The Cast Of Everybody Loves Raymond: What They Looked Like In Their First Episode vs. Now

In 1996, comedian Ray Romano joined forces with big names such as Brad Garrett, Peter Boyle, and Patricia Heaton to create what would quickly become one of America's most well-known and much appreciated prime-time comedies. The show aired for nine seasons and was nominated, and won several American Film Institute, Emmy, Golden Globe, Producers Guild of America, Satellite and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Everyone loved the family featuring a successful sports writer with the sassy wife, overbearing mother, indifferent father and insecure brother.

A lot has changed over the years, but the laughs keep going thanks to brilliant screenwriters, a dedicated cast, and inspired directors. One interesting aspect of the show was the use of children and how they interacted with the adults, most of whom were tortured by Doris Roberts' character Marie. As the series continued, the children grew quickly, allowing the actors a wider scope of comedic relief intertwined with adult humor, which toed the line in the nineties and made for a more successful show. Everybody Loves Raymond was a hit, as evidenced by how long it aired, so let's take a look at what the cast looked like in their first episode and see how far they've come, and how much they've changed, since:

15 Jon Manfrellotti As Gianni Back In 1996 And Jon Manfrellotti In 2018


Jon Manfrellotti played Gianni, one of Ramond's old friends. Though he has only appeared in 25 episodes of a series spanning eight seasons, Manfrellotti's character has played a centralized role in several episodes. Even in the nineties, Manfrellotti appeared older than Ray's usual friends, but when you compare how he looked then to how he looks now, the changes are obvious. Manfrellotti's eyes have some serious baggage and the lines on his forehead have become significantly more prominent. Of course, the color of his hair was affected by the ravages of time, but he managed to hold onto it and his hairline doesn't seem to have receded at all. While not all cast members can say the same for their luscious locks, at least Manfrellotti can say he's still got a full head of hair!

14 Tom McGowan Has Changed A Lot!


The younger generations may recognize Tom McGowan from his role as the overweight fat camp counselor Pat from Disney's Heavyweights, but the Everybody Loves Raymond crowd knows him as Bernie Gruenfelder, one of Ray's closest buddies. His weight wasn't much of an issue in 1996, however, McGowan's frame continued to widen over the years. As his photo reveals, his hairline receded slightly and grew a bit thinner; it also changed from a deep brown to a lighter color, which appears even brighter in the face of a strong camera flash. Most noticeable is his jawline and cheeks, which are a bit larger than they were in the mid-nineties, but even if he has gotten older and larger, McGowan's character was memorable and, when combined with his other roles, his fans will continue to adore him!

13 Who Can Forget Katherine Helmond!?


One of television's most recognizable women is definitely Katherine Helmond! Even if you forget her name, you never forget her face! Helmond played Lois Whelan, Debra Barone's rich mother who often gained laughter from the audience when she belittled her daughter's middle-class lifestyle. Helmond's trademark red hair has gone from the rich reddish-brown of her younger days to a gorgeous strawberry blond and her eyes do seem slightly more set into her face than they were, but she has still aged wonderfully given the twenty-some-odd years since the first season of Everybody Loves Raymond. There may be more wrinkles and the pallor of her skin may come as a bit of a shock, but as seen her current photograph, she remains in high spirits and, apparently, still loves to wear gold pearl necklaces.

12 Georgia Engel As Pat MacDougall In Season 1 Vs. Georgia Engel Today!


Georgia Engel played Pat MacDougall, Hank's wife. Her character was a mixture of a timid but sweet personality - though she was caught several times partaking of the sinful habit of smoking cigarettes! As seen here, Engel began as a woman meant to be in her young forties. Engel has lost weight, which is very obvious around her cheeks and jawline, yet, interestingly, her hairstyle has changed very little. She may also have a few extra wrinkles, but her expressions remain just as entertaining and genuine as ever. In fact, Engel has continued her acting career and is currently in the cast of the TV series One Day At A Time, which was released in 2018. If anyone is aging gracefully, it's her! No saggy skin or new body shapes for Engel!

11 Monica Horan Has Aged Beautifully!

Pinterest/Broadway World

Monica Horan was a recurring cast member between the first and seventh season of Everybody Loves Raymond, and became part of the main case for the final two seasons when her character, Amy, married Robert Barone. In 1996, she was fresh-faced and shared a beautiful smile with the world. Today, she continues to do the same. Horan's face may have become slightly more wrinkled but the bright smile and shining eyes remain the same! Even her hairstyle is similar! Of course, she knows that bangs should be parted to one side nowadays, rather than fall straight across her forehead like some elementary school student, but with the exception of her hairstyle and a few extra wrinkles, Monica Horan looks darned near the same! Good for her!

10 Andy Kindler Circa 1996 Vs. 2018

IMDB/Screener TV

Andy Kindler played a character by the same name in Everybody Loves Raymond. He was one of Ray's co-workers and appeared in the show quite often. He began as a young man interested in sports writing and, honestly, hasn't changed a whole lot since then. Kindler is obviously older, with a little white in his dark hair and a few more wrinkles than his younger days, but he still wears the same glasses, has the same adorable cleft in his chin, and maintains the same body type as he did in 1996. Andy Kindler may be a little older and a little wiser than his character on the show, but anyone who bumps into him today can immediately tell who he played back in 1996 without so much as a second glance.

9 Ladies And Gentleman, Fred Willard!


Fred Willard had a recurring role as Hank MacDougall, Robert's comically conservative Protestant father-in-law. The character was so well-received by audiences that Willard was nominated for an Emmy in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Back in 1996, when Everybody Loves Raymond first aired, Willard played an older gentleman with a daughter already in her late twenties or early thirties. It should come to no surprise that the past twelve years have turned Willard's brown locks to a handsome salt and pepper color, or that he has a few more wrinkles around his eyes. Perhaps what is most striking about his appearance is how the once strong and sturdy-looking man has thinned over time, leaving behind less of the overly conservative character and more of a happy grandfather appearance; but don't let his looks fool you! Willard continues to act on the silver screen and Network television!

8 Sawyer Sweeten The Cute Little Boy And Sawyer Sweeten 2015, God Rest His Soul

Screenshot/Radar Online

Sawyer Sweeten was one of the adorable twins introduced in the first season of Everybody Loves Raymond. He played the character Geoffrey Barone and the world watched as he slowly grew up on the set. Between 1996 and his early death at only 19-years-old in 2015, Sweeten grew from an adorable toddler to a handsome young man. He sprang up like a weed and offered the ladies a heartwarming smile, complete with adorable dimples. Unfortunately, his untimely death left the world without ever knowing how he would look as an adult, but just because he's gone it doesn't mean he will be forgotten. This late actor will forever live on in our hearts as the cute little baby who caused plenty of drama in one of America's most beloved shows.

7 Sullivan Sweeten The Young Rascal Now Stays Out Of The Spotlight

Highlight Hollywood/Facebook

Sullivan Sweeten grew from a crybaby on the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond to a handsome young man who decided to shy away from the spotlight. Unlike most child stars, Sullivan Sweeten didn't grow up hoping to remain part of the glamorous world of acting. Following the death of his twin brother Sawyer, Sullivan withdrew from society, leaving little trace of what he looks like now. The last photograph he posted of himself on Facebook is one of him at about nineteen. The image reveals obvious changes such as the lack of tears, darker brown hair, and the same lanky body as his brother. Had Sullivan chosen to live in the limelight, there's no doubt he would have been a teenage heartthrob and might have even grown into greater roles as the handsome protagonist of any rom-com, drama, or action movie!

6 Madylin Sweeten As Ray Romano's Daughter Vs. Madylin Sweeten The Voice Actress And Independent Film Star


Madylin Sweeten was only five-years-old when she appeared on the show. Despite having few lines, she still garnered quite a bit of attention from the other characters and audiences around the world. Her silly shenanigans were part of many episodes and as she steadily grew up before the camera, her relationship with the cast steadily grew as well. The adorable little girl with the flyaway blond hair has now gone platinum! - Blonde, that is. She's still got the perfect eyebrows and beautiful big eyes and button nose but what really makes her stand out are her perfect cheekbones! There's no contouring here, it's all Madylin! Though her looks may have changed, her interests remain in showbiz, as proven by her career as a voice actress and indie film star!

5 Doris Roberts' Crazy Mother-In-Law Days And Doris Roberts In 2016, She Is Definitely Missed

YouTube/Bauer Griffin/Zimbio

How can anyone forget Doris Roberts' wonderful act as Ray and Robert's overbearing mother? Not only was her character, Marie Barone, always fussing over her boys, but she always made sure Debra knew she wasn't being as good of a wife or mother to her husband and children as she should be. Roberts' character was a sweet and salty older woman who loved big hair and bright lipstick. Twenty years later, in 2016, she still loved the puffed hair look and bright lipstick, but with failing health, her skin grew a little paler and the smile lines around her eyes and mouth became a bit more prominent, both evidence of a life full of laughter and fun. Though she passed away in 2016, both Doris Roberts and her wonderfully original character, Marie, will live on in TV history.

4 Brad Garrett Then And Brad Garrett Now

Spoiler TV/Mediapunch/REX/Shutterstock

Comedian, actor and voice actor Brad Garrett played Ray's needy brother who constantly compared himself to Raymond. Garrett's character, Robert, was often ridiculed for his height and had a distinct deep voice. As an actor on the show, Garrett retained a sturdy build and slightly fluffed hair. Since then, his physique has changed little but there are definitely some more wrinkles and his hair is no longer a solid black.Of course, his height remains the same but these days, what really catches the eye is his smile, which remains bright and inviting. Though you can't see it in the picture, his voice is also still very much the same and you may recognize it in a few little films such as Tangled, Finding Nemo and Night at the Museum.

3 Peter Boyle's First Season And Peter Boyle In 2006, May He Rest In Peace

CBS Handout/The Movie DB

Ah, Peter Boyle! Everyone knew this hilarious actor before he even hit the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond. After enjoying a successful acting career that began in 1966, Boyle came to the show mostly bald, slightly pudgy and, according to Garrett's biography "When The Balls Drop," full of some of the worst gas anyone had ever had the unfortunate luck to be around! He played Ray and Roberts' crotchety old father who didn't seem to care about anything but food. By 2006, Boyle's hair went from a nice salt and pepper to more of a snowy white, and he lost some weight, but that gleam never fully left his eyes! After his final film, which was released two years after his death, Boyle enjoyed his remaining years in retirement.

2 Patricia Heaton Season 1 Vs. Patricia Heaton Today


Patricia Heaton, who played Debra, Ray's beloved wife, began as a fresh-faced young woman with pretty dark brown hair and a permanent scowl. If it wasn't her pushy mother-in-law casually strolling into her home, then it was Robert eating everything in the house or Ray acting like nothing is ever his fault. Poor Debra was one stressed out woman! Today, she's grown out those beautiful locks and is sporting a casual yet fun look with longer tresses, better eye makeup, and a more amused smile. She may have a few extra wrinkles around her jawline but Heaton came out on top where looks are concerned! Good job Patricia, whatever beauty regime you're following is working wonderfully! Keep it up and never stop flashing those pearly whites!

1 And Last, But Not Least, Ray Romano!

Globe Photos/Jordin Althaus NBC

Of course, we had to save Ray Romano for last! As the star of the show, the focus on Ray has revealed his slow progression from cool young sports writer to distinguished Detroit mob lawyer in the new Martin Scorsese film The Irishman. Ray's youthful smile from the nineties certainly left its mark on his cheeks and the sides of his mouth, but Ray has still got it! Just look at that full head of hair! He may have gained a bit of extra skin or weight around his chin and neck, but ultimately he is still recognizable as one of America's most famous funnymen! Another thing to note is how his nose doesn't seem to be quite as big today as it did in the earlier days of Everybody Loves Raymond, but then again, it could just be the glasses. What do you think?

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