The Cast Of Sex & The City: What They Looked Like In Their First Episode vs. Now

Nearly 15 years after its final episode, Sex and the City remains one of the most iconic shows to ever grace our screens. The four main characters, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones, exposed a whole generation of gals to a raw and honest look at dating and life as a 30-something woman living in New York City. The ladies showed us how brutal the world of dating can be, but also taught us valuable lessons about confidence, self-respect and the fact that success and love come in a variety of different packages.

The show made such an impact that it’s eye-opening to think about how many years have gone past. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy two SATC movies and see what the main characters are up to all the years later, but there were some characters who didn’t make either film. While we’ll have to use our imaginations to see what they’re doing in 2018, we can get a realistic idea of what they’d look like just by catching up with the actors and actresses.

The years have been kind, but just about every major and minor star on the show has changed a lot. Check out these pictures of the SATC cast now to see what your favorite character would look like in 2018.

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15 The Icon Sarah Jessica Parker As The Icon Carrie Bradshaw

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There would be no SATC without Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, at times she’s an annoying, selfish and needy character (particularly throughout her entire relationship with Aidan and in the last movie), but she makes the SATC universe spin. Carrie suffers from tons of bad dates and relationships, learning a lot about love along the way and passing her knowledge onto us through her clever column. She might make mistakes, but she has accumulated more than a decade’s worth of knowledge on the subject of love, and her closet is to die for.

Sarah Jessica Parker is arguably the most famous face to come out of SATC. It’s hard not to see Carrie when you look at her, even though she’s got up to a whole lot since the show ended in 2004. Most recently, she’s starred on the HBO series Divorce and has been raising twins Tabitha and Marion and son James with her husband Matthew Broderick.

14 Cynthia Nixon As The Neurotic And Hilarious Miranda Hobbes

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Miranda Hobbes the resident cynic of the group. She doesn’t believe in true love or anything of the sort, thinks if it seems too good to be true then it is and has no problem putting men and women in their place when they step out of line. She’s a successful lawyer and manages to maintain her career even after she has Brady. Miranda is wildly loyal to her friends and loves her family more than anything, though she still doesn’t like any children but her own.

Cynthia Nixon has continued appearing in movies and has also moved over to Broadway, acting in shows like The Real Thing, Wit and The Little Foxes. Today she’s an inspirational cancer survivor and is married to Christine Marinoni, an education activist.

13 Kristin Davis As Charlotte York, The Eternal Optimist

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Seemingly Miranda’s polar opposite, Charlotte York is the optimist of the group, and the thought of true love is what gets her up in the morning. She’s much more traditional and conservative than the other three ladies and sometimes gets on their nerves (especially Samantha’s) for being relatively prudish. Charlotte learns that appearances can be vastly different to what’s really going on inside, and perfection may not be all that it seems.

Ironically, Kristin Davis is the only cast-member never to have gotten hitched. She’s seen more success in her acting career since the show ended, reprising her role as Charlotte in both SATC movies and even debuted on Broadway in 2014 in Fatal Attraction. Today Kristin is a humanitarian and adopted her daughter, Gemma, in 2011.

12 Kim Cattrall As The Powerful And Confident Samantha Jones

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Samantha Jones is by far the boldest of the four main women. A powerful publicist in New York, Samantha has all the contacts one needs for a thriving career and social life. She doesn’t pursue relationships in the same way that the other three ladies do and prefers to enjoy her freedom while having fun with the men (and women, at one point) she’s attracted to. Samantha does fall in love a few times throughout the series, most notably with Richard Wright and Smith Jerrod, but finds that she’s better suited to being single and free.

Kim Cattrall has appeared in a number projects since SATC, on the screen, and on the stage. Most recently, she’s made headlines for deciding to pull out of the third SATC movie, telling one fan on Instagram that her heart wasn’t in it anymore.

11 Chris Noth Played Carrie's One, Mr. Big

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Carrie’s journey on SATC revolves around her finding the one, but in the series finale, we learn that she actually found him in the pilot episode. Mr. Big holds Carrie’s heart right from the beginning, nearly driving her insane with his emotional unavailability. He remains distant despite their obvious attraction and breaks her heart when he returns from Paris with a 20-something whom he plans on marrying. Carrie and Big have an affair, destroying both their relationships, and he finally wakes up to the fact that he loves Carrie after she moves to Paris herself.

Chris Noth returned as Big in both SATC films, and also appeared in movies like After the Ball, White Girl, and Lovelace. Most memorably, he played Peter Florrick on The Good Wife between 2009 and 2016.

10 John Corbett As The One Who Got Away, Aidan Shaw

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Fans of the show were divided between Team Big and Team Aidan once the latter first appeared on the scene. Aidan Shaw is basically everything that Big is not—emotionally available, a serial monogamist, opposed to smoking, and inclined to stay inside with a bucket of fried chicken rather than hit the newest club. Team Aidan fans still haven’t forgiven Carrie for cheating on him, and then agreeing to marry him even though her heart was never his. At least Aidan gets to have his happy ending with his three sons (even though he might not be that happy since in the movie he kisses Carrie while he’s married).

John Corbett is most well-known for playing Toula’s non-Greek husband Ian Miller in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In addition a number of other acting credits, John is also a real country musician and released his second album in 2013.

9 David Eigenberg As Steve Brady, The Bartender Who Won Miranda's Heart

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Miranda Hobbes was never going to end up with a dominating alpha-male type who had a problem with working women and women who have opinions. Instead, she finds love with lovable bartender Steve Brady, who has just enough of a spine to stand up to Miranda when she’s openly rude to him, without taking away her power in the relationship. Miranda doesn’t realize she truly loves Steve until after they’ve had Brady, and she sees him in a relationship with the acrylic-nailed Debbie. Steve and Miranda briefly separate in the first movie but get together because, you know, true love.

The acting career of David Eigenberg has taken off since he first appeared as Steve. He’s appeared on TV shows like Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, and ER, and now has a recurring role on Chicago Fire as Christopher Herrmann.

8 Evan Handler As The Lawyer Who Finally Gave Charlotte Her Dream Life, Harry Goldenblatt

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Harry Goldenblatt is the opposite of who you would have expected Charlotte to end up with when you first met her. A Jewish divorce lawyer, Harry eats with his mouth open, leaves his tea bags all over the place and has an exceptionally hairy back. But in spite of all that, Charlotte can’t deny her attraction to him and even ends up converting to Jewish faith to be with him. In the end, Charlotte and Harry adopt baby girl Lily, before Charlotte gives birth to Rose at the end of the first movie, finally realizing her dream. But in the second movie, she learns that dreams aren’t always what you thought they’d be.

Evan Handler has hardly changed at all since starring as Harry. Between 2007 and 2014 he starred on Californiction as Charlie Runkle and even appeared on American Crime Story as Alan Dershowitz in 2016.

7 Kyle Machlachlan Played Trey, The Doctor Who Almost Gave Charlotte Her Dream Life

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Before Harry, there was Trey MacDougal. Just as Charlotte is about to give up on searching for love, Trey helps her after she falls on the road in front of an oncoming taxi, and they get engaged promptly. But Charlotte soon learns that though Trey appears perfect from the outside, he comes with his own baggage. She gives marriage to him a try, but her desire to be a mother overrides her desire to be his wife, and she ends up divorcing him. Trey is hard work for most of his time on the show, but at least he indirectly leads Charlotte to Harry.

After finishing up on SATC, Kyle Machlachlan has appeared on a number of other TV shows. Between 2006 and 2012 he had a recurring role on the hit show Desperate Housewives as Orson Hodge, and also appeared on How I Met Your Mother between 2010 and 2014.

6 Jason Lewis As Samantha's Boyfriend And Client, Smith Jerrod

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The future looks bright when Samantha Jones decides that she’s going to make you a star! After developing a super crush on struggling actor and waiter Smith Jerrod, Samantha decides to help his career along and turns him into the Absolut Hunk. As Smith’s career blooms, he and Samantha grow closer until she uncharacteristically catches the love bug and moves to Los Angeles with him for a short period of time. Even though things don’t work out between Smith and Sam, they stay good friends, leading him to invite her to his new movie premiere in the second SATC movie.

After the series finished, Jason Lewis starred as Chad Berry on Brothers and Sisters. He had a big year in 2017, appearing in the films Running Wild, Pray for Rain and Palm Swings.

5 Mikhail Baryshnikov As Aleksandr Petrovsky, The Artist Who Whisked Carrie Away To Paris

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Carrie spends the better part of six years looking for true love, and though she might not find it with the Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky, she definitely finds an old-world romance that she’s never even bothered dreaming about. Aleks lets Carrie hang out in his fancy apartment all day, reads her poetry, plays her classical music on the piano, dances with her under the stars and even makes her pancakes. The downside? He persuades her to move to Paris with him, only to leave her to fend for herself when they arrive. In the end, he slaps Carrie (sort of), and we never see him again.

Younger fans of SATC might not have realized that although Mikhail Baryshnikov is a fantastic actor, he’s actually a world-renowned ballet dancer. He married ex-ballerina Lisa Rinehart in 2006 and has since made many appearances on TV and stage as a dancing legend.

4 James Remar As Richard Wright, The Millionaire Who Broke Samantha's Heart


Samantha doesn’t get emotionally attached to men nearly as much as her friends do, but there are a few throughout the series whom she does let her guard down for. Before Smith, Samantha mixes business with pleasure and starts things up with hotel magnate Richard Wright. It all looks promising in the beginning since Richard is a perfect match for Samantha’s confidence, but he ends up breaking her heart after cheating on her. Samantha stays guarded after that until she meets Smith and has to open her heart once more.

James Remar has seen much success in the film world since his time as Richard ended. He has been featured in such movies as 2 Fast 2 Furious, X-Men: First Class and Django Unchained, and has even lent his voice to the animated production Ratatouille.

3 Ron Livingston Played The Writer Who Couldn't Keep Up With Carrie, Jack Berger

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Though Jack Berger is a writer just like Carrie, we happen to think that he might be one of her worst boyfriends! The two share inside jokes and witty banter, but their relationship is constantly plagued by Berger’s inability to get over his insecurity issues. He can’t help resenting Carrie for having more success in the literary field than him and takes it out on her in an almost child-like way. She sees something in him and gives him chance after chance to get over his issues, but he ends up bailing on her like a little boy and notoriously breaking up with her via post-it note.

The acting career of Ron Livingston has taken off since his SATC days. He’s made appearances in major films like The Conjuring and The Time Traveler’s Wife and had a six-episode arc on Boardwalk Empire.

2 Willie Garson As The Best Friend We All Wish We Had, Stanford Blatch

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We all wish we had a friend like Stanford Blatch. Though he’s whiny at times, he’s always there to listen to Carrie’s rants about the men in her life. He remains by her side throughout the entire series, and marries Anthony Marantino in the second movie, having one of the most lit weddings of all time. He usually offers advice that the ladies can’t give, and hardly ever gets tired of Carrie’s constant need to dominate the conversation with her own problems.

Willie Garson doesn’t look like he’s aged at all! Between 2009 and 2014, he played Mozzie on the TV show, White Collar. Between 2015 and 2017, he appeared on Hawaii Five-0 as Gerard Hirsch. A testament to his acting talent, Willie is actually straight in real life!

1 Ben Weber As Skipper Johnston, The Nervous And Sensitive Web Designer Who Adored Miranda


Skipper Johnston appears in the early SATC days as a love interest of Miranda. Carrie introduces them, thinking that Miranda could use someone sweet and sensitive, but she’s less than impressed. While Skipper adores her, Miranda finds nothing about him attractive, and they only date for a short time before she calls it quits. Later, she finds that she wants him again when she sees him with another woman, but quickly decides that he’s not her type and she doesn’t have true feelings for him. Unlike some of the other male characters, Skipper sadly doesn’t make it to the later seasons.

Ben Weber has appeared in a few acting projects since leaving SATC. In addition to being featured in Gas-X and Chevy ads on television, he has also acted in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Everwood, and West Wing. And is it just us, or does he kind of look like Tom Hanks now?

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