The First Thing He Notices When He Meets You, According To His Zodiac Sign

When you make a first impression on a guy, you want him to see as much of your positive sides and your best features as possible. However, that's not really what happens even in the best scenario. In reality, guys tend to zero in on one thing about you first. Sure, they like you as a whole person and value you as a person, or at least we hope they do, but guys tend to be very visually-driven. Guys will end up looking at one thing first, even if it's against their better judgment. It depends largely on what the guy is looking for in a relationship (if he's looking for one at all), his general personality type and demeanor, and yes, his zodiac sign.

Some guys are the type to let their eyes make their decisions: they look for very specific things about your physical appearance that draw them in. They might get lost in your eyes at first, or they might look for signals to figure out if the attraction is there. Other guys are the type to let other senses dictate their initial attraction to you, like using their ears to hear your voice or your laugh, or using their sense of smell. Still, other guys are just as likely to totally discount your looks, choosing instead to focus on your brain or how you treat others. Honestly, that's most guys, despite what they want you to think. Regardless, different guys will have feelings for different parts of you first, and everything else goes from there. Here's the part of you that he noticed first, according to his zodiac sign. Make sure you also check out his moon sign if you know it to see another side of him!

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15 Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): For Them, The Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul

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Cardinal signs initiate energy, and for them, the best way to get to know your energy is through your eyes. It's fitting that Cardinal signs are the ones that begin every season because of this, they're the ones who begin every new cycle of life. They're all seen as leader types because of this. Cardinal sign guys are big believers that the eyes are windows to your soul and that you can see who a person really is by looking at them and even through them. It's through your eyes that these guys are going to be able to see what makes you tick, how you deal with others, and ultimately how compatible the two of you are. While Cardinal sign guys definitely look at other things first depending on what their sign is, the major thing these four signs will look at are the things that they will be looking at you with; their eyes.

14 Aries: They're All About The Golden Ratio, Which Can Actually Be Applied To People

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Aries guys tend to look for the whole package physically. They can't explain what it is they're looking for in a woman physically, but it actually comes down to a mathematical concept known as the Golden Ratio. While physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder, The Golden Ratio (1.618, to be exact) applied to physical beauty means that you can mathematically deduce what features make a person attractive. This is true for lots of different cultures going back thousands of years. This is especially true in the face, but it's also true with body proportions. While very few people hit the Golden Ratio perfectly, many people get pretty darn close. The closer you are to the Golden Ratio, the more likely it is that you are considered one of the most beautiful people in the world.

13 Cancer: They're Super Romantic And Are Totally Wrapped Up In Your Face

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While the average Aries guy is looking for someone who has the whole package physically, Cancers are a bit more romantic because they don't care about rations or facial symmetry. If they like your face, they're going to want to stare at your face for as long as possible. Expect a Cancer guy to get totally overwhelmed by you very quickly, to the point where you might catch them staring a lot if you're particularly observant. Regardless, Cancer guys are totally romantic and will wax poetic about your beauty for hours if you let them. If you're a girl who likes Cancer guys, this is probably right up your alley because they're basically speaking your love language. Cancer guys are also way more likely to be looking for "the one" so if they're really loving on you, chances are they're seeing you as more of a partner than a fling.

12 Libra: They Watch You For How You Treat Strangers, Then Go From There

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Libras guys don't care too much about physical appearance. Rather, they want to know how you look on the inside. This isn't to say that Libras don't have standards for physical traits: Libra guys are actually surprisingly fashion-forward and tend to look for women that are gorgeous on the outside. They just need their outer beauty to be outshone by your inner goodness. Libra men believe highly in fairness and justice and go out of their way to make sure that their actions embody those traits. More importantly, they're looking for someone who's going to embody those traits herself and treat people she doesn't know with kindness and dignity. If you're the type of woman who's kind of service people like waiters and delivery people and a person who can show empathy for someone she doesn't know, you're the type of woman who a Libra would love right away.

11 Capricorn: They're Attracted To Confidence That's Different Than What They Have

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Capricorn men are really serious about love and won't put themselves out there unless they know for sure that you're worth putting themselves out there for. Capricorn men actually have really refined taste in women because of this: they won't waste their time on a woman who doesn't meet their standards. That being said, Capricorn men are suckers for women who have a type of confidence they don't. If the Capricorn man is a person who's confident in terms of a work situation (which most are), they're going to be attracted to a woman who commands social situations outside of work easily. If the Capricorn man has trouble trying new things, he's going to be immediately taken with a woman who pushes him out of his comfort zone. For many Capricorn men, opposites certainly attract.

10 Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): They Have An Eye For Style And Will Watch Out For That

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Fixed signs are in the middle of every season, which is a great example of how Fixed signs maintain energy. They're the signs that are by far the most stable and solid, which can make them really stubborn. Fixed signs are a lot less likely to notice something physical first than they are to notice your actions and intentions first. For Fixed signs, even the most beautiful people in the world will pass beneath their notice if they're not people who can utilize that beauty. This is why a lot of Fixed sign guys are secret, low-key fashionistas. Fixed sign guys are the ones that you're going to want to impress by wearing your nicest clothes when you meet them because that way, you'll be showing them that you care how you're perceived because they care how they're perceived. They think the way you present yourself is important and they'll be attracted to that quality because it shows that you care.

9 Taurus: They Believe Your Friends Are A Reflection Of You

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Taurus men, in the long term, want a loyal woman more than they want anything else. Loyalty means absolutely everything to them. However, when you first meet someone, it's very hard to tell whether they're a loyal person at heart. For the Taurus man, though, it's easy for them to figure it out. They believe that the best way to see whether a woman is loyal is to see her with her friends. Taurus men are very acutely aware that your friends are a reflection of you, so they make it a point to hang out with people who seek to build him up and who he can build up in return. This isn't a self-serving thing to him, it's another way to show loyalty. Taurus men hate drama and don't like to deal with shallowness, so if they see any hint of that among your friends, they might think that it's not worth it to get into things with you.

8 Leo: They Love Seeing Someone As Confident As They Are

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Leo men are used to keeping and commanding attention, but when they're looking for someone to date, they're looking for someone who has even more of that quality than they do. Because they're so used to being the light and the life of the party, it's very hard for them to be dazzled by someone because everyone's so busy getting dazzled by them. This can actually get a little annoying for them, but they can't help but admit that they still enjoy the attention. When a woman crosses a Leo man's path that actually gets them to notice, they will sit up and pay attention. They want to feel the way other people feel like when they're in the Leo man's presence. Leo men want a star to shine in their lives and they'll see that star in a woman who carries herself with confidence. Together, you and your Leo man can rule the world with that kind of charisma.

7 Scorpio: They're Masters Of Reading Body Language And Won't Bother Unless They See You're Interested

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Scorpio men will actually notice a lot about you before they decide whether to pursue you, but the thing they're really looking for is a signal that you're actually into them. Scorpio men are intense and they don't do rejection very well, so they're not going to come out of their shell unless they see a reason to. This is often why Scorpio men will pine away for a woman for an agonizingly long period of time and not move on from her, only for them to jump right into pursuing her once he realizes she really was into him. This is because Scorpio guys are intense and passionate about everything, and they can be a little self-destructive, which feeds into their obsession with things and even people. Scorpio men end up getting really good at reading body language and using their passion and intensity to even change the girl's mind. If you find yourself quietly and steadily falling for a guy over the course of months or even years, chances are that guy is a Scorpio.

6 Aquarius: They're Not Looking At You Physically, They Focus Mostly On The Mental

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Men born under the sign of Aquarius are guys who want life to be full of meaning. They don't really care about physical attributes at all. Rather, they want to be with someone with whom they jive mentally. Aquarius guys are also humanitarians at heart even if they don't actually take part in charity: they want to be a force of good in the lives of other people and they are actually very much attracted to women who have that generosity of spirit. They want to be with someone with whom they never have to have the small talk or emoji text battles with. In an ideal world (at least for them), the woman of their dreams is actually smarter than them, or at least very knowledgeable about something that they don't know about. Aquarian men want to learn from their romantic partners, and hopefully, the woman they like can learn something from them.

5 Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): They Won't Show Any Interest Unless You Have A Sense Of Humor

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Mutable signs end every season, and that's why they're the ones that change energy. They're highly adaptable and are much quicker to learn the lessons of the Cardinal and Fixed signs that come before them because of that adaptability. Mutable signs are more likely to be considered old souls because of this flexibility. Because Mutable signs are so flexible and have the mindset that comes from learning hard lessons quickly, they like being around people with a great sense of humor that can lighten that particular load for them. When a Mutable sign guy meets you, that's the first thing he's going to be looking for. Can you make him laugh? If you can, can he make you laugh? That's vitally important to him, not just because that's the first thing he'll gravitate to but because to him, a good sense of humor is the most important thing you need to get through life, not just relationships.

4 Gemini: They're Suckers For Girls With Nice Voices

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Gemini men love a good conversation and are pretty great social chameleons. They're generally always excited about something, even if that something is different from one moment to the next. They love to sit and talk with anyone, not because they love to hear their own voices but because they really enjoy hearing the points of view of other people. Because Gemini men are such conversationalists, the first thing that they notice about a woman isn't her eyes or her body, it's her voice. If a woman has a voice that a Gemini man can't get enough of hearing, he's already halfway to falling in love with her. A nice voice can actually override physical attractiveness when it comes to a woman that a Gemini man might not go for without that quality.

3 Virgo: They Want To See How You Treat The People Close To You

While Libras care about how you treat strangers and the people around you that you don't care about, Virgo men prize above everything else how you treat the people that you do care about. Virgo men are often seen as stable, safe guys who are always relatively put together, but more than that, Virgo men are often fiercely loyal to their friends and family and want to see that trait in others. This is part of the reason why Virgo men, and Virgo women for that matter, find themselves gravitating towards people that aren't compatible with them because they want to "fix" them.  If they think that you're a person who doesn't treat her friends very well, they're going to be turned off by that more than anything else. They want to be with someone who's not going to be a drain on them, and maybe they could even be someone who takes care of them.

2 Sagittarius: They Can Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Fun To Be Around Within Minutes Of Meeting Them

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Sagittarius men want someone in their lives who can bring fun into their lives. Sagittarius is by far the funniest sign in the zodiac, but more than that, they know how to gather similarly minded fun people around them and bring them into their inner circles. It's this ability that drives a lot of the Sagittarian man's initial interactions with new people. Sagittarians of any gender are capable of parsing out who the fun people are in any room and getting in with them. Sagittarian men, more than anything else, are looking for a woman that can be their soulmate and their best friend: anything less is simply not worth their time. This is why many Sagittarian men are the type to partake in casual relationships and one night stands. They only let go of that life when they find someone they know is the one, and the way they figure that out first is if they're fun.

1 Pisces: They Love To See Genuine Smiles And The More They Like Your Smile, The More They'll Want To See It

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Pisces men are guys who really value creativity. They have several different natures, which is a quality many Mutable Signs tend to have. Pisces guys, like other Water signs, are terrible at casual relationships and one night stands: every relationship is serious to them. They want to be with someone that they can potentially look at with the same amount of love, if not more, for the rest of their lives. That's why Pisces guys value a woman's smile so much. They love when a smile lights up a woman's face and makes her look that much better with it on, and that's a large part of what motivates the Pisces man to be one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. The more they like you (and they will like you more and more with time), the more they want to see you smile and the more they'll go out of their way for you.

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