20 Little-Known Details About The Short-Lived Relationship Between Ariana And Pete

Probably the most talked about celebrity couple of mid to late 2018, we were shocked to learn that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had become a couple, and even more shocked to hear they broke up after getting engaged. Largely the case because their public images are wildly different, she is one of the biggest pop stars in the world while he is a popular but often offensive and awkward comedy figure. That said, ever since they went public with their relationship, both of them have seen incredibly happy with one another, that is, until they weren't.

No matter how joyous Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seemed to be, their polar-opposite images make their pairing downright fascinating. Fortunately for anyone that is curious about what goes on in their lives behind closed doors, both of them seem to be gleeful enough that they can’t stop talking about one another. However, after a while, their personal issues got in the way of their relationship, and they just seemed like they couldn't get past them and announced their breakup. With that in mind, it is time to look at 20 interesting things to know about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

In order for a piece of information to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to relate to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. On top of that, it has to be something that could affect them as a couple. As a result, you won’t find anything general about either of their careers or other aspects of their personal lives included here. Finally, it should be noted that of course, we do not have a window into their private lives so we’ve based the information that follows on public accounts and interviews they’ve given.

20 Pete and Ariana Both Broke Up With People Just Before Announcing Their Relationship

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A pair of celebrities that have both been stars years, Ariana Grande began her time in the spotlight as a child star and Pete Davidson joined the cast of SNL in 2014. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that both of them were involved in other relationships after they first began their rise to fame. However, it is noteworthy how recently that Pate and Ariana were romantically involved with other people. In fact, both of them began someone else in 2016, Mac Miller in the case of Ariana and Larry David’s daughter Cazzi in Pete’s. Then both of those relationships came to an end seemingly very shortly before the world found out Pete and Ariana had gotten together.

19 Their Love Has Received the Tattoo Treatment

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The kind of thing that almost universally is considered a mistake, many people have regretted getting a tattoo for someone they’d recently began dating. Also, an issue in the celebrity world, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are not the first famous people to commemorate a whirlwind romance. That said, we are really hopeful that Pete will remain happy to have Ariana’s symbol behind his ear and her initials on his hand. On top of that, it certainly appears like Ariana and Pete now have matching cloud tattoos on a middle finger. Only together for a matter of months as of this writing, if this trend continues there is no way to know how many tattoo tributes to one another they will get.

18 Pete Knew He Wanted to Marry Ariana When They First Met

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Seemingly one of the happiest celebrity couples around, it has been heartwarming to see how genuinely in love with one another Pete and Ariana appear to be. That said, if you are among the people that have invested in things working out between them, it is alarming how fast things are moving. However, amazingly enough, Pete was ready to commit to Ariana almost immediately. Speaking to GQ about how he felt after the first time he spent time alone with Ariana, Pete said “the day I met her, I was like, 'hey, I’ll marry you tomorrow.'" More than that, shortly thereafter, he sent her a photo of engagement rings and asked her if she liked any of them.

17 They’ve Adopted A Pig

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A fairly common step that relatively new couples take to bond their lives together, adopting a pet with one another tends to be a sign that a pair is becoming serious about one another. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that Pete and Ariana have chosen to get a small animal to care for and bring up together. Of course, they are celebrities and these days it always seems like stars feel like everything they do needs to be somewhat unique. Perhaps that is why they’ve opted to adopt a pig together. If that wasn’t interesting enough, they also gave the animal a pretty hilarious name, Piggy Smallz.

16 They Are in Love And Best Friends

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Probably the ultimate goal for any couple that wants to have a healthy relationship, not only loving your partner but considering them to be your friend is a wonderful sign of things to come. Only a part of one another’s life for a period of months as of this writing, in that time Pete and Ariana appear to have bonded pretty much every aspect of their lives together. Of course, considering they’ve announced their plans to get married in the future, they obviously are romantically entangled with one another. More than that, however, Ariana also revealed they are more involved than that when she said about Pete, “We have a lot of fun. He’s like my best friend”.

15 After They Got Together, Pete Got A Scare

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If you’ve followed the career of Pete Davidson, one thing is abundantly clear, he usually is incredibly open about aspects of his life that most people would keep private. As a result, since he and Ariana got together he has been pretty frank about not only the love he feels for her but also feeling like she may be too good for him. Sadly, if he listens to the critics on social media there are some people out there who write things that might further cement those feelings of inadequacy he already feels. Worse yet, while appearing on Howard Stern, Pete spoke about the fact that after he and Ariana became a couple, someone reached out to him in order to threaten his life.

14 Ariana Released A Song About Pete

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First introduced to much of the world as the child star of the Nickelodeon shows Victorious as well as Sam & Cat, since then Ariana Grande has become a much bigger star as a pop singer. In fact, even though her first major music release came out in 2013, her 2018 album Sweetener was her fourth album so far. Clearly a fairly prolific person, on her latest release she is credited as a co-writer on 9 of the 15 songs. One of the tracks that seems to be closest to her heart, the album includes a song titled “Pete Davidson” that one reviewer said “doesn’t wax poetic” but reflects her feelings about her “fairytale romance.”

13 They Moved In Together In June 2018

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A relationship that reflects many couples if they were in fast forward, Pete and Ariana have taken their relationship to another level by choosing to move in together. Of course, unlike many of their peers, they began living with one another remarkably early in their relationship. First announced to be a couple in May of 2018, on June 23 they began living together. Sharing an apartment in Manhattan, New York City, their place must be simply magnificent as it reportedly is worth $16 million. When speaking about their place to GQ, Pete revealed he thanked Ariana “for letting me stay here” and her response was “we’re getting married” to which Pete thanked her once again.

12 Ariana Put Her Love For Pete In Hilarious Terms

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An issue that all of us regular folks could never understand, when you are a huge star that has publicly fallen in love you are bound to be relentlessly asked about that fledgling relationship. A situation these two have definitely found themselves in, Pete and Ariana have been hounded by the paparazzi and interviewers who want to get the slightest scoop about their lives. Despite that, they obviously are happy enough that they still want to sing from a rooftop about one another which is why they also show their love on social media. For instance, in early October 2018, Ariana spoke to the world about Pete through an Instagram video and said: "I love you like Kanye loves Kanye".

11 Pete Had An Unexpected Reaction To The Bill Clinton And Bishop Ellis Controversies

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A very talented singer, sadly, when Ariana performed at the funeral for the musical legend Aretha Franklin, it wasn’t her powerful vocals that people were talking about the most. Instead, a photo of former President Bill Clinton checking her out and footage of Bishop Charles E. Ellis III touching her inappropriately lit social media on fire. While many people hated what happened, her fiancé Pete said he has “never been prouder” than to have Clinton check out his partner and he wrote off the Bishop’s actions as unintentional. He also spoke about his lustful feelings for Ariana prior to their romance, which only served to make many people feel his reaction to the whole situation further objectified his partner.

10 They Met When Ariana Performed On Saturday Night Live

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One of the most sought-after jobs in the comedy world, when someone becomes a Saturday Night Live cast member it can take their career to another level. The perfect opportunity to show the world how talented you are, amazingly enough, the career opportunities are far from the only positive of working there as you also get to rub elbows with huge stars. In fact, several people involved in the production of SNL have gone on to date celebrities, including Colin Jost who is dating Scarlett Johansson at the time of this writing. Another relationship that is related to the world of SNL, Ariana and Pete first met one another when she appeared on the show in March 2016.

9 Ariana Makes Pete Nervous

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The kind of thing that people involved in a couple should try to stay vigilant about, taking your partner for granted can do huge damage to your relationship. Still early in their romance, Pete and Ariana have been together for around five months as of this writing but there are many couples that are struggling to remain excited about one another by that point. Fortunately for Ariana, during his Howard Stern interview, Pete revealed that she made him nervous when they first became a couple and that has not changed as of yet. Speaking about her, he said he’s “always apologizing and saying thank you” and he tells her things like “you’re awesome for doing this.”

8 Ariana’s Manager, Scooter Braun, Brought Them Together

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A job that is something of a black box to people from outside of the entertainment world, most people have no real understanding of what a star’s manager does. One of the people at the top of that business, Scooter Braun represents stars like Justin Bieber, Psy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Dan + Shay, Kanye West, and most importantly for this list, Ariana Grande. Clearly tasked with things like looking out for Ariana’s career, Scooter also is largely responsible for the recent happiness in her personal life. That is the case because Scooter told Pete that Ariana was interested in him when he was backstage at SNL and that led to them spending time alone together for the first time.

7 Ariana Is Protective Of Pete

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Not exactly your run-of-the-mill star, Pete Davidson has been the subject of a lot of controversies, some of which we will touch on later in this list. While his edgy humor has been responsible for much of the negative attention he has received, there also have been times in which he has been insulted for things completely out of his control. A perfect example of that, in August the website Barstool Sports took a shot at him by insulting the way his eyes look with especially vulgar terminology. When their insult trended, Ariana became aware of it and clearly disgusted she responded “y'all do know this man has an auto immune disease, right?” because his ailment affects the way his eyes look.

6 When Ariana Was On SNL, Pete Joined Her On Stage

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As we already touched on in this list, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande met for the very first time when she was a guest host on the he starred in, Saturday Night Live. The guest host that week, as the show began Ariana delivered her opening monologue and as often is the case, she was joined onstage by several cast members. By far the most notable person to appear alongside her in retrospect, as she sang to the audience Pete walked up and spoke with her for roughly 10 seconds. Not exactly the most auspicious beginning to what became a major celebrity relationship, it was still the first time the world saw Pete and Ariana together.

5 Backlash Sadly Forced Pete To Address His Issues

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Another instance of Pete Davidson unfairly getting called out for things that are totally beyond his control, evidently, it wasn’t bad enough that people have taken shots at his appearance. This time around, Pete took to Instagram to defend himself after fans wrote over social media that Ariana shouldn't be with him because of his a mental disorder. Especially sad because very few stars are open about what it is like to have a mental health issue, he wrote that he heard fans saying "people with BPD can't be in relationships." A reference to the fact that he has a borderline personality disorder, he also wrote, “just because someone has a mental illness does not mean they can't be happy and in a relationship.”

4 Pete Asked Permission For Their First Kiss

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Asked about his lady love over and over again these last few months, we have yet to find an instance in which Pete has spoken about his fiancé without making it clear that he feels she is too good for him. Most likely at least partially an attempt at humor on his behalf, it also seems to be pretty clear that he really does hold Ariana on a pedestal. That is probably why he was still uncertain about how interested in him she was when they first began spending time together. In fact, when Ariana spoke about Pete while on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio show she said: “It was so cute, he asked permission to kiss me”.

3 Pete’s SNL Joke About Their Relationship Made Many People Mad

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A Saturday Night Live cast member since 2014, over those years Pete has consistently gone on Weekend Update and made references to his personal life. Something that has not changed now that he is involved with a huge star, in the current season’s premiere episode he appeared on the show and talked about his relationship. Eliciting laughs throughout, part way through he said something that many viewers did not find amusing in the slightest. Saying, "Last night I switched her birth control with Tic-Tacs. I believe in us and all, but I just want to make sure that she can't go anywhere," many people on social media were outraged in response.

2 Pete Wore Sweatpants And A T-Shirt To Their First “Date”

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As we touched on earlier, Ariana’s manager pushed Pete to get in touch with her and even made it clear that she was interested in him. Despite that obvious encouragement, Pete has revealed that he thought that a joke was being played on him. As a result, the first time he went to her apartment to hang out, he was certain that it wasn’t a date. Opting to go in sweatpants and a T-shirt, it wasn’t exactly the kind of thing you’d expect him to wear given what he’d been told. Making the decision all the worse, prior to their get together she had attended the Met Gala so when he arrived she was wearing an elaborate gown.

1 Ariana Said They Plan To Marry Next Year

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Something that loads of engaged couples have dealt with in the past, as soon as people find out a couple is bound to be married they can expect to be asked about the date several times. Of course, when you are a huge star, it isn’t just people they know that are dying to know this information. While many fans of these two are dying to know when they will walk down the aisle, in an interview Ariana said it would be a private affair with their families and friends and the date is a secret. However, in a different 2018 interview, she did narrow it down some by saying “it’s going to be like, next year.”

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