The 20 Most Unflattering Photos Of The Cast Of Riverdale

Okay, let's get one thing straight -- the cast of Riverdale is HOT. Each and every one of them is about as attractive as a woman or man can get; even though they have the help of a talented hair, make-up, and wardrobe team. But these young stars are also human beings, meaning that they're capable of having off-days. Or, in the case of these photos... REALLY off days. Though it's not particularly nice to attack people for not looking their best, these are, admittedly, hilarious. So, hopefully, the cast of Riverdale will give us a pass for finding the worst possible photos of them. Mind you, many of these shots have been provided to the internet by the cast members themselves.  So, they're obviously not that precious about it. Without further ado, here are the 20 most unflattering photos of the cast of Riverdale.

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20 Puberty Comes A Little Late For Some, No Shame In That


Cole Sprouse is considered a heartthrob. But after seeing these photos from 2014, we can't help but ask... why? Okay, we'll cut him some slack. The dude is fly now. Like hot AF. But it definitely took him a while to grow out of his awkward stage. These vacation photos didn't really do him any favors at the time.

19 The Photo That Caused Fans To Think Lili Was Preggers


Yeah, fans were actually convinced that Lili Reinhart was preggers with Cole's baby after they saw this photo of the two of them with Zoey Deutch and Haley Lu Richardson. The truth is, it was just the wrong clothing fold at the wrong time. Poor, Lili. Good thing she seems not to give a crap about what anybody else thinks. We like that about her.

18 We All Have That Friend Who Looks Like They've Escaped Area 51


We all love when our friends fill our phones with a bunch of ridiculous photos of them looking hilarious. But this one is a tad frightening. Seriously, Madeline looks a bit like something those morons will find when they rush Area 51, which, by-the-way, may be the worst internet idea in the history of bad internet ideas.

17 Madelaine In The Morning Sure Isn't Madelaine In The Evening... JEEZ


Madelaine Petsch's Cheryl Blossom is almost always looking unrealistically attractive. But the actor showed her fans that no such beauty exists -- that's obvious, but apparently, people need to be reminded of it. It takes Madelaine hours of preparation to look like the hot redhead on the show. And her preparation includes a couple of frozen spoons to help get rid of those pretty noticeable crow's feet.

16 Dumbo To Adonis: The Life And Times Of KJ Apa


Since everyone seems a bit too obsessed with KJ Apa because he has abs, it's nice to see that he wasn't always fly. In fact, he looked like Dumbo when he was a kid. Sure, this is a cute photo. But it's not exactly flattering, especially given the type of symbol the Apa has become.

15 Well, At Least The Cow's Cute


So KJ Apa obviously is making a pretty unattractive face in this photo. So, that's the main reason why this is unflattering. But seriously, how obnoxious is that? We feel bad for the cow who'd obviously rather just be minding her own business than have to deal with this CW fool.

14 The Ugly Face Competition Did No Favors For KJ


Social media was "graced" with a rather publicized "ugly-face" competition between KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse. We liked it because it showed that these two guys don't always care about looking their best. On the other hand, KJ Apa, in particular, looked pretty revolting in some of these shots. There's definitely such a thing as a photo that's taken too close to one's face.

13 First Class With A Side Of Drool


Life's not like the movies. Most people don't look good when they sleep. They snore. They make odd noises. Maybe they even wake themselves up screaming. But they almost always drool. And as cute as Cole Sprouse can be, the idea of this doesn't exactly lend a hand to this photo that his castmates took.

12 Those Film Cameras Must Add A Foot Of Height Because It Looks Like Charles Melton Is Dating Frodo


Camila Mendes always looks exceptionally glamourous on Riverdale. The way she's shot makes her look to have one of the best bodies on the show. As well as that she's tall enough to lock lips with the boys. But the truth is that she's actually REALLY short. To give you some perspective, her co-star and real-life boyfriend, Charles Melton, is just about average at 5'11. Don't get us wrong, Mendes is still hot AF but finding out about her actual height is a little shocking.

11 Cole Sprouse Additions For True Detective Season One


Here we have Cole Sprouse looking like he's auditioning for Rust Cohle from True Detective Season One. He's got the shabby hair and glasses from Matthew McConaughey's sketchy time-period in the story where he's hit rock bottom. But Sprouse is also doing the whole the skinny, tone-less arms thing that's not doing him any favors. Although it is accurate to the awesome character on the hit HBO show.

10 Lili Embraces Her Skin-Care Routine, Warts And All


If you know anything about Lili Reinhart, you'd know that she endorses a number of skin-care products because it's an issue near and dear to her heart. She, herself, has admitted that she's struggled with acne forever. It's something that she's felt debilitated by. Luckily she's found some relief. As brave as posting some of these photos are, they definitely aren't flattering.

9 Tiera Skovbye Ruins Those Precious Christmas Photos


Polly Cooper's Tiera Skovbye has a pretty fly feed on the Gram. She's a gorgeous girl, after all. But she's definitely not immune to some pretty unflattering photos. Some of which are completely unplanned. This one, however, does seem planned. The Christmas photos of her sister and her mom look pretty AF but Tiera... well... it looks like she's having a brain aneurism.

8 Cole Sprouse Additions For Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow


Ever the chameleon, hey? Well, it looks like Cole Sprouse was auditioning for another classic Hollywood role. This time it was Christopher Walken's Headless Horseman character from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Yeah. The pale skin and the puffed-up hair definitely didn't suit Cole. But something tells us he'd be pretty excited to be compared to an actor like Walken.

7 Camila Rocks The Drunken Eyes


If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that Cami Mendes definitely doesn't take herself too seriously. This is a great quality. But it doesn't exactly make her out to be a beauty queen 24/7. Drunken eyes are definitely not a good look for anyone, let alone someone as attractive as Cami. Still, we can't help but laugh with her.

6 Cole Sprouse Additions For The Blair Witch Project


Nobody looks good when they're camping. Especially when they're flossing while they're clamping... The lack of showers. Poor lighting. Absence of toiletries. And the colossal infestation of bugs all adds to a pretty terrible cosmetic experience. So, we don't blame Cole for looking this way but... jeez... KJ Apa, who took these shots, must really want to chirp his co-star.

5 Camila And Lili Did Halloween Right... Or Very, Very Wrong


In this Halloween photo, Lili Reinhart and Cami Mendes definitely show us that they have good taste in movies. That is assuming that they've actually seen Napoleon Dynamite and weren't just looking for the easiest Halloween costumes that wouldn't make them look like a cliche hot chic. On the other hand, Cami with a mustache and Lili looking like she's huffed too much paint definitely isn't a good look.

4 Can "Unflattering" Mean Looking Like A Dudebro Jerk?


Most of the photos on this list depict the cast of Riverdale putting little to no effort into looking good. But these shots of Charles Melton show that he's put a lot of time into appearing like a total schmuck. He may be a nice guy, but Melton's fashion sense is that of an overly-privileged dudebro who didn't get enough love from mommy and daddy growing up. For this reason, we have to deem this as "unflattering". Even that doggie thinks so.

3 Catching Madeline By Surprise Catches Us By Surprise


Never catch Madeline Petsch by surprise. We repeat... NEVER catch Madeline Petsch by surprise. You're not going to like the result. It's a bit unsettling. Even she would admit that this is far from a flattering photo of her. Although to be fair, nobody is going to look great when they discover someone is randomly photographing them at an airport.

2 Always Put Tape On Your Laptop Camera... This Is Why...


If you've seen enough movies or read enough articles on Snowden and the NSA, you'd probably think it's a good idea to put a bit of tape over your laptop or iPad camera. Unfortunately for Cole Sprouse, he didn't. This was the result... Granted, these photos were taken during his prolonged awkward stage. But even if they were taken of him today, they wouldn't be doing him any good.

1 Camila Does Her Very Best To Stay Focused Despite Eating Too Much Of That Brownie


We can't really tell if Cami's meaning to look like this or this was just a combination of bad lighting and a poorly timed photo. Therefore we have to think that Cami may have had too many eddies before taking this. Lili, on the other hand, looks are spritely as ever. We bet Cami doesn't think this is very flattering of herself. Or, since she has a sense of humor, she believes this is the most awesome thing ever!

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