The 10 White Lies WE Tell Him (Vs. The 10 HE Tells Us)

The truth is that most people are no strangers to lying. We're willing to throw in a few lies here and there if it's for the best possible outcome. Since we often do know best, we're willing to bend the rules to make the outcome favour what we perceive as the right thing.

When it comes to love, we're not scared to lie if it means protecting our partner. While it might sound like a cliché, what he doesn't know can't hurt him. That's why when it comes to lying, we make sure to only tell white lies. These are for the sole benefit of someone else. We're not trying to get the upper hand in the relationship, we're just trying to protect our partner.

However, while we might be looking out for our man, we're not exactly sure he's doing the same. Rather, it seems like he's telling some serious lies in order to get his way. It seems like he often doesn't have the best intentions at heart and might just be manipulative.

That's why we thought it was only right to list the different type of lies that we tell him in a relationship versus the ones he tells us. It's safe to say that our little white lies are basically harmless, while his can cause some serious heartbreak.

20 The Lies We Tell Him: We Love Everything About Him


We absolutely adore him almost all of the time. However, we often get a little annoyed when he acts problematic. So when we tell him that we adore absolutely everything about him, it's not exactly the truth. We're completely in love with him; however, not 24/7.

We all have our moments where we might come off as a little irritable. That's why it's totally normal for us to tell him that we love everything about him. We're not about to upset our man and list everything that he does wrong. Rather, telling him that we love him completely is our way of expressing that we truly do care.

19 The Lies He Tells Us: We’re His Dream Girl


While we might be telling little white lies, his are a little more intense. If he tells you that you're his dream girl, he's absolutely lying. Each guy has an ideal version of a girl in their heads that absolutely no one can match. Don't feel bad about not hitting every quality a guy desires as it's literally impossible.

The next time he tells you that you're his dream girl, let it slide. He's trying to express that he truly adores you, even though this statement is so not true. Think of it this way: each girl has an ideal man in her head that absolutely no guy will be able to measure up to, too; we just stop short of telling our BF  that he's our "dream" dude.

18 The Lies We Tell Him: We Adore His Family


This is one of the most common lies that almost every girl tells. When we tell him that we absolutely adore his family, we're not exactly being completely truthful. We're only trying to make him happy by telling him how much we love his family. Whether he's close with his family or not doesn't matter—every guy wants his girlfriend to like his family.

That's why it's more than fine to pretend that they're absolutely amazing. While they might become a little problematic in the future, it's best to let it slide. There is a huge chance that he'll side with his family over us. We're not about to tell him every issue we have with his family as that will only push him away.

17 The Lies He Tells Us: He Adores Our Friends


This is one of the worst lies that he can tell as the truth will always be revealed. If he tells you that he absolutely adores all of your friends, he's totally lying. Instead, he's simply trying to please you while winning some points with you and your friends.

We totally know our friends and are positive they're going to interrogate our man. We don't even expect our lover to truly adore our friends. Rather, we expect him to be civil. You'll eventually be able to pick up on this lie as your man will finally reach a breaking point and express his genuine emotions regarding the people closest to you.

16 The Lies We Tell Him: We Don’t Care About Our Relationship Status


Every girl is constantly trying to convince her man that she doesn't care about their relationship status. We don't want to push our lover away and are trying to keep him around as long as possible. The last thing we desire is to come off a little too strong and try to force the man into a relationship.

That's why if he asks us about our relationship status, we play it off as if we don't care. The truth is that we're scared to stress him out. If he's serious about making things official between us, we know he will totally make it known. Otherwise, we'd rather just go with the flow and see where our relationship goes.

15 The Lies He Tells Us: He Wants To Discuss Our Relationship Status


While we might be lying that we don't care about our relationship status, he is totally lying that he wants to discuss things. He is more than happy with how things are going and does not want to put any labels on it. We can't even blame him. If he begins to show interest in someone else, we can't complain since our relationship has no status.

Unless you found a completely genuine guy, he truly doesn't care about the status of the relationship. Rather, he's doing what's in his best interest. He's trying to win us over by offering to discuss where things are going. However, when the conversation finally starts, we're able to tell that he's more lost than we are.

14 The Lies We Tell Him: We’re Happy With How Things Are


The last thing we want to do is overwhelm our lover with our endless desires. That's why we would much rather pretend that everything is going exactly how we hoped it would rather than stressing our man out. The truth is that we'll probably never be completely satisfied with the state of our relationship.

We constantly want more and expect our lover to be the best version of himself. There is seriously no way that we can get our ideal relationship and we aren't about to bug our partner about it. Instead, we prefer to pretend that we're completely happy with how things are going. We're positive that complaining all the time is not the solution.

13 The Lies He Tells Us: He’s Willing To Work On The Relationship


We've totally heard this lie before. When we finally express our relationship concerns to our man, he acts totally shook. He pretends that these are minor issues that no one should worry about. But they're actually serious things that have to be worked out before the relationship falls apart.

If he tells you that he's willing to work on all of these issues and improve, he's so lying. He is not about to change his ways just because you're not happy. He might think he can find someone else who will appreciate the effort he puts into the relationship, even if it's barely any at all. Of course, the right guy will improve, but he won't make a big show of it—and he won't talk about it endlessly either.

12 The Lies We Tell Him: We Don’t Discuss Our Relationship With Others


If our man asks us whether we discuss our relationship with other people, we totally lie. We don't want him to be offended that we often seek outside advice from our friends. It's not that there are issues going on, it's that we often need a second opinion.

The absolute worst thing is to be manipulated by someone. That's why it's totally fine to discuss your relationship with your friends in order to figure out if everything makes sense. Sometimes discussing an issue with your man might not work out. He might try to convince you that he's right when he's actually so wrong. As long as your friends don't make decisions for you, it's completely fine to seek a little help here and there.

11 The Lies He Tells Us: He Has Never Lied To Us


This is probably the most common lie that we hear in a relationship. If your man tries to convince you that he never lies, he is actually lying. Even if he's the most perfect guy in the world, he has totally dropped a few lies here and there in order to get his way. We're not about to pretend that he has never at least manipulated the truth to look like the ideal guy.

We know him inside and out and are so not buying this. The truth is that he has to have at least told us a few white lies. The last thing that he wants to do is hurt our feelings, but he has likely lied to keep us happy while still being able to get his way.

10 The Lies We Tell Him: He’s Already Perfect


Sometimes when we're truly looking to compliment him, we'll tell him that he is the most perfect guy on the planet. The truth is this is a complete lie, and he knows we're lying. We all have our flaws and aren't about to start pretending that we're perfect.

However, if we feel like trying to convince him that he is the most perfect guy in the world, it's usually harmless. He definitely has his flaws but we still completely adore him. The best part is he absolutely adores this compliment as it shows that you appreciate him. He knows that you don't think he's perfect, yet in your eyes he actually is! At the end of the day, he's the perfect guy for you, and that's what matters.

9 The Lies He Tells Us: He’s Willing To Change


If he ever tells you that he's willing to change, he totally isn't. No one in the world is able to fully change for anyone but themselves. Especially if you're trying to force him to change his ways or threatening to leave him. While he might try to convince you that he's willing to change, he actually isn't.

Instead, he is sad that you don't see him as good enough. He is not going to put up with being looked down upon and is going to start creating distance in the relationship. We can't even blame him. No one wants to be in a relationship where they're constantly told that they're not good enough and need to change.

8 The Lies We Tell Him: We Don’t Care About The Issue


The last thing that we want is to start problems in our relationship. We already have some critical reoccurring issues that just won't go away. That's why we don't want to stir up any new drama. We prefer to pretend that everything is okay, rather than telling our lover that we're sad over something yet again.

Sometimes it's best to sell a little white lie in order to prevent some fights. We know that as soon as we tell our lover that we're not happy with something in our relationship, a new fight will break out. Instead, we'll pretend that we don't care about the issue in order to make sure that it doesn't grow.

7 The Lies He Tells Us: He Cares A Ton About Fixing The Issue


While we appreciate these kind words, they're more than off. He would much rather have us pretend that everything is okay than have to figure out a way to resolve yet another little issue. The truth is that he's getting tired constantly having to fix something that we're not happy about.

He would much rather ignore the issue completely than blow it out of proportion. The truth is that he couldn't care less about the issue, but he cares about us a lot. That's why he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that we end up happy in the situation. He just doesn't feel like stressing over what's going on any more than absolutely necessary!

6 The Lies We Tell Him: It’s Not His Fault


If we tell him it's not his fault, it probably still is. We're positive that there was something that he could do to prevent things from turning out this way. Instead, we have managed to make the issue a million times bigger than it had to be.

Even if it was initially our fault, he probably still had a key role to play that made it much worse. However, since we're able to realize that putting the blame on him won't actually fix anything, we're willing to lie and say that everything is okay. We know that telling him that it's his fault will only push him away rather than bring him closer to us.

5 The Lies He Tells Us: We’re Always Right


This lie has to be the absolute funniest on our list. We are absolutely positive that our man does not think we're always right. But instead of fighting, he prefers to try to convince us that we're just never wrong. While we appreciate the effort to try to contain the situation, we can see straight through this lie.

We know more than well that we can often be extremely problematic. We often let our fears get in the way of rationality, making small issues into huge problems. While it's cute that our man thinks we can convince us that we're never wrong, this is a total lie. We can name almost a dozen times when we could've been a little bit more on the ball.

4 The Lies We Tell Him: We Love Watching Sports


This basically isn't even a lie since our lover knows we're completely lying. While we might like to pretend that we love sports and keep up with all of the latest games, this is so not the case. We might know a few things here and there when it comes to sports, but overall we don't know much.

Instead, we're trying to impress our man by showing that we're not like most girls. If this means convincing him that we adore soccer, hockey, and basketball, so be it. However, it's time that we realize that we're not exactly convincing anyone with our sports knowledge. Rather, our man is laughing to himself every time we trying to pretend we know what's going on.

3 The Lies He Tells Us: Romance Movies Are Great


If he tells you that he adores romantic movies, you better realize that he is absolutely lying. No guy enjoys spending his extra time watching chick flicks when he could be watching the latest action movie or sports match. Instead, he's trying to impress us by showing that he's not like most guys and much rather appreciates romance.

However, if there is any lie that we're going to let slide, it's totally this one. Our man is simply trying to impress us and we couldn't ask for anything more. This is his attempt at making it known that he's not scared to try something new if it's for us. While we wish he was a little bit more upfront about his interests, we appreciate the gesture.

2 The Lies We Tell Him: Being Exclusive Isn’t That Important


If a girl ever tries to convince you that she doesn't care about being exclusive, she is totally lying. The truth is that she couldn't care about anything more than being serious with her man. She wants the world to know that she's in an official relationship with someone special.

There is almost nothing more that she wants than to be exclusive. If she's in love with this special someone, she wants to make things official. This also gives her some peace of mind that her man isn't about to leave her. If he goes out of his way to make things official, it's probably because he is isn't interested in anyone else!

1 The Lies He Tells Us: We’re The Only Girl On His Mind


We actually appreciate these sweet words, even though it's often a complete lie. We easily understand that we're not actually the only girl on his mind. We understand that dozens of girls race through a guy's mind every day—that's why we're not about to be convinced that our man is only thinking about us.

However, we appreciate that he's trying to convince us that this is actually the case. We so don't expect our man to only think about us. However, we do expect him to constantly be loyal. We're so not about to let him mess around with us. The truth is that he can think about whoever he wants, as long as he only loves us!

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