The 15 Filthiest Things Found In Hoarders' Homes

Some of these hoarders might not even realize that their hoard will literally be the death of them too, no one should ever require a search party in..

It is just second nature to take care of your house, right? Well, maybe not for everyone. Imagine that some people, namely hoarders, don’t necessarily take into account the normal rules of the homestead. We’re not just talking neglecting to make the bed either, we’re talking keeping literal mountains or trash and even dead bodies in some cases as disgusting as that sounds. Some people even keep a hold of their own urine for reasons unknown. Others may even hoard animals like rats, cats, goats, ducks, and/or horses. It may seem odd to many of us, but this is just normal life for others.

Here’s the thing, having a couple stacks around your pad might not be so bad, but when you can see your hoard from Google Earth, you might have a bit of a problem, although some of these hoarders might not even think that’s the case. Some of these hoarders might not even realize that their hoard will literally be the death of them too, no one should ever require a search party in their own home, am I right? If you want to see some of the world’s worst hoards, we sure found them. Read on to see some of the craziest things found in some hoarder’s homes.


15 2,500 Free-Roaming Rats

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Meet Glen. Glen has an unhealthy relationship with rats. Not just a couple rats mind you, but 2,500 free-roaming rats throughout his house. These rats aren’t just pets of his though, they actually took over his house and ran him out to a shed in his back yard if you can believe it. Yeah, this massive group of rodents kicked this poor guy out of his own house! Here’s the thing, Glen actually welcomed these little guys into his home to begin with! Yup, he was HOARDING RATS! Did you just get a chill up your spine? I know I just did.

He actually started out as breeding the little guys as pets. You got that right. He would breed wild rats that were not brought up to be house pets as…house pets. Ew. This habit, of course, got out of control and led to an influx of over 2,000 rats that moved right on into his house. Apparently, his breeding ritual grew out of control after his wife passed away. At least she wasn’t alive to see this mess.

14 100+ Animal Corpses, Including Cats, A Cardinal, A Bunny, Mice, Chipmunks, Squirrels, And Unidentified Roadkill...

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Some people love their animals so much that they just can’t seem to part with them, even after death. At least that was the case with homeowner, Terry, as she would actually save the bodies of her deceased cats by stuffing them in her refrigerator in hopes of one day cremating them. It just makes one ask…why wouldn’t you just get them cremated then? What exactly are you waiting for (shivers)?

“I really feel the reason I collect cats is that I have this feeling in me that I’m helping save something,” says Terry. Um…not sure what you are saving once they have passed on, but you just go on thinking that. Oh, I forgot to mention that she also has 50 living cats in her house and a home full of feces. Yum.

13 A Refrigerator Chilling With Maggots

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Okay, trash is disgusting enough, but maggots. Excuse me while I go vomit for a second. Apparently a refrigerator full of maggots didn’t bother homeowner, Barbara, as she didn’t see the need to clean up (or throw away) her fridge that was jam packed with them. You’d think that she’d have enough respect for herself to at the very least care for her health and rid herself of such a health violation, but who am I?

But it wasn’t only her fridge that had maggots. Barbara also had things throughout her house that she found in dumpsters that she just kept around her house that also got infested with maggots too. Essentially maggots were just starting to take over her home and she was completely okay with this. Simply horrifying.

12 Eggs That Are Turning Into Chicken Embryos?

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Talk about rotten eggs. I didn’t even know it was possible to have eggs so long that they could actually turn into embryos. What is the science behind that? Could you imagine the smell that these eggs are producing? This is long beyond rotten eggs. Think about that. They are EMBRYOS. Well, I wasn’t the only one that was baffled by this because apparently homeowner Constance also couldn’t believe the turning of her eggs into embryos either.

Constance never believed in throwing away eggs so she just had hoards of old eggs that were long passed their expiration date lying around her home. I’m not sure why she just didn’t eat them why they were still fresh, but why do things that make complete sense, right? People just blow my mind.

11 $90,000 On Ice…Literally

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This is one of the very few hoarding experiences that you’d actually want to be part of, minus the garbage you’d have to sift through to get to the end result. However, tell me it wasn’t worth finding $90k just chilling in your fridge that you forgot about? Heck, I’ll take the mess head on for that amount of cash. While searching the home of a man named William, the U.S. federal agents found this cash stuffed into various freezers around the house!

Why was the house being search you ask? Well, turns out William was a Democratic Congressman that was under investigation for bribery charges. Well, I’m not a cop by any means, but that money looks awfully suspicious am I right? Maybe it wasn’t such a good thing that it was found after all.

10 The Literal Dead Bodies Of The Homeowners

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Is there anything sadder than hoarding yourself to death? Not really. It’s a lonely way to go. In March 1947, the police got the call that there was a dead body in an apartment. Belonging to brothers Homer and Langley, the apartment took two hours for police to climb through all of the junk to fully enter. Say what? To top it off, the elder brother’s body, Homer, was indeed buried in the hoard of garbage. Yikes.

To top it off, Langley was missing during this search. Police waited for him to come home and it never happened so they continued the search within the apartment thinking he might not be all that far from home. Three weeks later, his body was discovered only 10 feet away from Homer. It is a terrifying story that hopefully scares anyone away from hoarding.

9 240 Dolls For…Private Time

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So this hoarding couple may not be hoarding garbage per se, but they do have their sights on love dolls. That’s right, partners in crime and duo, Bob and Lizzie, who are also senior citizens mind you, have taken their time to collect 240 love dolls over the years. If you think that is insane, the amount of money they have spent collecting these dolls is an astounding $160,000, which just seems downright crazy if you ask me.

Why does Lizzie go along with it? No is quite sure, but one can speculate that Bob has used more than one of these plastic ladies behind her back a few times let’s just say. Just seems like a creepy hobby to have, imagine what their family must think or if they have guests over. Gives me the creeps.

8 30 Tons Of Pure Junk

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Let me start by saying that this pile of junk is so large that it could be seen by Google Earth. Let that sink in for a minute. A satellite that is circling our planet can actually pick up this pile of trash. That is unbelievable. This man, Richard, has accumulated a hoard of garbage that is so large that it actually engulfs his home. Yes, his home is actually buried underneath this mound of garbage. Pick your jaw up off the ground and just think about how big that makes this hoard.

What’s in the hoard you ask? Several cars and newspapers spanning back for over 34 years. Richard was given many notices to clean up his mess, but he insists that it’s his right to collect anything he wants. After a while, he was able to remove the hoard. How much was the hoard you ask? 30 tons. You didn’t read that incorrectly. That is 30 tons of junk that was removed from his home.

7 A Cat Lady’s 697 Cats


It’s always said that the more is the merrier, but is that the honest truth? I don’t know if 697 cats is really all that merry. In fact, it actually sounds pretty cramped. Couple Penny and Steve became one of the top three worst animal hoarding cases the Humane Society of the United States has ever experienced as this couple was arrested on 47 counts of animal cruelty. Honestly, they were lucky to only get that too.

Out of these 697 cats, 100 of them had to be put down because of health complications. Not cool. These two actually started out with good intentions as they wanted to shelter cats that were no longer wanted, then it just grew out of control. They weren’t even able to pay to upkeep the location for the animals so they were tragically neglected. It was all around sad.

6 $325,000 Of Christmas Lawn Decorations

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So, this might not be as disgusting as it is delightful. Who doesn’t want the Christmas spirit to live on in a big way? That’s just what homeowners Christy and Steven believe anyway. In fact, they believe in hoarding $325,000 worth of Christmas spirit within their home. That is a lot of holiday cheer. They have actually collected over 5,000 inflatable Christmas lawn decorations over the years if you can believe it. Where the heck do they find the space for all of them on their lawn?

The Grinch is what started the obsession off. It was all downhill from there. They have pretty much any and every inflatable that you can think of too, even a crucified Jesus—um, no thank you? It’s a pretty random hoard, but hey, they aren’t hurting anyone, right?

5 A Mummified Cat

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Here’s the thing, the homeowner and former pet owner (I guess) did not go out of their way to actually mummify their cat. This happened purely by accident. They just so happened to have the right moisture levels, the right temperature, and the right deadness of a body combined together in order to mummify this poor animal. Let me say that this is completely disgusting and disrespectful to this animal’s life. I can’t imagine how deranged you have to be in order to do this.

Could you imagine how disgusting the rest of this person’s home was if they were cool with chilling out with mummies? Literal mummies. I’m going to go ahead an also take a stab and say that this animal was neglected and died without the homeowner’s knowledge too. Thoroughly disgusting.

4 Pigs And Rabbits And Ducks…Oh My!

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Why do people think that hoarding animals is a cool thing to do? It’s a life that you a cramming into a space with many other lives that can’t fit into said space. Not to mention the amount of…droppings…in said space. And you know darn well those droppings aren’t getting picked up too! Gross. Anyway, Roger was arrested and charged with 28 counts of animal neglect as his home was filled to the brim with over 350 animals including pigs, rabbits, and ducks. Why?

Not to mention that there were animals that were both dead and alive in the mix. Could you imagine what this home smelled like? I don’t even want to think about it. For the animals that were lucky to be alive, there were many sanitation issues they were dealing with. So not okay.

3 300 Gallons Of Saved Urine

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Okay, I’m just going to out and say this. I am not sure I have any reasons as to why you would save your own urine. I am drawing a complete blank here. Usually, I can come up with some sort of reason or understanding as to why people do the things they do, but I am getting nothing on this one other than there is some sort of major mental illness going on here. Homeowner Howard, was saving over 300 jugs (yuck) full of his own urine in his home. No joke.

Here’s the thing, if your toilets aren’t working…why wouldn’t you just go in your yard or something rather than saving it? I am just really having a hard time with this whole concept. When authorities showed up, they were not only hit in the face with the terrible odor, but had to chase the homeowner who attempted to escape out the back door. Awesome day for them, right?

2 30 Horses That Have Passed On

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It’s another one of those starting out doing the right thing but going tragically wrong situations. Homeowner Caroline was running an animal rescue operation, but in 2013 the police intervened on the whole situation and found 30 dead horses on the property. Not acceptable if ask me. Police said it was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty in Oklahoma, they even described the remaining living horses as “living skeletons.”

In addition to the horses, they also found 28 dogs, several goats, a parrot, and a chinchilla. Doesn’t sounds like it would be the cleanest operations if you asked me. Besides, it doesn’t even sounds like it has enough food for these poor animals. What a disgusting person, let’s just hope she got the punishments she deserved at the end of it.

1 Refrigerators Full Of Rotten Food And Dead Cats (Vomit)

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This case has been describe by police as “one of the worst cases of hoarding ever seen.” Before I tell you about all the yummy details, let me first tell you that this house was ruled as uninhabitable because it got so bad over the years. When law enforcement got to the house to clean it out, they found refrigerators filled with rotten food and dead cats, but they were in there so long that it was liquefied (Pause for effect).

Along with this gelatinous mess, there were 15 trucks worth of junk hauled out of the home. That is a lot of stuff! Not to mention that there was obviously a bunch of biohazard material carried out as well. Yeah, this is definitely one of the worst cases out there for sure.

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The 15 Filthiest Things Found In Hoarders' Homes