The Cast Of 7th Heaven: What They Look Like From Their First Episode And Now

Most of us can remember a time when we watched 7th Heaven. It was a big part of some of our childhood and teenage years. Some of us even grew up on it because it was on for so long. The first episode aired in 1996, and the final one was played in 2007. 11 years was plenty long enough for many of us to get hooked on the show and even fall in love with it!

The show has been off the air for over a decade, but we still get lucky and stumble upon the reruns on occasion. The more devoted viewers will admit to owning the series on DVD too.

If we think about it, we’ll realize that a lot has happened since the show first premiered. It’s been more than 20 years, so there are bound to be some changes. For now, we’re just going to focus on the celebrities and their physical features.

Of course, these actors and actresses have aged—it has been 20 years—but they’ve experienced other changes too. Some of these stars were consistently on the show and others made more sporadic appearances.

Here are some of the 7th Heaven celebs and how they’ve grown up over the years.

16 Stephen Collins—Proud Papa

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One of the first characters that we can recall is Rev. Eric Camden. He was the head of the household and the father figure. He had a big role to play—both in the Camden family and in the show. On the show, he was a reverend in addition to juggling seven children.

Of course—in the early seasons of the show—Stephen Collins was only in his late 40s and early 50s. Now, he’s reached the age of 70. We can expect some natural aging. Overall, he looks very familiar and most of us will recognize Collins easily. He’s still continued acting, so we have likely seen him somewhere.

One of the biggest changes is his hair color, as it’s grayed a bit. His face is still the same face we’ve always known!

15 Ashlee Simpson—Pop Princess On The Small Screen

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There are some stars who made this list that weren’t a big part of the Camden family. A handful of them just popped in for a few episodes here or there. Others ended up with more permanent roles.

Ashlee Simpson is one of the celebrities who experienced a shorter role on 7th Heaven. She starred in a total of 40 episodes over the course of two years. We might not have known who she was back then, but we do now! Simpson played Cecilia Smith, who was Simon’s girlfriend.

Everyone will have different opinions on this, but we think she’s changed quite a bit. She looks even prettier now than she did back in her 7th Heaven days. She’s seemed to have found her own personal style and has cleaned up her hair and makeup looks too!

14 Catherine Hicks—Busy Mom Annie

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None of us will forget the lovely Annie Camden! She was married to Rev. Eric Camden on the show, and she was the mother of seven kids. She had a lot on her plate! Raising seven children and being married to a reverend was no easy task.

Annie was played by Catherine Hicks. Hicks is now 66 years old, and we can expect that 20 years would have led to some changes here and there. We can say that Hicks does look different, but she is still recognizable. The actress—who was in her 40s when 7th Heaven—still looks incredible!

Hicks still has the blonde hair and the same kind face that we all knew and loved! This young-looking actress is still into acting, and she even said she would be interested in a 7th Heaven reunion!

13 Mackenzie Rosman—The Littlest Of Them All

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We can all remember the littlest Camden child, especially because she was so cute and little back then! Her name was Ruthie Camden. She was played by Mackenzie Rosman, who was just eight or nine when she got her start acting on 7th Heaven.

Of course, we can expect that Rosman would have experienced some of the biggest changes since the show’s beginning. She is 28 years old now, so she’s definitely grown up.

When Rosman was playing Ruthie, she was just a little girl. She has since gone through her teenage years and much of her 20s. She’s still acting a little bit, but she hasn’t become as popular as we might have expected. We can barely recognize her, even when her pictures are side by side! Rosman has definitely grown up!

12 Mila Kunis Way Back When

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Few of us are unfamiliar with who Mila Kunis is—especially today! Back when 7th Heaven was on, she was less popular. She guest-starred on the show in its earliest days. This was back in 1996 and 1997. Kunis was only in a total of four episodes, so it makes sense if you didn’t catch her!

While Kunis was a part of 7th Heaven, she played the role of Lucy’s friend, Ashley. At that point, she was in her young teenage years. She had curly hair, and her face wasn’t all made up like we’re used to it being today. She looked like any average young girl.

Well, now Kunis is in her 30s. She has changed quite a bit, and her acting has improved. She’s become much more famous, while also becoming more beautiful!

11 David Gallagher Might Have Lost His Appeal

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David Gallagher had one of his best-known roles when he was a part of the cast of 7th Heaven. He played Simon Camden. We probably recognize this little blonde boy for his part in helping the family to adopt their dog, Happy.

This star is 33 years old, so we can easily see how much he’s grown up since he played little Simon. We might be able to recall that Gallagher left the show a year early. He decided to go to college, so he made his exit in 2006—which was one year before the show officially came to an end.

Gallagher went to college and got a film and television degree. He’s since been doing some guest-starring roles. He seems to be keeping things pretty quiet, but there’s no missing who he really is!

10 Ashley Benson Before She Was A Liar

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Here’s one of those stars that wasn’t very well-known when she made her way onto 7th Heaven. Even when she was a part of the show, she wasn’t recognized. Ashley Benson played the role of Margot. Her time on the show was very short, and it lasted a quick two episodes in 2005.

Now, Benson is 28. She was a teenager back on the show, so we can assume she’s had plenty of time to develop. This was over 10 years ago, but she’s gotten more attractive. This isn’t to say that Benson wasn’t cute as a teen, but we especially love her in her late 20s!

We’re guessing 7th Heaven wasn’t really her ticket into Hollywood, but Benson has continued to do some acting since then. She’s now known for her role as Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars.

9 George Stults—Better Known As Kinkirk

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We are just going to assume and say that the Camdens themselves were the best-known characters within the show. They were who everyone was watching the show for. We just loved to see their story unfold with each new episode! Plus, the show was based on them.

Of course, there were other characters who had important roles. One of these was Kevin Kinkirk, who was played by George Stults. Kinkirk ended up being one of Mary Camden’s boyfriends in the show. This made him a pretty big part of the show.

Stults was in 7th Heaven from 2002 until 2007, making it in a total of 114 episodes. Naturally, he has aged since then. He’s changed his hairstyle and he looks a little bit older. His overall face shape and structure look familiar!

8 Funny Lady Jane Lynch

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Some of us might have forgotten about Jane Lynch’s role on 7th Heaven. Even if we weren’t big fans of the show, we know Lynch from one place or another. She has been a part of plenty of movies and shows over the years. One of her earlier roles was a nurse on 7th Heaven.

While Lynch was on the show, she didn’t last long. She had a very temporary part as a nurse. She made it into four episodes between 2001 and 2002. Of course, we will notice that Lynch went on to be successful in other places throughout show business.

Keep in mind that Lynch was on 7th Heaven almost 20 years ago. She’s bound to have gone through some natural physical changes. She really hasn’t aged much. Additionally, she’s kept the same hairstyle and color since then.

7 Haylie Duff All Grown Up

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At the tail end of the show’s time on the air, Haylie Duff came in to play Sandy Jameson. Duff was a part of 7th Heaven from 2005 to 2007, but she was only in a total of 32 episodes. Jameson was a pregnant college student on the show.

Surprisingly, this show wasn’t her first acting role. This chick has had a lot of experience—both before and after she was a character on 7th Heaven. We’re sure that the show has been important to her overall success as an actress, but a lot of it has been on her own!

Duff was in her late teens and early 20s back then, and now she’s in her early 30s. She has aged well though. She does look older, but she is still very recognizable!

6 Barry Watson—Matt Goes To Med School

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For some of us ladies who grew up watching 7th Heaven, Matt Camden was our favorite! He was cute, and he was also the oldest boy in the family. There was just something about him that we loved. His character was played by Barry Watson. Matt was a part of the show for 10 of the 11 years that it was on the air. He did end up going to medical school, so his appearances tapered off.

Those of us who were crushing on Matt back then should be able to recognize him today. He’s got a cleaner hairstyle, which does make him look a bit older. Overall, he hasn’t changed a whole lot. His face looks nearly identical to how it did back in his 7th Heaven days. That’s impressive!

5 Dave Franco Got His Start

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By now, many of us are familiar with the Franco family. They are staples of popular culture and Hollywood in general. This wasn’t always the case though—especially for Dave Franco.

As it turns out, Franco’s first credited role was on 7th Heaven. We’re sure the story of him landing that spot on the show is pretty interesting. Nonetheless, he got this part. He played Benjamin Bainsworth. This kid was simply supposed to call Ruthie Camden.

Given that this single episode was recorded in 2006, we can expect plenty of changes. One of the biggest changes is obviously Franco’s fame. His acting talents have definitely expanded! In addition, we ladies can say that he’s definitely become much more attractive. Of course, he’s aged over the last decade, but he’s done it gracefully.

4 Middle Child Beverley Mitchell

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This can’t be true of all of us, but some 7th Heaven fans will recall Beverley Mitchell as being one of their favorite actresses growing up. She seemed to be a pretty big part of the Camden family, where she played the role of Lucy.

Mitchell was a young teen when she was a part of the show, and we got to see her grow up right before our eyes. We can recall Lucy flying through plenty of boyfriends. She did end up finding her dream guy in Kevin Kinkirk though!

Overall, we think that Mitchell is one of the more recognizable characters from the show. This might be because her face hasn’t changed much at all over the years. She doesn’t look like a teenager anymore—and it’s a good thing! She’s totally grown up, but she looks good!

3 Rebellious Jessica Biel

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One of Jessica Biel’s earliest roles in her acting career was 7th Heaven, where she played the part of Mary Camden. Biel was a part of the show for the majority of its time on the air, but she left a year before it ended. This was mostly because the producers weren’t very happy with a modeling role she had. She got written out of the show.

We can remember Mary for a variety of different reasons. Some of us will recall that she loved basketball. Others were likely crushing on her—we don’t blame you! She was also somewhat rebellious later in the show.

Over the years, Biel has become prettier and more put together than she was in her teens. She was still attractive back then, but her beauty and her improved acting skills have taken her far!

2 Ashley Tisdale Was Barely Recognizable

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We Disney fans will recognize Ashley Tisdale’s name from her roles in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and the High School Musical trilogy. Of course, Tisdale has had other parts throughout her acting career. She even found her way onto 7th Heaven!

The time when Tisdale played the role of Janice was very brief—and we mean that! She was a part of the show for a single episode in 1997. Back then, she was basically a child and had barely entered her teenage years.

When Tisdale was playing Simon Camden’s love interest, she had tight curls and a young look overall. She looks much different now, as she’s in her early 30s. She’s abandoned those tight, brunette ringlets for a sleek blonde haircut. She just looks more mature, which is expected!

1 Brino Quadruplets—AKA The Camden Twins

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A few years into the series, the Camden family was blessed with twins! These little boys—David and Sam—became the new youngest kids in the household. They ended up stealing the hearts of all of us viewers.

What we may not have realized is that there were four children playing the twins. This is very common in Hollywood, as it helps with filming. Little kids are unpredictable and can get upset easily or just not cooperate. Having backups helps.

The Brino quadruplets are the actors behind David and Sam. Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino did most of the acting, but Zachary and Myrinda filled in as well.

Because the kids were so young while they were on 7th Heaven, they’re much less recognizable now than any of the other cast members.

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