The Cast Of Laguna Beach: What They Looked Like In Their First Season vs. Now

It's hard to believe that Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County has been off the air for over a decade. The reality television show starring a group of teens in an affluent California community — inspired by the popular teen drama The O.C., set in the same location — debuted in 2004 and aired its final episode in 2006. And, given that the stars were in high school at that time, they're all fully in adulthood in their early '30s now.

There are some stars that went on to stay in the public eye, even starring in yet another spin-off reality show, The Hills. However, most of the Laguna Beach crew that we got to know so well while watching the show weekly are living totally normal lives. Many of them went on to have children and families and work regular jobs and it's just a little insane to believe because in our minds, they're still those drama-prone high school teens living in their parents' mansions.

So, it's time to cue up Hilary Duff's classic song "Come Clean" and take a trip down memory lane — here's what 16 of the old Laguna Beach crew are up to now, and how their appearance has changed over the past decade.

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16 Lauren Conrad, Who Went On To Have A Lifestyle Empire

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Okay, even if you never watched the show and don't know who on earth this "LC" is that everyone is referring to, chance are you know who Lauren Conrad is. She's managed to turn her teenage reality show gig, which she got pretty much because of where she was living at the time, into a full career, and that's pretty impressive. After the show wrapped, Lauren went on to star in her own spin-off reality show The Hills. Then, she stepped away from television and into the lifestyle world, launching fashion lines and writing young adult novels and putting together a Lauren Conrad empire. She's married to former Something Corporate guitarist William Tell, and is now a mom. We're not sure what business ventures she still has up her sleeve, but they'll likely be pretty successful.

15 Kristin Cavallari, Who Is Now Mrs. Cutler

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For those who don't remember, on the show, Kristin was basically LC's sworn enemy — they fought over guys, they fought over everything. Kristin managed to extend her moment in the reality television world by also appearing on The Hills for a while, and then went on to snag a few acting roles, although nothing major. And, she also teamed up with a company to work on a fashion line — in her case, she created a shoe collection with the brand Chinese Laundry. And, of course, she found love — she married NFL player Jay Cutler, and is now a mother of three (we know, we can't believe it either!). Given her husband's career success, she doesn't have to desperately find acting gigs, so she's likely taking time to raise her little family.

14 Stephen Colletti, The Boy They Were All Fighting Over

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We're not sure what it is about starring on a reality television show that makes many people think they can transition into the acting world, but it's more common than you'd think. Stephen Colletti, however, actually managed to pull it off. After the show wrapped, he spent some time working as a VJ with MTV — a position that quite a few actors and actresses held in their youth, including Hilarie Burton — and eventually snagged a spot on the hit drama One Tree Hill. Since then, he's only gotten a few other roles, but he's still young — there are many actors who don't even get their big break until their 30s. We're excited to see what kind of roles he tackles next, and many of his former castmates are likely supporting him the whole way.

13 Talan Torriero, Who Is Now A Dad

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Talan Torriero certainly had an interesting romantic life for a while. He was in the public eye for a bit thanks to his relationships with party girl Kimberly Stewart and pop star Nicole Scherzinger, but ended up finding love with someone outside that world, his now-wife Danielle. The duo recently had their first child — that's right, Talan is a dad! He apparently works in marketing now, and his expertise is social media. Can you even imagine what it would have been like if social media was as big back when Laguna was on the air as it is today? Those kids would have been involved in way more drama — we can just imagine the girls gasping over what they saw on someone's Instagram feed.

12 Alex Murrel, Who Now Owns A Marketing Agency And Is Pitching Another Reality Show

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It's tough to remember why all these gorgeous women used to fight over Jason, but hey — the teenage heart wants what it wants. While Alex used to battle it out with her girlfriends over the cute guy, nowadays she's happily married with a baby. She owns her own marketing agency, which is pretty amazing, but we haven't even gotten to the best part yet. Apparently, she's pitching a new reality show that would star herself, and her former Laguna co-stars Morgan Olsen and Taylor Cole. We're not sure what her pitch is or what the angle would be for a show like that, but we would watch it in a heartbeat — if LC can pop up all over the place, why can't these ladies? We'd love to see them back on our screens all these years later.

11 Taylor Simshauser (Cole), Now A Professional Photographer (All Those Teen Selfies Paid Off!)

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Taylor Cole pretty much completely disappeared after the show wrapped, and was just living a private life until she managed to find love — and the world was treated to some shots of her wedding. She married her boyfriend Kevin Simshauser, in California of course, and had two former Laguna co-stars as her bridesmaids (which is absolutely adorable — they're still friends, guys!). Her Instagram account is private, unlike some of the former Laguna stars, so we can't see exactly what she's up to, but rumor has it she works as a photographer nowadays. They only got married recently, and we're not sure what their plans are for children, but if a family is in the cards we bet they'll have the best photo albums ever thanks to mama's skill with the camera.

10 Jessica Evans (Formerly Known As Jessica Smith) Is A Busy Mama

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Ah, Jessica. It seems like she was pretty much always crying on the show, which to be fair, is kind of what you would expect of a teenager who probably thinks every little drama is the end of the world. However, she's definitely grown up a lot over the years, and certainly isn't crying over spilled milk anymore. She married boyfriend Michael Evans and is now a mom of four (yes, we're serious — four!). Understandably, her Instagram feed is basically packed with shots of her children and funny mom sayings she likes. She's likely got her hands full raising all those children, and we're curious to see if she has any business ventures up her sleeve or if she's just going to rock the stay at home mom life until her kids are older.

9 Jason Wahler, The Guy Who Took Paris Away From LC

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Ah, Jason — he was the guy with some kind of inexplicable charm that no one watching understood. He had gorgeous women falling all over him, and even inspired one to forego her trip to Paris (looking at you, LC) to focus on her relationship with him, but we never quite got it. Wahler has definitely had his struggles over the years with addiction and was involved in six alcohol-related arrests over the years (yikes), but he eventually realized he was on the wrong path and headed to rehab. Since then, he's been sober, and found love with a model and tied the knot. He still lives in California, now with his wife and baby, and seems to be on a much healthier path now than he was back in the day.

8 Dieter Schmitz, Now Living Large In NYC

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Dieter is one of the few former Laguna stars who didn't stay in California, if you can believe it (although he still had his wedding to longtime girlfriend Isabell Hiebl there, in Monterey — many of his former Laguna stars were there, including LC and Stephen). After graduating high school, Dieter went into the hospitality world, working his way up the ladder in hotel management. He worked in San Diego for a while before an opportunity whisked him across the country to New York City, where he's now a general manager at InterContinental Hotels Group. We would never have guessed that's the career path he'd take, but hey — he's a friendly guy who always seemed smart and like he had a good head on his shoulders, we can totally see him in the hospitality world!

7 Lo Bosworth, Who Is Trying To Build Her Own Lifestyle Empire Like LC

via: intouchweekly.com

On the show, Lo Bosworth was basically LC's right-hand woman. Then, on the spin-off reality show The Hills, she was also LC's right-hand woman. It makes sense that after so many years in the reality television world playing the sidekick, Lo would want to break out on her own and carve her own path. After The Hills wrapped, she left the world of television entirely and moved to New York City. Like her former bestie Lauren Conrad, she's trying to make her mark on the lifestyle world and runs a lifestyle blog called The Lo Down. She also went to culinary school, started a YouTube channel, released a book inspired by her blog (also called The Lo Down), and launched a few start-ups. Lo's definitely been hustling, that's for sure!

6 Christina Schuller (now Christina Sinclair), Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire

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It's definitely harder to keep up with the women of Laguna than with the men since so many of them have gotten married and opted to take their husbands' names since the show wrapped! Everyone remembers Christina's passion for the entertainment industry on the show, and how she aspired to be an actress one day. She's switched her career direction a bit since then to the health and wellness world, where she's absolutely slaying it. She works as a fitness instructor, and even launched her own website called Beach Babe Fitness — definitely appropriate for someone based in sunny Laguna Beach! She's also a mom to two children, so we have a feeling a mom-inspired workout empire may just be next on her list of goals. She looks totally amazing.

5 Cameron Brinkman, Surfer Boy Turned Photographer/Filmmaker

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Most people will remember Cameron as the quintessential surfer boy/party boy hybrid. He was always down for a good time, and his goofy personality was kind of charming in a way. Since then, he's appeared in a few projects — he was a rebel in one of the Hunger Games movies and was in the USA Water Polo campaign. However, for the most part, he's been working as a filmmaker and photographer. We're not sure exactly what types of projects he takes on, but there's a part of us that hopes he's stuck with his surfer boy roots and tackles projects along those lines — we'd love to see a few more fantastic surfing documentaries. Brinkman, make it happen! It's so crazy to think of him as a business owner though!

4 Casey Reinhardt, the Cupcake Queen

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After the show wrapped, Casey was busy trying to take advantage of her 15 minutes of fame, and she went into the world she knew best — beauty. She launched a line of lip gloss called Kiss By Casey (so '00s!). We have a feeling it wasn't a huge success, given that she eventually went on to pursue future endeavors. After that, she ended up opening her own cupcake shop called Casey's Cupcakes in Riverside. Who knew she was a baker? She even appeared on an episode of Cupcake Wars, where she snagged the Walk of Fame title, and she refers to herself as the Cupcake Queen. It's a little extra, but hey — so is Casey. She also found love with entrepreneur and investor Sean Michael Brown, and they're living the entrepreneur life together.

3 Trey Phillips, Who Is Now A Designer For Vera Wang (What!?)

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Okay, are you ready for this one? Trey Phillips is now an associate designer for Vera Wang. Yes, seriously. Fans of Laguna saw his budding design passion on the show, and after high school, he ended up moving to New York City to study design at Parsons. He stayed there after graduating because, well, if you want to work in the fashion industry New York is a pretty amazing place to be. We're not sure if he wants to stay with Vera Wang forever or if he's looking to mix up his design game by working for several designers, or if perhaps he's waiting to launch his very own line one of these days. Regardless, we can't wait to see what kind of clothing he comes up with — what a cool job to have!

2 Morgan Smith (Formerly Morgan Olsen), Who Managed To Find Her Perfect Man

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You might remember Morgan as that one who was waiting for the perfect man, and not willing to give up her body until she found him — and we totally loved that she was so passionate about her beliefs. Luckily, she's managed to find her dream guy, and she's now married with a kid. She ended up working in the glamorous world of magazines for a while before heading into the sphere of digital media and public relations. We can totally imagine the bubbly, positive Morgan in that industry. Although, who knows — if Alex M.'s pitch works out and she returns to television along with two of her friends, we might see a whole lot more of Morgan in the near future — we definitely wouldn't mind seeing what she's up to lately.

1 Chase Johnson, Who Is Still Part Of His Band Open Air Stereo

via: mtv.com

Okay, do you remember the band Open Air Stereo, that Chase was a member of while he was on the show? Well, it turns out that he's still with the band — insane! However, that's more indicative of his passion for music than the band's actual talent. When he's not jamming with Open Air Stereo, he's the CEO and founder of a record label, LoveLips Inc. We're not crazy about the name, but it's still pretty amazing that he's managed to transform his passion for music into an actual career. Who knows, perhaps someday a huge name musician will hit up LoveLips and catapult him to superstardom. Or, maybe he's still waiting for Open Air Stereo to make it big. Either way, he's living in sunny Newport Beach, so life can't be that bad!

Sources: hollywood.com, popsugar.com, mtv.com

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