The Cast Of 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants': What They Look Like From The Movie And Now

Since the moment four girls discovered a pair of Levi’s that fit them all, we wanted to be in their sisterhood. Plus, the pants looked really comfortable. Aside from wanting to try them on ourselves, we settled for bingeing the films over and over again instead. Hard to believe it, but The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants is already over ten years old. We're not ready yet for adulting with those kinds of hard cold facts, at least not without our own pair of magical pants to get us through it.

At least over the course of that time, we're not the only ones to have changed. The cast is older too and their careers have evolved since the film's debut. While there's talk in Hollywood of a possible third film in the series, we thought it best to catch up with our favorite sisterhood. Not just our four favorite friends, but also the rest of the supporting cast as well. Even though they haven't all become A-list celebrities, all the characters hold a special place in our hearts regardless. Like the pair of Traveling Pants, we're going on a journey through each of the cast members to see where they are today.

15 The Gilmore Girl, Alexis Bledel

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One of our favorite sisters has sure kept busy over the years. Alexis Bledel keeps cranking out hit roles on TV like no other. After filming her Sisterhood parts in Greece for several weeks—as noted by Buzzfeed—we imagine she has what it takes to take on any role.

She had a brief stint on Mad Men back in 2012, where she played Beth Dawes, the wife of a salesman. Ironically, she ends up having an affair on the show with the character, Pete Campbell, who's played by Vincent Kartheiser. Any fans of Alexis will tell you Vincent is her husband in real life. In fact, Mad Men was how they met in the first place.

According to Us, Bledel and Kartheiser insisted they kept it professional and didn't go out officially until the fifth season wrapped production.

They even just brought a baby boy into the world back in the fall of 2015. Good luck finding any photos, though! According to Elite Daily, Alexis has decided to keep her baby boy away from the paparazzi and media in general. In the meantime, we'll settle for more of Alexis on the hit TV show The Handmaid's Tale, which Glamour notes just got renewed for a third season!

14 Mike Vogel Is Out Of Our League

If Mexico didn't make us all want to all go to soccer camp like Bridget, then Mike Vogel certainly did it. He played the soccer coach named Eric that Bridget develops a crush on. Since it's against the rules for coaches and campers to be romantic, Bridget finds creative ways to flirt with him. Ultimately, they end up hooking up when it's her turn to wear the pants. We're guessing this may have been the highlight of Mike's career.

On a serious note, Mike had a good theatrical run since he starred in Sisterhood. As IMDB details, he was in the movie She's Out of My League and the popular The Help. He even had a part in the Cloverfield film but was killed early on when the creature ripped through the Brooklyn Bridge. He's also been in TV shows such as Bates Motel based on the Psycho movie. People can also catch him on Under the Dome, the TV series based on a Stephen King book. Anyone hoping Eric, the soccer coach, is still available will be heartbroken to hear that he's married with three kids. In fact — as per IMDB — he's been married since 2003. Therefore, even during Sisterhood, Mike was taken.

13 Pretty Little Liar, Lucy Hale

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Some will remember Effie in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Played by none other than Lucy Hale, who everyone is familiar with these days, Effie was Lena's younger sister. And this girl is on track to becoming a huge star. We think she has what it takes to one day take Hollywood by storm. Most people recognize her from that popular show that just ended a couple years back. That's right — we're talking about Pretty Little Liars. For those of you who don't know, she played Aria Montgomery.

She's also been in some smaller flicks, including the recent Blumhouse horror movie Truth or Dare, according to IMDB. We skipped that one, though, because it looked a little too silly. We dare you to try and sit through it without laughing.

But acting isn't the only thing Lucy does; being a native of Memphis, Tennessee, she also sings.

According to Seventeen, she released a country album back in 2014 called Road Between. There's no doubt that Lucy's career is going to keep on skyrocketing from here. We like to think Sisterhood had something to do with it. After all, it's a movie that's about women rising to the top.

12 The Sisterhood Helped Nancy Travis Boost Her Career

Some fans may recognize Nancy from other popular movies and TV shows, including The Jane Austen Book Club. She also starred in So I Married an Axe Murderer with co-stars Mike Myers, Emily Blunt, and Maria Bello. In addition, she played Susan, as per IMDB, on The Bill Engvall Show. IMDB also notes she’s had stints on major shows like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

People will recognize her most, today, from the family sitcom Last Man Standing, where she plays Vanessa Baxter — Mike's wife. Mike, of course, is played by comic actor Tim Allen. While we don't expect to see her in any future Sisterhood installments, we can't help but recognize her acting chops from the original film (even if we don't really like her character). We have no doubt Sisterhood helped boost her career over ten years ago.

11 The Rise Of Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols plays the unlikeable character of Julia in the second Sisterhood movie. Those familiar with Carmen's subplot will remember Julia as being jealous of everything. Julia even goes so far as complaining to the theatre director to try and have Carmen replaced. While we don't have the fondest memories of Julia, Rachel — on the other hand— seems like a really cool gal. She's also had some successes in her career of which she should be proud.

After Sisterhood, she had a role in the big budget blockbuster G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Since then she's been in TV shows and smaller movies. As per IMDB, people can see her today on The Librarians, where people go on crazy adventures to retrieve artefacts. One of her biggest roles, though, following Sisterhood was her turn as Gaila, the green-skinned girl who hooked up with Captain Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek film. Not only does she strip down to her underwear in that movie, but she really shows her comedic side also. While Rachel hasn't really blown up yet in Hollywood, she certainly has what it takes to be the next "It" girl. No matter how unlikeable she seemed in the Sisterhood movie, we bet she's likable in real life.

10 American Actress America Ferrera

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Most readers don't have to wonder where America Ferrera has been. After the Sisterhood movies, she raked in fame and fortune from her popular show, Ugly Betty. Audiences tend to recognize her from this role the most. Not only did she make a ton of money from it, but also snatched up a Golden Globe Award for her performances in it, according to Fame10. She's even done some voice acting for popular movies like How to Train Your Dragon, reprising her role in the sequel.

She currently plays Amy on the TV show Superstore and is lending her voice again for another How to Train Your Dragon movie. While she's rounding out a Dragon trilogy, what fans really want is for her to complete a Sisterhood trilogy instead. Still no word yet on whether she'll be attached to that project, but we're not worried about America's career or that she'll have any trouble staying busy.

According to Fame10, the star worth $16 million has produced smaller budget movies as well as Superstore, in addition to starring in it. That's a really impressive resume for this young star whose career is only getting better. We can't wait to see what she does next.

9 Don’t Cross Amber Tamblyn

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Even if people aren't familiar with Amber Tamblyn’s turn on the silver screen, they're sure to know her from TV. Leading up to the original The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Amber starred in the popular show Joan of Arcadia. That most certainly helped her chances landing a role in the first Sisterhood. According to Buzzfeed, she and America Ferrera were the first actors cast. The crazy thing is that none of the four main actors met each other until the first script reading, as BuzzFeed notes. Yet in spite of having little time to prepare for shooting the film, they all developed an instant chemistry with each other.

Since the second Sisterhood movie, Amber continues to appear in films like 127 Hours and very briefly in Tarantino's Django Unchained. One of her biggest TV roles was on the medical drama House. It was shortly after her role on that show that she met her husband today, comedic actor David Cross. Although there's a twenty-year difference between these two, they couldn't look happier. As per E! the couple even just welcomed their first child Marlow. We're just happy one of our favorite sisters found love and a happy ever after story.

8 Leonardo Nam’s Career In A Flash

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Remember Tibby's boyfriend, Brian, from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2? Played by Leonardo Nam, Brian hooks up with Tibby, and they soon become afraid that she might be pregnant. As a result, Tibby breaks up with him and has a bit of a freakout. In the end, though, they get back together. As per IMDB, he's been in some smaller movies and The Flash TV show as Matthew Kim — aka Melting Point. His biggest role has been in the Westworld series. Fans can see him now as he plays Felix Lutz. Lutz works for Livestock Management to repair damaged hosts. Comparing his role in Westworld with his turn in Sisterhood really shows off Leonardo's acting range.

If our dreams come true and they make a third Sisterhood film, we really hope to see Leonardo in it.

We want to see how he and Tibby are doing since they got back together! Then again, we wouldn't be surprised if they wrote him out. Scheduling conflicts can prevent actors from reprising their roles. Shooting Westworld is probably taking up all his time these days. Oh well, there's no harm in wishing and hoping anyways. All we know is Leonardo's career is only going up in recent years.

7 Jesse Williams Models A Successful Career

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Before his big role in Grey's Anatomy, Jesse Williams played Leo in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Whose Leo you're thinking? He was the model that Lena dated from her art class. Oh yeah, you all remember now—don't you? How could we forget Jesse in this role after that? Most of us know about Jesse and his remarkable assets. He's even something of a jack of all trades. Beyond just an actor, he is a model in real life. Most importantly, however, he's an activist.

As per IMDB, the biggest movie role he landed since Sisterhood would have to be The Cabin in the Woods where he plays Holden. Other than that he's had some smaller movie roles and occasional TV parts, but Grey's Anatomy just may be his ride to retirement. He's been on the show for almost ten years already! We can't believe it's been that long. We also can't imagine how much he likely makes per episode. While it's not the kind of dough Ellen Pompeo makes, it has to be good nonetheless. We wish Jesse all the best and hope he can come back as a model for another Sisterhood movie.

6 Jenna Boyd’s Acting Career Went Missing

In the first film, there's a storyline involving Tibby and a young girl who faints at the discount store. Bailey — the girl who fainted — is played by Jenna Boyd.

At the time, Jenna was only 12-years-old when she filmed the original Sisterhood movie!

Having modeled since she was two years old, Jenna had already gotten a taste of the industry before landing a part in Sisterhood. While her character broke our hearts when (spoiler!) she loses her battle with cancer, we're happy to hear Jenna is still alive and well.

She's also on Instagram, where we got a little insight into her life today. As per Chron, Jenna shared that she has her own business! She's even still acting.

IMDB shows her still starring in movies and TV shows up to this year, including Atypical. Her biggest role was in The Missing with Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones. In her Instagram post, Chron quotes her as sounding a little upset with where she's at in life today though. She goes on to say how blessed she feels and that she has others to rely on, though. We hope Jenna doesn't quit, especially while she's ahead. She's done so much already, and we think she has what it takes to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.

5 Get Michael Rady To The Greek

Ah, Kostas. Where do we start? How he toyed with our hearts so, especially in the second film. Apparently, he was married and his wife was pregnant — but had the marriage annulled when he found out she was never pregnant. We have to hand it to Lena (played by Alexis Bledel) for not taking him back. While we hope they do eventually get together, it's better that she plays hard to get. Anyways, the actor who played our favorite Greek heartthrob was Michael Rady. TV is mostly where Michael has landed the majority of his roles.

According to IMDB, shows he acted in include The Mentalist, House of Lies and Melrose Place to name a few. Some may even recognize him from Jane the Virgin, where he plays Lachlan Moore. No matter what roles he takes on, we'll always remember him as Kostas. If there is ever a third Sisterhood movie, Michael is a casting requirement. We don't care what the producers or casting director have to pay him for the role. He needs to be in it. If we don't find out what happens next with him and Lena, we might go crazy (if we haven't already).

4 Gossiping About Gossip Girl, Blake Lively

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As much as we like America Ferrera, one could argue Blake Lively has managed to find success and has even become more popular than her other Sisterhood costars. She's the "It" girl, after all, both on and off the screen. Continuing the trend of the four main actors in Sisterhood starring in their own hit TV shows, Blake famously starred in Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen. As per Fame10, she made $60 thousand for each episode. What an incredible haul across six whole seasons!

Since Sisterhood, Blake's movie roles include The Shallows and Green Lantern. According to Popsugar, the latter film is when she met her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds. Anyone who's seen the couple together knows how perfect for each other they look. There isn't a better-looking couple in Hollywood today.

It’s hard to imagine that Sisterhood's blonde athlete, playing soccer on the beautiful beaches of Mexico, would thereafter catapult herself into such Hollywood fame!

Like America Ferrera, she's worth an estimated $16 million. If that's not making it, we don't know what is. She even has some more films currently in the works, and we can't wait to see her in them. We just hope more than anything she's not too big to star in a third Sisterhood movie.

3 We Totally Recall Rachel Ticotin

Although she's in both The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, most fans probably remember Carmen's mom more from the second film. That's the one where she goes into labor to have a baby. Rachel Ticotin plays Christina, Carmen's mom. The actress proved time and again she's a hardcore femme, based on her movie roles. Before Sisterhood, she had already starred in major action films like Total Recall and Con Air.

She proved she wasn't afraid to mix it up with the guys in macho movies.

So before she came aboard Sisterhood, she had already played strong female roles. Since her role in Sisterhood, she's mostly been in TV shows. She was on Law & Order: Los Angeles and even had a recent stint in Grey's Anatomy, as per IMDB. On Grey's, she played Dr. Marie Cerone who delivers some secret news about Meredith's mom. Even though Rachel never reached superstardom, she's proven she has what it takes to act with the biggest stars around. In a way, her role on Sisterhood showed she was willing to pass on the mantle to the next generation of female stars. We'd love to see her again —especially if a third Sisterhood movie comes to fruition.

2 Kyle MacLachlan’s Inside Out Career

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Carmen's theatre director from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is none other than Kyle MacLachlan. He was already a big deal in Hollywood — even before starring in the Sisterhood movie. Known for his roles in Twin Peaks and plenty of those bizarre David Lynch films, Kyle continued to have success in his career even post-Sisterhood. One of his popular roles today is as the Mayor of Portland in the TV show Portlandia. If that doesn't strike any bells though, how about his voice? He played the dad in Pixar's 2015 movie Inside Out, as per IMDB.

In a quote provided by IMDB, Rich Cohen said it best that Kyle is the "boy next door if that boy spent lots of time alone in the basement."

While Kyle may have been a little more charming in his younger years, he's still a pleasant and affable character we wouldn't mind seeing again in the Sisterhood franchise.

Aside from his role in Portlandia, Kyle is sure keeping busy. There are a few roles he's wrapping up now, and we expect him to be going for years to come. There's no doubt in our minds Sisterhood helped his career be what it is today.

1 Get Out, It’s Bradley Whitford

Who can forget the moment when Carmen (played by America Ferrera) stood up to her dad? Played by Bradley Whitford, the actor who played Carmen's dad has been in small but successful roles since his turn in Sisterhood. Before he starred in Sisterhood, he had a regular run on the popular political drama The West Wing. Since then he's been in movies like The Cabin in the Woods, Saving Mr. Banks and—most famously of late—Get Out. Those who haven't seen Get Out yet, let's just say he doesn't play the best father figure (again). There's no doubt this role has taken his career to a whole new level though.

As of writing this, IMDB points to an incredible accomplishment for Whitford. Over the span of his career, he's been in four films nominated for Hollywood's biggest award—a Best Picture Oscar. Those films include Awakenings, Scent of a Woman, Get Out and The Post. Those last two were just in 2017 alone! If we had to make a guess, we'd say Bradley's career is only getting better. Though we hope he doesn't make an appearance in the third Sisterhood movie since Carmen has moved on and doesn't need her dad anymore.

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