The Cast Of Charmed: What They Look Like In Their First Episode vs. Now

Nothing could ever make us forget Charmed. For anybody who grew up in the late ‘90s or early ‘00s, the three Halliwell sisters had a bigger impact on our lives than the show’s creator Constance M. Burge ever could have imagined. The Charmed Ones were three women (or more accurately, three witches) who showed extreme bravery and, at times, intelligence. What really made the sisters, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige, role models was that, though they fell in love and broke up throughout the show’s eight-season run, proving that their lives didn’t revolve around men. Unlike other major female TV characters, they spoke mostly about hunting demons and mixing potions when they got together—not dating.

It’s still hard to see any of the main actresses or actors as anything other than witches, whitelighters, demons, and warlocks. But over the years, the stars of the show have changed a lot and look more different from their Charmed characters as each year passes. They’ve gone through physical transformations, but they’ve also changed as people, and some are up to things that we would never have guessed.

What does your favorite character look like in 2018, and where is their life at? Read on to find out!

15 Alyssa Milano As The Hopeless Romantic Phoebe Halliwell

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Each of the Halliwell sisters had her own fan-base, but it’s safe to assume that Phoebe had the biggest. The youngest-turned-middle sister, Phoebe is ruled by her heart and feels compassion for others on another level (literally, because she’s an empath). Though she’s made a few silly decisions, fans always loved her for her enduring belief in love and her ability to mediate between her sisters. Plus, she has the best fashion sense of the entire Halliwell line.

Out of her co-stars, Alyssa Milano is probably the most famous. She appeared in major movies like New Year’s Eve and TV shows like My Name Is Earl, and is the proud mama of two gorgeous children, Milo and Elizabella. She still makes headlines for her charity work and lends her voice to important causes, which is something Phoebe would do!

14 Holly Marie Combs As The Most Maternal And Powerful Halliwell Sister

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After eldest sister Pure is killed off the show, Piper goes from being the middle sister to like the matriarch of the family (well, the only matriarch who’s not a ghost!). Her ability to blow things up and freeze time comes in handy frequently throughout the series, and most importantly, Piper is the first to carry on the Halliwell blood to the next generation. Though she sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her (like when she nearly destroys San Francisco after Leo becomes an Elder), she is usually a tough cookie who thinks with her head rather than her heart.

After Charmed finished, Holly Marie Combs appeared in a few TV movies before starring as Ella Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars. In 2014, Holly, together with co-stars Brian Krause and Shannen Doherty, embarked around the world to visit Charmed fans at Comic-Con events.

13 Rose McGowan As The Long Lost Charmed One, Paige Matthews

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Paige Matthews comes onto the scene after Prue Halliwell is killed by the demon Shax. She is the fourth daughter of Patty Halliwell, and the first daughter of Patty’s whitelighter Sam, making her the half-sister of the other three Charmed Ones. Paige is half-whitelighter, meaning that she is the only sister who can orb. She’s a social worker for the first season and finds that she can’t ignore her urge to help others, ending up as a full-time whitelighter.

Today, Rose McGowan looks quite different to how she did when we knew her as Paige. She’s been featured on TV shows like Nip/Tuck, Once Upon a Time and Law & Order: SVU, and had roles in movies like Machete and Death Proof. Recently, she’s made headlines for having a strong voice in the Me Too movement and speaking up against men guilty of harassment in the entertainment industry.

12 Shannen Doherty Played Prue, The Only Sister Not To Survive

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Whether you liked Prue or not, it was pretty hard to see her go at the end of the third season. Though she never gets to meet her half-sister Paige, Prue has a strong bond with her two sisters Piper and Phoebe, though she disagrees with Phoebe more often than not! Prue has the power of telekinesis and astral projection and picks up the demon-fighting thing pretty quickly after the sisters find out about their secret family history in the pilot.

Rumors still circulate as to what went down behind the scenes, with some speculating that Shannen Doherty was fired due to being difficult on set and others claiming that she left due to her long-standing feud with Alyssa Milano. Shannen briefly hosted her own reality show called Scare Tactics and appeared in other TV movies. She was diagnosed with cancer in February 2015 and has received messages of support from her old co-stars.

11 Brian Krause As The Handsome Whitelighter And Elder Leo Wyatt

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Out of all the men the sisters fell in love with on Charmed, we can’t help but liking Leo Wyatt the best. Yup, Piper hit the jackpot with him! Originally, Piper and Leo can’t be together because the Elders won’t bless the union between a witch and a whitelighter, but they refuse to be pushed around by the men and women upstairs and eventually get hitched. They have their share of problems, mainly caused by Leo’s promotion to Elder and his downward spiral fuelled by anger which sees his memory erased, but end up right back in love where they started.

Brian Krause accompanied Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty on the Comic-Con tour in 2014 and has been featured in a few acting projects since finishing up on the show. He’s appeared on TV shows like CSI: Miami and Mad Men as well movies like Ashes and Gabe the Cupid Dog.

10 Julian McMahon As Everybody's Favorite Villain, The Invincible Cole Turner

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Just like we’re still not over Prue’s death, we still can’t believe that Phoebe didn’t end up with the love of her life, Cole Turner. Yes, Cole is a demon who is initially trying to do Phoebe in. But he falls in love with her to the point where he gives up his demon-self for her and tries to adjust to life as a human. He falls back to the dark side when he accidentally takes on the Source’s powers, which ultimately leads to the destruction of his relationship with Phoebe, but he only does that in the first place to save the Charmed Ones from the Source. The poor guy can’t win!

Cole was brilliantly played by Australian-born actor Julian McMahon. After his character was tragically killed off Charmed, Julian starred in a leading role on the series Nip/Tuck. In the Fantastic Four movies, he appeared as Doctor Doom.

9 Kaley Cuoco As New Witch And Blonde Bombshell Billie

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The eighth and final season of Charmed heavily revolved around the arrival of mysterious new witch Billie. The young witch befriends the sisters and learns all the tricks of the witch trade from them before being manipulated into turning against them by her sister Christy. Though the temptation to believe her sister is strong, in the end, Billie follows her instincts and trusts the Halliwells over her own blood-sister, and from what we can see in the series finale, stays a good friend of the family.

Kaley Cuoco was virtually unknown when she first took on the role of Billie, but now you’d be hard-pressed to find a TV fan who doesn’t know who she is. She most famous stars on The Big Bang Theory as Penny, the neighbor and love interest of Leonard.

8 Billy Zane As The Handsome Drake, Another Phoebe Fan

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Drake dè Mon (see what they did there?) was a demon who trades his immortality in exchange for one year with a human soul. Before moving on to the afterlife, he teaches an emotionally tormented Phoebe that it is possible to love again, and we learn that this is all a scheme set up by Cole to make up for the pain he caused Phoebe in the past.

Before appearing on Charmed, Billy Zane famously starred in major movies like Titanic as the villain Cal, and even appeared in major ‘80s movies Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. His first daughter Ava Catherine came along in 2011 and his second daughter Gia was born in 2014. He is reportedly engaged to the mother of his children, Candice Neil.

7 Drew Fuller Played Angsty Yet Loveable Witch, Chris Halliwell

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When we first meet Chris at the end of season five, we don’t know much about him: he’s been sent from the future to save the past, and after causing Leo to become an Elder, he banishes him to the island of Valhalla for unknown reasons. Chris spends most of the sixth season dodging questions and leading the sisters on wild goose chases until it is revealed that he is actually the second son of Leo and Piper, and he returned from the future to stop his brother Wyatt from turning evil and dooming humanity. In another impossible-to-get-over Charmed moment, future Chris loses his life at the end of the sixth season, just before Piper gives birth to present Chris.

Drew Fuller appeared in a few projects after finishing on the show. In 2007 he appeared in The Ultimate Gift, and later in the TV series, Army Wives and the movie Loaded.

6 Eric Dane Played Jason Dean, Our Favorite Human Boyfriend Of Phoebe

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Phoebe has the most love interests on the show, but our favorite human love interest has to be Jason Dean, the owner of the Bay Mirror who first arrives in the fifth season. Jason has a hard time getting Phoebe to open up to him, and struggles a lot with her constant family emergencies and excuses as to why she keeps disappearing from their dates. She loves him enough to move to Hong Kong with him briefly, but the relationship doesn’t last long after Jason finds out that she’s a witch.

Jason was played by Eric Dane, who is famous for many of the films that he appeared in throughout the 2000s, including Marley & Me, Valentine’s Day and Burlesque. His two daughters, Billie and Georgia, were born in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

5 Dorian Gregory As The Good Inspector Darryl Morris

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The Charmed Ones are able to avoid being detected as witches for so long due to their competence at their jobs and their careful lifestyles, but their safety also comes down to their friendship with Darryl Morris. An inspector with the San Francisco Police Department, Darryl constantly bails the sisters out of trouble, gives them access to crime scenes and evidence and is the only person outside of the family that they can really be honest with. After he is nearly executed because of them in the sixth season, he keeps his distance before eventually moving to the East Coast for good.

Dorian Gregory is actively involved with civil rights and even hosted his own radio show centered on filmmakers and writers of color. He works as an emotional speaker, giving talks at high schools about Juvenile Diabetes, which he was born with.

4 Ted King Played Prue's Ill-Fated Love Andy Trudeau

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Andy Trudeau is an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department and childhood friend of the Charmed Ones and has been a love interest of Prue since high school. A rift rises between him and the sisters once he starts suspecting them after they receive their powers, and he quits after being inspected himself by Internal Affairs. He does eventually learn the truth about the sisters but is tragically killed by an energy ball while trying to save them. Another tear-jerking Charmed moment!

Ted King appeared on a few other TV shows, including Sex and the City—he played one of Samantha’s dates, in case you missed him! He also appeared in General Hospital, Law & Order: SVU and Frasier. He had his first daughter, Ava Celeste, in 2010.

3 Eric Vaughn As Leo's Competition In The Race For Piper's Heart, Dan Gordon

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Though we will always be Team Leo when it comes to Piper’s love life, we did have a special place in our hearts for Dan Gordon. Dan is the neighbor of the Charmed Ones and begins dating Piper, though he can’t get used to her constant unexplained disappearances and strange behavior. When the truth is revealed to him, he doesn’t take it well, and in the end, Piper has to enlist the help of a genie to help him move on with his life and forget about her.

After working on Charmed, Eric Vaughn got right into the soap operas and appeared on Nash Bridges, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. He’s also been seen on Will & Grace and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

2 Finola Hughes As Patty Halliwell, The Late And Loved Mother Of The Charmed Ones

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Patty Halliwell, the mama to the Charmed Ones, becomes a ghost before we even meet her; when the Charmed Ones discover their family secret in the pilot episode, Patty has already died. Despite that, we see her many times throughout the series, either through time travel and flashbacks or as a ghost. She notably helps Piper release her own fear of having a baby when she falls pregnant for the first time.

Finola Hughes returned to General Hospital after Charmed, reprising her role as Anna Devane. The actress became a mother for real in 2000 when she gave birth to Dylan Joseph. Later, she and her husband Russell Young adopted a boy named Cash Justice who was born in 2005, and a girl named Sadie Beatrice, who was born in 2007.

1 Jennifer Rhodes As The Matriarch Ghost, Penny "Grams" Halliwell

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Like her daughter, Penny “Grams” Halliwell dies before the series starts. However, that doesn’t stop her from appearing a total of 14 times throughout the eight different seasons, usually returning as a ghost to give the sisters some much-needed guidance. Grams isn’t perfect and even refuses to bless Piper’s first son Wyatt because of his gender until she sorts out her unresolved issues with the Necromancer demon.

After Charmed, Jennifer Rhodes made many notable appearances in a variety of hit TV shows. These included Gilmore Girls, Cold Case, The Mentalist, and CSI. Most recently, she’s had cameo appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, The Suite Life on Deck and The Young and the Restless. Jennifer was once married to Jordan Rhodes, but after their divorce, she never remarried and has no children.

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