The Cast Of Lizzie McGuire: What They Looked Like In Their First Episode vs. Now

Nowadays, it seems like there are endless Disney shows on the air, all of them blending into one another, and most adults aren't really aware of which is which. However, people always have a bit of nostalgia for the show that they used to watch when they were younger — and for many 20-somethings today, that show is Lizzie McGuire.

It wasn't an extraordinary concept — no one had psychic vision, no one lived in a hotel, and no one was a world-famous pop star (well, except for that scene in The Lizzie McGuire Movie when Lizzie got up on stage with Isabella). Lizzie was just a regular tween battling the typical issues — crushes, frenemies, grades, and everything in between. There was just something about her, though — and her animated self, who popped up every now and then to make sassy comments — that fans absolutely loved. Even though Hilary Duff is a pop star now with several other acting roles under her belt, many fans will always keep Lizzie McGuire in their hearts.

You may know where Hilary Duff is now since she's still a big star, but have you ever wondered what happened to some of the other students and what they look like now? We've got your answers.

16 Hilary Duff, Who Played Everyone's Favourite Teen Lizzie McGuire

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Many celebrities who reached stardom at a young age end up going down the wrong path, due to some of the more negative temptations that Hollywood can dangle in front of impressionable young starlets. Hilary Duff, however, managed to avoid that trap. She starred in a few other cute movies after the show wrapped, and quickly moved on to slightly meatier indie roles in movies like According to Greta and Bloodworth. She also continued on with her singing career, releasing several hits over the years including "Come Clean," which any fan of Laguna Beach will remember. She married (and then divorced) hockey-playing hubby Mike Comrie, and has an adorable son named Luca who appears on her social media frequently. She's only 30 years old and she has a huge career behind her, so we can't wait to see what Duff gets up to next!

15 Lalaine, Who Was Lizzie's BFF And Partner In Crime Miranda Sanchez

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Who could forget Lalaine, who played Duff's trusty sidekick Miranda, the voice of reason to Lizzie's often over the top worries. Lalaine embarked on a music career after the show wrapped, and after a solo album that didn't do too well, she ended up getting involved with a band called Vanity Theft, playing bass. She's appeared in a few acting projects as well, but nothing as memorable as her stint on Lizzie McGuire. Die-hard fans can follow Lalaine on Instagram and see what she's up to, but she seems to be living a low key life outside of the spotlight, dabbling in singing and music and acting and everything in between. It's exactly the kind of artsy life we would have imagined Miranda would grow up to have to be honest, which is kind of amazing.

14 Adam Lamberg, Who Played The Goofy David 'Gordo' Gordon

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Okay, get ready for this one — Lamberg totally pivoted when it comes to his career. After the show wrapped, he starred in two other films, When Do We Eat? and Beautiful Loser, and then basically disappeared from Hollywood. However, he's been busy. He went to the University of California, Berkeley and majored in geography before returning to his hometown of New York. Currently, he apparently works at the Irish Arts Center as a development officer and is working on a master's degree in public administration. So, basically the exact type of thing we would have imagined Gordo would do when he grew up. He didn't end up going into the film industry, but perhaps playing the super-brainy Gordo had a bigger impact on him than he ever could have imagined!

13 Hallie Todd, Who Played The Always Wise Mama Jo McGuire

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Hallie Todd played the mom Lizzie McGuire was always trying to fool with her schemes, who clearly cared for her daughter and always forgave her silliness. She was the kind of mom we all wanted, and we'll always remember her iconic glasses and updo. She looks a whole lot different now — and still super gorgeous, despite the fact that she's in her mid-50s now. She's appeared in a few roles since the show wrapped, but the majority of her television work took place in the 80s and 90s before she appeared on the Disney channel. Todd has also penned two books based on her expertise, Being Young Actors and Parenting The Young Actor — sharing her advice with the world, just like Mama McGuire would have! She seems to have taken a step back from acting to teach it, which is kind of amazing.

12 Robert Carradine, Who Played Dad Sam McGuire

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Like many actors who play adults on kids or teen shows, Robert Carradine had a whole career before he appeared alongside Duff as the dad on the show. He's been in the industry since the early '70s, and has a ton of credits under his belt — and even starred alongside John Wayne in his very first role! Since the show wrapped, Carradine has kept a pretty low profile, appearing in a few projects here or there but nothing major. Hey, after over thirty years in the entertainment industry, you'd need a bit of a break too! Hopefully he's enjoying some vacations with his wife of over twenty years, Edie Mani — after all, why work so hard for so many years if you can't enjoy the spoils of your labor a little?

11 Jake Thomas, Lizzie's Crazy Younger Brother Matt McGuire

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It turns out Jake Thomas could have been Hilary Duff's little brother in real life — he's two years younger than the actress. Currently, Thomas splits his time between Los Angeles and his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, and has a ton of credits under his belt. He's never gotten a huge leading role like he had on the show, but he's appeared in countless one or two episode arcs on shows including CSI: Miami, House, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Storytellers and many more. He's also apparently a photographer, so who knows — perhaps one day you'll be able to check out an exhibition of Jake Thomas' works. We have to admit, we're super curious about the type of photographs he takes and how serious he is about it. Perhaps a career switch is in order?

10 Ashlie Brillault, Who Played Kate Sanders, The Original Regina George

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Okay, this one will blow your mind. After appearing in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Brillault left Hollywood altogether and pursued a career path we would never have expected — law. She got a B.A. in political science from California State University and then headed to the University of Denver where she got a J.D. She's now married to her hubby (who she met while she was studying hard in Colorado), and she passed the bar in California — and she has a daughter!. She spilled to MTV that "at the moment I'm focusing on being a mom to this amazing little human being and in the next few months I plan on looking for a job as a lawyer in the civil rights or criminal defense field." Go, Ashlie!

9 Haylie Duff, Hilary's Real Life Sister Who Played Kate's Cousin Amy

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It seems just as her little sister Hilary, Haylie Duff got bit by the acting bug at a young age. She's currently the host of two shows, Real Girl's Kitchen and Haylie's America, which is pretty impressive. She's also been acting steadily in the past few years, but you won't see her at the movie theatre — she's been making a name for herself through made for television movies. She's filmed about two or three television movies, both holiday-themed and just regular, every year for the past few years. Keep an eye out for her when the new movies start rolling out next holiday season! She's also the mother of an adorable daughter, Ryan, and announced in January of this year that she was expecting a second child with her hubby.

8 Clayton Snyder, Who Played Everyone's Crush Ethan Craft

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Clayton Snyder played the legendary Ethan Craft, the guy that everyone at Lizzie McGuire's high school had a crush on (even though he perhaps wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed). After the show wrapped, he went back to school, attending Pepperdine University and playing on their water polo team throughout his college career. He's appeared in a few projects since then and has even ventured into the theatre world, appearing in a variety of musicals. Who would have ever guessed that Ethan Craft would become a Broadway kind of guy? Snyder may not be a household name yet, but he seems to be making a successful living for himself in the arts, which is pretty impressive. We have to admit, we'd love to hear him sing.

7 Kyle Downes, Who Played The Cringeworthy Larry Tudgeman

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Okay, first of all, we have to admit that Downes experienced a major glow up since the show wrapped — he's no longer the nerdy Tudgeman that he played back in his younger years. He's gotten a few more roles in television shows like CSI: Miami and The L Word but has turned a lot of his creative energy behind the scenes, choosing to write and direct rather than appear in front of the camera. He's put together several short films and even a feature-length neo-noir thriller. He also apparently loves motorcycles, which is definitely not something we would have expected from the guy who played such a nerdy character on Disney. It just goes to show that many actors play characters that are totally different than their actual personalities.

6 Christian Copelin, Who Played Matt's Friend Lanny Onasis

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Christian Copelin won everyone's heart as Matt's best friend Lanny, who was the quiet to his loud, chaotic personality. Lanny didn't speak, expressing himself only through his gestures and facial expressions, yet he was so fun to watch. Copelin seems to have taken a step back from Hollywood, as he doesn't have any credits to his name since around 2004. However, he did play around with his creative side on a Youtube web series called "Tux," where he voiced a talking dog. There was only one episode, but who knows — perhaps Copelin will become the next big YouTube sensation. We can't wait to see what he does next, whether in the entertainment industry or if we finally get a chance to figure out what on earth he's been doing with his life for the past decade!

5 Davida Williams, Who Played Kate's Bestie Claire Miller

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Davida Williams played Kate's BFF and fellow member of the cheerleading squad. After the show wrapped, she had a few roles over the years, including playing Jade Taylor on the soap opera As The World Turns from 2008 t0 2009 and appearing on a few episodes of Foursome, Stuck in the Middle and Casual. She hasn't found her next big role yet, but she's young and has plenty of time left — and, after all, it just takes one perfect role on the perfect show to catapult any starlet to superstardom. Plus, it definitely doesn't hurt that she could easily play everything from a teen to a successful career woman — with a few changes to her hair and wardrobe, she could look completely different, and that's the kind of range that every actor would love to have!

4 Arvie Lowe Jr., Who Played The Coolest Substitute Teacher Ever, Mr. Dig

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Arlie's been harnessing his creative energy in an entirely different way as of late. While he got his start in acting, he's used his experience as an actor and musician to move into the world of advertising. He now works at a firm called Surreal 16 Creative, where he pitches ad campaigns to big brands. You can check him out on his Instagram page, @loweman01, and see all the antics he's up to for his various clients. We love the fact that he didn't keep trying to succeed in Hollywood when he didn't make it to the A-List — rather than stringing together minor roles for years and years, he went in an entirely different direction, and it obviously worked very well! We'd love to see exactly what kind of enthusiasm he brings to a pitch session.

3 Carly Schroeder, Who Played Matt's Friend Melina Bianco

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Schroeder got started in the entertainment industry at a very young age, discovered at just three when she was going along with a cousin to an acting audition. She did print work as a child model in various catalogs, appeared on a variety of television shows, and even in a few movies over the years. She didn't allow her acting career to stop her college dreams, attending California Lutheran University and getting a degree in communications and psychology (with a minor in theatre, obviously). We're not sure where her career will take her next, but considering that she's been in everything from indie films to major television shows, we have a feeling that the sky is the limit for this young starlet — she very well might end up becoming the next big thing!

2 Dot Marie Jones, Who Played The Strict But Sweet Coach Kelly

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Many fans of the show Glee will recognize Dot Marie Jones, who played Coach Beiste on the show, but that definitely wasn't her first time portraying a coach — she played Coach Kelly on Lizzie McGuire far before her Glee days! She's been fairly busy with Glee over the past few years but found time to appear in guest-starring roles on a variety of other television shows including Baby Daddy, 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, American Horror Story: Cult and many more. She's perfect proof that it's totally okay to be yourself in Hollywood — her 6'3 frame definitely stands out from the crowd, but she's made sure that hasn't held her back over the years. She's also an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ communities, and even appeared as a visiting professor on RuPaul's Drag U back in 2011!

1 Dyana Ortelli, Who Played Miranda's Mom Danielle Sanchez

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Okay, Dyana Ortelli may not have been a staple on the show — she appeared as Miranda's mom only three or four times over the two seasons — but why not find out what she's been up to? She lent her voice to the wildly successful animated film Coco, and has appeared in a variety of roles in both English and Spanish, including in the show Las Garnachas, Jane the Virgin, Ana Maria in Novela Land, Encrucijada and more. She seems to bounce back and forth between the two markets, which is pretty amazing. She hasn't had a major role, but the fact that she's been working consistently is no small feat — Hollywood is a tough industry! Perhaps she'll become the next telenovela superstar if she decides to pursue Spanish roles a bit more in the coming years.

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