The Fashion Icon To Channel This 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When we think of fashion icons, a few names always come to mind: Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn. Brigitte Bardot. Diana Ross. Edie Sedgwick. We always look to the past to give us some guidance on how to dress for today and recycle their outfits for the modern era. While fashion may be cyclical, we have new style icons who can help inspire our wardrobes and ignite our imaginations when it comes to getting dressed. Sure, some of these 12 ladies might seem young to earn the title of “icon”, but with the way they dress, it’s kind of a no-brainer!

Instead of looking to Audrey Hepburn’s clean lines and black-and-white detailing (as a Capricorn girl may be inclined), how about checking our choice for today: Kristen Stewart. While Marilyn Monroe seems like the perfect choice for an Aries, thanks to her ample curves and ability to rock a red lip, we now have the equally curvaceous Kim Kardashian! Fashions change and evolve with the passage of time, but style is forever, and, while these women may not feel like style icons to you just yet, we think it’s only a matter of time before we all start looking to their wardrobes for dressing – and the stars can be the ones to help guide us there.

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16 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Bella Hadid’s Sizzling Style


When it comes to the elements of the zodiac, Fire is the only one that truly shines. Those born under the Fire signs are feisty and passionate, and the true leaders of the zodiac. These signs aren’t afraid to be individuals and leaders, and, if you’re tracing a trend backward, you can bet that it began with a Fire sign!

Model Bella Hadid is similarly fashion-forward, with a sleek sense of style that always commands attention. She isn’t afraid to show off what she’s got, whether it be on the Victoria’s Secret runway, the red carpet, or the streets of New York City. Commanding attention with bold colors in daring designs, Hadid isn’t afraid of getting a little wild, and while her outfit choices might seem difficult to pull off, she manages to without effort every single time.

15 Aries: Kim Kardashian Is Sleek & Alluring


If fire signs are the leaders of the zodiac, then Aries is the sign to rule them all. Not unlike Kim Kardashian herself, Aries women are bold and striking. They walk into a room and all eyes are on them, with people waiting for their next word with baited breath. Kardashian exhibits major Aries tendencies in her way of dressing, too, which includes figure-hugging silhouettes, haute couture designs, and sky-high heels that add a little bit more intimidation to her petite five-foot-three frame.

In the Aries power color of red, we see Kardashian channel her seductive side while still keeping things clean and minimally detailed. Since husband Kanye West helped revamp her wardrobe, Kim’s been a fan of minimal styling for a look that kills it without overdoing it with unnecessary extras.

14 Leo: Solange’s Bold Flavor


We could have given this style icon distinction to big sis Beyoncé, but Solange is in a class of her own, too, and firmly in Leo territory. Leo is prone to being cinematic in their fashion, and love having all eyes on them – and Solange is no different. While other celebs might head to an event in a gown or pretty dress, Solange mixes things up. This outfit is bold and colorful ­–something any true Leo would just fall over – and the combination of this bold dress and matching sunglasses proves that this singer has got the fashion skills to pay the bills!

Whether she’s rocking an accordion-style dress on the red carpet or a jumpsuit to her wedding, Solange is a trailblazer, and her unexpected sense of style is something every Leo girl should take note of.

13 Sagittarius: Lupita Nyong’o Is Dramatic & Daring


Sag girls love freedom. They have a hunger for travel and can’t stand to stay in any one place for too long, something that often influences their fashion choices as well as their outlook on life and personality. Lupita Nyong’o may be a newcomer to the Hollywood scene, but she’s already made a name for herself thanks to her dramatic styling and daring fashions.

Nyong’o is always switching things up on the red carpet, going from jewel tones and bedazzled necklines one moment to head wraps and floral patterns the next, the actress isn’t afraid to keep us guessing. Like a true Sagittarius in style (she’s actually a Pisces), her flair for fun and drama come through even in her casual wear, and we can’t think of a better woman to emulate!

12 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Emma Watson’s Timeless Taste


Earth signs have earned the unfair reputation of being sticks-in-the-mud when compared to the other signs of the zodiac. However, just because these signs are practical and hard workers does not mean they don’t know how to have a good time.

Arguably the most ambitious members of the zodiac – largely thanks to the presence of Capricorn – those born under this sign often prefer styles that are classic, timeless, and high quality. They make loads of money and they know exactly how to spend it! Rather than be swayed by trends, Earth signs keep a style that will last them for years to come. Take Emma Watson, for example, who always looks incredible but never crosses the line into looking overdressed for the occasion. It’s a fine line to walk, but for the perfectionist Earth signs, it’s in their blood.

11 Taurus: Shay Mitchell’s Feminine Fashions


Out of all the signs of the zodiac, Taurus may be the most traditional when it comes to fashion. For Taurus women, they love feminine silhouettes and comfortable but flattering styles. Nipped-in waists, figure-hugging shapes, and just the right amount of accessorizing comes into play for this sign – so it helps that one of their power colors is girly pink!

While they like feminine silhouettes, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Taurus gal is old-fashioned. Like actress Shay Mitchell, they embrace looks with luxe details, like the tiny pleats on this dress, and sensuous fabrics, like silk or velvet. Rather than risk going over-the-top with accessories or a beauty look, Mitchell keeps things simple and lets her clothes do the talking for her, which Taurus girls know takes skill.

10 Virgo: Gigi Hadid Stuns In Simple Styles


Unlike her red-hot sister Bella, Gigi Hadid seems to stick to simpler styles when it comes to dressing, whether she’s on the red carpet or off-duty. In fact, thanks to working alongside Tommy Hilfiger, whose classic style is emblematic of a Virgo’s fashion taste, Hadid has represented the Virgo work ethic as well as their fashion sense!

With her clean and classic sense of style, Hadid seems to leave the experimenting to the fashion runway, instead opting for sheath dresses, relaxed jeans, and an array of blazers which totally lines up with the Virgo girls’ modesty. Favoring shades like camel, beige, black, white, and grey, the Victoria’s Secret model’s wardrobe could read as boring, but thanks to picture-perfect tailoring and a command of her overall look, Hadid proves that no Virgo girl should ever be the wallflower.

9 Capricorn: Kristen Stewart’s Androgynous Aesthetic

via pinterest.com

When it comes to power-dressing, a Capricorn girl knows exactly what’s required of her. The phrase “dress for the job you want” is perfectly suited to this ambitious sign, who will always choose clean lines over frills, solid colors over patterns, and minimal accessories over fussy extras. Occasionally, this can lead to an androgynous style of dressing, but really, it’s just because Capricorn women can be total bosses.

Take Kristen Stewart, for example, who is the style icon ever Cap girl should try to emulate this year. When we saw her on the red carpet for the Twilight franchise, she seemed uncomfortable in her own skin thanks to her wardrobe. Now, though, she’s embraced masculine styling with tailored suits, sleek styling, and timeless accessories, showing us that minimalism never has to mean boring.

8 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Rihanna’s Style As Self-Expression


Trying to channel Rihanna’s style may not be for the faint of heart, which is why Air signs are perfectly suited to do their best RiRi impression! Those born under the sign of Air are the most curious among us and tend to sit apart from the crowd. They value their individual identities and hate being told to conform. While Rihanna started her career dressing in the short dresses and strappy heels favored by her pop star counterparts, she soon morphed into a style icon all her own, thanks to daring ensembles like this Comme de Garçons getup she wore to the Met Gala in 2017.

Her change in dress has been called a “style evolution”, and it really has been! While the singer is a Pisces, she certainly calls to mind the Air signs, who have a love for quality but also use their clothing as a form of expression.

7 Gemini: Halsey Mixes High & Low


The indecisive nature of Gemini means that you can never decide what way to go when you get dressed in the morning. Sometimes you’re feeling girly, other times you have a tomboy vibe, but, more often than not, you feel a mixture of everything at once – and your wardrobe reflects that. Playful and silly, the Gemini girls’ sense of style is best reflected in singer Halsey, who is quickly making a name for herself in both the music and fashion industries, thanks to her daring wardrobe choices on the red carpet.

Gemini is often referred to as the chameleon of the zodiac, and Halsey’s ability to transform her beauty and fashion looks for every occasion is something every Gemini gal should try to emulate because carefree and fun is exactly how fashion should be!

6 Libra: Blake Lively Loves To Turn Heads


Lovers of beauty and fond of the finer things in life, those born under the sign of Libra are true descendants of Venus, the planet that rules this sign of the zodiac. Blake Lively, who operates as both husband Ryan Reynolds’ arm candy and an actress in her own right on the red carpet, is no stranger to truly beautiful things, and everything she wears is an homage to the female form and classic Hollywood glam.

Often wearing form-fitting gowns to events, the actress also loves her accessories, which never skimp on the sparkle. However, even when she’s not getting dressed to the nines, Lively still manages to turn heads, thanks to impeccable tailoring and timeless silhouettes that ensure she wears the clothes, rather than the other way around.

5 Aquarius: Chrissy Teigen Is Eclectic & Experimental


Always independent but more than willing to have fun with friends, the Aquarius girl can be a bit of an enigma. Occasionally known for being eccentric and introverted, this Air sign can just as frequently be shy and quiet. However, these progressive and original signs also tend to be optimists, and that lust for life and all it has to offer often displays itself in their wardrobe.

Chrissy Teigen is just as known for her eclectic sense of style as she is for being able to skewer her critics on Twitter. As a model, she’s had her fair share of opportunities to work it in whatever stylists and labels give her, but as she’s come into her own, her fashion has changed into something more experimental, but nonetheless flattering. Whether it be swoon-worthy gowns or silly onesies, Teigen wears both with the casual cool the rest of us envy.

4 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Emily Ratajkowski Is Beautiful In Anything

via thezoereport.com

Complicated and emotional, Water signs can be the most difficult to deal with out of all the members of the zodiac. These signs are incredibly sensuous, but also prone to fits of jealousy and moodiness. They love being in love, and often fall hard, but once they’ve been scorned, they carry that pain around with them forever.

These signs are also known for being incredibly flirty when it comes to their way of dressing. Unlike fire signs, which can be a bit more obvious, water signs embrace the feminine aesthetic by showing a little extra, rather than opting for tight clothes and bold colors. Model Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to baring it all, but she can also make casual day wear like this all-denim outfit look just as alluring as a something sheer or skimpy. Opting to own her flirtatious nature rather than hide it, she’s a water sign’s style icon.

3 Cancer: Kendall Jenner Shows Secret Depths

via popsugar.com

When she’s not walking down the runway in barely-there ensembles, model Kendall Jenner brings her love of all things sheer to both the red carpet and her regular street style. Known for being the more private member of her famous family, Jenner has managed to stand apart on the basis of her modeling talent, because, boy, can she wear those clothes!

In this photo, we see Jenner in a Cancer’s power color of white, and while it’s more covered up than we might usually see her, there’s no mistaking that beneath that serene exterior lies something much fiercer. Proving that she has the depths of the sea that so define the sign of Cancer, Jenner’s ability to switch up her style while still keeping things tailored to perfection is pure Cancer.

2 Scorpio: Selena Gomez Gets A Fashion Edge


If we were to look at even five years ago, Selena Gomez would not be our style icon for Scorpio. Back then, she was more prone to brightly colored frocks and simple styling. Now, however, off of two recently not-so-successful relationships (with The Weeknd and on-again-off-again BF Justin Bieber), Gomez has embraced the dark side – which is totally Scorpio.

Thanks to the addition of more black into her wardrobe, a bleached ‘do with dark roots, that she sported for a hot second, and an 'I don't care' attitude, Gomez has risen to the occasion that would draw in the mysterious and secretive Scorpio. While she may have forgiven the transgressions of those in the past, the singer definitely isn’t letting bygones be bygones now – and it shows in her fashion. She looks like a total boss with the addition of leather and a darker lip – and we love it.

1 Pisces: Paris Jackson Is A Daydreaming Darling


Despite being in the spotlight since infancy, thanks to her famous father, the late Michael Jackson, it’s only been the past year or two that Paris Jackson has really become someone to notice on the style scene.

As a model and actress, Jackson has taken to showing off her true colors when we see her at events, and, while she may be outspoken (like when she talked about her troubled past and the time she went fresh-faced to an awards show), she’s still definitely a dreamer. As one of the most creative and imaginative signs of the zodiac, Pisces girls prefer flowy silhouettes and clothes that intrigue them, rather than stuff that just looks good. This Technicolor dress is a perfect example, but Jackson also wore a Tinkerbell-inspired dress to this year’s Oscars, in tribute to her father, which is the definition of the sentimental Pisces.

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