"Thank U, Next, Ariana": 20 Things We Know About Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale

"Thank U, Next"– looks like it works both ways. The song that became a phrase just dropped as an album (and it's everything we could have wanted). Ariana Grande has turned being single into the biggest #PowerSymbol ever, and exes are just something you "list."

Pete Davidson is back in the news. He's dating Kate Beckinsale. With a 20-year age gap and the world's biggest "didn't see that coming," the headlines are mad.

Removing those Ariana tattoos and asking the SNL audience if anyone had "any open rooms" was the most we got from Pete following his October 2018 split from Ariana. In December 2018, Pete deleted his social media accounts following a concerning tweet that saw Ari head straight to the SNL offices.

It's all moving very fast. Kate is reportedly considering Pete to be "exactly" her type. They even have vacation plans together. If you're wondering if it's all a story, it's not. Holding hands leaving the Golden Globes doesn't exactly say: "Hiding it." Pete has also confirmed the relationship on social media (yes, he's back).

"Thank U, Next, Ariana" seems to be the vibe. Done and dusted with his engagement to Ariana, Pete is back in the dating game. Here are 20 things to know about Pete Davidson's super-new relationship with Kate Beckinsale.

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20 Pete Is 25, Kate Is 45: That 20-Year Age Gap

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An "unlikely pairing." Elle didn't hold back when describing this new relationship. At 45 years old, Kate Beckinsale is a staggering 20 years older than Pete. This isn't a Beyonce and Jay-Z deal (he's 12 years older). It isn't even a JLO and A-Rod deal (she's seven years older).

"They may seem like an unlikely match, but she thinks he's great and she just loves all the laughs she has with him."

A source reports to E! that Kate is super into Pete's youthful vibe. January 6th, 2019 made things official as the couple was spotted leaving the Golden Globes hand-in-hand.

19 "So Cute!" Ariana Weighs In (But Is She Being Sarcastic?)

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We feel a tiny bit bad for Pete– Ariana's reaction to the relationship news seems to have made more headlines than the news itself, although this is Ariana Grande. Two words from that ponytail-wearing star are enough to rock the internet, and they did with her comment.

"Do you think Pete and Kate Beckinsale make a good couple, Ariana?” She replied: “So cute!!”

As USA Today reports, Ari was approached by a paparazzo. Cute words, but is she being sarcastic? So far, Ari hasn't said a bad word about Pete. Since throwing shade isn't her style, this one could go either way.

18 Kate Ducks The Cameras, Pete Completely Doesn't, #BigSurprise

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Big surprise, right? Pete Davidson didn't hold back on the personal comments about himself after splitting with Ari, and it looks like being #InYourFace more than suits this guy.

As Kate covered her face with her hand while leaving Pete's stand-up show, Pete seemed to be doing the opposite."I feel like I won a contest." Those were the words he had to say when dating Ari, as The Irish Examiner reports.

Pete was pretty open about feeling that his relationship with Ariana had made him the luckiest guy on earth. Brief as it was, their 24-day engagement more than gave Pete time to get used to the cameras. Now? He's a natural.

17 "She Likes Young Guys Who Make Her Laugh"

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Some women like a younger man. Kris Jenner is nearly 30 years older than Corey Gamble. Khloe Kardashian is seven years older than Tristan Thompson.

With a touch of the "toy boy" feel, Kate's 45 years are making giant headlines next to Pete's 25 years.“She likes young guys who make her laugh," Us Weekly reports.

Well, Pete is young (and he is a comedian). A younger guy might have been frowned upon back in the day, but it seems to be the new normal. Gwyneth Paltrow was older than Chris Martin and they had kids. Same with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. These two don't seem to be there yet, though.

16 It's "Casual," Kate's "Not Looking To Get Serious"

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Some celebs are 100% about finding true, long-term love. Ariana Grande seems to be one of them. Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Kylie Jenner all seem to be in it for the #RealDeal. As Blac Chyna splits from Kid Buu (did anyone even know they were dating?), it's clear– some girls want casual.

"They spend most of their time on opposite coasts so it's a casual thing. But they are going to keep talking and having fun together," iHeart reports what's going on with Kate and Pete.

Elle also reports that Kate is "not looking to get serious with someone." Kate is based in LA, while Pete's SNL commitments see him reside in New York City.

15 Younger Exes Are A Pattern: Matt Rife Was 21

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Everyone's got a type. Taylor Swift seems to go for musicians. Khloe Kardashian makes a beeline for the basketball players. Kate's pattern? It seems to be younger guys.

In 2018, Kate dated British comedian, Jack Whitehall. He's 30. Their PDAs were more than documented by the tabloids. Kate has gone even younger than 30, though.

Before Jack came Matt Rife. Kate was 45, while Matt was just 23. Extra TV puts his age at 21, though. In 2018, the media outlet briefly questioned if they were "back on" following a split. Safe to say, Kate is happy with a younger guy!

14 The World's Reaction...

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Honestly, it isn't the age that's making us pull this face. Something about Pete's 180 from "heartbroken" to "in-your-face dating" just feels a little off. Sure, once you're single, you're back on the market. Nothing wrong with it.

“Dear heavens, Kate. Not Pete Davidson.” Social Media hasn't held back.

As The Standard reports, fans have been probing both Kate and Pete on social media. The comment came after Kate posted a black and white photo (of a woman). “No that’s my mother, easy mistake," Kate replied to the Pete query. Keeping it coy, right? Well, one is much older than Kate, while the other is much younger.

13 Kate's Daughter Is Five Years Younger Than Pete

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Tough one. Lots of couples get together with kids from previous relationships. Both JLO and A-Rod have their own kids. It's when the kid is closer in age to the boyfriend that eyebrows start getting raised.

Kate Beckinsale has a daughter with her ex, Michael Sheen. As The Daily Mail reports, Lily is 20 years old and a student at NYU. At 25, Pete is five years older than Kate's daughter.

We're just going to go ahead and say it. That's the same age difference as Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Dating a woman whose daughter is more in your age bracket? Yeah, it's going to get mentioned.

12 "Six Beanbags And No Forks," Pete Has A Way To Go

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To think we questioned Kylie Jenner's parenting. At the age of 21, Stormi's mother could probably write a manual on growing up– something that Ariana Grande has done (Pete, perhaps, less so).

“It's like, we have six beanbags, but we have no forks — you know what I mean?” FYI, a quote from Pete after he moved into Ariana's $16 million apartment.

As People reports, the joint living from Ari and Pete was mature on the surface, but the reality sort of showed kids who didn't quite know what they were doing. Kate is 45. Bear in mind this is what she's signed up to.

11 Already Planning A Vacation To "Get To Know Each Other Better"

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What do celeb couples do? They travel. Kim and Kanye whisk themselves off to luxury beach trips fairly regularly. Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka were into skiing. As Cosmo reports, Pete and Kate are already planning a getaway.

“They’re planning a holiday to get away from the cameras and get to know each other better." The magazine quoted a source from The Sun that even mentioned some locations. If you're wondering, potential contenders are "somewhere beachy" like Bali, Hawaii or Indonesia.

Well, aside from the fact that Bali is in Indonesia, we'll take it on good authority. As for getting "away from the cameras," we've got news for you, Kate. The paparazzi travel, too.

10 "He's Exactly Her Type"

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Let's remember that Pete was Ariana's "type." Saying that she isn't a "crushy" person, Ariana nevertheless told her tour manager that she was "100% marrying him" the day she set eyes on Pete, Teen Vogue reports.

What Ari saw in Pete? Well, he's a funny guy. While the looks aren't typically "Hollywood" in a Zac Efron or Brad Pitt kind of way, Pete does have an attractive side to him.

“Kate is into Pete and he’s exactly her type,” Us Weekly reports. To be fair, Kate's two previous boyfriends were comedians. If you're a guy and reading this, yes, it's true. Girls go gaga for a funny guy.

9 Works Out "Every Day," Pete Hasn't Mentioned Fitness Once

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Couples who work out together stay together, right? Throw us more #Goals, @JLO and A-Rod. Kate Beckinsale is hugely into her fitness. In case the IG pics don't give it away, her interviews do.

"I love yoga, and that’s all I used to do. But hardcore workouts have really made a big difference in my life. I have a lot of internal energy, and intense exercise helps me channel that energy,"

Kate told Shape, adding, "I'm the fittest I've ever been!" We can't help but notice that not one of Pete's interviews mentions the gym.

8 But She "Didn't Want To Talk To Anyone Else"

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Kate and Pete may not be on the same wavelength when it comes to working out, but she's seen something in him. When Us Weekly reported this new couple "flirting" at an InStyle party, a source told them,

"She was following him around a bit and waiting for him. People approached her and she didn’t want to talk to anyone else.”

It's when a girl doesn't seem to have the time of day for anyone else that you know she's interested. A party thrown by InStyle? You can 100% guarantee it'll be crawling with A-listers. Not being interested in anyone but Pete. Is she falling for him?

7 Although Not Long Ago, Pete Was Picking Out Engagement Rings

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Pete took just 24 days to propose to Ariana. The $93,000 engagement ring reported by BBC was on Ari's finger in less than a month. She shared the proposal with Vogue:

“We were in bed hanging, after watching a movie. I was like, ‘Will you marry me?’ It was really dope.”

That was back in August 2018. How long that engagement lasted? Well, Ariana was single and #ThankUNext by the middle of October. Ariana has done the sensible thing. She's focusing on herself and not rushing into anything. Pete was spotted on a date before Kate, but it's this relationship that's making the headlines.

6 And He's Still Removing Tattoos From His Ariana Days

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The downside of getting matching tattoos? The dire task of removing them if the relationship doesn't work out. Removing ink seems to have turned into a full-time job for Pete and Ariana. Didn't we learn anything from Angelina Jolie?

On February 10th, 2019, Cosmo reported that Pete had "covered" his Ariana tattoo. What that really shows? That the guy is still busy clearing up the drama left behind by his last relationship.

Pete and Ari got matching cloud tats on their fingers. The "Dangerous Woman" tattoo behind Pete's ear was just another in a string of love-declaring inks that seemed to suggest things were permanent. They absolutely weren't.

5 Pete "Repeatedly Proposed" To The Girl Before Ari

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Funny how nobody talks about Cazzie David. For most fans, Pete had one major breakup in 2018– Ariana. There was a girl before Ariana, though. The Daily Mail reports:

Pete "repeatedly proposed" to Cazzie, the girl he dated before Ariana. That's two breakups in 2018.

Cazzie David may not sound like a celebrity, but she's Larry King's daughter. Curb Your Enthusiasm seems kind of applicable here. Pete and Cazzie didn't get engaged, but the IG pics of this couple did suggest they were serious. "Pete’s unfazed. It’s true they’re not in agreement about things after the breakup," The Daily Mail reported.

4 Kate's Been Super-Cagey About Confirming It

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The girl is covering her face, but the guy is grinning ear-to-ear with a lollipop in his mouth. Interesting body language. Pete has confirmed the relationship. In Touch Weekly reports that a fan shouted Kate's name at his gig. Smiling "sheepishly" and saying "yes" was Pete's response.

Kate has already received social media comments, but she's being way more cagey than Pet. "Is that a painting of Pete Davidson?" Celebrity Insider reports a fan asking after Kate posted a Freddy Mercury picture.

Kate replied: "GREAT EYE." Cagey and brief. We're not quite sure what to make of this response other than to interpret it as Celebrity Insider did– pure sarcasm.

3 She Certainly Isn't Mentioning Him On Social Media

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Kate Beckinsale doesn't have a Kardashian-level following on IG, but she isn't exactly a nobody. With 2.3 million followers, fans range from Pearl Harbour lovers and 2016's Underworld, to The Widow.

Ariana straight-up posted selfies of herself with Pete on IG when they were an item. Well, that, and writing an entire song for him. Kate hasn't been dating Pete all that long, but for a girl who won't "talk to anyone else," her social media isn't reflecting it.

Kate hasn't actually mentioned Pete's name on social media yet. All she's done is put a fan who queried the relationship in their place. Are we looking at a relationship or a fling?

2 "Really Hurts" After Her 12-Year Marriage Collapsed

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Dating a 45-year-old mother of one is an entirely different story to dating a 25-year-old. Ariana had her fair share of breakups, but she didn't come with anything remotely close to a marriage. Sure, Ariana was still healing from her split with Mac Miller, but otherwise, Ari was pretty "no-baggage" when she got with Pete.

Kate was married to Len Wiseman for 12 years. "She was really hurt after her marriage with Len ended," Dlisted reports.

While a source also said that Kate "loves the attention" of younger men, as Dlisted reports, we're seeing a grown-up who is still healing from a painful divorce. Pete may seem like the solution, but is he up to the task?

1 One Thing Is Clear, Though, #ThankUNext

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If Ariana didn't have, like, a 900-point advantage with Thank U, Next, we'd say these two are even. Ariana has made "Thank You, Next" into a global phenomenon, while Pete has moved on, too. The way things are looking, though, Ari is steaming ahead.

"7 Rings" dropped. Then we got "break up with your girlfriend, cause I'm bored." As we turn into ponytail-wearing, boot-loving girls in support of Ariana, Pete is the one who doesn't seem to have come out even.

If anything's clear, here, it's "Thank U, Next." Ariana is climbing the ranks. Pete lives on a lower-profile horizon, but there's no predicting where he'll end up. Either way, we wish Pete, Ariana and Kate all the best.

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