The Cast Of Clueless: What They Looked Like In The Film vs. Now

It seems like only yesterday that we were getting to meet Cher, Dion, and the whole crew, but Clueless actually debuted in 1995 — that's right, over twenty years ago. We'd still steal Cher's entire closet in a heartbeat, and we're still holding out hope for someone to arrange our closets into a computer-based system to make outfit selection a little easier every morning.

Several of the actors from the show have gone on to have bigger careers, and some have kind of disappeared entirely. And, even though some have been in many meatier projects, or even superhero movies — looking at you, Paul Rudd — Clueless will probably always be one of the works they're most remembered for because, well, it's a classic! Many teen flicks are forgotten only a few months after they appear in theatres, but plenty of fans around the world rewatch Clueless to this day — and it's always getting new fans who are discovering it for the first time.

If you've ever wondered what some of your favorite cast members are up to today and what they look like now vs. back then, look no further — we've got all the details for you about the cast of Clueless.

15 Alicia Silverstone, Who Played Everyone's Favourite Rich Girl, Cher

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First of all, did you know that Alicia Silverstone was still just a teenager when she played everyone's favorite Beverly Hills teen Cher Horowitz? We have to admit, we kind of assumed she was a 20-something playing a teen, as is the case nowadays. Silverstone is living the life of an eco-warrior and activist and is as well known nowadays for her personal interests as her work. She released The Kind Diet about a decade ago, and the follow up The Kind Mama, where she shares all her thoughts about vegan nutrition and living in a way that benefits the environment. She's been a vegan for about twenty years now and seems like she's never giving it up. She's continued to work over the years, but we have a feeling eventually she'll retire from the acting game to pursue her Kind empire.

14 Stacey Dash, Who Played Cher's Partner In Crime, Dionne's

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Unfortunately, Stacey Dash has become better known in the past few years for her political views rather than her acting. She's a staunch Republican nowadays, and even plans to run for public office in California in the 2018 Congressional Election. She's been working fairly steadily in the years since she played everyone's favourite bestie, Dionne, but we have to wonder if her political views and frequently controversial comments just might have an impact on her being cast in projects in the future — while most directors don't particularly care about your personal beliefs as long as you're professional on set, it's never good for a project's star to be courting controversy left, right and center, from television appearances to statements made during live awards shows. Who knew Dionne would turn out this way.

13 Paul Rudd, Who Played Cher's Love Interest (In The End)

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First of all, we're majorly bugging at the fact that Paul Rudd basically hasn't aged in the past two decades. Sure, he might have a bit of a more mature look to his face, but he still looks totally amazing and definitely not like he's pushing 60. Rudd has definitely been the biggest star post-Clueless, as his comedic chops propelled him to superstardom. He earned a ton of fans in his stint as Phoebe's boyfriend-turned-hubby Mike on Friends, and has also been tearing up the big screen in movies like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, I Love You, Man, This is 40, and more. Oh, and if that weren't enough, he also managed to get his foot in the superhero door by snagging the role of Ant-Man in the Marvel universe.

12 Donald Faison, Who Played Dion's Hapless Boyfriend Murray

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While he's appeared in several movies over the years, Donald Faison has managed to luck out with a few major roles on television. First of all, he joined many of his fellow Clueless castmates when the film was turned into a television series, playing Murray for several years in the late '90s. Then, shortly after that show wrapped, he snagged the role of Turk on the medical comedy Scrubs — which lasted for a staggering nine seasons. Many actors take a bit of a break when they wrap up a show they've been on for nearly a decade, but Faison soon moved on to another sitcom, The Exes. We're not sure what he's got up his sleeve next, but if it's in the television world, it'll probably turn to gold!

11 Elisa Donovan, Who Played Amber, The Character Everyone Loved To Hate

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It's a testament to Elisa Donovan's acting skills that she managed to pull off the character of Amber without making the audience completely hate her. Sure, you may not have rooted for her as much as you did for Cher, but there was just something kind of charming about her over-the-top persona. Donovan played the role of Amber for several years on the Clueless television show, and then quickly bounced to playing the role of Morgan in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, one of Sabrina's college roommates. Other than that, Donovan has been filling her filmography with television movies, including several editions of The Dog Who Saved... flicks (including The Dog Who Saved Christmas and The Dog Who Saved The Holidays), as well as a variety of holiday flicks.

10 Breckin Meyer, Who Played Skateboarding Outcast Travis

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If you haven't seen Breckin Meyer in many of his other projects, you may be surprised to see just how clean cut the guy who played floppy-haired skateboarder Travis is in real life. He's known for playing characters with a bit of a goofy edge, and while he's been in several movies over the years, he's actually become most successful when it comes to voiceover work. He voiced one of the characters in King of the Hill for about 60 episodes, and in 2005, went on to become a producer and writer on the adult comedy Robot Chicken, where he still works to this day, giving his creative input and his voice skills. He also snagged a leading role on the show, Franklin  & Bash. Meyer seems more like a behind the scenes guy, and we can't wait to see what projects he comes up with next.

9 Jeremy Sisto, Who Played Popular Guy Elton

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It's a little tough to get a good idea of Jeremy Sisto's acting range from Clueless alone because, well, popular guy Elton wasn't exactly the most multi-faceted character in the film. However, his success in the years since then proves that he can definitely tackle meatier roles. He's been working consistently in both film and television and has snagged leading roles on several television shows including Six Feet Under, Law & Order, and Suburgatory. He may not quite be a household name, but he's been working for over twenty years in the entertainment industry, which is no small feat. While he may appear in the odd movie, it seems television is where he really hit his stride, so keep your eyes peeled to see what project he's working on next.

8 Dan Hedaya, Who Played Cher's Grumpy Father Mel Horowitz

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He may not have been quite as colorful as Cher, but Mel Horowitz was definitely an essential part of the movie — besides the necessity of showing Cher's home life, it provided a hilarious contrast having such a serious lawyer father trying to wrangle his fashion-loving teen daughter. Plus, it was quite a departure for Hedaya — he often plays villains or supporting characters, not the warm and fuzzy (well, as warm and fuzzy as Mel could be) father figures. Hedaya had already been acting for over twenty years when he snagged the role of Cher's father in the film, and he hasn't slowed down since, appearing in various films including the recent Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He's also snagged a variety of arcs on television shows. He's still hard at work, even though he's approaching 80 — what an inspiration!

7 Nicole Bilderback, Who Played Summer, One Of Cher's Crew

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Nicole Bilderback played one of Cher's high school crew — most notably, the girl who was all about instigating a rousing game of Suck and Blow at a house party. Her character didn't really get a lot of development, but hey — sometimes, you just need the fun friend to fill out the group. Bilderback is a teen screen veteran, having appeared in everything from Dawson's Creek to high school cheerleading classic Bring It On. She hasn't been quite as busy as some of her former castmates, but she's still been working in Hollywood regularly, appearing in one-episode roles here and there. It just goes to show how many different levels Hollywood has — not everyone ends up becoming an A-List household name who commands millions for every performance. Many actors and actresses end up working in the industry for decades to moderate success — and there’s totally nothing wrong with that.

6 Wallace Shawn, Who Played Cher's Teacher Mr. Hall

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Okay, chances are if you were a huge fan of Clueless, the teachers weren't exactly your favorite part — like Cher's father, they were mostly there to provide a bit of a foil to all that teen energy. Although, the love plot between some of the teachers definitely was essential in getting Cher to work her matchmaking skills, so perhaps Mr. Hall was a more important part than we thought. As one might have assumed, Shawn was acting far before many of the teen stars on the show were even born, and had a huge string of roles throughout the '80s and '90s. He hasn't slowed down one bit, though, and has continued to appear in a handful of projects every single year — we don't know where he finds the energy to do it all!

5 Twink Caplan, Who Played Miss Geist, The Teacher Cher Wanted To Play Matchmaker For

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Even if you know that they purposefully made Miss Geist a little bit frumpy in order to do the full matchmaker transformation storyline, it's still a little bit startling to see what a babe Twink Caplan is in real life. And, did you know that in addition to acting in Clueless, she was also one of the associate producers? Caplan had a string of roles when she was younger, but in her post-Clueless days, she's been focusing far more on her role behind the camera, producing various projects. She played the dance teacher in one season of Community and has had a few roles here and there, but she's primarily been testing out her skills behind the scenes — and being comfortable and familiar with how things work in front of the camera probably gives her a great perspective!

4 Justin Walker, Who Played Christian, The New Guy Who Intrigued Cher

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Okay, get ready for this one — Justin Walker's career path definitely took a bit of a turn! Fans know him as the dreamy new student that Cher fell head over heels for, and that's probably still the role he's best known for, because he left the entertainment industry entirely after about 2005. He went into the food industry, buying Teddy Teadle's Grill in California, and is now a partner and CMO of a fantasy sports betting website called Draftster. It goes to show what a convincing actor he was — Christian definitely seemed like the kind of guy who cared more about fashion than football, although it seems that Justin Walker's interests lie far more towards the latter in real life. We bet the cast knows where to go if they ever have any fantasy sports questions!

3 Julie Brown, Who Played Ms. Stoeger

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Julie Brown may not have appeared in too many scenes, but she was certainly memorable — and it turns out, for those who may not know her earlier work, her roles throughout the '80s were far more like Cher than Cher's coach — she was a valley girl on screen too! She's also a comedian, writer, singer-songwriter, and television director — talk about a multi-talented woman! Thanks to her many interests, her filmography is pretty darn diverse, from small acting parts to credits of projects she wrote, etc. — she even entered the Disney world as the writer of Camp Rock! We're not sure where her career will take her next, but we're definitely intrigued to see what she comes up with — perhaps a Clueless revamp where she channels all her valley girl experience?

2 Sean Holland, Who Played Murray's Friend Lawrence

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We have to admit — we're a bit curious about what Sean Holland, who played Murray's BFF Lawrence, has been up to. He appeared on the Clueless television series from 1996 through 1999, but since then, he really hasn't had a lot of credits to his name. He has one or two appearances in projects in the past decade, but really not too much. He must have some kind of day job to make ends meet, because one-episode appearances definitely don't pay the big bucks, but what is it? Perhaps he got some inspiration from the infamous head-shaving scene and decided to enter the barber shop game? Perhaps he's just loving life as a stay at home dad? What happened to Sean Holland? We're dying for him to be the subject of some kind of profile detailing everything that's happened in the decades since Clueless.

1 Ron Orbach, Who Played The DMV Tester Stuck With Cher

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Okay, you may not have been as curious to hear about what the DMV tester has been up to, but he was part of the cast nonetheless! Orbach has done his fair share of work on stage, primarily in Chicago, and even got a nomination for an Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for Acting in a Supporting Role for the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre's edition of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He's also lent his voice to the video game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and appeared in several episodes of Law & Order and Third Watch. He's still hard at work, although we have a feeling he may be leaning more towards the theatre world as of late — and who can blame him? It must be such a thrill to play a character live on stage and get that audience feedback.

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