The 15 Worst Reasons To Dump Someone

If you thought that relationships were hard, just wait until you have your heart ripped from your chest and stomped all over. What happens when the break-up is for some nonsensical reason? We’re going to tell you. Break-ups happen, and are a natural part of pretty much any relationship. Sometimes, you meet the right person at the wrong time, and sometimes, you just meet the wrong person, but you're so scared of being lonely that you ignore obvious signs and desperately try to make it work to no avail.

There are a variety of reasons that a relationship may not work out, and it’s nothing to become an uncontrollable, sobbing mess over. Yes, it will hurt, whether you are the one doing the heartbreaking or the one getting your heart broken, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your world. Remember that if it was meant to be, it’ll be, and in the meantime, go Google as many broken-hearted memes (because you’ll relate to ALL OF THEM) as you can until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, as your mother so aptly put it every time you had your heart broken. A popular online dating site has also capitalized on the notion that many relationships will not work out so try, try, and try again. You will eventually find one that proves all of your current feelings of men completely wrong and sweeps you right off your feet.

For every relationship that comes to an end, there is at least one where the break-up is almost so ridiculous, that you can’t believe that it really happened. These relationships come to a terrible end usually because of lying, pride or all around stupidity. It could be that he stepped on her foot or she sneezed during Grace at his grandmother’s house, or anything in-between. Here are the 15 worst reasons to break up.

15 Because You're Bored

Do you remember when you were a kid and you weren’t allowed to watch television but it was raining out and you just didn’t want to play with your Barbies anymore that day? Well that’s the feeling we are talking about. You could be bored with your life – not even necessarily with your relationship – and you could be desperately seeking fun and excitement. That’s not to say your current boyfriend isn’t fun and exciting, because he probably is, but maybe you are looking for something a little newer and a bit more dangerous. You might just be caught up in a cycle where your life feels repetitive and stagnant, but that isn’t a good reason to end things with your boyfriend, who is actually pretty great when you think about it. He didn’t do anything wrong, he doesn’t cause unnecessary stress to you, and he is really sweet. So what if he doesn’t ride a motorcycle or have tattoos? Turn on an episode of The Walking Dead, drool at Daryl, and try not to leave your boyfriend without a real reason.

14 Someone Told You A Rumor

Are you feeling nostalgic? Let’s go back to high school for a moment. Remember all of the rumors the mean girls used to tell? Well, maybe you were a mean girl (no one’s judging if you were), and if so, you are VERY familiar with the drama that can ensue from someone telling a simple rumor. It doesn’t even matter if the rumor is true or false. You could have heard from a friend that one of their friends might have seen your boyfriend at the theater, and he “might” have hugged another girl. Well, that obviously makes you furious because for one, you wanted to see that movie, but for two, what girl has her grubby paws all over your man? Before you get in your car and drive to his house way too fast to punch him square in the face, remember, it’s just a rumor. Innocent until proven guilty, right? It’s not like the movies where you can break his heart and then he will magically forgive you and stand outside your window in the pouring rain with a boom box begging for you to come back. If you leave him, it’s probably over. It’s usually best to investigate rumors before tackling them head on.

13 He Has A Weird Physical Trait

Looks aren’t everything! Okay, while it’s acknowledged that they are quite important, and proven by the success of a particular dating app based PURELY on matching on initial attraction, there’s more to dating than a pretty face. If your man had a unibrow and it really bothered you, you probably wouldn’t break up with him. You would more likely get a razor blade or some hot wax and take care of that problem yourself, right? What about aesthetic problems that no one can control? One of our readers, Heather, said, “my friend’s uncle broke up with his girlfriend because she had a 6th toe on one foot.” Though feet seem to be an issue for a lot of people, having an extra toe on one foot, seems like a pretty silly reason to end a perfectly good relationship. This “trait” could also be a mole, scar or asymmetrical face, depending on what bothers you. If that small physical abnormality would prevent you from getting together with him in the first place, had you known, then it might be time to be way more specific about your deal-breakers on your online dating profiles.

12 You Saw Them Talking To Another Girl

Arguably one of the most ridiculous reasons to end a relationship is if you see your partner conversing with a member of the opposite sex. You two don’t live in a gated commune where the men are only allowed to discuss world issues with their bros and they must go home to perform daily coitus with their wives for reproductive purposes ONLY (no exceptions). If you are the jealous type, we encourage you to pause and breathe if you ever witness this one. Sure, that gal over there could be flirting with your man, but she also could be asking for directions, or asking for bus change, or could be an old friend from college, or a coworker. You really don’t know the whole story, so assuming the worst not only makes it look like you don’t trust him, which makes him very sad. It also makes you look a little bit nuts.

11 You Feel Depressed

Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life. Whether your particular life circumstances are related to work, personal stresses, mental health issues or money, it can be really nice to have someone back at home to help you through those tough times. It can also be easy to place blame. The relationship with your boyfriend, who doesn’t really do anything wrong, MUST be the reason for your feelings of depression… NOT. He may not be doing the best job at picking you up when you fall down, but that doesn’t mean he is causing your deep-rooted mental health issues. Another factor is that when you are depressed, you need support and your partner can provide you with it, so using your feelings of sadness as an excuse to cut off your lifeline is a pretty poor reason. The only situation when this is a more acceptable reason is if you are 100% certain that being with your boyfriend is the main cause for your dismay, or you’ve been talking to a professional who has advised you that time on your own will help you to feel better long-term.

10 You Think Another Guy Is Cute

STOP THE PRESSES! Are you telling us that you, a twenty-something year old female, is admiring a handsome, strapping young man (that also happens to look an awful lot like Ryan Gosling)? Humans are physical creatures, often motivated by beauty. Jennifer Paige sang all about how “It’s just a little crush,” and everybody has them, so why end a perfectly good relationship because you are appreciating someone else’s appearance? Your boyfriend certainly oggles other women from time to time, so there’s no use in thinking your relationship is meaningless just because you like the way someone else looks. Ending your three-year thing with your boyfriend on the grounds that you saw a guy in line at Walmart and thought he was smokin’ hot is a lousy excuse. Remember that most relationships have one simple rule: you can look but you can’t touch. So look, but just remember how awesome your boyfriend is back at home.

9 One of You Is Going On A Trip

Travel is a perfectly normal part of being a young adult and trying to find yourself. Many decide to do a Eurotrip or an Asia-trip or try their hand at surfing down under. There is a difference between trying to maintain a long-distance relationship and dealing with a partner who has decided to do some traveling. If you aren’t someone who can sustain a long-distance relationship, then be honest with your partner and don’t drag it on. However, if a month-long vacay or a several week trip with your girls is going to cause massive problems, it’s a bit ridiculous. If your relationship can’t stand the test of time – and by time, we mean one to two weeks for your family vacation – then maybe you should break up, but that doesn’t make it a good reason. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so while one of you is out exploring, you should both be enjoying your time apart, yet missing each other and counting the days until the vacation is done.

8 For Unforeseen Legal Reasons?

When rich people get hitched, sometimes they sign a prenuptial agreement to protect the richer of the two from the other. Unless you are on a website like findmysugardaddy.com, it can be hard to determine what your partner’s true intentions are. If you aren’t even that far into the relationship, the idea that the word of the law would come into play sounds a bit crazy does it not? It’s not really, though. Just ask Laura, who said, “I got dumped once because his "lawyer told him to..." the first message was "hey babe... guess you know where this convo is going..." via BBM, at 8 am on a Monday. It seems that some people wish it were legal for them to marry their fortunes, but for the rest of you, asking a lawyer for relationship advice is about as useful as asking a janitor for advice on brain surgery.

7 Because You Aren’t A Perfect “Fit” For Their World

With some couples, you can see how they fit seamlessly into their partners lives. They get along with their family and their friends, and their work schedules are compatible. In other cases, couples don't fit together as well but bring each other all sorts of eternal happiness. One reader told us her ridiculous reason for being dumped: “I got dumped because I wasn't ghetto enough for someone who grew up in [insert name of not sketchy suburb here].” Have you heard of the saying “opposites attract”? Obviously this poor girl’s ex-boyfriend didn’t get the memo. Do you really want to date someone exactly like yourself or one of your friends? It’s nice to have a bit of variety, and just because you are really great friends with someone doesn’t mean you will have romantic compatibility. Breaking up with someone for being a little bit different seems trivial when you think about it.

6 He Forgets Things

Has your boyfriend ever forgotten an important date? It could be a birthday, an anniversary or even Easter. It happens. It’s not entirely his fault, as guys are just poor multi-taskers and not as well-versed as women at compartmentalizing. Most of them will tell you that their memory is one of their worst assets, but they make up for it with their culinary, handyman or bedroom skills. For what they bring to the table, they can usually be forgiven for their lack of short-term recall. Nobody is perfect and it’s important that everyone picks his or her battles or you would fight with your significant other all the time. Most guys just don’t see the same value in remembering every little thing like us women do. If you find yourself breaking up with your boyfriend because he forgot about agreeing to take you to see the new Marvel movie, and instead, went with his friends, it’s a pretty awful reason. However, if you find him forgetting more than he is remembering, then maybe you have a bit more of an excuse.

5 Their Lack Of Fashion Sense

There is nothing more attractive than a well-dressed man, except maybe an underdressed Magic Mike-type of man. Fashion sense tends to happen more naturally to women, while many guys struggle with trying to match their shirt to their shorts. Sometimes, they just need a little bit of help. Just be careful of how you offer it to him because if he feels like you are forcing your opinion on him, he will go out of his way to dress terribly just to push your buttons. There’s a strong possibility that you really don’t like fedoras… that’s totally fair, but if he does, and you like him, isn’t it worth picking a different battle to fight? Do you become physically ill when he wears it? Who cares if your friends tease him about it? At the end of the day, if he likes it, then you should like that he likes it and find another crappy reason to dump the poor boy. Bad fashion sense is hardly a crime, except to the fashion police – so just let them handle it.

4 You Had Your First Fight

Congratulations, you’ve finally had your first “real” fight as a couple. The honeymoon is officially over and we’d like to welcome you to real life. Now that may sound scary, but really, it’s a good thing -- pinky swear. Having and getting through your first fight is the first step to a fulfilling and successful relationship. Not what you were expecting? Though fights can be emotionally and mentally draining on both of you, it does NOT mean that you are incompatible or should not be together. Most fights happen due to a failure to effectively communicate with your partner. All couples fight, even the seemingly perfect ones. Truthfully, even the best communicators and most functional long-term couples have disagreements from time to time. Rather than breaking up and running for the hills at any little sign of trouble in paradise, try thinking about it as a growth experience for both of you. Now that you’ve learned what triggers a fight for the two of you, you can communicate better and move forward.

3 Reality Is Scary

Navigating the waters of a relationship can be frightening. One second you guys are all over each other enjoying the honeymoon phase, and then the next minute, you remember that going out each weekend is expensive and you both have real bills to pay. That doesn’t mean you have to break up and give up a relationship that brings you lots of happiness because real life has suddenly appeared. It just means that you have to prioritize things like going out, attending family functions, and engaging in “adult” activities, like grocery shopping and cleaning the apartment. And in case you read “attending family functions,” that can also cause quite the stir for you because things are becoming too serious and you're scared. It’s totally normal, and remember that you can take your relationship at a pace that is comfortable for both of you involved. If you are thinking that this whole relationship thing is still making you want to break up, just remember that sitting home alone and reading messages from weird, ugly dudes is equally, if not more, terrifying.

2 Irritating Quirks

Everybody has his or her own distinctive quirk(s). For some, it’s an eye-roll, or a foot tap, and for others, it could be a snort or a boisterous laugh. It’s these intricacies that make each of us one of a kind and special in our own way. While some quirks are completely and utterly endearing and make you fall even deeper for that person, others are downright irritating. When you are weirded out by a tick that your partner has, it is important to remember that it’s totally normal to not love every aspect about someone. Maybe he bites his nails, like you used to do in junior school. He might also be guilty of being the one to consistently interrupt you while you are talking. Nobody is perfect, and if he was, perfection would get boring after a while. It’s also important not to jump ship when a particular quirk gets to you, like a laugh or a blink, because chances are that he is already conscious and super nervous about it. He may have even been bullied for it earlier in life. Is a simple, awkward little quirk really worth ending something great?

1 The Honeymoon is Over

All relationships go through several phases. When you first meet, the sparks fly. What follows is what most refer to as the “honeymoon phase” where everything is peachy keen, jelly bean and your partner is a gorgeous, flawless idol for you to worship. Eventually, several things happen. The first is that reality sets in and you start to see your partner for who he really is. When things get real and the lovey dovey phase is over, it’s a lot easier to see his true colors. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it just means that you start to appreciate the finer things in life, like spending time along together, rather than going out to lavish parties all the time. A bonus to reality setting in is that you don’t have to wear your tightest fitting jeans or dresses and spend hours on hair and make-up anymore; a little bit of effort goes a long way in a relationship, but you don’t have to work your butt off desperately trying to impress him because you clearly already have.

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