The 14 Most Unlikely Couples: Part 2

As the saying goes, "love is blind". It's no secret that the most successful relationships are formed when people with completely opposite personalities or traits come together. A variety of skills and characteristics that are opposite to our own are definitely intriguing, and appealing. True love can really blossom when you find a partner that compliments your personality, while bringing new and different perspectives to your life.

The same can be said of couples who are physically opposite. Often, we are surprised when we see pairs of people that seem to have nothing in common on the physical front. Whether it's a union of lean and fat, short and tall or beautiful and average, these seemingly opposite couples know how to pack in a ton of romance and love. Proving that love is more than skin deep, these couples remind us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is something refreshing about non-conventional couples; they make us stop and remember that not everyone has the same 'type' and that attraction is far more than just a physical thing.

We have compiled a collection of some of the most shocking couples; duos that might look like opposites, but are really in sync when it comes to love. These couples are a strong reminder that love can be found in the most unsuspecting places, and that conventional stereotypes of beauty are a sham. They might not look the same, but their love stories are sure to inspire the most skeptical of hearts. Here’s The 14 Most Unlikely Couples Who Are Way Happier Than You:Part 2

14 Small and Tall Circus Love

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Al and Jeanie Tomaini were an odd couple, with a height different of over six feet. Al, who had an overactive pituitary gland, shot up to 8'4" by the time he was an adult, wearing a shoe size of 27. The self-proclaimed "Tallest Man in The World" had a reputation of being a kind and gentle giant. In 1936, at The Great Lakes Exposition, he would meet Jeanie Smith, a talented acrobat who was born with no legs and twisted arms. The unlikely duo quickly fell in love and eloped the same year. They would tour the world under the title of "The World's Strangest Married Couple".  Al died in 1962, and left behind his darling Janie, who would never remarry. She was buried next to him in 1999, when she passed away.

13 The Vampire Couple

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Goth enthusiast couple Aro Draven and Lia Benninghoff are far from your standard lovebirds. They met on a dating website, and were engaged three weeks after they had their first date. Draven,38, is a self-proclaimed vampire, and he allegedly "turned" his 20-year-old fiance into one as well, with her consent, of course. The pair drink each other's blood every week in an intimate ceremony, and also enjoy eating raw steak's washed down with a cup of pig's blood. Nothing says romance like a big old cup of animal blood, right?The unemployed Draven has 5 children from previous relationships. No news on whether or not they are also vampires. The couple have enjoyed moderate fame with their story being circulated on the internet and in various magazines since 2013.

12 Granny Lovin'

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These days, it's not uncommon for couples to have quite significant age gaps. Many men date older women, and many women date older men, too! 31 year-old Kyle Jones prefers age gaps that span several decades. The call center employee has had a penchant for older ladies for years, and has been having a relationship with 91 year-old Marjorie McCool for several years. The Pittsburgh native has even taken his golden girl to meet his 50 year-old mother. Not only could Marjorie be Kyle's grandmother, she could in theory be his mother's grandmother, too. Apparently, Kyle's mother is completely supportive of her son's relationship, and doesn't think that it's weird that his girlfriend is 41 years her senior. The couple have openly discussed how satisfying their relationship is, but we'll save you the details!

11 The Extreme Tattooed Couple

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Gabriela and Victor Peralta are a married couple hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. What makes them a notable couple? They are both Guinness World Record title holder's in the extreme category of having the most tattoos and body modifications. Victor has over 90% of his body covered in tattoos, while Gabriela has 65% of hers covered. They also have 77 body modifications amongst them, including piercings, implants and one forked tongue (his). The couple have been together for close to 15 years, and make a living as professional body piercers and modifiers in Argentina. Their extreme look is not everyone's cup of tea, but they have definitely found true love with each other. Gabriela has said that Victor is her "perfect match". We see it!

10 The Tallest Man In The World And His Average Sized Wife

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Sultan Kosen is the World's Tallest Man, and he's married to a woman who isn't that tall. Well, she is 5'9, so she's definitely not short, but she's still quite a bit tinier than he is! The 33 year-old giant wed his 24 year-old wife, Merve Dibo, in 2013, in their native Turkey. Kosen was thrilled to find a woman that was actually willing to marry him. When he first received the title of tallest man, he was hoping that his fame would get him some female attention. Always dreaming of getting married, Kosen wasn't very popular with the ladies, who were often afraid of him or perturbed by his shocking stature. When he met Dibo, all of his past struggles paid off. The pair might have a few feet between them, but there is no distance between their love for each other.

9 The Lady With a Husband And A Lover

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Unconventional relationships are getting more and more popular in a generation where boundaries and rules can be taken with a grain of salt. Maria Butzki was plagued with feelings of remorse when she left her husband, Paul, for another man. Instead of choosing between the two men, she moved her lover in to the home that she shares with Paul and her two children. The men, apparently, are good friends now, and are happy to life their lives as one big happy family. Maria is deeply in love with both men, and says she couldn't imagine her life without one or the other. She's lucky that they are so open to this arrangement! There aren't many husbands that would open the door so warmly to their wife's lover!

8 The Oddest Italian Couple

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Businessman Flavio Briatore has made quite a splash with his supermodel mates, past and present. The 67 year-old Italian has had business dealings with the Benetton clothing label, as well as sponsorships of various car racing companies. Although he has been linked to certain criminal behaviour (fraud) he has maintained quite an impressive personal fortune over the years.  In 2003, he started to date model Heidi Klum, and even fathered one of her children. The two split before the baby was born, and Klum has said that Briatore is not involved in her child's life, and that her long time (now ex)  partner, Seal, has since legally adopted the girl. Briatore married his current wife, model Elisabetta Gregoraci in 2008. They have a 30 year age gap, and one son.

7 Love on Wheels

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Love has no limits, and that includes mobility restrictions. Sean Stephenson is wheelchair bound due to a childhood condition called osteogenesis imperfect, which causes him to have weak and brittle bones, and a small stature. The 3' tall motivational speaker didn't let his size limit his motivation to live the best life possible. He and his wife, Mindie Kniss, have a perfectly healthy romantic relationship, and have one son together. Mindie has said that she has never been happier and that her husband is one of the most gifted and kind people in the world. These lovebirds are definitely proof that love can be found in all shapes and sizes, and you don't need to fit certain criteria to find everlasting and true love.

6 Just A Girl And Her Dog

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Now here's a really unconventional pairing; Amanda Rodgers was fed up of dealing with men. So much so, that she came up with an elaborate plan to rid them of her life for once and for all. In a bit of a dramatic reaction to her divorce, Amanda decided that she was going to wed the only faithful partner she knew: her dog, Sheba. She claims that Sheba was in her life for years, and always provided loyalty, love and companionship: things her previous relationships lacked. Well, that's one way of doing things! The British woman most definitely enjoyed the media craze that surrounded this story, and probably capitalized on her odd idea. Nothing says revenge like...marrying your dog after you get dumped, right?

5 The Kentucky Giants

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Martin Van Buren Bates and his wife Anna Haining Swan were one of the tallest couples in history. Although records vary in terms of his actual height, some say he was 7 and a half feet tall, and over 300 pounds. His wife, Anna, was taller than he was by just a few inches, and weighed about the same amount. Martin was often coined "The Kentucky Giant" or "The Letcher County Giant" and has been mentioned in many editions of the Guinness Book of World Records for his historically impressive stature. This photo shows just how large the couple was, standing next to an "average" sized man. Many expected the duo to have massive children, but they all came out with average height and weight.

4 The Sugar Daddy and His Young Girlfriend

Here's another classic case of a young bikini model dating an old, rich man! Jenna Bentley was just 21 years old when she started dating Ben Brown, the Millionnaire Pawn Shops owner and rich, sugar daddy. Various accounts say that Brown is 30 years older than Bentley, but we're actually thinking that figure might be closer to 50. In fact, this is not the first time that Jenna has dated an older man. She was formerly linked to Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner. Clearly, she is a lady who likes her men old and rich! The duo are most often photographed frolicking on beaches together, scantily clad and enjoying the sun. Despite the obvious first impressions, this pair is apparently very much in love and happy together.

3 The Man Who Married A Corpse Bride

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Here's a story that is as tragic as it is bizarre. In 2012, Thai  man Chadil Deffy married his deceased partner, Sarinya Kamsook. The pair had been together for over 10 years, and had always planned on tying the knot. Sadly, they never set a date, and Sarinya was killed in a tragic accident before they had the chance. In an oddly romantic ode to his true love, Chadil decided to add an honorary marriage ceremony to her funeral processions. The bride was dressed in white, and her make up was similar to the main character in Tim Burton's 2005 film Corpse Bride. Not sure if Sarinya would've loved or hated this tribute; it definitely was original and memorable, to say the least. And Deffy made the tabloids, which might've been his main motive.

2 The Twins Who Want To Have The Same Baby Daddy

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To end on a very weird note, here's the story of Australian identical twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque. They have risen to fame for their shocking admonition that they are trying to get pregnant by the same man. The plastic surgery heavy gals have been criticized for their fame hungry approach, many people think that they are exploiting themselves and their unborn babies for a shot at being famous. They are also known for spending over $250,000 USD on their cosmetic enhancements, which include implants, face lifts, lip fillers and permanent makeup. They have claimed that their aspire to look even more identical than they did naturally. No news yet on if they have been successful with their attempted pregnancies. These crazy twins will probably show up again with another radical idea.

1 World's Fattest Woman and Her Trim Boyfriend

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Charity Pierce is perhaps the most obese woman on the planet. Weighing in at 765 pounds, the 38 year old's weight is so out of control that she doesn't even qualify for emergency gastric bypass surgery. She has been trying to lose 200 pounds in order to get the surgery, so that she can marry her 21 year-old boyfriend, Tony Sauer. The odd couple have known each other for years. Tony's brother, Jimmy, previously had a romantic relationship with Pierce, which resulted in a daughter, who is now 18 years old. So that means that Tony's niece could also become his step-daughter? Charity is too large to leave her house, and hopes to be eligible for the surgery so that she can lose weight and start a more normal life with her beau.

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