The Cast Of Bring It On: What They Look Like Today Vs. The Movie

Can you believe it’s been almost twenty years since the movie Bring It On was released? This cult cheerleading classic was staple viewing for any teen of the Noughties. Just like Mean Girls and The Princess Diaries, it’s one of those early-2000s movies that we still constantly quote to this day. While a movie about rival cheerleading squads sounds like it’d be super lame, Bring It On defied all expectations. It’s a fast-paced, funny, and actually pretty emotional film. It’s remained so popular over the years that it was even turned into a musical back in 2011. As for its four direct-to-DVD sequels… Well, the less said about them, the better.

Bring It On made stars of quite a few of its teen cast members. You might well recognize some of this fresh-faced bunch from your favorite TV shows and some more recent movies! While pretty much all of the cast is still in the acting business, the past two decades have changed them a lot. Who’s still as gorgeous as ever, and who’s let themselves go since the movie’s release? Whose career is flying high, and who is more of a Z-lister than a Hollywood star? You’ll have to read on to find out...

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15 Kirsten Dunst Made Drastic Changes But For A Good Reason!

via EW and MailOnline

Kirsten Dunst was still a teen when she made Bring It On. While she’d started to gain some attention for her roles in various rom-coms and teen movies, it was her turn as cheerleader Torrance Shipman that really got her career going. Not only was Dunst’s comedic timing perfect, her fitness levels were pretty enviable. She was a fresh-faced beauty with a perfectly toned figure, and we were all a tad jealous of her cheerleading talents. Plus, that those abs though! Not all of us would pull off those tiny cheer outfits like Dunst did.

These days, Dunst’s slim figure is slowly becoming something of the past - but for good reason! Rumor has it that the bump she’s currently sporting isn’t just a food baby. While neither Dunst nor her partner Jesse Plemons has officially confirmed it, it’s pretty clear that the actress is pregnant with her first child. Congratulations to her! Alongside her impending motherhood, Dunst has a lot to be proud of career-wise. Since starring in Bring It On she’s become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

14 Eliza Dushku's Fashion Sense Is Stuck In 2000

via FanPop and HawtCelebs

Prior to starring in Bring It On, Eliza Dushku was already a pretty well-respected TV actress. She’d been in the business since she was 12 years old and had recently gained a leading role in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel. Winning the role of Torrance’s bestie Missy Pantone in the cheerleading film was just one of many great roles to come.

Dushku was on the cusp of her twenties when she filmed the movie and was undoubtedly pretty stunning. She actually still is! Despite being nearly forty, she’s as gorgeous as ever, although she’s some questionable fashion choices that have left her looking like she’s stuck in the early 2000s. Most recently, however, Dushku has hit the headlines not for her fashion sense or acting roles but for her admission that she was assaulted as a young actress. Earlier this month she posted a statement on Facebook discussing the abuse she suffered at the hands of stunt coordinator Joel Kramer when she was just 12 years old. This brave revelation has garnered Dushku a lot of respect among the #MeToo movement and beyond.

13 Gabrielle Union Is As Gorgeous As Ever

Does Gabrielle Union even age? She looks just as gorgeous at 45 as she did when she was in her early twenties, if not more so! It’s not fair! Union’s turn in Bring It On turned out to be her breakthrough role. While she’d starred in a couple of teen movies prior to 2000, her career really took off thanks to her role as rival cheer captain and general badass Isis. Union gained the lead in a new CBS medical drama, City of Angels pretty much as soon as Bring It On was released, and her career has gone from strength to strength ever since.

These days, Union is pretty busy both playing the lead in the hit cable series Being Mary Jane and being a dedicated wife and stepmother. She married NBA player Dwayne Wade in 2014 and helps to raise his children from a previous relationship. Union is also a prominent advocate for victims of assault, having suffered one herself at the age of 19. She’s an incredibly strong, powerful, and successful woman!

12 Jesse Bradford's Beard Makes Him Barely Recognizable

via AOL.com

Jesse Bradford’s role in Bring It On as Torrance’s love interest Cliff made him a heartthrob for teenage girls around the world. To be fair, he was pretty dreamy! We were all a bit jealous when Kirsten Dunst’s character got a sneaky kiss from Cliff at the end of the movie. We all needed a guy like that in our high-school lives!

When he joined the cast of Bring It On, Bradford was no stranger to the acting world. He’s been acting since he was just five years old and already had around a dozen credits to his name by the time he bagged his role as Cliff. Bring It On only helped to springboard his career even further. Bradford has starred in highly prestigious shows like The West Wing, Guys With Kids, and NCIS. He’s also still pretty darn attractive if a little changed since his Bring It On days! Bradford now has a pretty impressive beard and is starting to become handsome in a silver-fox kind of way. Well, the dad bod is in fashion these days! He might as well make the most of it!

11 Lindsay Sloane Isn't Big Or Red Anymore!

via IMDB and TheHairstyler.com

In Bring It On, Lindsay Sloane portrayed the character we all loved to hate. Former team captain ‘Big Red’ is revealed to have stolen routines from a rival cheer team, making things very difficult for incoming leader Torrance. The character got her nickname partially thanks to her crop of bright ginger hair. However, Sloane has now ditched that look and gone back to her natural brunette roots! She’s neither red nor big - she’s petite, and looks pretty darn good for forty!

While we Bring It On fans might find it hard to imagine Sloane in any role that’s not her evil cheerleader persona, she’s always been a pretty successful actress. Prior to the movie’s release, she famously portrayed the title character’s shy best friend Valerie in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. More recently, she’s starred in Hollywood blockbuster Horrible Bosses and hit CBS sitcom The Odd Couple. Not bad for a cheer-routine-stealer, eh?

10 The Last Few Years Haven't Been Kind To Clare Kramer

via Hot Flick and The Blast

Poor Clare Kramer hasn’t had an easy ride since she starred as beautiful blonde cheerleader Courtney all those years ago. Her career hasn’t quite taken off to the same extent as those of her co-stars: Bring It On is still her best-known credit. However, her somewhat muted career could well have been affected by her difficult home life.

Kramer has been married to producer Brian Keathley since 2005 and the couple has four children ranging from ten to five years. However, just last week Kramer filed a restraining order against her now-ex, claiming that he’s been physically and emotionally violent towards her for years in front of their young children. It’s easy to see why her acting career may have taken a back seat with all of that going on in the background! We can only hope that things get easier for her soon.

9 Nathan West Has A New Look... But Is Still Pretty Cute

via Bustle and Zimbio

Nearly two decades on, West has discarded his clean-cut teen movie look for a more roguish appearance. He wears his hair in a man-bun: how hipster is that! He’s also grown a bit of a goatee and a shadow of a mustache to compliment his generally more hairy look. Despite this major change in aesthetic, West is still pretty cute in an ‘attractive dad’ kind of way. Unfortunately, he’s already taken - he married fellow actress Chyler Leigh in 2002 and they have three adorable children.

8 Nicole Bilderback Has Had A Serious Glow-Up

via Scribol.com and Zimbio

Nicole Bilderback was an obvious choice for a role in Bring It On: she was actually a cheerleader in high school! While her character, Whitney, was a bit of a snob who thought she was better than a lot of the other girls, her fashion sense in the film wasn’t the best. The early 2000s really weren’t that kind in terms of style trends, were they? Bilderback definitely didn’t look her best in the movie, but nobody really would in that makeup…

These days, Bilderback has definitely undergone a major glow-up. Now that she isn’t dressing like a 2000s teen, she’s looking much better! She looks incredible for a woman in her forties. More importantly, she’s continued to have a super successful acting career. She’s appeared in a ton of successful shows like Dawson’s Creek, The Mentalist, and Bones, and will be playing Pocahontas in an upcoming TV movie.

7 Huntley Ritter Is Still A Total Hunk

via The Film Experience and Fandango

Huntley Ritter must have a pretty impressive anti-aging routine. He’s barely changed since he starred in Bring It On, despite now being in his forties! Of course, the fact that he’s remained pretty much the same means he’s equally as hunky now as he was back in 2000. However, career-wise Ritter is now in a totally different place these days. His role as gay male cheerleader Les is one of just a few he took on before leaving the acting business for good! Ritter last appeared on screen over a decade ago, in 2007 movie The Third Nail.

So what’s Ritter been up to since leaving the acting business? Well, for one, he’s become a very successful businessman in the gaming industry. His companies “gamify” online content (nope, I’m not sure what that means either) and seem to be doing pretty well! Fair play to him - acting isn't for everyone.

6 Motherhood Suits Shamari Fears

via Tumblr and Essence

Shamari Fears’ stint in the acting world was a brief venture to compliment her far more successful music career. Fears was a member of the successful hip-hop trio Blaque along with Bring It On co-stars Brandi Williams and the late Natina Reed. Fears portrayed Lava, one of the members of the rival cheer team the East Compton Clovers, and did a pretty fair job. However, it wasn’t enough for her to truly catch the acting bug. She appeared in only one more film, Honey, and even then she played herself.

Musically, Fears dropped off the radar after Blaque lost popularity in the early 2000s. The band tried to reunite in 2012, but this was cut short after the untimely death of Reed in a car crash. Fears is now focusing on her family life: she’s been married to fellow musician Ronnie DeVoe since 2006 recently gave birth to twins! They should keep her busy for a while...

5 Ian Roberts Changed The Most

via Scribol and Buzzfeed

Ian Roberts won all of our hearts with his portrayal of brutally honest cheerleading coach Sparky Polastri. While Sparky could be a bit brutal at times, his “spirit fingers” routine and generally hilarious antics made up for it. Roberts also made the character strangely attractive despite (maybe because of?) his excessive pelvic thrusting. He was a tad old for all of us teen girls, but he was still pretty hot, let’s be real.

Unfortunately, Roberts has somewhat lost his spark these days. While a bit of a dad-bod is sexy, the actor has taken it a bit too far. He’s totally lost his slim physique and looks truly middle-aged. He’s also ditched Sparky’s somewhat unique facial hair, which is frankly a crime against us all! Acting-wise, Roberts still gets the occasional part but is mostly involved in behind-the-scenes work. He’s written a number of screenplays and was one of the showrunners of hit comedy series Key and Peele. We always knew that comedy was his strongest suit!

4 Tsianina Joelson Has Gotten Better With Age

via Comedy Central and IMDB

It’s no surprise that former beauty queen and fitness model Tsianina Joelson is still looking just as good as she did in Bring It On! Joelson portrayed wealthy cheerleader Darcy in the movie but went down a very different path in her next role. She was cast in Xena: Warrior Princess as Varia, a pretty kick-ass Amazon. Joelson is both stunningly gorgeous and a little bit terrifying: you wouldn’t want to cross her, that’s for sure. She could easily overpower most people by the looks of it!

Since Xena, Joelson hasn’t really done much acting work. She’s had a few bit-parts in shows like Special Unit Two and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but otherwise, she’s kept a low profile. It’s unclear what she’s up to these days: all we know is that she’s married to the director of photography of the hit show Nashville, Michael Lohmann.

3 Rini Bell Has Lost Her Teenage Awkwardness

via Fanpop and GotCeleb

Rini Bell had the honor of playing probably the most awkward cheerleader of the group: Kasey. When Kasey’s not being literally shoved out of the way by ‘Big Red’ in routines, she’s fading into the background compared to her fellow cheerleaders. She had her own adorable charm, but she often ended up getting left behind a bit.

Bell nailed the part and has seen considerable success in the wake of Bring It On. She had a recurring role on the much-loved WB show Gilmore Girls as Lulu, a third grade teacher at Stars Hollow Elementary School. Bell has done a fair bit of voice acting too in both video games and TV shows. She’s totally ditched her teenage awkwardness: she’s a beautiful, confident woman these days who can seriously pull off a red lip!

2 Brandi Williams Still Slays On Instagram

via Movie and TV Screencaps and @thebrandid on Instagram

Brandi Williams was the only member of Blaque to release a solo single when the band split. She did pretty well in her post-Bring It On career, although the role of LaFred is one of only two she’s portrayed on screen. While she’s left both the film and acting industries, Williams still does some occasional dance and radio work. She’s still besties with former bandmate Shamari Fears - it’s adorable - and recently got engaged again after she split from long-time husband Jay Harris. Williams also does important work raising awareness of endometriosis, a painful condition that far too many women have to go through.

Alongside her work, Williams has built up an impressive social media brand. All of the Instagram fans out there seriously need to check out her feed. While her career in show business has cooled down a bit, her selfies are on fire.

1 Cody McMains Isn't A Little Kid Anymore

via In Touch Weekly

Remember Torrance’s kinda obnoxious little brother, Justin? The kid who was annoyingly good at video games and had that crazy spiky Noughties hairdo? Well, he’s not so little any more! Justin actor Cody McMains is now in his thirties. How old does that make you feel? After Bring It On, McMains starred in a few other films and TV shows in generally minor roles. In 2012, he quit the acting world altogether.

Since then, McMains has generally dropped off the radar. He now owns a coffee shop in Los Angeles, The Good People Coffee Co, and judging by his Instagram is a huge fan of skydiving. In fact, he’s currently working as a fully-fledged skydiving instructor! While the acting life clearly wasn’t for him, McMains has found a lifestyle that suits him - and it involves a lot of extreme sports. He’s a brave guy!

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