The Cast Of School Of Rock: What They Look Like From The Movie And Now

Back in 2003, School of Rock was all the rage! Jack Black rocked the role of Dewey Finn as an enthusiastic rock star and guitarist who just couldn’t seem to get out of his own way and make it big. As he tried to hone his skill, he ended up getting kicked out of his band and his dreams of competing in the Battle of the Bands deteriorated along with his ability to work successfully as a musician and pay his bills. Dewey Finn navigates the world of substitute teaching, albeit going about it the wrong way in a desperate attempt to pay his bills.

Forming his School of Rock band with his students culminates the inclusion of children from all walks of life as they navigate new skills and learn to get along and face their own insecurities and life lessons. That was 2003. Now that it is 2018, we can’t help but wonder where they are now. Even more interesting is how they have all changed over the last 15 years in style and life. Here we explore 15 of the biggest cast members and stars from School of Rock as well as what they look like now in comparison to how they rocked their style in the movie over a decade ago.

15 Jack Black Goes Burly

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Our buddy and movie star, musician Jack Black, also known as out of place substitute teacher Dewey Finn in School of Rock, has aged a tad bit, though haven’t we all? Black still works to maintain his boyish charm as he moved into different roles including the voice of Po from the Kung Fu Panda series. Maybe it is his dark brown deliberate eyes or his well-coiffed expressive eyebrows.

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This Tenacious D band member sports a different look now than he did back in 2003 during School of Rock where he adorned more of a ’70s look complete with sideburns, smooth hair and attire. Now, he maintains a distinguished scruff as he pursues new roles but continues to rock out in his own popular rock band.

14 Caitlin Hale Isn't Long Gone


Although Caitlin Hale’s only Hollywood credit was School of Rock where she played Marta and was also known as Blondie, she certainly has grown up and continued to pursue her passions. This little blonde girl with braided pigtails and a larger than life voice has certainly blossomed into a beautiful, blonde young woman with a myriad of wonderful talents.


Today, she has long blonde hair and bright sparkling blue eyes with an aura of sophistication as she has been heard to be practicing her skills in NYC as a makeup artist as well as producing YouTube tutorials. Hale is now 27 years old and as blonde and bright as ever. Her giant smile is still the same as it was back when she belted out “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,” wooing Jack Black’s character Dewey with her talent.

13 Miranda Cosgrove Was Just Getting Started


Serious and somewhat sassy, 25-year-old Miranda Cosgrove has also blossomed from a 10-year-old dark-haired tween to a beautiful and fabulous young lady. Playing Summer Hathaway and taking on the playful nickname of Tinkerbell, School of Rock had her dressed appropriately as the serious, nicely postured class representative sitting at attention with stick-straight dark hair.


Now, as Cosgrove plays around with new acting roles, voice-over parts for the likes of a variety of projects and continues to play around in Hollywood, her hair has grown some and highlights brighten up the ends with natural, wavy undertones. Although she still worked during her awkward teen years, we now see her as a well-versed, bright young woman, charming us with high cheekbones and natural beauty to boot.

12 Joey Gaydos Jr. Hasn't Changed A Bit


Joey Gaydos Jr. played Zack, also nicknamed “Zack Attack,” in the 2003 hit School of Rock. Back then, this brown-haired music lover can be seen in his private school uniform and sweater vest holding a guitar. He has always loved music and has been playing guitar from a young age.


Although his look has evolved slightly over the years and he faced his own “attack” from angry fans and media about an episode of drunk driving, Gaydos Jr. can be seen today looking like a typical member of a rock band complete with longer hair and a scruffy facial hair situation. He resides in Michigan and it has been rumored that he now teaches guitar lessons to kiddos in the Ann Arbor area, while rocking a baseball hat, ripped jeans and a goatee.

11 Robert Tsai—All Grown Up


Nicknamed Mr. Cool, Robert Tsai played reserved and shy Lawrence on School of Rock. Just as his character evolved into one of the cool “band kids” in this legendary movie, so did Tsai in real life as he mastered the piano among many other accomplishments and hobbies. This keyboard guy is aging quite well and looking uncannily similar now as he did back in the early millennium!


Complete with his somewhat nerdy-cool glasses, short black hair and collared shirts, Tsai and Lawrence boast very similar style choices. The main difference between now and then is that Tsai now has a bit less pudgy of a face and spikier, less round hair than in 2003. Either way, this Dartmouth graduate appears to be keeping himself tuned up.

10 Adam Pascal On The Big Stage


Trendy Broadway boy Adam Pascal played Theo in 2003 starring as backup bandmate in No Vacancy, the up and coming soon-to-be Battle of the Bands title winner in the hit School of Rock. This blonde-haired band and music buff was in his early 30s when this movie was released. Now 47 years old, he may have grown a bit gray in the hair department, but he’s still as fresh as ever in the performance department.

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And although he has a slightly receding hairline, he appears to resemble boy next door Ian Ziering in his blonde-haired frat boy looks. Pascal is no stranger to drama as he has continued to take on many roles in an assortment of Broadway productions and has been known as the struggling Fender guitarist Roger in the Rent musical and movie.

9 Mike White—Jack Of All Trades


Fair-skinned and fearless producer, actor and writer Mike White was just 33 years old when School of Rock was released in 2003. White not only starred in this hit movie, but he also wrote it! Now in his late 40s, Mike is still making himself famous working ample Hollywood projects. Although he has certainly fallen victim to the signs of aging including some rogue wrinkles and grays, his light-skinned complexion and blonde hair keep him looking younger than he truly is.

Maybe his aging so well can be attributed to the fact that he lives a vegan lifestyle. It seems like just yesterday that White was perfecting the role of Ned Schneebly, Dewey’s (Jack Black’s character) friend and soon-to-be in the movie ex-bandmate of the band No Vacancy. Ned was actually the one who was to substitute teach in the first place, but Dewey beat him to it by pretending he was Ned to pay his mounting bills.

8 Rebecca Brown—From Sweet To Seductive

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Rebecca Brown played the bass-playing Katie, nicknamed Posh Spice in the 2003 hit movie. As Katie blossomed from a young 11-year-old pre-teen with simple brown straight hair, slightly parted down the side, she began to become a drop-dead gorgeous young woman.

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This Chicago native continued her musical exploration and still participates in theatrical performances. These performances include being in a parody musical of 'Hamilton' titled 'Spamilton' which is on off-broadway in NYC.  We can see Brown now, in her mid-twenties with mysteriously dark eyes and bright reddish lipstick. She is confident and sassy with her hair cut shorter than it was when she starred as Katie in School of Rock, although she still has the same famous part she did back then.

7 Aleisha Allen—Full Of Spirit


This beauty was known as Alicia in the movie and put up with a nickname of “Brace Face.” Aleisha Allen was definitely in that awkward developmental stage in her tween years and time of her life when she played Brace Face, a little girl student and backup dancer for part of Dewey’s band in School of Rock.


Regardless of her awkwardness and braces, she was a spitfire and expressed herself well in the movie as she found her way and also swept the audience off their feet in a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace.” This gracefully amazing young woman can be seen today with the same beautiful and super bright smile (without the braces). This 26-year-old former actress has eyes that shine when she smiles and when she smiles, the room truly lights up.

6 Sarah Silverman—Funny As Ever


Sarah Silverman starred as Patty, Ned’s girlfriend in School of Rock. Patty was slightly annoying and very pushy about trying to convince Ned to kick out Dewey. The thing about this brunette that we can say for sure is that she has not changed much in her looks. She comes across at first as pretty, girl-next-door type yet she packs a punch that no girl next door dares cross.


Silverman’s Hollywood resume is endless with not only starring in School of Rock, but also has performed on Saturday Night Live for several years along with several other stints including comedy, movies, shows, etc. As she inches toward 48, she strikes a resemblance to the younger version of herself with a little more knowledge, experience and a tiny bit more poise.

5 Kevin Clark—Sporting Scruff


This quiet and private Chicago suburb native flies slightly under the radar today, although as Freddy “Spazzy McGee” Jones on School of Rock, he nailed down the role of a wisecracking slacker who ended up being an amazing drummer. Unbeknownst to Dewey, Freddy took off and ran with the drums and ended up in the band that Dewey was trying to form to perform at the Battle of the Bands.


His reddish-blonde hair and scruffiness definitely works to define him as the aspiring and hungry for fame musician that he currently is. Some of the photos we have seen him in have made him look like he’s ready to go play hockey or go boogie at a Phish concert. Either way, he appears slightly larger than he did in 2003, yet perfectly appears to fit in with his huge personality and handsome yet disheveled look.

4 Joan Cusack Is Timeless


This well-traveled, beautiful red-haired actress and Emmy award winner, Joan Cusack rocked her role as seemingly uptight Horace Greene Middle School Principal “Roz” Mullins on School of Rock. At the wonderfully young-looking middle age of 55 years old, she wears the appearance of her younger years as she rocks out new role after role, most recently equally aweing and shaming Shameless-loving fans.

Regardless of what she is doing professionally and where she is achieving her next award, this reddish-brunette beauty with her distinct smile still looks as young as she did playing Principal Roz. Whether she is sporting her glasses or going with contacts, Cusack has her eye on the audience as she performs. She is always outdoing herself and looks to be one of the youngest 55-year-olds we know!

3 Brian Falduto—Bye Bye Baby Face

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Brian Falduto was known as Billy or Fancy Pants as the School of Rock hair and fashion stylist. His charisma, sassiness and love for acting can be seen while he plays in this one and only acting role.

He did a great job with his baby face and slightly chubby cheeks commanding the audience, especially during one of his famous lines to Dewey: “You’re tacky and I hate you!”

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This little Irish-faced cutie has surely blossomed into a handsome young man and screams out style and fashion just as much as he tried to back in 2003 in School of Rock. Looking dapper with slightly more defined features and more of a reddish-styled hairdo, Falduto has many years of talented work in front of him in radio and music administration.

2 Maryam Hassan Is Still Rockin'


Maryam Hassan played one of the back-up singers for the band at Horace Greene Elementary school. She has been primarily out of the public eye and keeping herself safe and guarded against the cameras, although she did decide to make an appearance at the 10-year School of Rock performance and reunion.


What has not changed is her amazingly powerful voice and energy. Back then, Maryam, who played Tomika “Turkey Sub,” was quiet in class and at first was only supposed to be a roadie until Dewey really listened to her “pipes.” She wowed him and although she has continued to live a private life–even after the reunion 5 years ago–her amazingly curly and beautiful hair, makeup and presence quietly dominated the show.

1 Veronica Afflerbach Is Stunning


Playing Eleni in School of Rock, she sported some epic bangs–blonde and straight as a board almost hitting her eyes. She played one of the band’s roadies and is known to have enjoyed hanging back a bit while playing her role. She has not been one of those actresses who chose to do more acting or used School of Rock as a launching point for her career; however, she did show up for the 10-year reunion of School of Rock several years ago and looked completely different than little Eleni.


Sans the bone straight bangs, she now shows off her sleeve tattoos with her long and straight brown hair hanging down and slightly parted. She still sports the subtle smile and shines in the photos we have seen regardless of keeping back from the limelight.

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