The Cast Of The Office: What They Look Like In The First Episode And Now

The Office has a cult following that is rivaled by few other fandoms. Yes we know that is saying a lot, considering how many insane fandoms there are out there these days but The Office has a very special spot in the abstract hall of entertainment history. As most people know, the American one was preceded by the British one, which started it all. It premiered in the states in 2005 with Steve Carrell at the helm as the infuriating, hilarious, tactless, clown of a boss Michael Scott. The cast is one of the strongest that a TV show has ever seen, with every character being very important and just as funny as the last. Since the series finale aired in 2013, the show has remained one of the most popular ever. People are still continuously quoting it, making GIFS and memes from it, and streaming it all day long on Netflix. Can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue if Netflix ever decided to take The Office off?

The hilarious show was on the air for just under a decade, and fans are hoping against hope that there will be some kind of reboot of the beloved show. Considering how long it has been since the actual show aired, which has been more than a decade, it is safe to say that a lot of the actors look very different from their first day The Office. Some of the cast have changed a LOT throughout the years, and are doing even better things today. Find out who below!

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17 Everyone's Favourite Receptionist Pam Went From Cute To Bombshell And Jenna Fischer Is Starring On Another Show Now!

Pam (played by Jenna Fischer) was the sweet receptionist who dealt with not only Michael's antics but Dwight's as well. She was also the object of affection for one of the salesmen, Jim. But more on that romance later! She was kind, artistic, and unassuming in the early seasons. As the seasons go on we see Pam transform and go from basically a girl to a woman that ends up married with a baby. These days Jenna Fischer is starring in another TV show, Splitting Up Together alongside Kate Hudson's brother, Oliver Hudson. But she has not only stayed on TV since The Office. She has branched out onto the big screen with a number of movies, including Kiss me and Brad's Statues. This year she also has another movie out, The 15:7 to Paris. 

16 You Will Be Able To Watch Dwight Fight Against A Megalodon Shark This Year

Have you ever asked a die-hard Office fan who their favorite character is? It is literally impossible. As soon as you think you have picked your favorite you remember something else hilarious another character did that made you love them forever. Between Dwight and Michael alone, it is difficult to pick a better character. Dwight was the extremely difficult, unyielding, wanna-be law enforcement for the office. Dwight was played by the ever-hilarious Rainn Wilson whose star continues to grow. He has had multiple roles on television since The Office, including guest spot roles on funny shows like Family Guy and Reno 911. In 2018 he is starring in a Sci-fi action thriller with Jason Statham about the megalodon shark. Sign us up! Sounds intense!

15 Michael Scott Went From Greasy Salesman To A-List Hollywood Actor

Well, Steve Carrell has turned into a big Hollywood star but we digress. Michael was the bumbling fool who put his foot in his mouth at least twice a day and managed to find a way to offend everyone in the room constantly. When we were not outwardly literally cringing while watching him on-screen, we were loving him for the laughs he brought us. But the real-life cringe-factor that The Office delivers to people is a very fine art, and the writers for the show and the actors totally perfected it. Steve Carroll is a brilliant actor that has continued to have a successful career after The Office. The roles for him just keep coming. You may have seen him in the second Anchorman or heard him voice Gru in the Despicable Me franchise. In 2018 you will be able to watch him in a number of movies including Backseat. 

14 We All Thought Jim Was Cute...But He Really Blossomed After The Show Physically And Professionally

Jim lived to make Dwight's life as difficult as possible in the most benign ways, and also for the receptionist of course! Thanks to Jim and Pam we got one of the best modern love stories of our time. They were both so sweet and innocent when it all began, and when they finally got together a couple seasons in the audience collectively cheered. One of the best scenes is when Jim finally tells Pam he is in love with her after all! In real life, John Krasinski has had a very busy schedule. He recently debuted A Quiet Place at Sundance, a supernatural thriller that he directed and stars alongside real-life wife Emily Blunt that has gotten a lot of praise, it will be in theatres in March 2018.

13 Kelly Kapoor Has Totally Finessed Her Look And Mindy Kaling Is Set To Take Over Hollywood

Kelly Kapoor, The Business B.  Mindy Kaling played one of the standout support characters, Kelly Kapoor has some of the best lines in the series. Along with everyone else who also has the best lines. Kelly was a shallow, love obsessed, high pitched voice treasure on the show. Her relationship with the office temp Ryan was in direct contrast to the sweet one that Jim and Pam had. Whereas Jim and Pam had understanding, trust, and mutual respect, Kelly and Ryan had lies, superficiality, and were just plain toxic. Some people don't realize that Mindy Kaling did not only play Kelly Kapoor, she was also a writer on the show so she is a full comedic package. She has had her own successful and hilarious show that she created, The Mindy Project which just wrapped up its last season in 2017. In her personal life, she became a Mom last year!

12 Compared To Other Characters, Darryl Has Not Changed Much At All But Craig Robinson Has Stayed Busy!

Craig Robinson has made quite the career for himself since we first saw him as warehouse manager Darryl on The Office. He is one of the more reasonable characters, as in he is not totally loony and walking to the beat of his own drum. One of the few voices of reason that we saw on the show. Even though Darryl was definitely far from one of the funniest characters on the show, he was more there to balance out the crazies, Craig Robinson is hilarious and it shows in the roles he has had. He has been in some of the funniest comedic movies including Hot Tub Machine. He has his own show on TV these days that he stars in with Adam Scott of Parks & Rec fame. It is a supernatural buddy cop sit-com. A different take on an old trope.

11 Phyllis Glammed Her Game Up! She Also Was In One Of The Biggest Netflix Series Of 2017

In the beginning, we all saw Phyllis as the homely, quiet older lady in the office. She seemed normal enough and sweet, and we sympathized with her because Michael was always making her the butt of some mean jokes. He loved to joke about her age, which is funny because the two graduated from high school the same year. She was also getting bullied by Angela constantly on the party planning committee. The actress who played Phyllis, Phyllis Smith had an important role in one of the biggest and most talked about Netflix series that came out in 2017. The weird and wonderful The OA. She also teamed up with old co-star Mindy Kaling to do a voice over in the acclaimed children movie Inside Out. 

10 Ryan Has Gone From Man-Boy To All Man

It is worth mentioning, that B.J. Novak who plays temp turned businessman back to temp to like, homeless wanderer Ryan had an off-screen romance with none other than his on-screen love Kelly Kapoor. Ryan and Kelly were out favorite off and on, toxic relationship to watch. Who knew watching a desperate, needy, and delusional girl get cheated on constantly by her sociopath boyfriend could be so entertaining. Turns out in real life Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak have a very close relationship too. He has been on her show The Mindy Project and they are bestie in real life! They even dated at one point! We wish they could have made it work for our Ryan and Kelly dreams! He has also had a guest role on the popular My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series.

9 You Never Thought You Would See Meredith Looking This Good!

Meredith was a very dynamic character. She had a big drinking problem, well it wasn't a problem if you asked her. According to her she just liked to have a good time. She had a gross creepy fan and a kid that was totally wild. We don't think that anyone when they first started watching The Office would expect the character that Meredith Palmer would end up being. From flashing Michael Scott at one of the office Christmas parties, getting dragged into rehab, to getting bit by a bat she went through a lot. Meredith was played Kate Flannery, and you may have seen her on Kevin (Probably) Saves The World most recently on your TV. She also had roles in a number of movies in 2017, including How To Get Girls and Stuck. 

8 Check Out All The Skin That Angela Is Showing Off - Bet She Didn't Get That Outfit From American Girl Dolls

Angela was another amazing transformation to watch on the show. The person she is in the beginning of the series is very different from the one by the end of it. Angela is super religious, mean, and just overall pretty unbearable. She likes to stress the niceties of proper conduct, without actually just being nice. As we mentioned, she terrorized Phyllis and sometimes even Pam while on the party planning committee together. She played the character so well it is crazy when we see her in another role, especially when she is acting as someone nice! Angela Kinsey has been just as busy as her co-stars after The Office. She has had guest roles on multiple sit-coms like The Real O'Neals, Fresh Off The Boat, and Life In Pieces. As for movies, you can go see her in Andover this year if you prefer to have Angel on the big screen.

7 Erin (Ellie Kemper) Has Exploded In Hollywood Since The Office 

When Pam finally graduated from being the receptionist, Erin was brought in to replace her. And to say she was different from Pam is an understatement. Both ladies are sweet and cute, but whereas Pam you know has a brain Erin drops the ball. She was still lovable and hilarious to watch. And like Pam had a special relationship with Michael because she has to deal with him all day, Erin and Michael also end up having a special bond. Ellie Kemper has exploded since the world got a taste of her on The Office and she has her own Netflix series that she stars in which we are sure you heard about, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So for people who need an Erin fix, that is the show to go! The two characters are not super different.

6 Karen (Rashida Jones) Can Say She Has Been On Two Of The Funniest Shows Ever

Before Jim and Pam finally get together, Tim got together with Karen who was played by Rashida Jones. She was a transplant from another branch that closed down, and along with a number of co-workers got sent to Michael Scott's office. Most of the people ended up leaving mostly because of Michael, but Karen and Cornell graduate Andy Bernard stayed. Rashida Jones is a very popular actress, and she has had a lot of success outside of The Office. She also had a big role on Parks and Rec, meaning she has had roles on two of the funniest shows in history. Instead of being a supporting actor though, she has transitioned to headlining her own show on TBS, Angie Tribeca an absurdist funny detective show so if you need your Rashida fix look no further.

5 Jan Levinson Is Still Super Hot To No One's Surprise

In the beginning of the series, Jan played Michael Scotts no-nonsense, exasperated superior. By the end of her time on the show, she had gone totally kooky. It was an interesting transition to watch. From tight-lipped business lady who seemed frustrated by Michael Scott's very existence, and in all fairness we don't blame her, to crazy singing hippie lady. Jan was played by the talented and funny Melora Hardin, and while she has not been as visible as her other co-stars since The Office ended, she is still acting! Last year she appeared on The Blacklist and The Bold Type which she still has a regular role on. She seems to prefer small screen acting, the last movie she was in was in 2015 Self/less. 

4 Amy Ryan And Steve Carell Will Be Reuniting On The Big Screen In 2018

When Holly Flax showed up on The Office to replace Toby as the HR rep for the office, it seemed like Michael Scott was going to transfer the disdain he had for Toby onto her. Well, this did not last long when Michael realized that Holly was his potential soul mate, and in typical Michael Scott fashion, he realized this pretty quickly after meeting her. You may not realize that Amy Ryan is an accomplished actress not only on screen but on stage as well. She debuted on Broadway in 1993 and even won a Tony in 2000 for her acting! And if you are missing seeing Holly and Michael together they have reunited for the movie Beautiful Boy which should be out in 2018. Although this movie is a far cry from the laughs that The Office brings, it will still make hardcore fans feel good seeing these two together again.

3 Did You Catch Oscar Starring Alongside The Rock In A Movie Last Year?

Oscar was one employee of the trifecta that made up accounting. Alongside Angela's propriety and sternness and Kevin's laconic almost childlike demeanor, we had the low key and unassuming Oscar. Later in the series, we find out that he likes men, which just provides the ultra-religious Angela more fuel to be petty and mean to him. And we all know that Angela loves being mean! Oscar was played Oscar Nunez, and he has a had a long career in Hollywood. Before you ever saw him on The Office you may have seen him as the hilarious murderer on Reno 911. Last year, he had a role in the hit movie Baywatch alongside superstars The Rock and Zac Efron. We're not sure what he has coming up, but we can't wait to see his hilarious self again!

2 Kevin And Angela Recently Reunited On The Small Screen!

Kevin Malone was the lovable, dim-witted human form of a big labrador that worked in accounting with Angela and Oscar. Fans would often wonder how someone with Kevin's seemingly low level of intelligence could work in accounting, especially alongside two of the smartest people in the office. By the end of the series, we find out that Kevin had his own method of accounting, which would end up getting him fired when Dwight finally gets the manager position. Kevin was played by Brian Baumgartner, and Office fans who also watch Life In Pieces were treated to a mini Kevin Angela reunion when they both guest starred on the sitcom. He also had a role on the uber-popular Scream Queens. Brian also got married last year for the first time!

1 Seeing Stanley Smiling Makes Him Look Like A Totally Different Person

The smile alone in the right photo is a drastic change from the way we are seeing Stanley. Except for of course vacation Stanley, who we got a taste of when the crew headed down to Florida for work. Stanley was the resident grump who was over everything and everyone, but especially the job in particular and his manager. He was perpetually doing his crossword puzzles during meetings, not bothering to pay attention. Stanley was played by Leslie David Baker who has remained active in the acting world since The Office, like a lot of his old co-stars. In 2017 he provided a voice-over for the highly anticipated children's movie Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. You may have even seen him in the That's So Raven reboot, Raven's Home.

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