“The Hills: New Beginnings” Cast Is Currently Bickering Over Salary Differences

Contrary to popular belief, the drama that goes on in front of the cameras for MTV's The Hills: New Beginnings isn't limited to what appears on TV. No, it appears as though such drama is bleeding into the real world.

The drama in question concerns vast salary differences amongst the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings. The main source comes from veteran The Hills star Audrina Patridge and former The O.C. star Mischa Barton, who's new to MTV's reboot of the famous reality show. An unnamed source revealed that their cast members are angry due to Patridge and Barton making more money than them.

"It’s an open secret on the set that Audrina and Mischa are by far the highest paid personalities on the show, clearing well over $150K per episode for what’s usually four hours of laid-back shooting," the source recently divulged.

The source went on to say that the remaining The Hills: New Beginnings stars are "making a quarter or less of that fee and doing a hell of a lot more work. There’s a groundswell of muttering going on about everyone demanding equal pay – though Mischa and Audrina are oblivious, or at least pretending to be. Tensions are flaring and they’re sure to boil over soon."

via Variety


Worse yet for Barton, it appears that she already rubbed her castmates the wrong way after allegedly starting fake fights with them. But regardless of whether or not that's untrue, it sounds like fans and producers alike love Barton's appearance on the reality TV show. The source even went so far as to say that her being on the show will lead to The Hills: New Beginnings being on the air for many seasons to come.

"She’s looking great while portraying a heightened version of herself and has a ton of input over the storylines. Even though Barton is the new face here, it’s quickly become her show, and everybody working on it has a spring in their step over what she has brought to the table!" the source said. "There’s no reason there can’t be five more seasons of this. Bosses are loving what they’re seeing so far."

Despite whatever drama may or may not be going on off-camera between the cast members, one thing is certain- season two of The Hills: New Beginnings can't come soon enough!

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