The End Of The Twilight Saga: 20 Things That Didn’t Make Sense

In 2005, Stephanie Meyer's novel Twilight was published, and all of a sudden everyone was obsessed. The story about a teenage girl named Bella Swan who fell in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen led to three more books and five movie adaptations.

As soon as fans saw Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as the infamous couple, it was a whole new level of mania. The stars even dated off-screen (and had a very public breakup, too).

Whenever books are turned into films or television series, fans have a lot to say about what is correct and what is really wrong. In the case of Twilight, the final book was turned into two movies, Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2.

When a popular film franchise comes to an end, people have a lot of thoughts about it. And that was definitely true here. Fans of Twilight have #allthefeels about Bella and Edward and wanted to see their love story find a happy ending.

While the story was wrapped up in some clever and exciting ways, there were many confusing moments. Even though the final film came out in 2012, fans are still wondering why certain things happened.

Here are 20 things that didn't make sense about the end of the Twilight saga.

20 Bella Shouldn't Have Actually Been Able To Have A Baby


One of the biggest plot points at the end of the Twilight saga is when Bella gets pregnant. While a couple starting their family is always a joyful time, a lot of people were super confused about this.

Seventeen magazine pointed out that this was a "plot hole" and said, "In the book, when a human is turned into a vampire, all their body fluids turn into venom... Since venom is poisonous to humans, we're assuming it wouldn't be able to work in its place to create a human life."

This is one of those things that we're still scratching our heads over, and we're not sure that we'll ever get an answer.

19 On That Note, Why Would Bella WANT To Have A Baby So Young?

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It's hard to believe that Bella would want to have a baby at such a young age, especially because it ends up being a very tough pregnancy. Even when things are going really wrong, she's so determined to have the baby.

One of the major criticisms of the Twilight franchise is that Bella and Edward have a problematic relationship since he watches her sleep (and seems to watch her in general) and she doesn't seem to have much independence. That criticism seems relevant here, too, since Bella doesn't seem to have many goals or dreams for herself beyond having Edward's baby.

18 Bella Is So Cool With Being A Vampire

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We knew that this day would come: Bella would become a vampire. Well, okay, maybe some of us read all the books and watched all the movies and still weren't sure if this would really happen, but it did seem at least a little bit inevitable.

Why would Bella be so cool and chill about becoming a vampire? Wouldn't she have a lot of fear about that, even though she loved Edward? This is another aspect of the end of the Twilight saga that doesn't make any sense. Becoming a vampire would be something to be super concerned about, especially since it would be a whole new way of being (and you have to drink blood... ugh).

17 Edward Should Absolutely Refuse To Let Bella Transition


Yes, it's true that Edward helps Bella become a vampire because everyone is worried that otherwise, she won't make it. This is one of the most dramatic moments of the Twilight series.

And yet... we can't help but think that Edward should absolutely refuse to help Bella transition. She is giving up so much: her human life, the ability to see her friends and family all the time, any dreams that she might have for the future. It seems like too much. We know that she loves Edward and that she doesn't seem to care about any of that, but it seems like she might regret this decision later. And it's not like she could change her mind and become human again.

16 Bella Is Quick To Leave Her Family Behind For Edward's Family


When Bella moves to Forks, she lives with her dad and he seems like such a sweet person. But she literally gives up her whole family in order to become a part of Edward's family. As soon as she meets Edward, it's like she forgets about all the people in her life.

Won't Bella miss her family? Doesn't she want to be able to see them all the time? Why does she only want to be part of Edward's family? She is obsessed with Edward from the very beginning, but this becomes even more obvious at the end of the Twilight saga. Once she and Edward are married, she becomes a Cullen and that's all that she seems to care about.

15 Alice Can See Future Events But Only Sometimes (So The Rules Don't Make Sense)


Seventeen also points out that the rules surrounding Alice's psychic abilities don't make a lot of sense. As the publication says, "Alice helps the Cullens make money by seeing future stock market trends with her powers. But what's confusing is Alice's visions are subjective and change depending on the choices people make that may affect and change an outcome. Quick finance lesson: Stock market performance is way more complex than one person making a single decision and the company's stock rising or plummeting as a result."

Sometimes, we're meant to just accept a character trait or storyline and assume that it all makes sense... but we can't do that here. This is another confusing part of the story.

14 Bella Has Her Baby In A Weird, Nonsensical Way


Who could forget Edward literally helping Bella have her baby in such a unique (and, let's face it, gross) way?

According to W magazine, even Robert Pattinson talked about it. He said, “It’s nuts…I had to give her a cesarean by chewing through a placenta. I don’t know the medical—how it works. But there was definitely chewing through something. No, it’s wild. Once you got it in your head you’re like, Oh, this is just the thing.”

If Bella could get pregnant and give birth, couldn't she do so the old-fashioned way? Or at least with a sterile C-section via vampire? Why did it get so weird?

13 The Love Triangle Between Jacob, Bella, And Edward Just Magically Ends


Many young adult franchises have love triangles, and Twilight was no different. This love triangle revolved around Bella, Edward, and Bella's friend Jacob Black... who is actually a werewolf.

Just like Gilmore Girls fans are Team Jess, Logan or Dean, Twilight fans are Team Jacob or Edward. Sure, it seems like many people root for Edward and Bella since it's obvious that they will end up together, but there are still fans who love Jacob.

The weird and confusing thing is that by the end of Breaking Dawn, it seems like this love triangle just magically and suddenly ends. As soon as Bella marries Edward, Jacob is basically gone and there's not really a resolution.

12 Bella And Edward's Baby/Kid Is Way Too Unusual


Many people who watched the last two movies of the Twilight saga had one thing to say: Bella and Edward's baby is super creepy. When she gets older, she's still got a bit of a strange vibe.

A lot of people have pointed out that CGI seems to have been used for the baby so that might have been why she seemed that way, but still, we're not convinced that this was the only way to go. Bella and Edward's baby should have been absolutely adorable, not creepy. That would have helped us get used to the idea that they had a baby so young.

11 Bella's Baby Is Named Renesmee, Which Is A Truly Strange Name


Once we learned that Bella and Edward were going to name their baby Renesmee, we honestly thought it was a really strange name... and we still feel the same way today. It's hard not to think that this is yet another thing about the end of this popular franchise that doesn't make any sense.

We totally understand that Bella and Edward aren't exactly your average couple since when they meet, she's human and he's a vampire and then they're both vampires.... but this is still a confusing name. After all, the Cullens have names like Alice and Edward, which are pretty standard and traditional names.

10 Edward Doesn't Sparkle In The Sun Like He Should

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Of all the crazy moments in the Twilight movies, people always talk about how there is one scene where Edward literally sparkles in the sun.

It seems like this should always happen to him when he's in sunlight, right? Well, in Breaking Dawn, that's not actually the case. As someone pointed out on Reddit, "Breaking Dawn part one: why was there a literally no sparkling? Like I get it. I think it’s weird too but they were on the beach in the sun. Edward should have been sparkling."

This is super confusing and is yet another part of the end of the saga that makes no sense. We would really love to know why this didn't happen to him.

9 Bella Is Told Her Pregnancy Could End Her Life And She's Cool With That


As Buzzfeed points out, when Bella is told that her pregnancy could end her life, she honestly seems cool with that.

This makes zero sense. Shouldn't she be concerned about that? Shouldn't she wonder if this pregnancy was a bad idea and if maybe she should have realized that having a vampire's baby would cause some problems?

Even if we're the biggest fans of Twilight and always root for Edward and Bella, we have to admit that this is strange. We know that she loves him, but she should think a bit more carefully about the things that happen to her.

8 Jacob Loves Bella's Kid With The Help Of Magic (It's "Imprinting" But That's Actually Super Weird)

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Buzzfeed also says that it's weird when Jacob loves Bella's daughter. Sure, this is explained as "imprinting" and it's basically magic. He has nothing to do with it and he can't stop this from happening.

This is actually super strange, though. This doesn't seem like something that should occur. Bella and Edward are just supposed to accept that this happened and move on with their lives (or their vampire existences since they're not technically alive)? Does no one find this odd? This is one rule of the Cullen world that we will never truly understand. Instead of being cool and interesting, it doesn't seem logical.

7 Fans Still Think Edward Is Too Protective Of Bella And It's Still Not A Feminist Story

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It's tough to think of Twilight as a feminist story. As the saga came to an end and we sat through the final credits of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, we had to admit that it still seemed like Edward was too protective of Bella.

While we love watching the romantic scenes and the crazy action-packed moments, we can't help but say that Edward treats Bella like she's about to break and like she can't do anything for herself. Sure, he may be a magical vampire and she may be merely human for most of the films, but still. She can take care of herself and she should get more of a chance to.

6 Bella Is Too Chill As A "Newborn" Vampire


According to Kiwi Report, it doesn't make sense that Bella is so chill when she's a "newborn" vampire. The website says, "It’s a known fact in the Twilight universe that newborn vampires are savage, hard to control, blood-thirsty little monsters. So how come when Bella was turned into one, she could control herself just fine around people? Not once did she try to pounce on an unsuspecting human."

It's tough when we're supposed to believe the rules of a magical universe and we're not convinced that they all add up. While we can still enjoy the movies and believe that Bella and Edward have a grand love story, we don't understand Bella's journey as a new vampire.

5 Bella Adores Being A Vampire And Doesn't Tell Anyone That Something Happened To Her

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As someone wrote on Reddit, "So it turns out that being a vampire is super great and Bella gets a bunch of superpowers with no draw backs. She doesn't even have to tell her dad that she's dead. I'll point out here that a plot isn't interesting if it doesn't actually bother making the protagonist deal with any problems."

One thing that becomes clear once Bella is a vampire: she loves it and she decides not to let her dad know that she's a vampire. Okay, so she can't really call him up and say, "Guess what, dad? I'm a vampire now," but she can at least find a way for him to find out that she's not around anymore. As the person posting on Reddit says, this seems weird.

4 The Rules About The Vampire World Are Too Confusing

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Female vampires can never get pregnant but Edward can get someone pregnant? How does that make sense? It would seem like a vampire couldn't get anyone pregnant if vampires themselves can't conceive and carry children. This is something that no one really addresses in a way that seems logical.

We have to say that this is a part of the end of the Twilight saga that makes no sense. We're always going to wonder how the vampire world actually works. It's too bad when we love a film franchise but still find a lot of things that leave us scratching our heads so many years later.

3 There Wasn't A Real Fight Scene (Just An Imagined One)

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As Entertainment Weekly says, the final moments of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 are pretty dramatic... and yet they never even actually took place.

We think that there is an epic and intense fight between the Cullens and the Volturi. Then we learn that Alice was picturing this but it didn't happen. As Vulture explains, "It was all a visceral vision of the future that clever clairvoyant Alice passed to Aro in that moment: Proceed with your plans, and it will mean certain death."

Many fans think that this was a huge mistake because the fight scene should have been real. After all, so much of the story has been building up until this moment and to realize that nothing happened feels very strange.

2 Alice Couldn't Actually Imagine The Last Scene Because There Were Werewolves


According to MTV, it didn't make sense that Alice imagined the last scene. Why not? Because she said that werewolves stopped her from seeing things and there were definitely werewolves in the fight scene.

As MTV points out, "But then when the final film came along, suddenly Alice was able to picture the whole lot of otherworldly beings duking it out -- how they would maneuver, who would destroy whom. Her werewolf-induced limitation pretty much just ~vanished~ altogether."

We totally agree that this is another part of the movie that makes no sense at all. Even though the movie came out in 2012, we're still wishing that we knew why Alice could see this scene.

1 The Movie Literally Ends By Saying Everyone Lived Happily Ever After... Which Is Unrealistic


Before the last movie was totally over, the film said that everyone lived happily ever. This is what fans want, of course: to see Edward and Bella and the Cullens doing well. It's not like we would have wished for a worse ending.

When we think about it, though, this is unrealistic. The Cullens have gone through so much throughout the course of these five films, and Bella and Edward have struggled the most. Can they really live happily ever after? What's going to happen next?

We have a lot of questions, and the ending was too cheesy and easy. It just wasn't enough for us, and it's one of the 20 things that make no sense about the end of the beloved Twilight saga.

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