometimes it was a total relief when you were totally absent from the list since things could get a little bit mean. It was high school, after all. And teenagers can be so harsh. That's why Mean Girls is so popular: it's super relatable (unfortunately).

People love making lists of celebrities and their best features. It makes total sense since we see them in so many photos and of course, we see them starring in movies and on TV shows. We definitely know which stars we want to look like and who we're jealous AF of (whether we want to admit it or not). We've all brought a photo of a celebrity to the hairstylist, wanting to copy their 'do, or have bought a new outfit based on something that we saw a star wearing. We can't even pretend that we've never done something like that. So in the style of high school best of lists and all that nostalgia, We've searched the depths of the internet and have rounded up 18 photos that prove these celebs have the best features in Hollywood! Do you agree?!

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18 Best Smile: Rachel Bilson

According to Reddit.com, Rachel Bilson is definitely a candidate for best smile in Hollywood, and we would for sure have to agree.

We've loved Rachel since her days as Summer Roberts on The O.C. Who could forget her adorable ditzy yet charming personality and her sweet relationship with Seth Cohen?! If any of us saw her equally charming character on Hart Of Dixie, then we know that she's a true talent. And she's also got an amazing smile. This photo shows it off in all its glory and we couldn't love it more. She looks truly happy and she's totally sparkling as much as the sunshine behind her. It's like her eyes are even smiling, too, which is always the hallmark of a really great grin.

17 Best Hair: Selena Gomez

Thanks to Goodhousekeeping.com, we know that a lot of people consider Selena Gomez to have the best hair. It's easy to see why: it just takes a quick glance and we can see that her hair is perfection.

This picture in particular really proves how beautiful her hair is. While we definitely loved her longer hair, we have to say that we're really into her shorter cut. It looks chic and elegant and sophisticated, and it makes her look like a more grown-up star, which we know is probably the look that she's after. That's what everyone wants when they transition from being a child or teen star to a young adult one, right? This is a really cool, piece-y kind of cut and we're probably all considering taking this photo to our hair salon and getting it ASAP, aren't we?!

16 Best Body: Vanessa Hudgens

Reddit is an amazing source for basically anything that we would ever want to find, and they didn't disappoint about who has the best body in Hollywood. Vanessa Hudgens was a candidate and we definitely think that's true.

Just look at this gorgeous photo of the star. She looks hot and glam and every positive adjective under the sun. What's so awesome about her figure is that she's both curvy and toned. We can see that she works out and takes care of herself, and we can see the hint of her abs in the outfit that she's wearing. We love her white crop top, shorts, and blazer. She looks impossibly chic and we might just need to steal this outfit idea when we go out next.

15 Best Arms: Michelle Obama

The people (of People.com) have spoken: Michelle Obama has the best arms. It's basically impossible to argue with this since literally, everyone thinks that this is true. There's really no one else who has arms that compare to hers, so no one even tries.

In this photo, we can really see her arms, and we're really impressed. Of course, we love Michelle Obama in general because she's kind, intelligent, inspiring, and just a really incredible person. But we also know that she's got a really amazing figure and that she's well known for her awesome arms. People honestly talk about her arms all the time. Since she's so strong as a person, of course, her arms are super strong, too. It only makes sense. We love her so much.

14 Best Dimples: Gabrielle Union

People.com says that Gabrielle Union has the best dimples in Hollywood and thanks to this photo, we know that's absolutely true. We all know and love her as the caption of the rival cheerleading team in Bring It On, and she's done a lot of awesome things with her career since then, starring on Being Mary Jane and writing a memoir.

Her smile honestly melts us and warms our hearts. Yes, that might have been super cheesy, but it's honestly what happens. She just seems like such a warm, kind, genuine person. She definitely doesn't seem like one of those mean celebs who think that they're better than everyone. Her dimples are both gorgeous and adorable, and the blush that she's wearing in this photo really make them stand out. We think that she's just the coolest.

13 Best Behind: Jennifer Lopez

According to People.com, Jennifer Lopez has got the best butt in Hollywood, and of course we know that to be true. Yeah, Kim Kardashian has a famous bum, too, and that's one of the things that she's best known for. But J.Lo has the original behind, which is what a lot of people say and believe, so it only seems fair and logical that she gets this prize.

We can definitely see J. Lo's beautiful behind in this photo and we love how good she looks here. She looks fit and healthy and happy in her workout clothes, and those neon green sneakers add a fun pop of color to her white t-shirt and black yoga pants. There's no question that she's a star (especially since she's wearing sunglasses, which every celeb wears everywhere, or so it seems).

12 Best Eyes: Alexandra Daddario

A lot of people believe that Alexandra Daddario has the best eyes in Hollywood. After seeing this snapshot of her, we're on board with that decision. They're beautiful and the denim shirt that she's wearing brings them out even more.

The actress became famous this past summer after starring in the movie version of Baywatch and she was also in Hall Pass, among a few other movies and TV shows. She definitely has super stunning eyes. You know how people say that someone's eyes can stare into your soul? That's what this picture makes us think of, even though of course that phrase always sounds kind of creepy and there's nothing creepy about this photo. She looks beautiful and we definitely want to see her movies now if we haven't already.

11 Best Chin: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is a total babe for sure, and a plastic surgeon who was interviewed on the E! network's website said that she gets their vote for best chin in Hollywood. After all, plastic surgeons totally know this stuff since their clients talk about who they want to look like, so they're a super good source.

Kate's chin definitely looks awesome here. It might not be a body part that we think about on a regular basis, or even at all really, but her chin looks very elegant and beautiful. Maybe we should all start admiring people's chins now that we know how good a chin can look. We also love her chic outfit of a simple white t-shirt and black jeans for sure and totally think that she's really stylish.

10 Best Legs: Taylor Swift

Who other than T-Swift would win best legs in Hollywood?! Of course she had to since she insured her legs for millions of dollars. For 40 million dollars, to be exact. Yup. It was big news when we all heard about it and it's still kind of awe-inspiring to this day.

According to tons of sites, like Reddit and Stylecaster.com, Taylor's got the greatest legs and we have to agree with that statement. Based on this photo alone, it's not hard to see why people think that her legs are so amazing. She looks strong and fit and toned, and her legs look amazing in the shorts that she's wearing. It's no wonder that she wears shorts and short skirts a lot. That's usually what she's wearing when she's photographed out and about.

9 Best Abs: Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos has the best abs in Hollywood for sure. Just look at this photo: it's easy to see that this is totally and completely true.

These are definitely "washboard abs" if there ever was an example of those. The bikini that she's wearing shows them off perfectly. What's awesome about her abs is that they make her look strong and super healthy. We can tell that she got them from logging hours in the gym or workout studio and that she's someone who cares about her fitness. Since she's got such a big grin on her face, we think that makes her look even more beautiful. No one likes a scowl or a frown. That's why we all hate resting B face so much, right?!

8 Best Cheekbones: Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman herself is said to have the best cheekbones in Hollywood. She definitely has some extremely gorgeous cheekbones. We can't help but love the actress who brought the beloved character to life and who has inspired so many females young and older.

They look especially great in this photo. Maybe that's because her long, brown hair is down and straight and she's wearing a simple white tank top, so she isn't wearing anything that would distract from her cheekbones. She's also kept her makeup very simple and minimalist. Of course, she's a true beauty who honestly doesn't need to wear any makeup at all. Cheekbones are totally one of those things that we ever have or don't have and chances are, most of us just don't have them. Sigh.

7 Best Eyebrows: Lily Collins

Buzzfeed.com has praised Lily Collins' eyebrows and we would have to agree.

These are the eyebrows that a lot of us dream about. The eyebrows that we wish that we had. The eyebrows that we try to emulate with eyebrow pencils and by not plucking for weeks and weeks... and then realize that our brows hate us and just won't grow. It's so frustrating being female, right?! She looks so beautiful in this photo (and in every photo that is taken of her, too, of course) and her eyebrows look especially awe-inducing. She is just so cool. It's funny that we probably used to hate that our eyebrows would constantly grow since the bushier look was never in until recently, but now we totally get it. Bushy eyebrows forever.

6 Best Lips: Angelina Jolie

We all know who was the best lips in Hollywood and it's pretty easy to guess. Yup, it's absolutely Angelina Jolie. Honestly, who else could win this prize?!

It's impossible to think of another star who would have the greatest lips. The actress has been praised for her lips since forever. They are beautiful and full and people are definitely very jealous. All the plumping products and surgery in the world can't match what she has. She just has the best lips ever and that's honestly all there is to it. In this photo in particular, she looks stunning and her lips look better than ever. She also found a great lipstick shade to make them look like total perfection, and we can't praise her lips enough.

5 Best Nose: Kate Middleton

The NY Post loves Kate Middleton's nose and claims it's the best, and it definitely looks beautiful in this photo. Yes, we're calling someone's nose beautiful.  We totally and completely get that might sound weird since it's not like we really call noses gorgeous or anything. Sure, we tend to gossip about a celebrity who we think might have gotten some work done, and of course it's a big joke that a lot of women say that they had a "deviated septum" and that was the reason for the procedure.

But Kate definitely has a great nose and we think that everyone should know it. Everyone loves her and her stylish outfits, and now we have yet another reason to adore her (not that we needed one since we're all such big fans).

4 Best Curves: Kim Kardashian

Harper's Bazaar says that Kim Kardashian has the best curves in Hollywood... and who are we to argue?! Of course we would never argue with that statement. We know that there is no one else who can ever compete with her beautiful curves.

Sure, there are lots of other curvy women in Hollywood, and they are all gorgeous. No offense to them or anything, it's just that Kim K has been rocking and celebrating her curves and we think that is really amazing. It's so awesome how inspiring she is and how people are realizing that they can embrace their body types instead of wishing that they were super skinny. This dress really shows off Kim's curves and it's also chic to boot, so we really love it.

3 Best Biceps: Cameron Diaz

Thanks to Shape.com, we know that Cameron Diaz has wicked amazing biceps, and it's impossible to argue with that fact when we see this photo of her especially.

We all love Cameron, whether we used to watch her in movies like There's Something About Mary or we've seen more recent fare like The Holiday and Annie or Sex Tape. She's been a beloved comedic actress for years. We might not have known just how epic and amazing her biceps are, but thanks to this photo, now we know. And, whoa, are her biceps amazing. We're honestly a bit speechless. The girl knows how to work out and she looks so amazing and it's just so inspiring. We want to know the arm exercises that she does and we need that information ASAP.

2 Best Shoulders: Jessica Biel

Shape.com believes that Jessica Biel has the best shoulders in Hollywood. Of course she does, right?! That's what we absolutely think when we see this photo of her.

She looks like she works out all the time and we would definitely love to know what her fitness routine is. It must include a bunch of shoulder-specific exercises since that seems to be what got her these amazing shoulders. We might not have noticed her shoulders when we've seen photos of her in more glam clothes like a fancy dress when she's been at an awards show, but we can see them for sure here since she's in casual workout gear. She looks awesome. Plus, how adorable is the actress here, walking her two cute dogs?!

1 Best Chest: Christina Hendricks

The people of Reddit have spoken and they believe that Christina Hendricks has the best chest in Hollywood. It's not hard to see why since of course a lot of people talk about how beautiful she is and how amazing her natural figure is.

Christina is, of course, well known for her role as Joan on Mad Men, and for the super tight and revealing dresses that she wore on that show. She's also known for her striking red hair and stunning red lipstick. She's basically the very definition of "stunning" and always looks amazing. We love that curves are being praised these days and truly hope that never changes. Christina's definitely wearing a dress that shows off her chest, and we think that she looks incredible.

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