The 90's: 25 Trends Parents Would've Said NO To (That Are Back In Style)

The '90s was the best decade ever! Hands down, no questions asked.

And not just because it was the decade that gave kids The Lion King and the Spice Girls. Or even because it was the decade that saw the best of both worlds: playing out in the sun and the rain and the advent of the smartphone.

People love the '90s because it was the sassiest era of them all!

...at least, to those who grew up during those years. Now, those adults look back on the 1990s with nostalgia. Although, parents of that era sure did have a different take on things.

Like, how irritating it was when their kid held up the phone line all day long during the summers as they played "internet" (LOL!). Or, why kids strutted around in the public wearing ripped-up jeans and frayed t-shirts when their parents were perfectly capable of buying them fresh clothes.

Yup, parents in the '90s were not fond of most of the trends that rocked that era. Trends that have now made a major comeback.

So here are 25 trends parents would have said NO to back then, which are now the biggest things in this era. Enjoy!

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25 Ripped Jeans: A Rich-Kid Thing Now


Jeans ripped at the knees and thighs were a staple of the grunge style in the early 1990s.

So, of course, kids swaggered around in them in the neighborhood, showing off their chicken legs and knobby knees.

And this ticked off a lot of parents. Especially when the scissors and blades would come out behind closed doors, and the next thing they knew, their kid was running around town looking like a homeless person!

Fast forward 20 years, and now everyone loves distressed jeans.

24 Plastic Shoes: Even The Kardashians Wear Them


You wore them in the '90s because they looked really pretty with those candied silicone straps running every which way and how cool everyone thought they were, but your parents really disliked them. Mainly because of how much they stank at the end of the day. And because of the rampant cases of foot fungus caused by those unbreathable shoes. *facepalm*

Well, people don't care about that anymore. Not when plastic shoes and clothes are the biggest trends in the fashion scene.

23 Stuffed Animal Backpacks: Not Just For Kiddies


The late '90s saw a weird trend: plush backpacks of the cuddliest kind. And, they were not for the little kiddies.

Nope. The trend was big among the older kids who wanted just one thing: a backpack fashioned after their favorite Rugrat, Pokémon, or Looney Tunes.

Needless to say, parents were not impressed. But that's not the case anymore. Not when everyone wants their own "kawaii" product from Japan, including these cuddly stuffed backpacks!

22 Slip Dresses: We Don't Wear Them To Bed Anymore


The '90s was not overly conservative as the previous decades had been. But neither was it the epitome of chill like this one.

That's why when slip dresses started to trend amongst teen girls and youngsters, it did not bowl over well with the parental units. Because which respectable family would allow their daughter to wander around the streets dressed in what was little more than a nightdress?

Well, times have changed (though slip dresses have not). And so we can dress like this now in winters and skip the undershirt in summers without anyone batting a single eye.

21 Watching TV All Hours Of The Day: Now Binge Watch All You Want!


To be honest, the '90s had the best TV shows. We had Pokémon, Friends, and TGIF. And so much more!

Unfortunately, our parents were not a big fan of our rampant TV viewing.

Especially, when we forgot to do the dishes or mow the lawn.

Anyhoo, it's 2019 now and binge-watching has been a thing for so many years now that we don't even remember when we started losing sleep!

20 Being On Your Cell Phone All The Time Is Now Totally Acceptable


To be honest, the cell phones of the '90s were comical.

First, they looked like bricks that you could lob at people in an angry fit. Then they transformed into denser Nokias. And finally, we were treated to those snippy flip-phones that had a tendency to break cleanly into two if you were too rough with them!

No wonder our parents were annoyed when we were on them all the time. Although, we have a hunch it had less to do with the looks and more to do with our temporary deafness whenever we were busy texting our boyfriend.

Anyway, it's 2019 now. And in this era, everyone is addicted to their smartphone. Not just the kids!

19 Leather Pants: The Squeak Is Still There, But The Raised Eyebrows Are Not


Leather pants were not a parental favorite back in the '90s. And it wasn't just because of the annoying squeak they made when you were a bit on the plumper side and they rubbed when you walked.

The main reason was the punk aura they enveloped us in whenever we slid into them and our favorite Doc Martens. It was too dark for our mom's taste!

Fast forward a few decades: here we are strutting around in leather like nobody's business. And so are the biggest stars on the A-list.

18 Chokers: Now It's Above Ground


When chokers hit the streets in the '90s, everybody wanted ten. The grungier the better. It was all about the vibe. The tough girl vibe.

Naturally, our parents never liked them. It was too den-ish for their comfort. And what if we actually choked one day? #nocalmingdowntheparents

Anyhoo, chokers were a big thing a few years back. And in some circles they still are. Especially those black lace ones with pentagrams hanging off of them. So yeah, that happened.

17 Crop Tops: Not A "NO!" Anymore


Parents back in the '90s were not a big fan of crop tops when they became popular on the streets. Even less of those crop tops that sported some "well-placed" rips to give off a more punky vibe.

In fact, many even forbade their daughters from going out unless they went back to their room and changed into something better.

Well, nobody cares two winks anymore. Not when all favorite social-media influencers keep showing us different ways to style them. #OOTD

16 Fishnets: Perfectly Respectable!


Parents of the '90s were not fond of fishnets. Period. As in, serious judgmental glare kinda not fond. Just because the iconic stockings happened to increase the risque factor of our outfit.

But that never stopped us from dressing in miniskirts and fishnets. Why shouldn't we if regular stocking were okay? After all, neither hid anything from the imagination so what was the fuss?

Well, the fuss is officially over because now fishnets are very much in. And the last time we checked, nobody cared whether you wore them inside your ripped jeans or with your bikini bottoms.

15 Belly Button Rings: Not Edgy Anymore


We are not kidding you, our parents burst a vein in their head whenever they saw someone wearing one of these. So, we hid ours when we got the button pierced before a birthday. Although, that didn't stay under the radar for too long...

Fast forward 20 years: people get pierced all the time. And in all place. Literally!

Why won't they? It's so cool and gangsta'! Especially, when you have a total of 12 piercings on your body, including the belly ring.

14 Temporary Tattoos: It's Just A Party Thing


Ah! Temporary tattoos! They were the best back in the '90s. Even those tacky ones they gave away as treats in bubblegum packets.

Needless to say, our parents were not big fans of these colorful stickers on our skin. Nor were our teachers.

But now they are back in trend and better than ever before. After all, it's the 21st century. And in this era design always comes before concept.

13 Jumpsuits And Overalls: So Cool!


Make way for the Lumberjanes! Because denim overalls and work boots circa the '90s were so that. Especially when you wore a crop top underneath to show off your golden skin.

Well, to say the least, parents weren't fond of that particular look.

More so when we wore them with just one strap buttoned up and the other hanging loose.

But that's changed now. Because now we have a lot more options than just plain denim overalls. And in a lot more popping colors too.

12 DIY Slime: It's The Same Ol' Gak But Without The Destructive Abilities


Remember the first time you touched gak? It felt like you were fondling wet snot. It even dripped like snot when you splatted it on the floor!

Well, your parents must not have been impressed when you tried to test its non-stickiness on different surfaces and realized it left behind residues and stains on most of them.

Well, play-slime technology has improved dramatically since then. And now everyone loves playing with them.

Won't you too if you had just created your very own batch of new-and-improved galaxy gak?

11 Beanies: Not A Shifty Look


Beanies were famous among the skater crowd back in the '90s. And the wannabes. So naturally, parents thought they looked kinda shifty.

But it's 2019 now, and beanies are cooler than ever before. Especially since we have upped our Winter-style game on IG.

Besides, beanies are perfect for covering up bad hair days. Or that haircut you got off of Pinterest, which turned out to be a bad style on you!

10 Flannel Shirts: "She Looks Like A Boy"


Parents of the '90s got hung up on the weirdest things on the planet. Like, flannel shirts when they became a grunge staple.

You would think they would be happy we wanted to recycle our dad's old shirts, but no. They thought we looked too tomboyish in them. Or worse, homeless.

Well, flannels are very much in style now. Especially as an extra layer to punch things up. But thankfully, the grunge is gone.

9 Space Buns: Move Out Of The Way, Regular Buns!


What do you do when you are bored of your regular buns? You get space buns! At least, that's what kids would do back in the '90s. But not in the cool way we do now.

It was all pokey and weird. But that's what made them fun.

Especially when you put in your favorite butterfly clip in them. Or, tied them with those teddy bear scrunchies.

It was quite juvenile, to say the least. But that's changed now. 'Cause space buns have never been cooler or more well-done.

8 Platform Heels: Calm Down! Nobody's Gonna Twist Their Ankle


We loved them then and love them even more now because nobody's got the time to break a leg over a high-sky stiletto. Give us comfortable platform heels to boost our itty-bitty height any day.

But sure as daylight, our parents never liked those shoes back in the '90s. They had heard enough twisted-ankle and torn-ligament stories to never warm up to these babies.

Anyhoo, we are glad they are back and better than ever before. Because–hello!–it's the 21st century. And in this era, we only sell stuff that breaks conventions and makes jaws drop!

7 Leopard Print: Not A Cougar Thing Anymore


What can we say, people were not as empathetic back then. So we called people names left, right, and center. And stereotyped them heavily like every other era before that.

Maybe that's why our parents never liked our leopard-print skirt and jacket. It must have looked too old-lady-trying-to-hard to them.

Anyhoo, animal prints are back in vogue. And now fashion houses know how to do them better.

6 Flower Crowns: Mom Won't Roll Her Eyes Now


Remember those silly flower crowns we would dance around in during sleepovers? Well, they are back now and not as cheap-looking as they used to be in the '90s.

Now, we have brides donning fresh-flower crowns on their wedding days and Snapchat filters to give us a bunch with shiny eyes.

So yeah, flower crowns are cool again. So no one thinks it's weird if you wear one while prancing around the seashore.

5 Tube Tops: Okay, Cool


When tube tops became popular back in the '90s, they instantly became a symbol of teenage angst. A way to irk our parents and stamp our name in the popular-kid book at school at the same time.

The only problem was, they weren't the most practical to wear.

So when you had one on, you were forever pulling it up your chest or smoothening it down your tummy. In fact, the "shifting around" was worse if you were on the skinny side and thought you could wear these pretties.

Fast forward to this decade: tube tops are back in vogue. Especially the vinyl ones, since they don't ride up and down like the regular stretchy tubes used to!

4 Showing Your Bra Straps: Nobody Cares Now


Remember the stunned look on your mom's face when you wore that strapless dress for the first time with clear plastic bra straps visible? Yeah, no kidding.

But no one would bat an eye if you wore one today. Even if you strutted around town in a spaghetti strap with neon bra straps clearly on display. Because no one cares!

In fact, thank goodness for this trend! How else were we supposed to get rid of those uncomfortable plastic straps otherwise? Or even flirt with our main bae?

3 Hair Dye: Thank You, Kylie


Didn't matter if your electric blue locks were going to fade away in two days or twenty, your mom wasn't having any of it! What were your teachers going to say?

Plus, she was convinced you would go bald from all the toxic chemicals in the hair dyes. And if not, at least lose that beautiful natural shine. *rolls eyes*

The storyline has changed now though. Mostly because Kylie and Kim can never have enough dye in their hair. Or their wigs. So we do too.

2 Makeup: Well...


Makeup in the '90s was a real mess. People thought red lips and loud eyes looked good together! And don't even get us started on how cakey the foundations used to be.

Well, things have definitely improved in the last few decades. And so have the formulations.

Besides, nobody likes loud makeup anymore. Now it's all about enhancing your "natural features" with a few contouring sticks and highlighters. And maybe a dab of rosy lip tint in the end.

1 Internet Chat Rooms: Weirdly, The Suspicion Wore Off Once It Became Mainstream


We left the best for the last. Or should we say, the worst? After all, back in the early days of the internet, the lure of the chatrooms was quite strong. Everybody wanted to talk to strangers who lived at the other end of the world.

Naturally, our parents were concerned (as they should be) and restricted our internet hours if we were caught chatting teenage things.

But nobody cares about chatrooms anymore. We have instant messengers now. And Snapchat. And a thousand other ways to talk to strangers. Even date them! #sothathappened

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