10 Things Kristin Has Done Since 'The Hills' Ended (& 10 Updates On Lauren)

Among the most-talked about reality shows of the 2000s, The Hills focused on a small group of people and the many ways in which drama could be created between them. Able to last 6 seasons before its ending left many fans scratching their heads, ever since then the biggest fans of the series have watched the lives of the main cast from afar.

Set to receive a sequel series of sorts, The Hills: New Beginnings will feature the return of several stars from the original series. Among that group, you will find people like Spencer, Heidi, Stephanie, Brody, Audrina, Justin, Jason, and Whitney. If you ever were a fan of the show that list may leave you wondering one thing, what about Lauren and Kristin? Well, unless something changes, neither of them will be part of the new series. That may be disappointing but both of them are busy enough that it makes a lot of sense. With that in mind, it is time to look at what Lauren and Kristin have been up to since The Hills ended.

In order for something to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost must relate to either Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavallari. On top of that, it has to relate to something one of those 2 women have done since the original version of The Hills came to an end in 2010. It should be noted, it makes no difference what area of their lives the info relates to, which means you could find things that have to do with their professional or personal lives here.

20 Lauren: Runs a Kohl’s Fashion Line

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One of the biggest focuses of Lauren Conrad’s time on The Hills was her love of and hopes to work within the fashion world. In fact, as the series progressed she even landed a highly coveted job as an intern at Teen Vogue alongside Whitney Port and her decision to stay home from Paris was portrayed as a really big deal. With all of that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Lauren ended up making a living for herself as a designer. For instance, she is the main figure behind the LC by Lauren Conrad fashion line which is sold at Kohl’s and features things like tops, jeans, and even bedding.

19 Kristin: Created a Lifestyle Brand

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A brand that initially focused solely on jewelry, Uncommon James is described as featuring “designs inspired with a sophisticated and polished look to be worn day to night” on its website. However, since its early days, Uncommon James has grown to be about more than what most people seemed to envision at first. Announced to be changing into more of an overarching lifestyle label in March of 2018, that expansion included a push towards clothing sales and even plans to open a bricks and mortar store. Opening up shop in Nashville, the store also included a large office space where Kristin could make continued plans to compete with similar companies.

18 Lauren: Runs the Paper Crown Fashion Line

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The second major clothing line run by Lauren Conrad, Paper Crown is the much higher end and more expensive brand run by this former star of The Hills. Sold at places like Nordstrom, it also was the focus of a rotating Lord & Taylor’s pop-up shop which is an honor that many other lines hoped to receive. As a result, when talking about being chosen for the pop-up shop, Lauren said "[To] be a part of an event like this with such a reputable retailer is such a complement to our brand." Much more focused on the kind of thing that you could wear at a formal event, LC’s Paper Crown line features gorgeous gowns.

17 Kristin: Created a Shoe Collection

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The last of the image focused businesses we will touch on in this list, Kristin Cavallari’s Chinese Laundry shoe line has been going strong for more than 5 years at this point. Sold by Nordstrom, just like Lauren’s higher-end clothing brand, her footwear also is sold by a long list of online retailers. Put together alongside the designers Mark Jankowski and Shayna Fitzpatrick, based on reviews left by customers on Amazon, it seems safe to say that her shoes have many fans. In fact, if you search for Kristin Cavallari’s Chinese Laundry on Amazon you will find several items that have received 4- or 5-star reviews from that site’s customer base.

16 Lauren: Became a Lifestyle Guru

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Largely gone from the television landscape for many years at this point, despite that, Lauren Conrad is still best known for her time starring in The Hills. While that is a remarkable truth, we're guessing that LC wished that people were more focused on her more recent endeavors, including a move towards being a lifestyle guru of sorts. Pulling off this transition by putting together a book like Celebrate, in its pages she gives her readers advice on how to throw a long list of different social gatherings. Perfect reading for people those that want to be the perfect host, the book provides guidance on everything from what food to offer guests to when and where to throw your parties.

15 Kristin: Moved to Nashville

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A reality star whose time on television has by and large been focused on California’s social circles, Kristin appeared in 2 shows that were named after cities from that state. First rising to prominence as the star of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, several years later, she made her return to the spotlight when she debuted on The Hills which was shot in Los Angeles. With all of that in mind, it is somewhat surprising that she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee which is a city that has a very different image than California does. That said, it certainly seems like she is happy with the move that she made in 2017.

14 Lauren: Dated the Actor Kyle Howard

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An actor whose career took off during his teen years, Kyle Howard has managed to find semi-consistent work in the years since then, even if a lot of it came in the form of low profile roles. Able to play the main character in his film debut, 1996’s House Arrest, he also appeared in other movies like Baby Geniuses and Orange County. Romantically linked off and on over 3 years, Kyle Howard and Lauren Conrad were a couple in between the years 2008 and 2011. Clearly upset by their breakup, she wrote in a blog post that the end of her relationship doesn’t mean she was “losing the chance to have love — I was getting the opportunity to do it all over again"

13 Kristin: Released a Book

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Someone that was thrust into an international spotlight during her teen years, it is safe to say that Kristin Cavallari has led a life that very few people could ever understand. However, over the years she has built a strong fan base, many of whom likely wanted to have a better understanding of what it was like to be her. Fortunately for anyone who shared that curiosity, in 2016 she released an autobiography called Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work. A frank book, in it she revealed her account of what it was like growing up in the spotlight, including having producers interject in her love life.

12 Lauren: Shot an MTV Reality TV pilot

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One of the most-talked about television shows in the world during the height of its popularity, The Hills may not have been everybody’s cup of tea but its fans seemed to really like it. For that reason, when it was announced that its star Lauren was leaving during its final season it was a huge disappointment for many people. Considering that she walked away from that avenue to superstardom, it would make sense if you assumed she never considered the reality genre again. However, after her departure, she starred in an MTV reality pilot that never went to series, probably because it had more of a documentary feel instead of focusing on her personal dramas.

11 Kristin: Wrote a Heartbreaking Tribute to Her Brother

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The biggest blow that anyone is forced to suffer, the loss of a loved one hits hard and is a pain that never quite goes away as Kristin learned in 2015. Devastated when her brother, Michael, suddenly passed away due to the effects of hypothermia following a car crash, she was admirably open about her pain on Instagram. Letting her fans in, she wrote, "My heart is in a million pieces. Mikey, I could always count on you to make me laugh. You had such a good heart and will be forever missed. I'm at a loss for words but I know u are in a better place and finally at peace. I love u so much RIP."

10 Lauren: Married Something Corporate guitarist William Tell

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Someone that always appeared to be unlucky at love during her time on reality TV, Lauren seemed to habitually get involved with people that should have been more dedicated to her. Fortunately for anyone that has rooted for her happiness, it seems like she found a much more rewarding relationship which has resulted in a joyous wedding. Married to Something Corporate guitarist William Tell since 2014, from everything we can tell, they have created a great life for themselves. On top of that, it was satisfying to see photos of their wedding party since it included her longtime friend that co-starred with her in Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lo Bosworth.

9 Kristin: Married Jay Cutler

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Speaking of weddings related to these 2 stars, it is time to look at the man that Kristin Cavallari chose to marry. A quarterback of the highest order, Jay Cutler made a name for himself during his college years and then went in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Starting out playing for the Denver Broncos, he was then traded to the Chicago Bears who he played for until he retired in 2016. Initially announcing his plans to become a sportscaster, he took a lot of people by surprise when he returned to play for the Miami Dolphins in 2017. Choosing to tie the knot in a secret 2011 Tennessee wedding, their nuptials were attended by 150 guests.

8 Lauren: Hosted The Hills: This Was Then, This Is Now

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As we already touched on in a previous entry, Lauren Conrad opted to leave The Hills before it came to an end only to try to attempt a reality show return with a failed pilot. While that proved that she didn’t hold a grudge against the genre, it still seemed like she wanted to move past The Hills at the very least. However, there actually was a deleted scene that Lauren shot for The Hills’ series finale so clearly she didn’t have too much against the series. On top of that, she also came back to host The Hills: This Was Then, This Is Now, a one-time 2016 special meant to honor the 10th anniversary of the show’s debut episode.

7 Kristin: Dabbled in Acting

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A career transition that has been attempted by many of the best-known reality TV stars, the list of people that tried to make the jump to the acting world is far too long to include here. Another person to give it their best try, Kristin Cavallari made appearances in shows like Veronica Mars, Cane, CSI: NY, The Middle, and The League. On top of that, she also tried to make an impact in movies including Fingerprints, Spring Breakdown, Wild Cherry, and Van Wilder: Freshman Year. Unfortunately for her, assuming she actually enjoyed that kind of work, she never was able to turn enough heads to create a successful career for herself as an actor.

6 Lauren: Bought and Sold a Mansion

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An extremely accomplished person all around, Lauren Conrad may not be in the spotlight like she once was but her career is still on fire overall. As a result of all that hard work and success and her husband’s career, Lauren’s family has been able to amass a pretty great little fortune for themselves. In fact, they are wealthy enough that they bought a multi-million dollar mansion in LA for themselves that even featured a waterslide for their family to enjoy. Evidently deciding to stay on the move, they didn’t hold onto that home for too long as they later opted to sell it after buying another property on the same street.

5 Kristin: Became a Mother of 3

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Someone that has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight to varying degrees, there is one part of her life where Kristin Cavallari has been a lot more private, her children. Willing to occasionally post pictures with them on social media, despite that, she has taken a firm stance against showing their young lives in the world of reality TV. A move that makes all the sense in the world, she told a reporter “when they're old enough to make that decision, that's one thing. For right now, I just want to keep them kids.” Unless that happens someday, Kristin is going to keep her 3 kids, sons Jack and Jaxon as well as daughter Saylor, off of TV.

4 Lauren: Became a Mother

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Among the most interesting reality stars of all-time, Lauren Conrad stood out because she never seemed like the type of person to be obsessed with fame. Always able to come across she is pretty well-adjusted, it is obvious that she has always been an ambitious person but she also seems to have her priorities in order for the most part. If that weren’t the case, things might have been cleared up for her when she welcomed her only child to date into the world. Born in July of 2017, Liam seems to be her pride and joy based on the huge smile plastered on her face in photos of them together.

3 Kristin: Released a Cookbook

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One of the fastest rising focuses of the cooking world, in a world where more and more people are increasingly concerned with what they consume, there is a high demand for specialty cookbooks. Evidently, someone that is aware of this market and concerned about the same thing, Kristin released True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar. Packed with recipes that don’t contain many common allergens like gluten and refined sugar, there was one thing she definitely didn’t shy away from, cheese. Given 4-star reviews on Amazon.com and goodreads.com among other sites, True Roots definitely has found an audience that is putting it to good use.

2 Lauren: Become a Successful Author

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From one entry about books these two authored to another, it is time to look at the many releases that Lauren Conrad is responsible for. Making her debut as an author with L.A. Candy in 2009, that was just the first of many books sporting Lauren’s name that have been released over the many years since then. In fact, to date, she has written 9 different books, some of which fall under the non-fiction category and others don’t. That said, in 2015, she spoke about how stressful it is to write a book due to things like deadlines, so we’re not holding our breath for regular releases despite her 2016 lifestyle book Celebrate.

1 Kristin: Landed her Own Reality Show

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As we’ve already touched on, neither Lauren Conrad nor Kristin Cavallari are said to be part of the upcoming reality show The Hills: New Beginnings. While that is bound to be a disappointment to their many fans, in the case of Kristin they can at least rest assured that she is set to have an ongoing role on television. That is because she landed a reality show of her own which debuted in 2018, Very Cavallari. Focused on her life in Tennessee with Jay Cutler and her attempt to open a store for her Uncommon James line of products, the series aired on E! Television. Set to return in the months to come, the show has a green light for a 10-episode second season.

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