The Cast Of Gilmore Girls: What They Looked Like In Their First Season vs. Now

Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons in the '00s, and it's no secret that the show earned many fans over the years, including fans who discovered it when it was on Netflix or DVD and not even on the air anymore. The town of Stars Hollow was utterly charming, you got the perspective of three generations thanks to the three Gilmore women who were at the center of it all, and the cast of characters was amazing. And, many of the actors on the show have gone on to star in equally major projects, from successful television shows to starting up major movie careers. However, they'll always be a resident of Stars Hollow to us.

Now, fans who watched the four revival episodes on Netflix will have caught up with the cast, but if you didn't have a chance to catch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, you may be wondering what on earth the cast is up to, and what they were doing in the decade between when the show wrapped and when the revival aired. Well, we've got your answers — here's a little then vs. now comparison of 15 of the show's major cast members. Spoiler alert — they all still look amazing!

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15 Lauren Graham, Everyone's Favourite Mom Lorelai Gilmore

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I mean, obviously, we're going to kick things off with Lauren Graham a.k.a. Lorelai Gilmore. While Rory and Emily certainly have their fans, for many, Lorelai was the one who truly made the show what it was — and that's in large part thanks to how Lauren handled the character. Not long after the show wrapped, Graham went on to star in another show, Parenthood, playing yet another amazing mom, Sarah Braverman. That show is actually where she met her long-time partner Peter Krause as well. And, as if that weren't enough, Graham is also now a New York Times bestselling author, having written an utterly charming book, Someday, Someday, Maybe. We kind of hope she focuses on her writing career in the years to come — we'd love to read a few more of her works!

14 Alexis Bledel, Who Went From A Teenage Rory Gilmore To A Total Beauty

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It's no secret that Alexis Bledel was one of the younger cast members when the show kicked off — in fact, fans may be surprised to know that the audition for Rory Gilmore was actually Bledel's first ever audition. Talk about a lucky break! She's now married to Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, is a mom of one adorable baby boy, and recently appeared on the hugely popular Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale. She's gotten a few movie roles over the years since the show wrapped, but she seems to be taking a bit of a slower pace and focusing on her family rather than her career, which is totally understandable. She's also still close with her co-stars from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which is really cool.

13 Scott Patterson, Who We Wish Served Us Coffee Every Day As Luke Danes

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Fun fact — did you know that originally, Amy Sherman-Palladino envisioned the owner of the diner as a woman? However, taking a look at the script and the cast of characters, the producers of the show felt like they needed a bit more testosterone — and not just through the love interests the ladies had (although Luke ended up becoming a love interest later in the series, obviously). So, they found Scott Patterson — and we can't imagine anyone else as the grumpy diner owner with a heart of gold. Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson had fantastic chemistry together, and he was definitely a huge part of the show. He's been in a few projects since the show wrapped, but he's also been focusing on his photography work (who knew he was so creative?!).

12 Yanic Truesdale, Everyone's Favourite Sassy Concierge Michel Gerard

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First of all, for those who might think that Truesdale's accent was totally fake, let's just clear this up — everyone's favorite grouchy concierge actually was born in Montreal. So, while he may have hammed up the accent a little for the camera, he's actually got some real French-Canadian blood in those veins. He's appeared in a few projects since the show wrapped, but he traded in Hollywood for his hometown in 2011. And you'll never believe what he did next — it's so Michel. Truesdale ended up opening his very own spin studio, SpinEnergie, which he decided to create because he was in love with the dance-inspired spin classes he experienced in Los Angeles. Be right back — we're busy booking plane tickets to go take one of Michel's spin classes. Amazing.

11 Kelly Bishop, The Incomparable Emily Gilmore

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Anyone who has seen her on the show knows that Kelly Bishop is definitely a powerhouse. I mean, she played Emily Gilmore to perfection — at times, she was soft and vulnerable, and at other times, she was demanding and rigid. She transformed what could have been a tough character to like into one that fans all loved. She hasn't appeared in a tremendous amount of roles since the show wrapped, apart from starring as Fanny on Amy Sherman-Palladino's next show Bunheads for a season, but that's because she had already had an entire career before ever starring as Emily Gilmore. I mean, the woman made her theatre debut in the '60s! The 70-something star takes on a role from time to time, but is in semi-retirement, enjoying life with hubby Lee Leonard in New Jersey.

10 Melissa McCarthy, Who Went From Sookie St. James To Comedy Superstar

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It's kind of amazing to take a look back at Melissa McCarthy as the clumsy chef Sookie St. James on the show because we're so used to seeing her all glamorous on the red carpet promoting one of her many projects. McCarthy has been super busy since the show wrapped — she continued on in television, starring in the sitcom Mike & Molly for several years, and has also been scoring hit after hit in Hollywood, appearing in comedic classics like Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, the all-female Ghostbusters reboot and more. She was certainly funny on the show, but her leading gigs in comedies have definitely given her space to shine and truly show off her comedic chops. The woman is absolutely hilarious and we can't wait to see what projects she comes up with next.

9 Liza Weil, Rory's Enemy Turned Friend Paris Gellar

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We have to admit — Liza Weil has always had a spot in our hearts for her role as Paris Gellar, the type A nemesis turned bestie on the show. And, if you thought that was the high point of her career, you'd be wrong. Not long after the show wrapped, she met with television giant Shonda Rhimes — and she must have impressed Rhimes because she's now been involved in just about every show in her empire. She had several guest-starring gigs on Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Private Practice, and then ended up getting a more regular gig on the show How To Get Away With Murder. She's been playing the role of Bonnie on the show since 2014, and it's still going, with the drama just amping up season after season.

8 Jared Padalecki, Who Was Rory's First Love Dean Forrester

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Jared Padalecki had the tough task of playing Rory's first ever boyfriend, trying to convey that feeling of teenage love to the audiences. He did a fantastic job and even got some meatier storylines as the show progressed and Rory and Dean ended up having an affair. And, while not many people who have achieved success with a television show go on to star in another show that stays on the air for a season after season, Padalecki defied the odds. He left sunny Stars Hollow to star in the grittier series Supernatural, where he's played Sam Winchester for a staggering 13 seasons and counting. And, we're just going to go ahead and say it — he looks way, way better now than he ever did as Dean. I mean, the floppy hair was charming, but now he looks like a total babe.

7 Matt Czuchry, Everyone's Favourite Rich Boy Logan Huntzberger

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Matt Czuchry definitely had one of the toughest tasks on the show — trying to make the rich brat Logan Huntzberger seem charming, and making the audiences feel like there was more to his character than it first seemed. After playing Logan for the latter part of the series, he managed to snag another major television role, playing lawyer Cary Agos on the smash hit drama The Good Wife. Talk about scoring two major roles, one right after another! And, he didn't wait long before trying his luck at the television game again. About two years after The Good Wife wrapped, Czuchry had another starring role on his plate, this time playing Conrad Hawkins on the new show The Resident. From the courtroom to the operating room, is there any kind of role Czuchry can't master?

6 Milo Ventimiglia, The Bad Boy Bookworm Jess Mariano

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Okay, unless you've been living under a television rock for the past decade, chances are you know exactly what Milo Ventimiglia is up to. While he's taken on a few movie roles over the years, he's been lighting it up in the television sphere, first starring on the show Heroes as Peter Petrelli, and then going on to an entirely different genre to play Jack Pearson in This Is Us. That's right — he's one of the people responsible for making us cry in the past few months as we watched the tearjerker show. And, perhaps best of all — he's still single. That's right ladies — your dreams of someday ending up with Jess Mariano could still possibly become reality. We're so used to him with his long hair and mustache now, it's tough to remember how young he used to look!

5 Keiko Agena, Rory's Drum-Playing Bestie Lane Kim

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Did you know that Keiko Agena was 27 when she first started playing Lane Kim? Talk about looking good for her age! In fact, since the show wrapped, she doesn't seem to have aged at all. Since the show wrapped, Agena has appeared in a few projects, including the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. However, she's never managed to snag a role quite as big as Lane Kim, instead finding guest starring roles where she appears for a three or four episode story arc. However, she seems like she's living her best life — she married hubby Shin Kawasaki over a decade ago, in 2005, and seems to enjoy the slower pace. Who knows — perhaps she'll end up snagging a major role sometime soon. We'd love to see a little more Keiko on our television screens!

4 Sean Gunn, Stars Hollow's Most Bizarre Resident Kirk Gleason

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There's no doubt that Kirk Gleason, played to perfection by actor Sean Gunn, was one of Stars Hollow's strangest inhabitants. While he didn't have as major a role as some of the other characters, he was consistently on the show season after season in small, zany Kirk scenes. Since then, he's been a busy guy, with his most notable role being in the Guardians of The Galaxy films as Kraglin. He also helped his brother James Gunn out by being the on-set stand-in for the beloved Rocket raccoon character for Avengers: Infinity War. We can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve next — even in action films, he brings a ton of comedy to the role, so we'd love to see him tackle some true comedy roles in the next couple of years.

3 Liz Torres, The Always Interesting Miss Patty

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Even if you saw the revival, and saw Liz Torres coming back to play Miss Patty, there's a chance you might not have even remembered it because she looks so dramatically different. Like many of the other older cast members, Torres had quite the career before ever stepping foot in Stars Hollow, performing as a singer and taking on several smaller roles. She's been working since the '60s, so she definitely has earned a bit of a break from the fast-paced world of Hollywood. Although, we have to admit — we secretly would love if she opened a real life studio where others could learn to sing and dance and get some of her expertise. We would give just about anything to get dance lessons from Miss Patty, wouldn't you?

2 Jackson Douglas, Who Played Sookie's Adorable Hubby Jackson Belleville

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Jackson Douglas definitely had some fans as the lovable vegetable guy who supplied Sookie with the freshest produce in town before the two fell in love. Since the show wrapped, he seems to have taken a break from the entertainment industry. Sure, he's appeared in a few minor roles over the years, but one of the main reasons he's been in the spotlight lately was for his divorce from wife Alex Borstein. For those who may not recognize the name, Borstein played the sassy harp player on Gilmore Girls before going on to achieve massive success voicing Lois Griffin on Family Guy. Douglas was married to the comedy superstar for 15 years. We're not truly sure what he's filling his days with — perhaps he'll take inspiration from his character and start growing produce.

1 David Sutcliffe, Who Played Handsome Dad Christopher Hayden

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Ah, David Sutcliffe — he had the hard task of being the guy who kind of abandoned Lorelai and Rory, and then the guy who took Lorelai away from Luke for a while. It certainly wasn't an easy role, but he made us love Christopher Hayden nonetheless. The Canadian cutie only appeared in 37 episodes over the course of the show, whenever a Christopher storyline came up, but it seems like he was in more considering what a big part he played in the girls' lives. Since the show wrapped, he's been working steadily, scoring roles in shows including Private Practice and Proof, as well as starring in a few made for TV movies. If you ever miss Christopher, just tune in during the Christmas season — he'll probably be playing a love interest in one of those made for TV holiday films.

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