The Ariana Era: 20 Reasons Ariana Grande's Ponytail Will Push Kylie Jenner Out The Way

This year is officially the Ariana Grande era. That ponytail may have been lowered 45 degrees for the cover of Sweetener, but Ariana's bubblegum sweetheart vibes are ranking higher than ever. With her shock split from Pete Davidson over, Ariana's over-the-knee boots are walking alone–well, if you count 133 million IG followers as "alone."

Kylie Jenner recently fronted Forbes magazine with "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" as the headline. This 21-year-old stared down the camera's lens with the boss vibes that have earned her a staggering $900 million. Forbes isn't only covering the Kardashian-Jenners, though. "The Ariana Effect" was Forbes' headline in 2018, as the media outlet reported that Pete Davidson's earning potential was on the up–purely for dating the singer.

Admit it, Ariana Grande is a little bit addictive. Whether she's being a "Dangerous Woman" or simply proving that "God Is A Woman," Ariana is taking over music, fashion, culture, and even baby names. Ari isn't the only young starlet in Hollywood. Not by far. Then again, is Kylie Jenner really a "starlet?" Selling controversial Lip Kits and posing on Lamborghinis seem to be what Kylie is most famous for–well, and having Stormi.

"Every time I get my makeup professionally done, I take a photo." Kylie didn't need to tell us that. Her IG might be bold, but it's getting a little old. Ariana, meanwhile? Well, she's going to take over. Here are 20 reasons Ariana's ponytail will push Kylie Jenner out the way.

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20 Kylie Has Louis Vuitton On Repeat, Ariana Wings It In The Rain

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The sheer extravagance of Kylie Jenner's lifestyle is still something that we're wrapping our heads around. In 2018, fans got a video tour of the endless Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton bags that form the "little room" that Kylie created for her purses.

Kylie Jenner gives Snapchat tours of her $1 million purse closet while Ariana is happy in Knicks sweats (and can handle a downpour).

Ariana Grande is by no means basic when it comes to fashion. Her over-the-knee boots have the Gucci monogram, but she'll pair them with sports hoodies. During this 2018 outing, Ariana was happy in Knicks Sweats and #NoMakeUp.

19 Kylie "Lies" About Cereal With Milk, Ariana Is Vegan For A Reason

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Yes, we've reached the point where Kylie Jenner announcing that she "just tried cereal with milk for the first time" can break the internet. In 2018, Kylie tweeted about trying Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk for the first time at the age of 21. "Life changing," she said.

Um, liar, liar, pants on fire? TMZ dug up a 2013 pic of Kylie's cereal. We saw bran flakes, berries, and yes–milk. Ariana makes no grandiose statements about her diet. She is vegan for a simple reason. "I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding. I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet." End of.

18 Kylie Hopes For "Obsessed" Boyfriends, Ariana Accepts Breakup Reality

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Nothing is topping Ariana's shock split from Pete Davidson right now. After a whirlwind 24-day romance, Ariana announced her engagement to SNL star Pete Davidson in June 2018. With their October 14th breakup, the engagement is now history.

Ariana has since released "thank u, next" as a song. It features Pete's name alongside Mac Miller's.

On the other hand, Kylie has been dating Travis Scott for over 18 months. The short-lived Life of Kylie reality show hasn't been forgotten, though. "It looks like someone's obsessed with you," a producer told Kylie about her ex, Tyga. "I hope the person I'm dating is obsessed with me," Kylie replied. #MeMeMe

17 Kylie "Handles" Pregnancy By Vanishing, Ariana Faces The World After Pete

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Talk about two different attitudes. In 2017, Kylie Jenner abandoned her social media. The selfie-taking, sports car-driving reality star only threw us Kylie Cosmetics promotions, but the real Kylie was nowhere to be seen. After many months, Kylie returned to IG in 2018. Stormi Webster was introduced to the world and Kylie apologized to fans for "keeping them in the dark."

Ariana, however, has faced the world since splitting with Pete. "Time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit" was Ariana's immediate comment, but this girl didn't hide. "It's hard not to bump news n stuff," Ariana wrote, but she's actually handling the cameras.

16 Even Kardashians Aren't Immune To "The Ariana Effect"

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The proof is in the pudding, right? Ariana Grande was the most popular Halloween costume of 2018, according to Teen Vogue. And it was actually chosen by Kourtney Kardashian. "God Is A Woman" was Kourtney Kardashian's costume caption.

When a Kardashian is turning to you for inspiration, you've #MadeIt.

Kourtney channeled Ariana's pink Jimmy Fallon dress with the statement ponytail and a mic to recreate the look that Ariana has 100% made her own. Kylie Jenner might have thrown us "Stormi Weather" for her costume, but Kourtney's outfit said everything. The "Ariana Effect" truly has no limits.

15 Nor Is Reebok (But PUMA Dropped Kylie)

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Celebrity endorsements are bigger than ever. Jennifer Lawrence fronts Dior. Nicki Minaj fronts Mercedes-Benz. Travis Scott just got snapped up by Saint Laurent. In 2017, Reebok announced a year-long partnership with Ariana, which now includes the Ariana x Reebok collection.

Kylie Jenner was once the face of PUMA. Her fee was a reported $1 million, although Ariana's co-star Reebok partner, Gal Gadot is getting paid a reported $10 million. Kylie didn't last long at PUMA. Runners found her poses unrealistic, while reports of a "conflict of interest" highlighted that Kanye West's Yeezy line is affiliated with Adidas. Magically, Kylie is now with Adidas. #Convenient

14 Kylie: "I Take, Like, 500 Selfies To Get One I Like"

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Hey, it runs in the family, right? In 2016, The Huffington Post learned that Kim Kardashian took a staggering 6,000 selfies over just four days during her Mexico vacation.

And sure, Kylie grew up in a world where vanity earns you cash, but is it something to be proud of?

"I take, like 500 selfies to get one I like," Kylie has said. When Kylie appeared on The Ellen Show in 2015, The Mirror was shocked to learn that Kylie had straight-up refused to use Ellen's makeup team. Her "own glam squad" was insisted upon, as were two dressing rooms. Of course, this all being massively relatable...

13 Ariana: "I Sing Christina Aguilera In The Shower"

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Oddly, Kylie Jenner has never shared her #ShowerThoughts with us. We do know that Kylie's bathrooms come fully marbled (and with very large mirrors). Ariana? She's beyond adorable.

"I have a very long shower playlist," Ariana said. "Carwash and Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera."

When Teen interviewed Ariana with 21 quick-fire questions, fans found out that Ariana sings in the shower just like the rest of us. Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and "the divas" are Ariana's inspiration. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is another of Ariana's shower songs. Ariana has even done epic Celine Dion impressions on Carpool Karaoke.

12 Kylie: "Unsanitary Sweatshop" Factory Accusations, Refuses To Comment

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$900 million is what Kylie has earned from her Lip Kits, Kyshadows, and the "Extended Palette"–because clearly, a girl's bathroom isn't complete with a "regular" palette.

When a Kylie Cosmetics employee posted a review on Indeed, she entitled it "Sweatshop."

With the Spatz Laboratory setting not inspected since 2006 by the FDA, reports of "dirty facilities" and "aggressive managers" have made headlines across the internet.

A complaint to Better Business Bureau stated that an employee suffered migraines from the "strong, chemical odor" dispelled by Kylie's eyeshadows. While a rep for Spatz Laboratories claims the facilities "passed" inspections, Kylie remains silent.

11 Ariana: Fans Challenge Her Whistle Register, Posts A Video Showing It

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The music industry has its great voices. Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey have powerful, angelic voices. Ariana didn't gain international fame for "kind of being able to sing." This girl has a power of a voice that covers four octaves. She also has a video from 2012 that is still live on YouTube.

"Some of the comments said that my whistles were fake or, like, autotuned," Ariana says (looking right into the camera). "I wanted to make a video talking about it." Saying that she would never fake anything, Ariana goes onto show everyone exactly what she can do. #LikeABoss

10 It's Called Interacting With Your Fans

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Kylie and Ariana both have huge fanbases. Kylie seems to thank fans with a touch more distance than Ariana, though. In 2018, Ariana surprised fans while they sang "One Last Time." After her Dangerous Woman tour, Ariana thanked her fans for "wiping my tears away."

In 2018, she told Vogue: "I love, love, love them! Talking to them every day, say hi, favorite their tweets."

Kylie thanked fans in 2018–for buying copies of Vogue with her on the cover. While the youngest Kardashian-Jenner does have a lot of love for her fans, you won't see Kylie in a random Starbucks just chatting away to them.

9 Ariana: "Love Your Flaws, Own Your Quirks"

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Ariana Grande is all kinds of beautiful. Delicate facial features and chocolate-brown eyes only add to her charm, but Ariana's own views aren't full of vanity-fuelled aspirations. "Be happy with being you," Ariana has said. "Love your flaws. Own your quirks."

For Ariana, it's "know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are." Take that childhood birthday party that Ariana admitted: "They came and left." Ari openly admitted that her favorite movie as a two-year-old was Jaws. "I had the least popular birthday parties," she said. Popularity came to this girl because she continued to be herself.

8 Kylie: "Insecure About My Lips," Finds Comfort In Clinics

via: glamour

There's nothing funny about insecurities. We all have them. Kylie has been pretty brave in opening up about hers, and for that she gets credit. "I was super insecure about my lips," she told Glamour in 2018. "I really wanted to illusion bigger lips, so I overlined mine like crazy, and then people started getting obsessed."

Except that's not quite how it went; Kylie has admitted to a receiving a little helping hand, but the damage (pro in Kylie's case) was done.

Teenage girls were already obsessed. Kylie Lip Kits flew off shelves, and the aspiration to have Kylie's lips became the best-spun marketing example ever.

7 Ariana: Breaks Global Streaming Records, Zero Official Training

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Ariana was recently named Billboard's 2018 Woman Of The Year. She is already considered a music icon. As of October 2018, Ariana's music videos have over 11 billion online views. Ariana has won 3 AMAs, 3 MTV Europe Music Awards, and she has 4 Grammy nominations.

"Music just kind of happened," Ariana said. "I never really trained for anything."

Ariana's record sales sit at 30.5 million for singles. The girl who was turned away from her school choir and "played a little bit of piano by ear" has 100% earned her number one slots. Sweetener debuted at #1, and we're not surprised.

6 Kylie: Waist-Training

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Quite how this became a global sensation, we'll never know. Waist-training involves wearing a steel-boned corset to develop an exaggerated hourglass shape. It's the kind of thing you see Blac Chyna doing.

In 2018, Kylie Jenner was slammed for promoting a waist-trainer after having a baby.

"Stop promoting dangerous weight loss!" was one response reported by The Daily Mail. Kylie's waist-trainer post came with a #ad, a discount code, and a "make sure you get your package" encouraging viewers to purchase one. How very innovative, how very exciting, how very unique. Nothing wrong with earning from promoting. Then again, nothing novel about it.

5 "Thank U, Next" Respects Pete (And Honors Mac Miller)

via: deskgram

Ariana has done something interesting since her October 2018 split. In early November, Ariana released "thank u, next." The song is actually incredibly moving.

"Even almost got married, And for Pete, I'm so thankful, Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm, 'Cause he was an angel" are the lyrics from "thank u, next."

Ariana doesn't slam her exes. She mentions Big Sean, Mac Miller, and Pete with respect. Ultimately though, the lyrics show us a level-headed girl. "I know they say I move on too fast, But this one gon' last, 'Cause her name is Ari, And I'm so good with that."

4 The Merch That Sells Itself (ᴉɹɐ n ǝʌol ǝʍ)

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Oh, the merch–we want it. Nicki Minaj may have released a merch line piggy-backing off her Cardi B feud, but Ariana's comes with a #Winning. Lavender pinks, pastels, plastics, and that upside-down writing on her IG.

Ariana's merch earned her $50,000 a day during her 2017 Dangerous Woman tour.

Fans were buying it for the memories, the treasures, and a chance to connect with Ari. The Sweetener merch definitely had its promo, but when that promo is Ariana looking beyond angelic on IG, it doesn't feel forced. We don't own much stuff with an upside-down blonde head, so why not?

3 The Swag That Is Beyond #Extra

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Name one 25 year-old celebrity who has a style as unique as Ariana's. Over-the-knee boots and slouchy sweats existed before Ariana. Weirdly though, nobody had thought of wearing them together. As every Kardashian struggles to keep up, Ariana is proving the front-runner.

"Oversized men's jackets as dresses, thigh boots, and generally no pants" Ariana told Vogue about her style in 2018. Ariana was more into sharing her favorite colors than big-name designers, though. "It was lavender, and then it was yellow, but now it's ice blue," she said. "Like, ice blue mixed with gray." Ariana is the style queen we never saw coming.

2 Kylie's Legacy: Bunch Of Lipsticks

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Running a successful business is something to be proud of. Kylie is definitely out-doing the competition, but her Kylie Cosmetics success doesn't come without its controversy. In 2018, Forbes' headline story saw Kylie pose for the "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" cover.

Many fans felt that the title was misleading.

When your initial investment (however many million it was) is a drop in the ocean, are you really "self-made?" CNBC pretty much summed it up: "Sorry Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton, you're not self-made." Kylie came from immense wealth. Her legacy? Sure, she'll wind up in business school textbooks–for selling lipsticks.

1 Ariana's Legacy: God Is A Woman

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Now there's a legacy. Ariana is only 25 years old, but she's already finding herself listed as one of the most influential artists of all time. When she's interviewed about her thoughts? "I love clouds," she says. Ariana's voice spans 4 octaves. Kylie Jenner has four–okay, five mansions to her name.

While Kylie has her face plastered all over billboards, Ariana actually tops Billboard.

100% proving that "God Is A Woman," this is probably the greatest argument for Ariana. Her ponytail will 100% push Kylie out the way.

If something about Kylie really grates on you, hit share on Facebook. As Ariana would say: "thank u, next." Kylie, take note.

Sources: People, KUWTK, The Huffington Post, Indeed, The Daily Mail

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