The Hills Reboot: 21 Facts About The Refurbished Cast Members

Bougie suburban girls, rejoice! Let's celebrate because our favorite characters from The Hills will be back at it again. Yep, you heard that right. The Hills is doing a reboot and MTV couldn't have planned this out better. We have seen stars like Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari grow up right before our very eyes since the days of Laguna Beach back in 2005.

The series that gave us Lauren's iconic mascara teary eye, Speidi, and Kristin's hilarious "piranhas" moment is now returning with brand new episodes, plot-lines and a catchy theme song (let's see if it can top Natasha Beddingfield's Unwritten or Hilary Duff's Let The Rain Come Down).

We all know that reality TV will never reflect true reality just like imitation crab meat will never be real crab, but it's just as delectable all the same. We might not come from a privileged California neighborhood, but we will still live vicariously through this type of guilty pleasure TV.

Now they are all grown up, married, and with kids. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the catfights, drama, and pettiness are long gone (or does it? We'll definitely be tuning in to find out). Here are 21 details we know about The Hills reboot.

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21 The Official Title Is The Hills: New Beginnings

Hollywood Reporter

Slated to premiere in late 2019, The Hills reboot has the official name The Hills: New Beginnings. This is a pretty run-of-the-mill expected name that you would anticipate for the sequel of this MTV reality show. The trailer has been leaked and can be seen everywhere on YouTube.

According to Cosmopolitan, a teaser trailer dropped during the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 20, not long after some of the OG cast members reunited on the carpet. In the 30-second clip, you can even hear Stephanie Pratt's voice in the narration saying, “It’s like we’re all growing up. It’s weird.”

20 There Will Be Plenty Of Babies

The Hollywood Reporter

Yes, it is true. So many of the cast members who are back have settled down and have kids. This isn't much of a surprise seeing as though they are in their 30's now. This will pave the way for the next generation of The Hills cast. Who knows? Maybe MTV will follow the kids throughout high school for the next rendition of Laguna Beach.

It's time to make way for the spawn of the following cast members that are coming back. We would tell you who they are and which babies belong to who...but that will spoil the surprise. So just keep clicking to find out more!

19 Mischa Barton Will Be Added To The Cast

E! Online

This should be one of the biggest selling points on The Hills reboot. Anyone who grew up watching Laguna Beach also grew up watching The OC. That said, it shouldn't be a big surprise when millennials will jump for joy when they see Mischa Barton (AKA Marissa Cooper) on The Hills: New Beginnings.

Mischa Barton has had a rough history, following the path of many other former child actors, with some hard-partying habits and run-ins with the law. Luckily, it seems like that might all be behind her now that she is the new star of this long-running reality TV show. Only time will tell what will happen next.

18 Perhaps They Will Return More Mature Than Before (Perhaps)

E! News

The Hills has always been known for the drama. From catfights to arguing over boys, to the mascara-ridden tears, these girls know how to make for good reality TV. Fake or not, who cares because we will all be tuning in. There is always a conflict at the beginning of each episode and then it gets resolved somehow at the end.

Now that the cast is back in full swing, it will be interesting to see if they have grown out of the high school mentality. You never know with these California suburban bubbles that they live in. We shall see.

17 Lauren Conrad Won't Be On The Reboot

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has always been the long-standing protagonist in Laguna Beach and The Hills, but she now seems to have grown out of it and moved on. She was so relatable and down-to-earth that we will miss her and her iconic mascara tears that would always run down her face.

Though there will be many other of her friends and past enemies coming back, she has opted out and for good reason. "Lauren is concentrating right now on her Kohl's line and her charity work, which she is very passionate about," a source told E! "She is the head designer of her Kohl's line and has worked with them for 10 years, causing her to fly cross-country several times a month for her work."

16 There's Some Buzz That The Reboot Will Be "Sucky" Without LC

Entertainment Tonight

In the second season of the original Hills series, Kristin Cavallari took over as the lead protagonist in place of Lauren Conrad who was absent that season. As a result, the ratings went down and not as many viewers tuned in. Although it still held its own, it just wasn't the same without the original gangster, LC.

There is much speculation that this new reboot of The Hills also won't be as well-received since Lauren Conrad will be absent once again. However, now that Mischa Barton has added a new flavor to the mix, it will be unpredictable, to say the least.

15 Kristin Cavallari Won't Be Coming Back Either


To add even more insult to injury to The Hills fans, Kristin Cavallari will also not be on the reboot. Even though one of the biggest plot-lines of the early 00's was Team Lauren vs. Team Kristin, neither one of the former frenemies will be returning.

Kristin Cavallari now has her own reality TV show on E! called Very Cavallari and her contract for the E! network bars her from starring on any other reality TV show. So, she would not be able to star on any MTV show.

“She can’t do the show because she has a contract with E!” the source told People. “But she’s still close with Heidi [Montag] and Spencer [Pratt] and is excited for them.”

14 It's Safe To Say Lauren Is Onto Bigger And Better Things


Much to everyone's dismay that Lauren Conrad is not returning for The Hills reboot, she is probably glad that she won't be rejoining. In fact, she has grown up and has bigger priorities now. From her first internship at Teen Vogue to now being a fashion mogul at Kohl's (and also a new mother), she has just moved on.

A source told People, “She’s in a different place in her life. But she wants everyone to enjoy themselves. She wishes everyone the best.” She is now adding more to her line at Kohl's, running her website, managing a non-profit and being a loving mother to her 13-month old son, Liam. That certainly beats being a reality TV star.

13 Like Former Frenemy Lauren Conrad, Kristin Is Also Onto Bigger And Better Things

Chicago Tribune

Since the end of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari went on to marry NFL star Jay Cutler and is a mother to three children: Camden (age 6), Jaxon (age 4) and Saylor (age 2). Not to mention that she is now the star and executive producer of Very Cavallari. Furthermore, she opened a jewelry store in Nashville and a lifestyle brand, Uncommon James.

She wants her fans to see the grown-up version of herself, the working mom who runs her own business, according to Washington Post.

“Do I want to be the villain? No. Because I’m a mom, I’m a wife, and I just don’t think that’s who I am,” Cavallari said. “I have that tough side to me still, but I don’t think it’s the only side to me. I don’t think it ever was the only side to me. I think that was the one side that they decided to show.”

12 Heidi And Spencer Pratt Will Be Returning

Celebrity Insider

Speidi (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag) are coming back to The Hills, transitioning from the villain couple to the devoted parents. Between the original airing of The Hills until now, they have made a reputation for themselves as being super extra. From the awkward music video to the excessive plastic surgery, they have now settled down and become parents. They are now parents to 1-year-old son, Gunner Stone.

"I got caught up trying to be someone I'm not—someone that the audience and the producers wanted," Spencer summed up in an interview with Vice in 2017 about the show. "I was just being more and more unnatural."

They've appeared on Wife Swap US, I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here US, Marriage Boot Camp, the British version of Celebrity Big Brother and written a book called How to Be Famous (Vice).

11 Speidi Is Still All About Those Magical Crystals


Since the beginning of time, it's been said that crystals have certain healing powers. Well, Speidi has taken this theory to a whole new level with their undying love for crystals.

In an interview with Vice, Spencer admitted that they've blown all the money they made on the show – $10 million, $1 million of which they spent on healing crystals. Spencer has even started his own crystal jewelry line called Pratt Daddy Crystals.

There even some awkward encounters with other cast members on The Hills where Spencer and Heidi talked about their crystal healing powers. They even brought them to a club one time to show them off.

10 Audrina Patridge Will Be Back


America's Sweetheart Audrina Patridge returns to The Hills: New Beginnings and this time as a newly single mom. Since end of the original Hills series, Audrina married and then divorced Australian dirt biker Corey Bohan and had a daughter, Kirra Bohan with him.

We have seen her date the infamous Justin Bobby and then her on-again, off-again relationship with Ryan Cabrera. She was known to be everyone's sidekick and someone who could offer a shoulder to cry on. Now, she is returning as a grown woman ready to juggle her life in LA along with raising her daughter. We will always remember her as the girl who always seemed to fall for the bad boys.

9 Audrina Has Had Some Hard Times As A Newly Single Mom


There has been much buzz in the media about Audrina and her newly estranged husband, Corey Bohan. She recently filed a restraining order against her husband of 10 months and then filed for divorce shortly thereafter.

"Over the years Audrina has had many instances where she’s been scared [by Corey] but she finally felt she couldn’t deal with the fear any longer,” a source told People of the Hills alum. “She realized that she needed to end things for good. She got the restraining order because she was afraid how he would retaliate when she filed for divorce, so she had to get some additional protection.”

8 And *Gasp* Justin Bobby Will Be Back


We will all remember the memorable relationship that Audrina Patridge had with sometimes boyfriend, Justin Bobby. He made his first appearance as the twenty-something hairdresser who had an air of mystery to him on The Hills. As Audrina's love interest, he made it clear that things were not going to be official between him and her. Needless to say, that friends with benefits thing lasted for nearly three years.

Then, he started dating Kristin Cavallari and claws came out. Now that the tides have calmed, good old JB and Audrina still remain friends to this day. Since the original Hills, Justin Bobby has started his one-man band named BobbyrocK and has toured around the world.

We still wonder if he cruises around in that motorcycle. Stay tuned to find out.

7 Justin Bobby Is Happy That Lauren Conrad And Kristin Cavallari Won't Be Rejoining


You just cannot have a reboot of The Hills without a little bit of shade being thrown around. Even before its premiere, Justin Bobby made it clear on how he feels about Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. In an impromptu interview with TMZ, he admitted that he was delighted that neither one of those women will be returning to the show.

He says that Lauren and Kristin killed the good vibes on the MTV series. Just as he was leaving the Four Seasons hotel in New York, he told TMZ and that he was glad they were not returning with a bit of profanity that shall not be repeated.

6 How Can Brody Jenner Not Come Back? Of Course He Will

Hello Magazine

Brody Jenner has since had some cameos with his step sisters on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and has shown support for his father Caitlyn Jenner as a transgender woman. Prior to all of that, we will never forget that tall, dark and handsome stud that we knew and loved on The Hills.

According to Entertainment Tonight, his wife Kaitlynn Carter Jenner will be joining him to co-star on The Hills: New Beginnings. It's so hard to imagine Brody married and settled down now seeing as though he was the apple of many girl's eyes on the show. Time really does change many things, doesn't it?

5 Frankie Delgado Has Always Been Brody's Wingman, So He'll Be Back

Us Weekly

Frankie Delgado might have played a smaller role on The Hills but he was that lovable, funny dude that was sort of off to the side the majority of the time. He has always been an avid lover of the LA nightlife scene since he has been involved in many business ventures in real estate.

He started out as a club promoter but now has become a dad of two. He told Us Magazine how his life has changed since his partying days. "I dedicate Tuesdays to my kids and wife, Delgado said. "I make sure that I wake up at 7 am to take my daughter to school and I pick her up at the end of the day. I have lunch with my wife and we go to the movies. We have a routine and it works."

4 Lo Bosworth Is Above The Reboot, So That's A Hard Pass


Out of all the cast members who will NOT be returning to The Hills reboot, Lo Bosworth has been the most outspoken on her decision not to go back.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Lo compared the show to being in the "Lion's Den" and didn't want it to negatively affect her effort in her brand, Love Wellness. "When you participate in a show like that, you generally don’t have creative control over how you or your character is portrayed on TV. I am an advocate for women. For me, it's not worth it at this point" she said.

3 Stephanie Pratt Will Tag Along


Spencer Pratt's little sister, Stephanie Pratt has always been portrayed as the outspoken one who does not hold back any of her opinions. It was pretty clear to see how these two were related in that gene pool. In fact, you could never really tell whose side she was on. She seemed to flip-flop between Spencer and Lauren, which made the drama all the more insatiable.

According to Bustle, she is bringing someone new along with her: “the Lady,” which is apparently what everyone calls her British accent. Never a dull moment with the cast of The Hills, even with a fake British accent.

2 The Classy Whitney Port Will Be Back


Whitney Port seemed to be the only one who was never getting into any drama or cat fights. Incredibly mature for her age, the tall lanky beauty looked like she should have been on a runway rather than reality TV. Lauren Conrad's co-worker turned BFF at Teen Vogue quickly went on to star on her own show, The City. She also started her own fashion line called Whitney Eve.

Since that show's hiatus, she then went on to get married and give birth to a son, 1-year-old Sonny. Whitney has generally kept a low profile and will add a breath of fresh air to The Hills reboot.

1 OMG, And Even Jason Wahler Will Be Back!?

Us Magazine

Oh man, this is probably the most surprising comeback out of all the cast members. Lauren Conrad's ex, Jason Wahler will be returning to the show along with his wife and daughter. After the original Hills series ended, Jason struggled with addiction problems but has since overcome those through rehab.

The married father of one previously told Entertainment Tonight that the fame that came from his time on Laguna Beach “ignited my addiction and things started to domino effect right before our own eyes, and before you knew it, it got out of control and I couldn’t handle it.”

Since then, he has worked with people with addiction problems. Maybe The Hills reboot will showcase him working with people who are struggling.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, TMZ, The Daily Beast, In Style, People, Washington Post, VICE

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