The Biggest Mistake You're Making When It Comes To Dating, Based On Astrology

Some dates are hot, some dates are hotter, and some dates are just plain wild. We’re not saying wild is bad, but we want to remind you that you need to know who you’re dating and if he deserves your wildness. Because more often than not, dating someone (especially first dates) calls for something mild and gentle with just a touch of playfulness. Now that is what you want. You wouldn’t want your date running towards the door and avoiding you on social media. Thus, we are here to help you and make sure you have the best date you could ever imagine. Because even when you think you do, chances are things are not as smooth as you imagined. So take some healthy notes in this article and let’s give our astrological signs a chance to help us with our love life. Because apparently, stars are really helpful when it comes to love.

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15 Aries – You’re Being Too Courageous It’s Out Of Line

Aries folks are courageous human beings often idolized for their, well, intense courage. When most people think there is no way to fix something, Aries would go out and show the world that sometimes, you just have to be courageous enough to do something even when you’re not sure what you’re doing. And you just have to trust yourself that you can do it. This is good, Aries folks. Really good. However, the problem is when you apply the same philosophy on dating, which most Aries people do, now that is a problem. Because with dating, you wouldn’t want to go out there, do something you have no clue about and trust yourself that you can do it. You want your date to feel that you’re being cautious and you’re in your zone. So the next time you go on a date, Aries reader, try being a little prim-and-proper. Men love that. But keep your courageous soul nearby because you never know when you’ll need it.

14 Taurus – You Often Chase The Wrong Person

Taurus folks are persistent AF. And really, this is a good attitude to have. Not all of us can be persistent even on things we know we should pursue. The problem here is, Taurus women often chase the wrong man. They spend weeks and months of dating one man thinking he is the one and end up discovering something about him that they can’t take. See girls, this is exactly why you should be careful. This is why you shouldn’t take things so fast thinking someone might pull your man away from you. That’s very unlikely, especially if you’re an amazing woman because then, this guy wouldn’t want to be pulled away from you. To avoid the heartache, we suggest you listen to your zodiac sign and to us. And when we say stop chasing the wrong person, stop chasing the wrong person. Take things slow and take your time to get to know a man.

13 Gemini – You Don’t Know How To Use Your Versatility

Gemini ladies have the gift of versatility but sadly, only a few of them know how to use it. Why in the world would you choose not to use your gift of versatility? Of course, knowing how it works is a process. You will have to test it and learn from your mistakes and test it again until you figure out how it will serve you best. Patience is the key here, ladies. But if you’re not willing to make use of said versatility then don’t even ask why your dates are all going gaga. That’s because you’re trying to be someone you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind too often or with being hot and cold and then hot again. If the man is interested in you, he’ll understand. But you choose to pretend to be someone you’re not, your dates will go insane and you got nobody else to blame but yourself.

12 Cancer – You’re Being Too Emotional For A First Date

As much as we don’t want to say this because it sounds rude, Cancer folks suck at first dates. They have no idea how to draw the line between ‘getting to know you’ and ‘will you be the father of my kids’ and that’s just alarming. That will make your date run wild for sure because hey, this is still the first date. There should be no conversation about families and fatherhood and having babies together. This should be all about getting to know him, knowing the basics and maybe a surprise fact or two. But family and babies? That’s too much. See, Cancerians have the tendency to be too emotional and too attached even during the first date. If you can’t control your emotions and your wild thoughts, woman, you will never have a normal date ever again. In fact, all you’ll have are probably first dates. He wouldn’t want to date you again because your emotions are just pouring all over the place.

11 Leo – You’re Bossy And You Don’t Listen When People Call You Out

Leo folks are lucky because they’re friendly people. And they have this unique instinct of finding out who will make a really good friend for them and who are the fake ones. The ones staying only because they’re waiting for Leo gal to fail so they can laugh… and with said unique skills, Leo is showered with honest comments about their attitude, which is helpful because it helps us grow and learn more about ourselves. What sucks here is that most Leos don’t know how to listen to their friends’ advice. They don’t know how to pay attention to other people’s thoughts and the only thing important to them is their thoughts and feelings. They can be so bossy and being bossy is not a good attitude to bring on dates. Or anywhere for that matter. You, dear Leo reader, should be careful about being bossy because there’s no way it’ll help you in life.

10 Virgo – You’re Fussing Over The Lamest Thing Ever

Virgos are helpers. They love helping people around, lending a hand, listening to those who need someone to listen to them. Practically, this is the sign that you would want to date. They’re amazing people and they don’t have many issues and when they do, they know when is the right time to tell you. So really, they are amazing people. However, the thing about Virgo is that they have a huge tendency to fuss over everything, including the lamest thing you could ever imagine. Maybe this is because they listen to so many problems of other people or they teach too much or really, nobody knows. What we do know is Virgo has this habit of whining and making even the smallest thing a big deal. Now that is a problem, and that is definitely a clear sign that dating with a Virgo will end wildly bad.

9 Libra – You Flirt Like It's Your Job

Whether that’s two Libra lovers or just one, chances are there’d be too much flirting. Known to be the sign of balance, these people are fine friends, but they may not be so fine when it comes to dating. If you’re a Libra then you might not notice it too much but girl, you flirt like it's your job and you need to stop. You’re being way too wild especially if you’re still on the first date. There are proper places to flirt and there are also proper amounts of flirting. Libras are also easily tempted to flirt with other people even though they’re already dating, and they don’t really care if their date is around or not. So if your guy keeps on looking at other women’s behinds, that’s a chance to not date him again. and if you’re a Libra, check in with yourself every now and then. Be open-minded and honest with yourself. If you notice you’re flirting and things are not balanced anymore, you need to fix it.

8 Scorpio – You’re Way Too Intense And Such A Jealous Baby

Gal pal, if your sign is Scorpio then we’re telling you, it’s very VERY important to control your intensity. Even when you don’t notice it and even when your friends don’t notice it, when the situation is something new to you, or when you’re too nervous about something (or someone) you will be so intense you will be lost in the heart of your intensity. So please, for the love of all holy, check in with yourself and be sure you’re not too intense so your date will go just fine. On the other hand, if you’re dating a Scorpio man, you can expect him to be intense as well. Moreover, Scorpios are super jealous people, so keep this in mind when dating a Scorpio man. Can you really deal with the jealousy? See, being a Scorpio is not a problem. The thing is, you need to be on top of your game and you need to be a less jealous woman, more loving and understanding.

7 Sagittarius – You’re Just Risky

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius folks are known to be highly energetic, in a good way. They love to take on various adventures and they never run out of energy to do it. They’re always up for any challenge that comes their way and they’re always positive. Natural free thinkers, Sagittarius are often expected to be the best partner ever, regardless of your sign. And maybe they are. After all, it’s not every day that you meet an adventurous man (or woman) who is willing to go slow for you and when you’re ready, take you to have crazy adventures. Now that is super romantic and special and worthy of countless dates. The only issue with Sagittarius is that sometimes, they forget they’re just humans who need to rest. Meaning, when dating, you dear reader, need to slow down a little. Let your date do the story-telling and the chatting and stop your adventurous mind from going gaga.

6 Capricorn – You Act Like Every Date Is Going To Be Your Husband

This sounds ridiculous, we know, but this is often what’s going on in the brains of Capricorns. You think your date is going to be your forever. You think he is the perfect one and the best one and the one you deserve. You think he is going to be the father of your kids and that he will build you cribs and swing sets from scratch. Nope. Capricorn reader, your date won’t do those things for you. Because he is just your date and nothing more than that. At least not now. For now, he’s the man sitting in front of you, sipping wine or eating steak or chatting like the amazing person that he is but yeah, for now, that’s all you can get. Don’t be too attached to him because this is the problem with Capricorns – they are huge fans of the domestic setting they associate every person they meet as someone part of their domestic setting. Oh boy…

5 Aquarius – You’re Detached And Unemotional

Although Aquarians are known to be humanitarians and poetic and all, they are often detached. They love helping other people and generating ideas to help more. They love to be creative and dive into painting and poetry and just immerse into something that will keep their souls alive. Which is great, if only they can be a little more emotional. See, Aquarians begin with too many emotions in them, but growing older, these emotions vanish. It can be because they’re building walls or because they just forget about those emotions or something else. But yes, this happens and this can cause a date to be wild. As in wildly wrong because who in the world would want to date an unemotional woman? Get it together, dear Aquarian reader. We know you can and we know you deserve an amazing man. So don’t be afraid to let your emotions out.

4 Pisces – You Are So Weak You Can’t Even Go On A Decent Date

Technically, Pisces are not weak folks. They are full of energy and they are considered the healer of all signs. They are full of compassion and artistry but at the same time, they forget how to control their passion. This is what causes them to be weak. Because they can barely control their compassion, they end up being too emotional about everything. They end up caring too much and giving away of themselves too much. If you’re a Pisces, know that this is going to break you down. Whether you believe it or not, too much compassion is not good, especially when you’re on a date. Because, uhm, hello… your date does not need compassion. He needs you there, present. He needs to know you, he wants to listen to your stories, and feel your hand. Don’t be too weak to keep this date going. Don’t be too weak to let your date in and get to know the real you.

But these signs shouldn't completely fix their mistakes:

3 Cancer

Our Cancer gal pals have a lot of work to do but that’s okay. Y’all have all the time in the world to work on things. As long as you’re determined to tweak things and make a little change, you’ll be fine. See, the thing about Cancer folks is that they are too emotional but ironically, a lot of people want emotion. Of course, we do! Who would want to be with someone who can’t feel in the first place? However, if you’re a Cancerian then you better start working on lessening those emotions, especially on a first date. Why? Uhm, because it’s only the first date, duh?! Just keep it cool and be aware of yourself – how you act, what you say, those kinds of things. Be sure you’re on the ‘just right’ zone because the overly emotional zone is reserved for men who want a second and third date with you.

2 Sagittarius

Sometimes, risk is good. Sometimes, it’s better to go for a risky person than not going on a date at all. This is why a lot of Sagittarius folks out there are often on a date. Seriously, their schedule is just so busy they barely have time to have those really long and lazy baths. But if you’re planning to stop the speed-dating and take things seriously, as in find someone who would want to be in a serious relationship, you need to work on your being risky. We’re not saying erase it. As mentioned, everybody loves risk. But you may want to consider toning it down a little. Keep in mind that your man might not be used to having a partner who is plain risky, so you would want to give him room to adjust. And if he really likes you, chances are he will slowly welcome every bit of you into his life, including the bits that are all about risks.

1 Libra

If you’ve already seen a flirtatious woman then you would understand how annoying it can be. But what if you are that woman? What if you’re the kind of woman who just can’t control herself? The woman who still enjoys flirting with other men even when she’s dating someone else? Now that sucks. But worry not, this is something you shouldn’t erase in your life. After all, flirting is fun. You may, however, want to talk to your man and tell him about your flirting abilities and how you’re having a hard time controlling it. Tell him you don’t really want to sleep with those other men, you just enjoy flirting with them. If this man really loves you, he would eventually understand. And you would be able to keep your flirting skills and show it off whenever you want. And the best part is your man won’t be furious at you.

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