The 5 Makeup Products We Should Use, Based On Our Eye Color

Like most women, it has taken me a plethora of years to discover what exactly works best with my skin when it comes to my skincare, the routine for my skincare, my makeup, the perfect foundation and foundation brushes, what color blush I like best, what eyeshadow color looks good with my eye color and skin tone, the temperature of the water in the shower (seriously), and what feels like a million other things. Hey, it's not easy being a woman! I know you agree. I am closer to thirty years old than I am to twenty and I feel like I might finally be getting the hang of it!

We have assembled below a list of five makeup products that are necessary for you, according to your eye color. We hope this makes at least a few of the things listed above a tad easier to get a handle on. If it doesn't, just know that you're doing a wonderful job and you look great whether you have on a pound of makeup on or none at all. Life is about finding your confidence, so we hope we at least can do that for you with the products below. Happy reading!

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30 Blue Eyes: Glittery Gold, Sephora's Make Up For Ever Metallic Yellow Gold Pod

Blue eyes are incredibly popular with genetics, as well as with girls who have them and want them. There are several great makeup products that go with this piercing and inviting color.

Our first product is anything that is glittery gold!

Most likely this will be an eyeshadow. The gold will pronounce the sparkle in the blue, allowing the eye to light up even more. Try just adding a touch of the glittery shadow to your lid with a classic black liner and a bold lip. It's perfect for a night out on the town in the city!

29 Blue Eyes: Purple Eyeshadow, Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow + Sparkle Watercolors

You'll see many times throughout this article that blue and purple contrast really well together, especially the right hues and shades of each color. To spice up your blue eye, add a thick layer of purple shadow on your lid.

For a little extra sass, add some into the crease and below the eye as well, as pictured above. Be sure to pair it with either a light pink lip or a bright pink lip. This look is great for the summer season because pastels are totally in right now!

28 Blue Eyes: If Any Mascara, Sephora's Dior Mascara

Black Haired Girl Blue Eyes Tumblr Black Girls With Long Straight Hair Tumblr Black Hair Blue Eyes - Hairstyles Inspiring

A luxury that people with blue eyes have is that the color is incredibly versatile. That means virtually any mascara color will go well and make the color of your eye pop! Classic black works great when you're headed off to work on a Monday.

But be bold and try a burgundy, a purple, or even a blue to match!

If this is the focal point of your makeup look for the day, though, be sure to go light on the other features to make it really stand out.

27 Blue Eyes: A Thick & Classic Black Eyeliner, L'Oréal Infallible Black Velvet Liner

This one is one of our favorites! Blue eyes pair really great with a super thick cat eye made with black eyeliner. This is because the black is a timeless choice and it's easy to pair it with your jewelry, outfit, and other features of your makeup look.

If you go this route, be sure to pair it with something that really pops in another area, like a statement necklace or a bright pink lip, as you'll see works well with blue eyes, below!

26 Blue Eyes: A Bright Pink Lip, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick In Femme Future Pink

Blue and pink contrast really well together (as you've learned, many things go great with blue!). The pink, as you can see above, will pull the brightness of the blue out of your eye.

Your eyes will be quite easy to get lost in!

Be sure to relax the other parts of your makeup look if you go for this bold color, as you'll risk looking like a clown if there's too many neon hues or too much thickness of another product.

25 Brown Eyes: A Rustic Shadow, Sephora's Tom Ford Eye Color Quad In Honeymoon

Brown eyes are a bit more difficult to work with, as they are a color than blue (although still just as beautiful!). You can't pair as many bold colors with them, but you can absolutely compliment them with similar hues and a handful of brights!

That is why a rustic shadow, one that is virtually a different hue of brown, will really highlight your eyes instead of taking away from them! See below for how to make a purple work, too.

24 Brown Eyes: A Purple Lip, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick In Purple Aura

Interestingly enough, purple goes with many colors. Just as it contrasts with blue so well (and more as you'll see below), it also accents brown really well.

Why? Well, first, the bright color draws your attention straight in.

Further, it makes your eyes pop, as you can see above. The bright purple pulls out the sparkle and brightens the entire face. Pairing it with an even lighter purple in the eye will make an even bigger pop! Have you tried purple before?

23 Brown Eyes: A Bronze Eyeliner, Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner Charcoal

Bronze is really a great color to compliment brown, as it is for most colors, but its' a lighter hue of the color so it lights up the entire face. Pair it with a bronze highlighter and a nude lip to match it well.

To really make the eyes pop, add a dark colored liner to this neutral look. Be sure, however, that the liner is dark because something too bright will clash with the natural deep hue of brown.

22 Brown Eyes: Golden And Yellow Eyeshadow, Revlon ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Exotic

As I've said with many products for brown eyes, the real key is really to make the eyes sparkle as sometimes they can fall flat. "Warm metallic, simply put, really make the eyes glisten", according to Allure magazine.

Further, they highlight the natural gold undertones of the eye. 

This creates a sparkly gold look for a perfect night out, or for a summer or autumn wedding look. As pictured above, it will pop even more so when you add gold accents and jewelry.

21 Brown Eyes: A Bold Teal Eyeliner For A Night Out, Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner In Teal

For an extreme contrast from the dark brown eye, Glamour says: "Applying a teal eyeliner onto the lower waterline of your eyes with a few coats of black mascara give brown eyes a dramatic look."

The black eyeliner will be so subtle that virtually all that will be seen is the teal, which will pull out the natural light in your eyes. Make sure not to go too overboard with your attire here; the bold eye is quite enough, we think!

20 Hazel Eyes: Brown Shades, Sephora's Tom Ford Eye Color Quad In Cocoa Mirage

Hazel eyes are very unique and beautiful in their own way. The lighter-hued eyes really sparkle naturally, so there is little difficulty when experimenting with makeup products and colors.

A classic look for the light-colored eye is to pair it with a dark brown shade of eyeshadow.

Even just adding this with little to no eyeliner or any other makeup will accent your face in a natural way, but if you feel inclined, add a subtle, thin line of a dark brown liner and a nude lip as well.

19 Hazel Eyes: Experiment With Your Liner, Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner In Black Violet

Another great thing to do with hazel eyes is to experiment with your eyeliner and its color.

According to beautyandtips.com, "Colored eyeliner can actually make your eyes appear to be a different tone, so a deep purple will make your eyes look more blue, and you can use a taupe, gold, green or brown to bring out the green in your eyes."

The light hue of hazel can be experimented with, as it can look a different color with different accent colors!

18 Hazel Eyes: Mauve Maven With Your Lips, Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel Natural Look

Further, beatuyandtips.com says it is best to let the hazel eyes pop.

They highlight that you shouldn't overdo your makeup look with anything that could take away from that.

The site states: "You never want your lips to take center stage, when you have gorgeous hazel eyes, so let your lip color complement them, not overpower them. A copper or shimmery gold will help to highlight the brown in your eyes or, if you are wearing a purple eyeshadow, try mauve, coral, red, pink or berry colors on your lips."

17 Hazel Eyes: Spicy Gold Eyeshadow, Sephora's Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Glitter Trio Total Scene

The key to this gold shadow with hazel eyes is dependent on the flecks in your eyes and their color.

Beautyandtips.com says: "One of the popular and well-known makeup tips for hazel eyes is – try and play with golden eyeshadow colors. If you have green or gold flecks in your eyes, then a touch of gold shimmer in your eyeshadow will highlight the flecks beautifully."

Let this accent be the only thing that you use, as you risk looking like you just have too much makeup on if you add any other bold products or colors.

16 Hazel Eyes: Purple Mascara, Say What?!, Rimmel Super Curler Mascara

As shown above, purple mascara adds a subtle pop to the lightness of the hazel eye. Purple is such a unique color and works so well with hazel because it is dark and bold, but not in a harsh way.

It works well with the angelic touch of the hazel eye in our makeup look.

Pair it with a bright pop of lip and blush to really go nuts! This is best for a great day out taking pictures with friends or a date night with your boyfriend or hubby!

15 Green Eyes: Add Some Purple And Blue, Sephora's Make Up For Ever Metallic Blue Pod

Green eyes are incredibly versatile, therefore any other bright hues will match really well with the eye color. Some purple and blue eyeshadow is the most fun product you can use to add to your look for green eyes.

Be sure not to add too much, as it can risk looking a little like circus makeup, but a light touch of each with a thin black line of eyeliner will accent the green in your eyes so well!

14 Green Eyes: Light Pink Shadow, Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow In Gypsy

Another great product for green eyes is a hot pink eyeshadow for an exciting event! (This probably is not something we would wear for work, readers.)

The light pink shadow also accents green incredibly well.

Not to compare you, but think of a watermelon! The green hue of the watermelon makes the pink pop even more. The bright pink will allow your eyes to lighten. Be sure to put one to two layers on and accent it with a basic black or dark brown liner.

13 Green Eyes: A Blue Liner, Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner In Sapphire

The blue eyeliner is another great product for green eyes, as we've said before because the two colors contrast so well together. In this instance, think of the ocean and the sea.

The greens and blues mix so well that it is always something we long for. The blue, whether dark or light, will make your eyes pop and pull out the lighter flecks that you may have. Be sure to use other neutral products if adding this to your routine.

12 Green Eyes: Gold, Of Course, Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow Called Sir Yes Sir!

How can we talk about green eyes and not discuss gold makeup?! Gold is probably the best color to go along with green eyes as it contrasts so well with these forest colors (just like brown eyes).

The gold color will lighten and brighten the eyes while still pulling out the green and not being overbearing.

It's like the manager of the green eyes' actor: it makes you look good while still looking good itself. Pair this with a black liner and black mascara for a more subtle look.

11 Green Eyes: A Neutral Lip, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick In Smoked Peach

A neutral lip is good for green eyes because it just simply does not take away from them like a bright color would do. The neutral lip color, maybe a mauve or a very soft pink, would accent your lips without people looking there first.

It would lighten the eyes yet not detract from their sparkle. Try pairing this with a neutrally pink blush as well and an eyeliner that makes your eyes stand out even more, so those beautiful ovals are the first thing people see!

10 Silver Eyes: Blue Liner, NEW Revlon ColorStay Crème Gel Pencil In Private Island

A silver eye is very unique, but did you know that it is very similar to the blue eye? According to quora.com, "Gray eyes are just a variant of blue eyes with slightly smaller amounts of yellow and brown in the iris."

They are lighter, brighter, and virtually transparent with all the light that reflects through and off of them.

The blue eyeliner is a classic makeup product and choice for silver-eyed people; it contrasts well and gives you a makeup look that is daring and bold.

9 Silver Eyes: A Bold Red Lip, L'Oréal Colour Riche Ultra Matte Highly Pigmented Nude Lipstick In Rebel Rouge

Silver eyes refract the light off of pretty much everything, so there will always be a sparkle and a shine to them. We would even go as far as to say that they will simply glisten! This is why a shiny red lip will pair perfectly with this color eye. (Be sure not to get a matte color in this instance.)

You want the shininess of the lip to enhance the glistening of the eye. Because silver is such a neutral color, any shiny lip will do, but the bright red will accent the sparkle well.

8 Silver Eyes: Avoid Browns At All Costs, Try Urban Decay's Born To Run Eye Shadow Palette

Brown, as we have discussed, is a very flat color that needs lots of shine to pull it out and brighten it up. So, it would make sense that the already glistening silver eye would not need a brown, well, anything to help it.

The brown will make the silver look darker and allow its' glisten to fall flat instead of brightening.

In this case, you'd be left with a sallow look that just doesn't match. Skip browns altogether, please!

7 Silver Eyes: Classic Black Mascara, Lancôme Definicils High Definition Mascara In Black

As pictured above, successful model and actress Cara Delvingne pairs a classic black eyeliner with a shiny, silvery shadow to brighten and lighten the silver in her eyes!

The classic black eyeliner is timeless and can be worn with really any eye color, however, the silver eye is so unique that a sharp black contrasts perfectly. Wear this futuristic look with an all-black ensemble. Further, wearing your hair back will allow people to go straight to that sparkle in your eye.

6 Silver Eyes: Get Spicy With Your Shadow, Revlon ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Harmonious

The last great product and look that goes with silver eyes is the eyeshadow pictured above...

That's right — silver eyes are so versatile, you can wear virtually ANY color shadow with them!

So, it is time to experiment with your look. For a long day at work, pair a soft purple with a matching liner. Or, for a night out to dinner with friends, wear a bright pink hue to match your bright pink lip (as aforementioned above, that goes great with silver eyes, too!). The possibilities are endless here, so have fun with it!

5 Amber Eyes: Enhance The Amber With Some Plum, Marc Jacobs Beauty High Liner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner In Vivid Purple

According to wowremedies.com, amber eyes are rare in humans but more common in dogs and cats.

That being said, they suggest using opposite colors to highlight the unique amber eye color. "To bring out the beautiful color of your eyes, you may focus on purple or plum colors... these two colors are on the opposite side of amber in the color wheel."

This means that plum eyeliner will very much enhance the color of the amber through contrast. Grab one today!

4 Amber Eyes: Avoid The Black And Go With Brown, Marc Jacobs BeautyHigh Liner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner In Golden Brown

Simply put, that classic black smoky-eye look just will not match this light amber color in the eye; in fact, it will clash. To bring out the green flecks, wowremedies.com, says to try highlighting with bronze or copper eyeshadow.

You can use a dark brown liner to enhance the shape of your eye.

But do not go near the black. Brown is better because it is in the same color family as the light amber and greens that are found in your eye.

3 Amber Eyes: Dark Green Liner, Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner In Glitter Green

"Earthy green colors would go well with bronze and gold colors if you have this eye color," which means any natural color found in the forest or the park will match well with your eye.

Try using a gold shadow with a harsh (and thick) dark green liner to make your eyes pop. The contrast with the green and amber will work perfectly, while the gold will compliment and brighten your amber eye. Wowremedies.com says green eyeshadow would even work in this case, too!

2 Amber Eyes: Peachy, Summer Lips, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick In So Lit

Wowremedies.com suggests using something bold at night, however, during the day, "you can have a neutral day-time color by applying shimmery purple eyeshadow on your lids. Then, pair it with peachy or pinky lips."

We've seen this peachy and bright lip all over today — and that is for a reason.

The lightness of these colors just brightens up the whole face, creating a great daytime look instead of a dramatic nighttime one. The purple eyeshadow will contrast well with the brightness of the peach and accent your amber eyes. Just be careful with using too much purple in the daytime!

1 Amber Eyes: A Unique Burgundy Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Volumizing Mascara In Rough Burgundy

When talking about the best mascara shades for your eye color, "you should opt for purple, burgundy, and green colors." They can definitely flatter your eyes, says wowremedies.com.

Further, they suggest never skipping the mascara for your look either because it only amplifies it. It will never detract from the eyeshadow or liner but only enhance it. Burgundy is so unique that it will make everyone talk and you'll look good smiling while accepting all those compliments on how beautiful your eyes look!

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