The Cast Of 90210: What They Looked Like In Their First Episode And Now

As of this year, the soapy teen drama chock full of ridiculous twists, musical chairs relationships, and secret relatives, the rebooted 90210 will have started a staggering 10 years ago! In Beverly Hills, every high school student was perfectly coiffed with coordinated outfits – and, like their predecessors in Beverly Hills, 90210, in their mid- to late-twenties, of course! Ten years is a long time, though, and even actors who were well into their second or even third decade of life age and grow and get better or worse, as actors as well as people.

Like regular high school, there are success stories and failures. Some of these 16 stars reached the potential we saw for them, whereas others, well, not so much. As in most teen dramas, it’s hard to get past the cheesy storylines and character tropes to break into something more serious or artistically – and critically – fulfilling. Fortunately for these actors, though, their personal and professional lives were hardly as dramatic as those of their characters. So now, like any good high school reunion, let’s look at what these actors are up to – and what they look like! – 10 years later.

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16 Shenae Grimes-Beech (Annie Wilson)

As the lead actress on the rebooted 90210, Shenae Grimes was already a pro at playing a teenager in a drama-filled school – she was on Degrassi: The Next Generation, after all, which is like the Canadian 90210 with less flash. As Annie Clark, Grimes was a fish-out-of-water in Beverly Hills who was pretty innocent at first, until, of course, that incident involving a drunken hit-and-run in the very first season and a later stint as an escort.

Grimes, of course, hasn’t had quite so tumultuous a life off-screen. Since 90210 ended in 2013, she’s mostly been in TV movies and the occasional TV appearance. In May of 2013, Grimes married her husband, model and musician Josh Beech, wearing a black tulle wedding gown that was totally at odds with her California girl character.

15 Tristan Mack Wilds (Dixon Wilson)

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Playing the adopted son of Debbie and Harry Wilson, we have Tristan Mack Wilds as Dixon Wilson. Considered the odd guy out at first, Dixon quickly becomes a part of the core 90210 group and even wins Prom King, dates Erin Silver and sees her through her mental health issues, and starts a music career. Like everyone else on the show, Dixon’s romantic life would earn an article all on its own, so let’s cover what the guy who portrayed him as been up to since.

Wilds, like his on-screen sister, has primarily stuck to TV, starring in shows like The Breaks and Shots Fired. Similar to his character, Wilds has also dabbled in music, releasing some tracks while still on the show, and, as of 2016, was signed to Roc Nation – his debut album was even nominated for a Grammy in 2014!

14 Matt Lanter (Liam Court)

The bad boy with a heart of mush inside, Matt Lanter’s role as Liam Court had all the ladies wanting to find the good underneath that leather jacket. As the lover of almost all the main cast on the show, including AnnaLynne McCord’s Naomi, Sara Foster’s Jen, Jessica Stroup’s Silver, Shenae Grimes-Beech’s Annie, and so many more!

While Lanter’s boyish good looks and deep dimples make him totally swoon-worthy, he hasn’t exactly taken Hollywood by storm, instead appearing in a variety of forgettable films and some voiceover credits. Most recently, he’s popped up in the third installment of Pitch Perfect and starred in the time-traveling TV show, Timeless. Fortunately for Lanter, his personal life has been pretty stellar, unlike his messy TV character. The year 90210 wrapped, Lanter married his longtime girlfriend and the two welcomed their first child at the end of 2017.

13 AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi Clark)

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Queen Bee, HBIC – Naomi Clark was all of them. With her ability to eviscerate her competitors with a word or a look, AnnaLynne McCord’s character was cold as ice and a dead ringer for Shannen Doherty’s Brenda in the previous incarnation of the show.

While McCord’s Naomi was a pampered princess – a role that McCord had been typecast in for much of her career – the actress herself grew up in far more modest means, as a homeschooled child in a trailer park in Georgia. While her costars have few similarities to their characters, McCord has one unfortunate resemblance with Naomi. McCord stated that she had been assaulted when she was 18 by a friend, and her character also faces the same fate from her teacher, which caused McCord to break down during filming. She has since dedicated herself to multiple charities related to stopping physical and domestic assault.

12 Jessica Stroup (Erin Silver)

As Erin Silver, or just “Silver”, as she preferred to be called, Jessica Stroup played the artsy oddball, because every high school has to have one. She is also the only character on 90210 to have ties to the original series, as the sister of characters Kelly Taylor and David Silver! Deeply troubled by her mother’s alcoholism, it is later revealed that Silver has bipolar disorder and is medicated to manage it. Since that can’t be the only bad thing that happens to her, she is also later diagnosed with cancer.

Since life isn’t quite the soap opera that 90210 is, Stroup’s real life is far less colorful. After the series ended, Stroup appeared in TV shows like The Following and Netflix’s Iron Fist, shedding some of her “scream queen” image that she earned earlier in her career for starring in a bunch of middling horror remakes.

11 Michael Steger (Navid Shirazi)

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One of the oldest cast members in the group, Michael Steger was 28 when filming for 90210 started – a whole 10 years older than the average high school senior! While the character of Navid Shirazi was Indian, Steger isn’t even close to that ethnicity, being of Ecuadorian, Norwegian, and Austrian descent.

Like many of his costars, Steger has popped up in a few things, primarily sticking to TV movies and short films, so you can be forgiven if you haven’t seen him in anything since 2013. He seems to have slowed things down in the entertainment department, marrying his wife Brandee Tucker the year filming for 90210 began, and welcoming a baby girl named Poet eight years later. Considering that Navid seemed the most mature of the group, it doesn’t surprise us that Steger settled down!

10 Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna Tate-Duncan)

Adrianna Tate-Duncan was a hot mess from beginning to end. From her battles with drug addiction to her stealing of songs from a famous artist to giving up her child for adoption, Jessica Lowndes’ character had one helluva ride! The second Canadian on our list after Shenae Grimes-Beech, Lowndes played beautiful and crazy to the best of her abilities – something she seems able to do in real life, too!

Like Adrianna, Lowndes has had a longstanding interest in music, releasing a few singles, including some that appeared on 90210. Most interestingly – and most strangely – was the widely publicized and rumoured romance between Lowndes and the much-older comedian Jon Lovitz! The actress shared cheeky photos of the two of them that made it appear as though they were involved but, alas, it was all a publicity stunt for her music video. How Adrianna of her!

9 Trevor Donovan (Teddy Montgomery)

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We said Michael Steger was almost the oldest actor to play a high school student on the show, because Trevor Donovan was actually the oldest! We know that Beverly Hills, 90210 used adult actors to play teenagers, but Donovan was in his thirties when he was cast as Teddy Montgomery!

Playing the blonde, blue-eyed, closeted Teddy, Donovan’s character was a bit of a villain before he became a loveable nice guy with a bad track record in romance. Perhaps that’s why Donovan has taken on a slew of forgettable roles in projects with titles like Love on a Limb, Marry Me At Christmas, and Runaway Romance! In real life, the actor and model has kept a pretty low profile and splits his time between Manhattan and Los Angeles.

8 Gillian Zinser (Ivy Sullivan)

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Either you loved Ivy Sullivan or you couldn’t stand her, but Gillian Zinser did a pretty good job of the troubled, artistic, skate punk who suddenly marries someone out of the blue! Like the other characters, Ivy gets around the dating pool and is briefly involved with Liam and Dixon, before marrying Raj, who, naturally, dies. It seems that the writers ran out of what to do with Zinser’s character, and sent her off to Mexico at the end of season four.

Likewise, Zinser has been kind of stagnant on the acting front, popping up in movies that were given limited releases or forgotten entirely. More interestingly, she is apparently in a relationship with actor Luke Grime (no relation to costar Shenae Grime-Beech), who has been a bigger hit in films than his GF.

7 Dustin Milligan (Ethan Ward)

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We only got to enjoy Dustin Milligan as Ethan Ward for one season before producers unceremoniously dropped him – and right after he kissed Silver, no less!

While he was only on the show for one season, Ethan certainly managed to get around, getting involved with both Naomi and Annie and, of course, the aforementioned kiss with Silver. Stating that the character of Ethan had “run its course”, producers didn’t renew Milligan’s contract, but he hasn’t really been hurting from it. Following his departure from the show, the Canadian Milligan kept busy with a few independent films before getting some major roles on Canadian-produced TV shows like X Company and Schitt’s Creek. He also scored an episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, probably with a little help from former girlfriend Amanda Crew!

6 Ryan Eggold (Ryan Matthews)

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Every good teen soap opera requires a hot teacher, and that’s why Ryan Eggold was cast! Although, it should be noted that Eggold often only had a few years on his students – and was actually YOUNGER than Trevor Donovan and Michael Steger, who played Teddy Montgomery and Navid Shirazi!

As Ryan Matthews, Eggold was only around for the first three seasons of the show while the main characters were still in high school, but he still managed to father a child with Jen Clark, Naomi’s older – and sneakier – sister. After his time in Beverly Hills, Eggold has had the most success on the hit TV show The Blacklist and its short-lived spinoff, The Blacklist: Redemption – where he plays a teacher again! (Okay, and a spy/assassin.)

5 Sara Foster (Jen Clark)

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Playing the part of Naomi Clark’s scheming sister Jen – who slept with no less than two of her little sister’s boyfriends! – we have Sara Foster. While Naomi managed to redeem herself and enjoy some character development as the show progressed, Foster’s Jen was a big B-word through and through while on the show. Manipulative and cruel, Jen Clark was the pinnacle of Beverly Hills excess and self-absorption.

Following her stint on the CW show, Foster has hardly been acting credited only with appearing in the one season of Barely Famous, with sister Erin in a spoofed reality show. However, there is a good reason for Foster’s departure from Hollywood: she got married and had kids! After tying the knot with tennis player Tommy Haas, Foster gave birth to two daughters, in 2010 and 2015, respectively.

4 Justin Deeley (Austin Tallridge)

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We dare say we’re not used to ever seeing Justin Deeley with a shirt on, so it’s fitting that most of his characters doff their clothes at least once in a feature! It was no different for Deeley’s character of Austin Tallridge, the country cutie with a penchant for cowboy hats who dates Naomi Clark for a brief period of time.

With that chiseled bod, it’s no surprise that Deeley also got into show business by working as a model before moving onto greener pastures via TV. After his spot on 90210, Deeley appeared in popular shows Drop Dead Diva and, most recently, Fear the Walking Dead. While Austin was kind of a forgettable character who appeared in 18 episodes over the final seasons of the show, we’ll never forget a guy as good-looking as Deeley!

3 Zachary Ray Sherman (Jasper Herman)

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Was there anyone out there who actually liked Jasper Herman? As the guy who essentially ruins the lives of the main cast, Jasper blackmailed Annie after learning that she was the one who ran over his uncle at the end of season one and threatened to commit suicide if she wouldn’t stay with him, as well as provided all the drugs to Adriana that got her addicted! The guy is one bad egg and perhaps it was the sour taste he left in our mouths that saw the guy who played him, Zachary Ray Sherman, do pretty poorly in Hollywood afterwards!

Following his time on 90210, Sherman has mostly done short films and most recently snagged a spot in the upcoming Netflix TV show Everything Sucks! Well, we can say one thing for sure: Jasper DEFINITELY sucked!

2 Lori Loughlin (Debbie Wilson)

via 90210.wikia.com/popsugar.com

90210 may have ended in 2013, but Lori Loughlin doesn’t appear to have aged since we were first introduced to her back in the late 1980s on Full House! On 90210, Loughlin played Debbie Wilson, the mother of Annie and Dixon Wilson, from season one to three, with a recurring spot in the final season.

Easily the busiest actor to appear on the show, Loughlin has a resumé that has been chock-full of TV movies and TV series ever since. Of course, most notably is the Netflix reboot of Fuller House, where she appeared in nine episodes, and the period drama of When Calls the Heart, which is now beginning its fifth season. Now married to the creator of the Mossimo clothing line and with two daughters and a stepson, Loughlin still looks amazing and every inch the perfect mother she’s made a career of playing.

1 Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor)

Appearing in a whopping 20 episodes as adult Kelly Taylor, Jennie Garth was the only Beverly Hills, 90210 alum to actually make an impact on the rebooted show. (In comparison, costars Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty appeared on the reboot for only two and seven episodes, respectively.)

As the older half-sister of the troubled Erin Silver, Garth was the guidance counselor at her alma mater for two seasons before the cast left for college. Dubbed the “Queen of the Hills”, Garth’s personal life wasn’t quite as rosy as her character’s, although it was definitely dramatic. After being married to actor Peter Facinelli for 11 years and raising three daughters together, Facinelli suddenly filed for divorce, which gave Garth some major breakup makeover ammo. Garth recently remarried for the third time in 2015 and has appeared primarily in TV movies ever since!

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