The 18 Most Unfortunate Times To Get Your Period

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The 18 Most Unfortunate Times To Get Your Period

Let’s keep it real, shall we, ladies. While we’ve had countless periods over the past several years, we cannot control when it comes and goes. And we are even less likely to be accurate when trying to predict when our next monthly cycle arrives. Even if we mark the dates on a calendar, sometimes things go wrong, and that can be due to poor calculations, simple errors, hormones, stress, and food. Face it, ladies, we suck at keeping track of our monthly cycle. We swear we’ll remember our last flow, but with so much happening in life, it’s so easy to forget to notice the headaches, bloating, and cramping, and other symptoms associated with our period. And strangely, our bodies tend to remind us of our monthly cycle at the most inopportune moments. Which leads us to this article – the unfortunate times to get your period. We’ve all been here, perhaps even several times. There’s no shame in admitting we’ve experienced this. Besides, there’s no shame in having our periods. Our monthly visitor is one of the few indicators that a woman can give life to this planet. With that said, take a look at times when our periods showed up unexpectedly and know that you’re not alone. Smile and relax because in the grand scheme of things, an unexpected period doesn’t have to be the end of the world. See if you can relate and share with your fellow moon cyclers.

18. During the deed

Nothing can be worse than getting your period right in the middle of a steamy session. If it is your first time together, even worse. But everyone who had been intimate with someone else will know just how awkward that situation can be. We know it is not the end of the world, but at the time it may feel like it. There is nothing more moment ruining than looking down to find blood all over you and him/her. Our only suggestion here can be to avoid doing it, for the first time with somebody, if you know your period is coming any minute. Maybe try some other ways to pleasure each other but avoid a full of sex session if you think your TOM is going to be there soon.

17. When commando

You’re walking down the street in your tight little dress, when all of a sudden you feel something running down your leg. You are three blocks from the nearest bathroom, so suddenly you start to run in that direction.

Okay this one is almost as if you brought it on yourself. You knew your period was coming any day, but you still decided to go commando! You thought that if you prayed enough, that your period would respect your wishes. Well, you are a brave soul but hopefully the moment wasn’t too terrible when it decided to show up anyway. To be fair, there might be some of you with health issues that make your period less regular, so you didn’t know when it was going to come.

16. Wearing an all-white ensemble

Of course, you know that without a doubt, any time you wear white, your period would likely show up. Duh! Which means we have to be one step ahead. If you’re waiting for period, do bother going to an all-white themed party. Do not risk it –you’re likely to start and ruin that all-white outfit pretty quickly. And then you’ll be sorry. If you have just finished your period, this would be the ideal time to go, but even then, some spotting can occur. It is like the all-white party was invented as a joke for women, or at least it feels like that sometimes. If you are required to go, then bring a tampon or a pad (or two) that’s absorbs heavy flow. That way, you won’t end up ruining your attire. All that’s left to deal with is how uncomfortable you’d be for the rest of the night.

15. In the middle of camping

Ahhh.. The wonders of Mother Nature. While nature provides in incredible ways, for the modern woman, it might not always be seen that way. For instance, what happens when in the middle of hiking you start your period and you were not prepared –like not a single pad or tampon, not even your Thinx or your Diva Cup. Should you use leaves or grass? Would you dare use the roll of toilet paper and take a chance not having toilet paper for the future? The situation becomes even more uncertain when you’re on a camping trip that’s supposed to last a few days or even a week. In that case, you’ll have to cut a piece of fabric from your t-shirt and rock the old-school, makeshift pad. The worst that could happen is that animals smell blood –that’s freaking terrifying, tbh.

14. First date

Whenever you’re on a date with someone new, you always try to look your best, put your best foot forward, and shine. Hopefully, that would put you in a positive light. Yep, the first date is all about making a good impression, especially when you really like the guy. But when your period comes along, you can always expect the worst. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a period. Nope, nothing at all, However, when you’ve just met someone and you start your period and perhaps fallen into an embarrassing situation, your first date can turn from nerve wracking to nightmarish. For this scenario, use toilet paper if you haven’t seeped all the way through. And even though you might want to carry a small clutch, be sure you to always leave some room for a panty liner or an O.B. tampon.

13. On a long flight

Hooray for vacation! You’ve been waiting for this trip and now the time has come. Finally, you’re going across the world to your dream destination, and despite the long flight ahead of you, you’re beyond thrilled. Of course, you would! That is until you realize your periods just started as the flight takes off. You still have hours upon hours to go, and with no pads or tampons in sight, thanks to your inability to calculate your period correctly, you’re left with airplane toilet paper and tissues to keep you from bleeding through. What makes this the worst is that you can’t fully recline in your seat to avoid stains. More importantly, you can’t be alone, which means that you can’t mope around or simply pig out by lonesome. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The best you can do is let your flight attendant know on the off chance they have some supply of tampons and pads.

12. When you’re broke

It’s the middle of the month and you’re already scraping by on change. You had two weeks of living high on the horse, now you’re about to live on ramen noodles for the next two weeks. This stuff happens. Budgeting isn’t always fun or easy. And just as you realized your mistake, along comes your period. It’s like the universe is testing your patience. As if being broke isn’t bad enough, but without enough funds, how could you possibly afford tampons, pads, or other feminine hygiene products? You have two options: Either you borrow money or you suck it up and use toilet paper, paper towels, or an old t-shirt cut into strips. It’s about survival, ladies, and not going over budget for some damn tampons. Here’s an even better tip: As soon as you’ve got money, stock up on loads and loads of tampons as if there’s going to be an apocalypse.

11. During a job Interview

Your period showing up on your first date wouldn’t be as mortifying as on a job interview. This is one of the few instances wherein you will literally shake in your boots, break a major sweat, and stress yourself out so much that you start your period. And the worst part is it started sooner than expected due to the stress you are feeling. That’s because your cortisol and other hormones have put your body out of whack. In some cases, women will actually miss periods because of stress, but in others, their periods are triggered through stress. If you are of the group that starts because of stress, you’d better make sure you always have an emergency stash with you. That means always having a period kit for moments like the job interview. And while you’re at it, it would be best to wear a tampon or a pad right before you start. That way you don’t have to rush out due to the sudden flow.

10. Pool party

Summers is here and you’re all ready to show off your new swimsuit! Yes, girl, show off your swimsuit and your beautiful body –you are divine, seriously, like goddess status. But all of that can change in the blink of an eye when your period decides to show up. And this can get even more tricky if your crush is at the pool party. Talk about mortification, big time! Well, if it’s any consolation, if you’re crush is worth any time at all he’ll console you or won’t make it a big deal. And if he’s into you, you’ll notice if he defends you when others try to crack a joke. So despite the horrific moment in which your period decided to show up, you can really learn a lot about your friends and your crush in moments like these.

9. Your wedding day

If you think your period showing up while you’re wearing all white is mortifying, then what more when it shows up on your wedding day. Just thinking about the dress and all the preparation that went through this day could make your head spin. But then, add the fact that your monthly visitor show, perhaps you’d have a mental breakdown. It’s a risky situation to be in, so beware and consider wearing a pair of Thinx panties just in case. On your wedding day, be prepared for the unexpected, not only in general, but also with your own body. All your hormones are charged and some have even changed, so it shouldn’t be any surprise if your period decides to show up on one of the most important days of your life, ever. If you can get through that, then you can possibly get through your honeymoon unscathed, as well.

8. First day at job

Starting a new job is both exciting and emotionally exhausting. You have so many new people to meet, new tasks to manage, and new skills to learn. But just as you’ve gotten into the groove of your new office, it happens: A sudden flow lets you know that your monthly visitor showed up. Yep, sounds familiar, right? Don’t let your period ruin your first day at work. You can take advantage of this moment to make friends with a cool chick who seems like she could be the one to help you out. Start an office friendship by bonding over period accidents –there’s no better way to make a connection with another female than over your monthly cycle. This might also be a good time to evaluate your desk situation and make sure you have a stash of pads and tampons at your desk, a change of underwear, and maybe even an extra work pant or skirt. You can never be too safe.

7. Meeting someone for the first time

Making a good impression matters! When has it never mattered? It’s how we tell the world who we are in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds. Whether you’re meeting for casual reasons or under business intentions, meeting someone for the first time can make you extremely nervous. But what can make the meeting even more mortifying is when your new acquaintance pointing out the stain on your behind. That would be utterly horrific and probably one of the most embarrassing moments for women around the world. The only way this could be a little less comfortable is if the person is another woman. That way, she hopefully wouldn’t make such a big deal about the mishap. But if it’s a man, well… Again, it’s moments like this when you realize the importance of having an emergency stash.

6. On a boat

This locations up the complication level two-fold. One, you’re in the middle of the ocean, far from supplies, from stores, or from anything, really, that might help solve your period problem. Second, if your period started while in the water, you might attract some sharks. Because you’re in the water with dangerous beasts coming your way, it’s highly unlikely that you can do much about it. Sure the water can clean you off, but is it worth the risk if you’re in the middle of the ocean? Remember, they’re sharks. The only thing you can do is just wait it out, seriously. Use strips of your beach towel to help make your boat tour a little less uncomfortable, but if you’ve got nothing in terms of fabric, you’ll have to rely on toilet paper or napkins, depending on the type of boat.

5. Trying on clothes

You found the perfect pair of pants and you’re parading in and out of the dressing room like you’ve just won a crown. Well, finding a good pair of pants does feel like winning, big time. You’re so excited to make the purchase that you can’t wait to wear these pants until they’re nothing but shreds. Just as you slipped them off, what else do you spot in the crotch are but a blotch of red. You think to yourself, “This can’t be, it’s not possible!” So you pull down your underwear where the true evidence lies. And true enough, there is a similar and slightly bigger blotch of red. Sign. Just as you found your destined pair of pants, the universe gave you a little surprise. Don’t feel bad. Take at it as a sign – like you’ve just marked your territory, like there isn’t a single doubt that those pants are meant to be in your possession.

4. First time with partner

It’s time, it’s really time. You made the decision, you have deemed him worthy, and you’re going to go all the way. First of all, congratulations! That’s not an easy decision to make, and you took your time and thought about it. Or maybe you didn’t, but it doesn’t matter because it’s your body and your decision. So you do it and it was amazing, or at least not as amazing as you thought it would be, but still. First times are over-rated anyways. And as you start to pull your bodies away, you see the horror. It’s smeared all over his lower body and yours, the sheets are ruined, and you go red and he goes pale. Yep, that just happened. Get used to it, it will probably happen again. Maybe not your first time with a partner, but if you decide to commit to someone, you will get more where that came from. It’s inevitable. Deal with it, you’re both adults. Besides, you could use that as an excuse to hop in the shower together and explore each other’s bodies again.

3. In another country

There is nothing quite like travelling. It’s exciting because you’d be in an entirely different place. But it’s also nerve wracking because you’ll be so far away from home. What’s even more intimidating about the experience is you might have trouble communicating with the locals. You’d initially feel thrilled to finally be in a country that you’ve dreamt about for so long. Once you make it there, you’d breathe a sigh of relief and think to yourself, “You did it, girl, you made it happen.” However, that elation is short lived once your period sets in. Now it might not be a mystery of where to find feminine hygiene products, but if you there’s a bloody spot, there’s a chance you might be stigmatized (or not, depending on the culture). Again, you should carry supplies with you, especially when traveling, no matter how near or far. Try to learn about the country’s rules or protocol on female issues because some countries are very strict, so you want to avoid offending anyone or getting into unnecessary trouble.

2. When you’re with your dad

Some of us are close with our dads, like he’s your rock and your best friend sort of thing. That’s cool and amazing and you’re really lucky. Not all girls have that kind of relationship with their fathers. Some of us aren’t that close with pops, and that’s just the way things are. Whatever your relationship is with your dad, it is still tough talking about female issues with him. Remember the first time you started your period and your mom had to tell your dad? For some of us, that was a traumatic moment because dad knows you’re a woman now. There’s this stigma behind becoming a woman because our fathers want to keep us innocent forever. Another reason is they know how men really are and they wouldn’t want their baby girl to become a victim to men’s charms. So naturally when you tell your father that you need to purchase feminine products stat, it would dawn on him that you’re not that little girl anymore.

1. Doctor visit

Even if you are confident AF about your lady parts, having your feet in stirrups, spread open and exposed for a stranger to look at your most intimate part is, well, the most vulnerable thing for some of us. Sure they know all about your lady bits, but that doesn’t make the visit any less frightening. Plus, all those cold, metal instruments and whatnot poking around in your private parts. Nothing about it is comfortable. And what will make it even more awkward is starting your period in that very moment. It won’t be the first time for your doctor, but it will feel like the world is both falling on top of you and slipping out from beneath you. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands and the good thing is that in the office there are sure to be extra supplies. Plus you can finally put a date of your last period on your medical form with certainty.

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