The Cast Of Mad Men: What They Looked Like In Their First Season vs. Now

There's no denying that Mad Men was a hugely popular show, even though the premise itself might not have seemed so captivating. Sure, the costumes and sets on a show set in the '60s would be phenomenal, but how interesting would it really be to follow a bunch of characters at an ad agency? Turns out, very. People were utterly obsessed with the show when it was airing live, and now that it's on Netflix, it's getting new fans each and every day who fall in love with Don Draper's charm, Joan's sass and more.

Lately, it seems like the world is obsessed with period dramas and shows set in a different time — we want to be taken away to a whole different world, not just lose ourselves in the characters. While Mad Men certainly had a lot of fantastic storylines, one of the biggest draws was just how immersive it was — the cast and crew went to a lot of trouble to truly make it feel like the '60s. Plus, let's be serious — we totally covet half the costumes that the women on that show wore. Minus the girdles, of course.

Ever wondered where your favorite cast members have been since the show? We found out.

15 Jon Hamm As The Elusive Don Draper

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On paper, Don Draper is an incredibly complex role to play and requires a certain type of actor to truly bring him to life. If you've only ever seen Jon Hamm in other projects, you might doubt that he'd have the chops to essentially carry an entire show — and that's where you'd be wrong. He was a fantastic Don Draper, and he took a totally different role on in the Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where he played Kimmy's cult leader. Sometimes it's hard to remember that Hamm has only really been acting since 2000 — he's a bit of a late bloomer in his career. However, we absolutely cannot wait to see what he's got lined up next — we're hoping he'll grace our television screens week after week on another hugely popular show.

14 Elisabeth Moss As Peggy Olson, Secretary Turned Boss Babe

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Elisabeth Moss has been on television for almost the past two decades, despite her young age. Her first major role was playing the youngest daughter of President Bartlet on The West Wing, then almost immediately after she snagged the role of secretary turned lady boss Peggy Olson. Then, she went on to tackle an incredibly complex role in the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, which earned her two Emmys. Oh, and she did phenomenal work in a BBC miniseries entitled Top of the Lake. While Moss can certainly tackle lighter roles, we have to admit — we totally love that she's not afraid to step up and take on incredible dark worlds and complex characters. She's amazing, and we would literally watch anything she appears in — she's just that good. Seriously.

13 Vincent Kartheiser, The Silver Spoon Born Pete Campbell

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Ah, Pete Campbell — whether you love him or hate him, there's no doubting that he was a memorable character. First of all, for those who didn't know, Vincent Kartheiser is married to Alexis Bledel in real life (yes, Rory Gilmore), which blows our minds. And, if you're surprised you haven't seen their home in magazine spreads or seen him rolling through Los Angeles in a lavish car, there's a reason — apparently, as Kartheiser spilled to The Observer way back in 2010, he far prefers the simple life to the crazy, luxe Hollywood lifestyle. However, that doesn't mean he's avoiding Hollywood altogether — he recently appeared in the film My Friend Dahmer, and on the shows Saints & Strangers and Casual. We can't wait to see what roles he tackles next — he's played such a diverse bunch of characters over the years.

12 January Jones, The Stunning Betty Draper Francis

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Betty could have easily been a character that was forgotten, just someone who looked pretty and didn't contribute much to the show. However, January's portrayal was masterful, and she earned many fans over the years — and a few award nominations. After the show wrapped, she found another television role almost immediately, going on to star in The Last Man On Earth, a post-apocalyptic comedy series (so, a totally different world from the '60s). She's also busy with another important role — single mom to her adorable son, Xavier. Jones doesn't have much time for other projects, given that she's a series regular again, but we can't wait for the day when she tackles more movie projects — we'd love to see her on the big screen, taking on even meatier roles.

11 Christina Hendricks, The Redheaded Bombshell Playing Joan Holloway Harris

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Christina Hendricks is so much more than just her body, but we have to admit — we absolutely love that her curvy physique on the show essentially paved the way for women to want to be a Joan rather than a super svelte model. Suddenly, curves were more popular than ever, and that's in large part due to the sassy Joan Holloway. Hendricks has always been one to tackle interesting roles, and since the show wrapped, she started dressing up in early 1900s gear for her role in period sitcom Another Period. She's also had several recurring arcs on Hap and Leonard and Tin Star, and will be playing a totally powerful robber on the new show Good Girls. We can hardly wait to see her in all the projects she has in the works!

10 Aaron Staton, Everyone's Favourite Bachelor Ken Cosgrove

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Did you know that everyone's favorite bachelor Ken Cosgrove isn't, in fact, a bachelor at all? Nope — actor Aaron Staton has been married to his wife, Connie Fletcher, for over a decade, and the couple has three children together. Since the show wrapped, Staton has been keeping a fairly low profile — he snagged multi-episode arcs in the shows Ray Donovan and Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, and has appeared in a handful of films, but hasn't exactly been super prolific. Even though he spent countless years on a hugely popular television show, many people still wouldn't be able to recall Aaron Staton's name if they saw him, so he's got a bit of work before he becomes a household name like his former co-stars Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm.

9 Rich Sommer, Who Played Charming Harry Crane

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Richard Sommer is yet another one of the Mad Men alum who is a real-life husband and father — he's been married to his wife, Virginia Donohoe, since 2005, and they have two adorable children together. He's started to amp up his work since the show wrapped, with multi-episode arcs in shows including Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Love, Elena of Avalor and GLOW (alongside former co-star Alison Brie!). And, perhaps the most fascinating tidbit of all, Sommer hosts a podcast about tabletop games, CARDBOARD, because he's such a huge fan of them. It's not something we would have envisioned an actor would be doing, but it's a totally fascinating hobby. We can't wait to see what else Sommer has up his sleeve in the years to come.

8 John Slattery, The Incomparable Roger Sterling

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Before the show started, John Slattery was likely one of the more well-known names — after all, he had been in the industry for well over a decade at that point with a handful of titles under his belt. And, he hasn't just played the loveable rogue in every role — he's appeared in action flicks, playing the role of Howard Stark in several superhero films, as well as the role of Ben Bradlee Jr. in the poignant film Spotlight. Apart from a few roles in shows like Veep, he's been sticking to films rather than television, but who knows — if the right role came along he could very well end up another series regular. And, while he's not acting, Slattery is apparently a huge fan of hitting the slopes and the waves to ski and surf.

7 Kiernan Shipka, Who Grew Up In Front Of Us As Sally Draper

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Sometimes it's tough to believe just how much Kiernan Shipka achieved before her 18th birthday — she snagged her role as Sally Draper when she was still just a child, and managed to do an amazing job with the role. She grew up right in front of our eyes, and now the stunning teen is taking the acting world by storm. She's tackled a few interesting roles over the years since the show wrapped, but now she's gotten the chance to take the lead — she'll be starring as Sabrina Spellman in a Netflix reboot of the classic sitcom. Although, the Netflix version will be a darker show than the original sitcom, as it's based on a different comic book featuring the young witch — and we can't wait to see what Shipka does with the character.

6 Mason Vale Cotton, The Young Bobby Draper

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It's tough to remember that Mason Vale Cotton is still just 15 years old, given that he already has a handful of credits under his belt! He got his major start on television playing M.J. Delfino on the show Desperate Housewives, and then went on to play one version of Bobby Draper on Mad Men. Since then, he's kept a fairly low profile, voicing an animated character in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie and appearing in films including Mad Families. He seems to have taken a bit of a step back from Hollywood, and we have a feeling he'll focus more on his acting career, if that's something he wants to pursue, once he finishes his schooling and graduates from high school. At least, that's what we predict — he's been pretty quiet over the past few years.

5 Michael Gladis, Who Played Paul Kinsey

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First of all, did you know that Gladis is engaged to 2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs? The couple is absolutely adorable together, and we have a feeling they'll be total marriage goals once they finally tie the knot. Since Mad Men wrapped, Gladis hasn't been tremendously busy — he's appeared on a few shows, including House of Lies, Extant and Feed the Beast, but hasn't quite managed to snag the kind of recurring role he did on Mad Men. However, he's still young, and he's got a super memorable voice — he's done some voice work over the years, so perhaps he'll decide to refocus his career on that in the future. It's tough for actors who have already struck gold in one role to measure up to their early success!

4 Alison Brie, The Brunette Babe Who We Met As Trudy Campbell

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Alison Brie knows a little something about a busy schedule — while she was a recurring character on Mad Men, playing Pete Campbell's wife Trudy, she was also starring in the sitcom Community as the lovable Annie Edison. She found even more success in the television world lately, playing Ruth Wilder on the new Netflix series GLOW. Oh, and she voices a character on the animated show BoJack Horseman. And, if that weren't enough, she's also racking up film credits, appearing in films like Sleeping with Other People, How To Be Single, The Little Hours and The Post. She's tackled everything from comedies to dramas, and we absolutely cannot wait to see what she does next — she's an amazing actress who positively glows on screen and brings a lot to any role she takes on.

3 Maggie Siff, Who Captured Our Hearts As Rachel Menken

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Maggie Siff may not have been on Mad Men for that long, but her character, department store heiress and boss babe businesswoman Rachel Menken Katz, was a definite favorite. After her 9-episode arc on Mad Men (it seems insane that she was only there for that long!), Siff went on to star on Sons of Anarchy, where she appeared in a stunning 79 episodes. That show kept her busy for several years, then she managed to strike gold yet again, appearing on the show Billions. We have a feeling she's going to be a television staple, appearing in a show after show, and we absolutely love having her on our screen. She can tackle all kinds of characters with grace, and we love to see her work and to check out what she's got coming up.

2 Talia Balsam, Who Played Roger's First Wife Mona Sterling

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Fun fact — did you know that Talia Balsam, who played Roger Sterling's first wife Mona, is actually John Slattery's wife in real life? The two have been married for 20 years, which is an absolute eternity in Hollywood (and she was previously married to heartthrob George Clooney — go Talia!). She's been acting since the '70s and has a ton of roles under her belt. Since 2016, she's returned to HBO, starring in the show Divorce, where she plays a close friend of Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Frances. We love seeing her on our screens in any way, shape or form, but we kind of have our fingers crossed that Balsam will tackle some meatier roles in the years to come — she's just so talented! Although, either way, she does get to be married to John Slattery, which is a definite win.

1 Darby Stanchfield, Who Had A Short Story Arc As Divorcee Helen Bishop

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Darby Stanchfield may have only appeared in a few episodes as the scandalous divorcee Helen Bishop, but many people still remember her from that role. However, most television fans will know her better nowadays for playing the stunning, smart Abby Whelan on the show Scandal. Being involved with a Shonda Rhimes show is probably one of the luckiest breaks a television actor can get, and we have a feeling Stanchfield is happy to continue that role for however long Shonda Rhimes sees fit. And after that, she can probably walk right into whatever other television roles she wants — it's kind of the best training camp in the world! She has tackled a few film roles over the years, but television has always been her primary medium, and she obviously excels in that world.

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