The Cast Of Full House: What They Look Like From The First Episode And Now

Though the first episode of Full House aired nearly three decades ago, it’s almost impossible to forget the iconic sitcom! The series aired in 1987 to 1995, and it feels like yesterday. A lot of 90' babies could for sure relate to everything that went down in the Tanner household. Like so many of us who grew up watching our favorite sitcoms like Full House, we can't help but ask where do these actors go when it's over? Where did their careers end up taking them? And more importantly, what do they look like now? We can't help but wonder what has become America's sweethearts' the Olsen twins, our favorite TV dad Danny Tanner ( Bob Saget) and Uncle Jesse ( John Stamos).

You don't have to worry any further, seeing as the show was revived in 2016. The revival includes a lot of the original cast but excludes Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who played Michelle. It's a dream come true for the fans who have been waiting for years. Though, it was suspect that the show would make a return as the fans were so eager and loving the popular comedy. No worries, Fuller House won't end anytime soon, as the cast is currently shooting their third season already. Also, Netflix claimed Fuller House has been one of the most viewed sitcoms in the world!

Let's take a look at how far the iconic characters have come from then and now:

15 Uncle Jesse Is About To Be A Dad

One of the most favorites of the show did not stop here after the ending of Full House! Since then, He has been in numerous TV shows and movies such as Scream Queens, ER, Grandfathered, Thieves, just to name a few things. Just recently, Stamos received the Childhelp Lifetime Achievement Award for over 20 years of serving charity to children around the world. Also, he is expecting his first child with fiancee Caitlin McHugh. Also, caught on an interview by Page Six, Stamos spoke about the popularity of the show, “For years I was really trying to distance myself from Full House. Then I realized, it ain’t going away, so I better embrace it, It provided a really beautiful, great life for me and my family. My parents were at every show. I started [playing] with the Beach Boys.” The actor even stated that he has accomplished all except start a family. Well, it's safe to say he can scratch that off his bucket list.

14 Full House Dad Danny Has Gone Wild

The Fuller House star is still making the buzz! Papa Danny recently made the headlines with comedian Bill Maher when concerning images surfaced that shown the two harassing a young woman. A lot of people were surprised that their favorite TV Dad was accused of such thing. But in light of everything, Saget has been seen on popular shows like Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, Madagascar (2015), and even wrote a book, Dirty Daddy. As for his career, Saget never quit the comedy scene, as he has done plenty of stand-ups and he was even nominated for an award. You can catch some of his comedy works like "That Ain't Right" or his special "Farce of the Penguins." The comedian's latest performance was an adult-only show at Mayo Performing Arts Center.

13 Many More Movies In The Future For Lori

Prior to her returning to Fuller House, Lori Loughlin produced and starred in many of our favorite shows like 90210, Summerland, Farce Of The Penguins, and many others. Loughlin still gets around Hollywood, and we're so happy, we'd hate to see her talent run out. It's definitely fun to see the Fuller House get along so well, as Loughlin and Candace Cameron were shown partying together and the 2018 Golden Globes. You can catch them on the Netflix reboot of Full House as Lori revived her character, Aunt Becky. The star has two children Isabella and Olivia with husband Mossimo Giannuli, an Italian designer. Both of Loughlin's daughters' are successful YouTubers, with over a million followers combined. The stardom of Lori definitely translated to her daughters as they take the online world by storm.

12 The Olsen Twins Reign Won't Stop

While the Olsen twins aren't exactly in the mainstream news anymore, they still have a huge impact on Hollywood. They definitely did a 360 spin on their careers, going from staring in popular movies that every early 2000s girl had on VHS, to being full-blown fashion designers. Yes, the twins who played Michelle Tanner are now CEOs of their own company, Dualstar, and owner of the present fashion brands, The Row, and Elizabeth & James. The pair is still making news and profit as their net-worth is currently more than 400 million dollars. Mary-Kate has married the famous French banker Olivier Sarkozy, making her a stepmother of two. As for Ashley, her dating life is quite the mystery, to say the least. As per usual, the Olsen twins love their privacy.

11  Candace Is Back On The Screen With Her Daughter

Candice Cameron Bure is now mostly known as a producer, talk show host, and making appearances on various television shows. She has been on Dancing with the Stars, Real Murders and Just In Time For Christmas, just to name a few of her past works. The American actress is married to Valeri Bure with three kids, Maksim, Lev, and Natasha who starred in the Hallmark movie Switching Christmas alongside their mother. Now that Netflix has revived Fuller house, she is delighted to be back on screen as DJ Tanner. We couldn't be happier that she's agreed to come back and do Fuller House. Could you image the revival without DJ? Cause we definitely can't. We're definitely glad she agreed because it's definitely more her venue than The View was.

10 Coulier Is Still Making The Audience Laugh

Best known as Joey Gladstone on Full House,  he's married to Melissa Bring and has only one son, who is a pilot. If you keep up with the latest buzz in the media, Coulier has played in a number of shows like Bob & Doug, The Surreal Life, America’s Most Talented Kid, and Animal Kidding. He is also very well known for his voice-overs. He makes countless visits to Universities like Oakland University and Syracuse University as a motivational comedian speaker. Unsurprisingly, the star is still standing as he is recently sold his LA ranch style house listed $1.959 million. He also announced his new stand-up comedy in Livermore. He will also make an appearance on Funny You Should Ask, a comedy game show and all the while staring in the revival. How does he juggle it all?

9 Life Is Not As Sweet As Sweetin

When Full House finished airing, it seems as though Jodi Sweetin may have hit rock bottom for a bit. She suffered from alcoholism and dabbled in one too many illegal substances. Since then it seems as though she has bounced back, she wrote a book shedding lights on this life-changing period title; "UnSweetined". Though, she appeared in shows like Port City, Dancing with the Stars, Walt Before Mickey, and other small roles. She is divorced with two children, Beatrix Coyle and Zoie Herpin who she had with two separate relationships. The star makes quite a lot of noise when it comes to her love life. Fortunately, Sweetin seems to be back to normal as she was seen with her latest boyfriend, celebrating her birthday. Like some of her co-stars, Sweetin will also be on upcoming Hallmark movies and Fuller House.

8 Beauty, Brains, and Barber

When Full House ended, Andrea Barber went off to pursue a Master of Arts degree in women’s studies in England at the University of York. She hasn’t been in the spotlight since then. So, it’s a surprise that the star decides to appear on Fuller House, years later. Note, she has done a movie called the Skateboard Kid 2 in 1995. She is a divorcee of Jeremy Rytky, though, they have two children together, Darin and Justin Barber. Currently, filming Fuller House season 3. She was seen on screen with co-star Candice Cameron Bure on the Facebook show competing against each other in an arm wrestling and rap battle match. This was to help raise awareness and funds for children in poverty which Candice won $15,000.

7 The Tuomy Twins Play Hide And Seek

Tuomy Twins

The estranged twins Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit haven’t been on any shows, since Full House. Being replaced after only 70 episodes of the show, the pair kept a low profile, just like their co-star Andrea Barber. Though unlike his brother Blake, Dylan prefers to work behind the scenes, he’s been seen working on Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Furious 7 as a foley artist (sound expert). It's fair to say, he has done a great job! As for Blake, he is now a firefighter, in Atlanta. You can follow their daily lives or at least a glimpse of it on their social media. Pretty surprising, the twins have chosen two completely different paths. Though, the Tuomy-Wilhoit twins are pretty happy to be back on the renewal of the show, Fuller House.

6 Tahj Is Still Winning Hearts

Do you remember that adorable angelic face on your screen back then? Well, yes he is still winning hearts with a much more adult-like scruffy face. Believe it or not, he is already in his thirties...feel old yet? He's been a part of TV shows like Smart Guy, Hounded, Kim Possible, The Poof Point, and many others. Now, he is starring in the ABC Family show, Baby Daddy. As if it's not enough, Tahj can now add singer on his talent list as he wrote and produced his own EP which features, 'Flirt', a single on the record. Don't lose hope, the former child star seems to live a pretty easy love life as he is single with no kids. Though, he his the uncle of four from his famous sisters Tia and Tamera.

5 Weinger Now Works Behind The Camera

How can anyone forget Scott? One of America's sweetest TV boyfriends you could ever ask for. Did you know he also voiced the classic Disney movie Aladdin and any of its cartoon shows? That's not all, Weinger is not only a cute face with a charming personality, he also has a brain as he graduated from Havard University. After Full House, Scott's success kind of peaked as he now works behind the scenes as a writer and producer. You might be familiar with the followings, What I Like About You, 90210, and The Neighbours. The childhood star is happily married to spouse and producer Rina Mimoun, the lovers have one child, Mischa Weinger. Like many others on the list, he has revived his role on Fuller House.

4 Chelsea Noble Is A Devoted Wife And Christian

You may be shocked to find out that Chelsea Noble's real name is actually Nancy Mueller.  Although she only starred in two episodes of the show as Cynthia, we couldn't help but include her on the list. Since the show, she has made tons of appearances on shows like Seinfeld, Days Of Our Lives, Growing Pains and Doogie Howser. She is married to Kirk Cameron (Yep, that would be Candance Cameron's brother) whom she met on the Full House set. They both have 6 children together and run The Firefly Foundation which serves terminally ill children and their families. She is seen on the screen a lot by her husband's side, they both starred in movies like Left Behind. Noble is very much into the political, religious issues as her husband a firm conservative and Christian.

3 Whit Hertford Takes Over The Theatre Scene

Give credit where it's due, Walter "Duckface" Berman the guy who pretty much started the 'Duckface' we see all over our Instagram page these days. While he only starred in three episodes of season three: "Nerd for a Day", "Divorce Court", and "Mr. Egghead" he made quite the impact!  The American actor is more than successful as he is now mostly a writer and director. Hertford takes a lot of contentment working in the theatre industry like his Shakespear inspired Houses LGBTQA version of Romeo & Juliet, Lunatic - Dracula inspired, and so much more. He has been in Glee, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Batman and most famously, The Addams Family. He also has his own theatre company 'Rio Act. ' We're so happy that little Walter has found success.

2 Anne Marie McEvoy Is Practicing Psychology

Anne Marie McEvoy, known for playing Kathy Santoni in season three of the sitcom, really made quite the impact in the show.  With her unique and mature look she was a fan favorite for the Full House fandom. Did you know, Kathy is the only character on the show that is mentioned more than she is actually seen? Since Full House ended, she kept quite busy as she has made major appearances on Back To School Blues, 13 Candles, Just Say No Way and The I.Q. Man. McEvoy also has Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Michigan which she practices full-time. She is married to James Conley, they have three children together. Anne Marie also made an appearance on Fuller House, season one in "DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion."

1 Gail Edwards Is An Ukulele Musician

Edward is well known as Vicky Larson on Full House, playing Danny's girlfriend. Heartwarming, protecting, sweet as berries she was! She inspired all of us to chase our dreams! Born the star that she is, Gail has done a lot! From films: In Self Defense, Get Crazy, TV commercials: Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Dr. Pepper, to the theatre: Grease, Cabaret, and Mame. In 2001, she was initiated in the Coral Gables High School Hall of Fame. Fun fact, Edwards even opened for Frank Sinatra, in 1974! As she is now a proud retired, Gail Edwards take full support of various charities using her Ukulele talent, which the famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto paint for her as a present. She too made a song that can be found on Youtube. She made a very short display in Fuller House season three finale.

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