The Cast Of Modern Family: What They Looked Like In The First Episode And Now

Modern Family is still going strong, and many people just don't want the ride to end. This show has been around for 12 seasons now, and although the end might be coming soon, it's something that has made a really great impression for many people. The show is famous for having a really clever and hilarious script, and is probably one of the best written comedies on television right now. The actors regularly brag that they don't really have to do much - the dialogue is already so good that they're funny without even really trying.

Speaking of the actors, these amazing, talented people have gone through quite the transformation after all these years. While some actors and actresses have moved on from the show, like Ariel Winter for example, some are still doing the show and loving it. Sofia Vergara remains one of the highest paid actresses in television as a result of her role. But they've all gone through some pretty major changes over the years, and it's really interesting to see how much they've changed from their early beginnings.

15 Ariel Winter Has Blossomed Into A Woman

Probably the most well-known face from Modern Family today is Ariel Winter. This young star is barely out of her teens these days, but she's a hugely popular celebrity and someone who gets talked about constantly in the media. She's also one of the actors from the show that has made the biggest transformation. Ariel Winter went from being a quirky little girl to a fully developed woman in only a few years. If you went back in time, no one would believe you if you told them that she would one day turn into the girl we know today.

But as Ariel Winter admits, the show itself was a major part of what molded her into the person she is today: "The show helped me a lot. I was surrounded by so many great people that were really supportive of me, and really, you know, wanted me to thrive. And told me all the time that they believed in me and thought I should be confident and all those things."

14 Nolan Gould Has Grown Into A Man

Another well-known actor from Modern Family is Nolan Gould. This interesting young man actually started out as a child actor, landing commercial roles at the age of just three. His casting as the youngest sibling in the Modern Family was a major boost for his career, and he was making about $70,000 each episode. As time went on, this actor started to focus on other things, graduating high school at just 13 years of age by passing a GED test.

Nowadays, Nolan Gould is looking to further his education, which is probably a very smart thing to do. His school of choice? Film school. But he's not trying to make another Modern Family. He admits: "I'm applying to film school right now. I'm actually really interested in making documentaries. I think it would be great to make a documentary about animal conservation and environmental efforts."

13 Julie Bowen Definitely Aged Well

Julie Bowen is another face we might remember from Modern Family, and it's interesting to see how much this famous actor has changed over the years. Truth be told, the transformation is not massive, but you can definitely see some aging. Not that it's affected her career much - she's been able to evolve and get different kinds of roles such as on the hilarious hit movie Horrible Bosses. She continues to star as Claire Dunphy on the show, and she's won a few awards for her performances.

Speaking about Modern Family, she revealed:

"It’s funny, my kids don’t necessarily think that I am funny. But they’re kids — so their job is to make you feel slightly insecure at all times about everything you’ve ever thought about yourself. But, I definitely think that I understand why family comedies are so universally loved and so universally watched and accepted. Whether it’s a movie or it’s a TV show, it’s relatable because it’s an experience that all of us have had in some way, shape or form. It’s just so universally binding that we’ve all gone through this thing where you live with the people you both love and want to murder every day."

12 Sarah Hyland Looks As Beautiful As Ever

Sarah Hyland is another hugely popular figure on Modern Family, and many people see her as somewhat of a rival with Ariel Winter. But although she's been pressured to spread gossip and rumors about Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland never betrays her friend like that. In fact, she's often the first one to defend Ariel when she's in a controversial moment. The two have often described their relationship as a sisterly one, with Sarah Hyland playing the role of big sister. She definitely feels like she wants to look out for Ariel and set a good example.

Since her many appearances on the show, she's had a massive and wonderful transformation. Watching her blossom into the woman she is today has been an amazing thing to witness. Not just physically, but mentally as well. It's clear that she's really honed her acting skills, and is definitely one of the most talented young faces in Hollywood today.

11 Ty Burrell Is Still That Handsome Father

Another face you might recognize from the cast of Modern Family is Ty Burrell. It's actually kind of amazing when you see this actor's transformation over the years. He actually looks almost younger with the passing of time. Sometimes referred to as a DILF for his role as Phil Dunphy on the show, Ty was definitely one of the most popular (and funniest) actors on the show. But according to him, he was very close to getting out of the business permanently before he was cast in Modern Family:

"We were having serious discussions about me getting out of the business. If you get into something you really feel good about, it's the best job on earth. But the day-to-day thing of auditioning and pilot season – that part can be really challenging. Doing 150 performances of a play you're kinda embarrassed by. It's not as romantic as it sometimes gets made out to be."

10 Rico Rodriguez Is Now A Serious Professional

Another star you might recognize from Modern Family is Rico Rodriguez. This actor is famous for playing Manny Delgado on the show. As you can see, he's changed quite a bit over the years. Like many other child actors on the show, he's no longer actually a child. Now he's looking forward into his twenties to see what he can do to get the most out of life. He takes his education very seriously, and is an avid reader. Speaking about his educational experience while juggling a role on a massive TV show, he revealed:

"It's funny because you still get the whole social aspect because you’re on set hanging out with your friends and then you go to school [on campus]. All [of] the curriculum is the same; it’s just a different scenery. I may probably take a year off and ... weigh my options of what’s coming up next; if 'Modern Family' continues, to finish that off," he said. "Before I even start thinking about college, I want to finish off senior year on the right foot and do the best job that I can."

9 Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Is Growing Like A Beanstalk

But some of the child actors on the show are very much still children. This is true with Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily Tucker Pritchett on Modern Family. She is still only ten years old, but she's succeeded in winning the hearts of many people who watch the show, and things seem to be very bright for this young actress. Previously to Aubrey's casting, the role of Lily was played by two twins. At a certain point, these twins were replaced by Aubrey, who proved to be an excellent child actor. She is reportedly amazing at memorizing lines, and she has a gift for comedy.

Who knows what the future holds for this child actor, but right now Aubrey is just focused on her role. When asked what kind of adventure she'd like her character to explore, she revealed: "Hmm, an adventure? Maybe like, she goes to rescue a bunch of dogs or becomes a horse jumper or something with animals. That’s what I like in real life."

8 Sofia Vergara Seems To Be Getting More Beautiful

Sofia Vergara is an actress that the vast majority of people would have known long before they watched the first episode of Modern Family. She had her start on Spanish-speaking television, but she quickly rose to fame in Hollywood and appeared in countless movies and TV shows. Modern Family might just be her biggest role, however, and she plays the role of Gloria Delgado Pritchett. She is one of the highest earning women in television, and she has won countless awards for her role.

When asked whether she thinks about Modern Family one day coming to an end, she replied: "I do. I get very sad because it's my favorite thing to do of work. It's so easy. We know the set. I know the character so well. Ed O'Neill is amazing. I'm going to be very sad. There will always be repeats."

7 Ed O'Neill Is Still Giving It His All

Ed O'Neill is another huge name in the cast of Modern Family, and he's definitely one of the most loved actors on the show, both on and off the set. He once took a picture with Britney Spears without even knowing who she was. He also admits that he got the role because their first choice was demanding too much money.

When asked about how he got into acting, O'Neill replied: "I did it, as we all do, in grade school. I was a shepherd or something. And then in high school I did a couple of plays because I was in a speech class where a nun kind of recruited me for her plays. Because she needed a certain type. So I did a couple plays and I kinda liked them. And I liked doing it, but I didn’t think, you know. I tried a sporting career and then when that ended, but I always went and saw a lot of movies as a boy. I loved the movie theater so I always saw a lot of movies. And then there was a play, I saw in the local paper, they were having auditions for a play of a book I had read."

6 Jesse Tyler Ferguson Hasn't Really Aged At All

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is another character who you might recognize, and it's easy to see that this actor hasn't really changed much over the course of Modern Family's run. He of course plays the character of Mitchell Pritchett in the show, and this character is notably for being an openly gay lawyer. Funnily enough, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is not only gay himself, but he's married to a lawyer, which must have given him an advantage to understanding the role.

Speaking about the role, Ferguson admitted: "I just bring a lot of who I am to the character and try to play him as truthfully as possible. We try to present these two guys in the most humorous, humane form we possibly can. And the writing really supports that. So, I just show up. Neither one of us really has to rev ourselves up that we’re doing something crazy important or crazy different. We just do it. The dialogue is handed to us on a silver platter."

5 Eric Stonestreet Is Starting To Get Some Grey Hairs

Definitely one of the most interesting characters in the show was played by Eric Stonestreet. This very talented actor played one of the dad's in the series, Cameron Tucker, often referred to simply as "Cam." This larger than life character has many hidden talents, including Japanese floral arrangements and fountain pen collecting. The role was an amazing opportunity for Eric Stonestreet, but he admits that he wasn't afraid to put his foot down if he didn't feel comfortable with certain scenes:

"In an episode of Modern Family that we just shot, I was, like, “If this story is because Cam’s a big guy, and that’s why we think this is funny, I’m opposed to it. We’re better than that. It’s not okay just to make this joke because it would be funny to make Cam do this. I wanna know the story behind it. I wanna know where it came from.” I’ve always said that."

4 Reid Ewing Has Been Through A Lot


Reid Ewing is another very well-known character from the show, and this actor played the role of Dylan. The actor was very much loved by the audiences, although he struggled with body issues and an addiction to plastic surgery. He also came out as gay recently, a decision that gained a lot of attention within the media. Despite his many struggles, the actor was always focused on his career and his acting roles, as he reveals:

"I've been with "Modern Family" since 2009. This struggle has been happening at the same time. I timed it out so I wasn't looking drastically different, so I wasn't showing, during filming. I took it very seriously, the job, and put a lot of effort and focus into trying to do it right. Because I focused on trying to do it right, all the insecurities weren't such a problem. I had incidences that I wouldn't want them to film me from a certain angle. When you think you're unacceptably unattractive, it's very distracting, and I'd trip up over that at times."

3 Fred Willard Is Still Going Strong


Fred Willard is one of the veteran actors who joined the cast of Modern Family, and you've probably seen him in tons of other amazing movies and shows over the years. He plays Frank Dunphy, and is very much the "grandpa" of the show. He won an award for his appearance as a guest actor on the show. Even though he might not appear as much as some of the other characters on the show, he still made an amazing impression on the audience.

Speaking about his role on Modern Family, Frank Willard revealed: "I never think I’m old enough to play someone’s dad, even though I have a daughter of my own and a grandson. But yeah, Steve Levitan and Chris Lloyd did Back to You and thought of me. And I guess Ty Burrell kept saying, 'Gee, we should get Fred Willard on.' He’s just kind of a silly character who loves corny jokes, but also has a serious side, a sentimental side."

2 Elizabeth Banks Is Looking Amazing


Elizabeth Banks is another actress that many Modern Family fans will recognize, and this talented woman played the role of Sal. She's only been in about 6 episodes, but she was definitely a guest star that came in and made a huge impression, and is one of the most loved and memorable characters in the entire series. She's also been in tons of other projects, from movies to other shows like 30 Rock.

Explaining how she landed the role on Modern Family, she revealed: “I’ve been friends with Jesse Tyler Ferguson for a very long time, probably over 15 years. We were at a birthday party in Palm Springs and I knew he had booked a pilot–the Modern Family pilot. I was hanging out with Jason Winer who directed the pilot of Modern Family and we were joking around and drinking and it sort of came up like, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if you were their fun drinking friend on the show?’"

1 Jerry Maguire Is Growing Up So Fast


Definitely one of the youngest faces on Modern Family, Jerry Maguire is one of the most talented child actors on the show. He's still only 6 years old, and it's really incredible what this young actor has been able to do. This role was his acting debut, and since then he's proved himself to be very capable in a wide variety of scenes and situations. In 2016, he appeared in a Tide commercial, and is set to have his film debut in the coming months.

As you can see, this actor has gone through some significant changes since his first appearance, and this is just a testament to how fast kids grow at such a young age. A few years go by and their faces change, seemingly becoming completely different people. Not only that, but they start shooting up as a result of massive growth spurts!


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