The Beauty Risks To Take, Based On Women's Personalities

Beauty can be super epic and magical or more understated, depending on the products that you use, the time that you want to spend on your daily routine, and what you're in the mood for. It's pretty cool that you can change up your makeup and hair depending on the season or what you feel like (or if your fave celebrity just got an amazing haircut and you want the same thing).

There are probably at least a few things that you wish that you could try, but maybe you're too shy or worried about how it'll look and what other people will say. That's totally valid, and it's something that a lot of people can relate to. But there's no reason to be afraid or overly cautious. You deserve to have some fun with your beauty and hair routine, and it's time to give something new a try. Summer is the perfect time for it since everyone is feeling wild and carefree.

Why not think about a beauty risk that you can take this summer based on your personality type? It's an easy way to figure out what the best thing for you is. Here are 20 beauty risks, all based on everyone's personality!

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20 Shy And Quiet: Wear Some Fun Eyeshadow To Feel More Confident


Eyeshadow seems to come in and out of fashion, and some girls love it and swear by it while others prefer a bright, bold lip instead.

To each her own for sure- and there are no real "rules" when it comes to beauty- so you should just wear what you like.

If your personality is shy and quiet, then trying some bright, bold, fun eyeshadow is the perfect beauty risk for you to take. You won't feel quite as self-conscious as you might if you were rocking some seriously bright and bold lipstick, but you'll feel cool and confident and be proud that you tried something new.

19 Super Confident: Try Some Purple Lipstick


Purple lipstick can only really be worn by someone who is super confident. It just makes sense, right? If you love yourself and are really comfortable with who you are, you should take a beauty risk that fits in perfectly with your personality.

What's that? Definitely purple lipstick. It's more fun than other colors since most people won't be expecting you to be wearing this shade. But it's not just for Halloween or any costume party- it can be something that you wear when you want to feel a bit more special and brighten up your day. Why not, right?!

18 Spunky: Dye Your Hair Green


If you're spunky and have a really fun, vibrant personality, then you can't just take any old beauty risk. It has to be something really awesome, epic, and magical.

Why not dye your hair green? It's a bold move for sure, but that's exactly why it makes so much sense for you.

You'll love hearing from others that they can't believe that you had the guts and courage to do this, but since you've got this kind of quirky, crazy confident personality, that's probably something that you hear all the time. Honestly, the people who are close to you and know you the best won't be the least bit surprised.

17 Hilarious: Try A Crazy And Fun Manicure


If you're hilarious and always love being the life of the party, telling epic and funny stories and just making people laugh no matter what, then this is the ideal beauty risk for you can take: a fun, bright manicure.

A turquoise color like in this picture is great and you'll rack up the compliments, but there are so many other colors that you can choose, too. You want to take a beauty risk that makes you stand out and you definitely want to have some fun, and there's not much that's more fun than a bold manicure. It just makes you feel awesome and puts you in an immediate good mood.

16 On The Cautious Side: Get Some Temporary Pink Highlights That Are Easy To Wash Out

If you're a cautious person, you're probably someone who swears by their pro and con lists a la Rory Gilmore. You don't take any decision lightly, and some might say that you worry too much or overthink things, but hey- it's just the way you are.

You won't want to make too big a change, so some temporary highlights are a great (but minimal) beauty risk for you to take.

You'll know that you won't have to keep them all that long, so you might as well get some pink ones. After all, a pop of pink is just plain fun.

15 A Smart Bookworm: A Bright Yellow Mani-Pedi To Have Some Fun

You're smart, love to read,  and enjoy some chill quiet time at home. When you're more of a homebody and definitely a bookworm, you don't want to take a beauty risk that is too crazy because you won't be comfortable and you won't feel like yourself.

Your best bet is to get a yellow mani-pedi. It'll be fun and you can enlist your best friend or sister to come with you. They'll like the break, too, since everyone loves a mani-pedi, especially when it's summertime. Yellow is a great choice since it might not be something that you've tried before and you'll be proud that you took a bold risk.

14 The Life Of The Party: Wear A Bold Lip To Get People Talking

You're used to being the center attention (and, let's be real, you don't like it when someone else is). You want to get people talking and love compliments and praise, and you're totally up for taking a big beauty risk this summer. What should yours be?

If you have an out-loud type of personality and you've never been to a party that bored you, thanks to your lively contributions, then a bold red lipstick is a great idea.

It'll be impossible for people not to mention how much they love your lipstick, and you'll be happy to get the compliments.

13 A Worrywart: A Temporary Tattoo

You're someone who worries about everything, big or small, and it doesn't matter who tries to calm you down or tell you that you have nothing to worry about. You can't help it, this is just the way that you are. You like to think that your worrying is kind of cute and loveable. You hope that it is, anyway.

Since you're going to worry about pretty much anything that you could add to your beauty routine or do differently, here's your best bet: getting a temporary tattoo. You can pick something pretty and meaningful. The best part is that you can rest easy knowing that it won't last. Phew.

12 An Organized Planner: Cut Your Hair Super Short (With The Intention That You'll Grow It Super Long)

You have a paper agenda and never want to go digital because this is what works for you. You write everything down (and even sometimes write it down twice). You don't want to forget anything that's on your to-do list, no matter how small, and you're the most organized person that you know.

If this is your personality, then here's the beauty risk that you can take: cut your hair short with the intention of growing it long.

This will work for a few reasons: it's healthy to get your hair cut, so you'll be helping your locks- and it'll give you a goal to work toward. You'll feel in control since you've made the decision to grow your hair out after.

11 Big Time Beauty Fan: Fake Eyelashes With A Full Face Of Makeup


People say that you should follow the "rules" for makeup (i.e. no full lip with full eye makeup) but you love beauty products and makeup so much, you don't feel the need to follow the rules. That's no fun- especially in the summer when it just feels more exciting and enjoyable to try out new beauty products.

The beauty risk that you should take when you're a huge beauty fan is combining fake eyelashes and a full face of makeup. It'll look great since you're a pro at this point and know how to do your own makeup. Look at how glam you are!

10 The Introvert: Lip Liner, Fake Eyelashes, And Painted On Eyebrows


Since you're introverted, you're not going to wear super bright lipstick or nail polish, and you're definitely not about to dye your hair some crazy color. It just wouldn't appeal to you or feel right or make you feel good.

Instead, you can have a sleek, sophisticated makeup look with painted on eyebrows (so you're just touching up yours a bit), fake eyelashes, and lip liner.

These will be enough of a beauty risk for you but at the same time won't draw too much attention. It's also a great way to feel polished and put together without doing anything super wild.

9 The Extrovert: A New Kind Of Makeup Every Day


Since you've got an extroverted personality, you like having fun, meeting new people, and having adventures no matter where you are. You're not shy about chatting with new people or having new experiences, so you're also not shy about switching up your hair and beauty routine, either. So why not try a bold lip one day and eyeshadow the next?

Feel free to have a lot of fun with it! Sometimes it takes some experimenting to figure out what works for you (and what you don't like, which is totally valid and part of the process, too). This is a cool, fun way to do that.

8 Easy Going: Colored Eyeliner


Everyone that you know would describe you as easy-going and chill. You don't worry about things unless you really know that you have to, and you're generally a happy, cheerful, peaceful person.

You don't want a high-maintenance beauty routine since you are anything but high-maintenance- so adding some colored eyeliner into your routine might sound like a great idea.

It's an easy beauty risk to take because it'll feel a bit new and different but won't be something that will take you tons of time, either. You just might find that you really love wearing it and want to every day.

7 High Strung: Nail Art That Has To Be Kept An Eye On


While some people are super low-key and don't worry about anything, others just aren't so chill. If you're more high-strung than not, then you should figure out a risk to take in your beauty routine that will allow you to burn off some of your nervous energy. Having some nail art done (or doing it yourself, of course) is a great idea.

It'll be fun and different, especially if you're used to having shorter nails or just painting your nails and calling it a day. There are so many fun colors and patterns to choose from, it might be tough to nail one down (no pun intended).

6 Sporty Girl With A Tomboy Personality: Grow Your Hair Out (Since You Probably Keep It Pretty Short)


You're a tomboy who loves sports- both playing and watching them- so you might not be big on growing your hair out. Long hair isn't that practical if you live an active lifestyle and it might not be something that you even like or care about. Short hair all the way.

But if you want to take a beauty risk and this is your personality, then the best thing to do would be to grow your hair out.

You don't have to go super long (or you totally can if you really want to be brave and take a giant risk), but just a little bit past your shoulders counts. It'll be a big change for sure, but since hair doesn't grow crazy long in a day, you'll still be in your beauty and hair comfort zone through the beginning of the transition.

5 Career Girl: Get Some Hair Extensions


Since you're a career girl, hair extensions will definitely work for you and won't get in the way like having fake, super long nails would. Hair extensions are a cool, practical solution when you want to take a beauty risk but aren't interested in doing anything too crazy.

You can buy extensions and do it yourself or have your hair stylist do it for you. Either way, you'll have longer hair that you'll definitely love! What's cool is that you don't have to wait a long time for your hair to grow out, which can be so frustrating. Hair extensions are also perfect for the summertime style changes.

4 Travel Lover With Wanderlust: Self-Tanner Is A Great Idea


Do you love to travel and wish that you could go on more trips than you currently do?

If that describes your personality and you're a girl with crazy 24/7 wanderlust, then definitely take a beauty risk and try some self-tanner.

This is generally considered to be a better choice than tanning beds (which most people agree aren't the best), and it's easy since you can grab some tanner from your local drugstore. You'll be feeling chill vacation vibes in no time and will feel like you're far away from home- even if you're staying put for the time being.

3 A Free Spirit: Bronzer And Gold Eye Shadow


If you're a free spirit with a bit of a hippie personality, meaning that you love love, care about people deeply, and just want everything to be peaceful, then try a makeup look that fits that vibe and your personality.

Swipe on some bronzer and gold eyeshadow and you'll definitely feel and look great. The best part of taking this beauty risk? It's nothing too wild and crazy so you won't feel awkward or worried about it. You'll still look like yourself, just a bit more sparkly, and that's always a good thing. Plus, it's great for summer evening events or date night.

2 Big Time Foodie: Bright, Bold, Long-Lasting Red Lipstick


Do you really want to constantly wipe your lipstick off before you eat something if you're a huge foodie and food is basically your favorite thing ever? Do you want to get lipstick all over whatever you're indulging in? Definitely not... Which is why you should take the beauty risk of trying a bright, bold, long-lasting red lipstick.

This shade will not only get people talking and make you look great, but it's also practical.

You love food, you love to eat, and you don't want your lipstick to ruin that. It's the perfect solution- and now you can enjoy your food in peace and glamor.

1 The Beauty Chameleon: Dye Your Hair A New Color Every Week Or Month


You're definitely known for being a beauty product junkie and being up for anything. Your friends and family get you products on your birthday and for Christmas presents, and you never met a makeup shade that you didn't like.

So the beauty risk that you should take if you're a beauty chameleon? That would definitely be dying your hair a new shade every month- or even every week if you're brave and up for a challenge. You'll really enjoy having a different hair color every once in a while. Just imagine the Instagram possibilities, too. It sounds like the best adventure ever for a beauty lover.

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