"Thank U, Next": 15 Pics Of Ariana Living Her Best Life Since The Split (2 Of Pete, 3 Together)


"Thank U, Next" is probably in your predictive text by now. The song that has become a #Phrase broke Youtube records in December 2018 for receiving the most views within its first 24 hours – 46 million of us watched the video before it was a day old.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson came as the #WhirlwindRomance of 2018 that threw us the biggest curveball ever. Saying "I'm 100% marrying him" the day she met Pete, Ariana found herself engaged to the SNL star after just 24 days of dating. Within weeks, these two had matching tattoos, Ari had a $93,000 engagement ring, and her Instagram was mostly about Pete.

Enter the split — on October 14, 2018, Ariana and Pete ended it. The high ponytail and over-the-knee boots returned to marching the streets of New York alone, and Pete wound up on SNL asking if anyone had any open rooms.

Ariana promptly wrote and released "Thank U, Next." The throwback video that channels Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, plus Ariana's signature sweetheart vibes listed all of her exes, including Pete.

There was sadness — Ari admitted it. Then again, this girl is rocking the post-breakup spirit like nobody's business. Here are 15 pics of Ariana Grande living her best life since Pete became "Thank U, Next," (plus 2 of him, and 3 #Couple for a throwback).

20 One Week Post-Split, Ari Hits Chanel, #ThatFace

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It takes a lot to pick yourself up, put your face on, and hold your head high after a breakup. Whack on 20 zillion photographers and the entire world watching your every move, and you've earned yourself a #Brave.

Eight days after the split, Ariana was spotted with two giant Chanel bags as she hit the streets of NYC. Elle reported that Ari "basically bought out Chanel."

Ari ditched her trademark ponytail for a stylish top knot, oversized pearl earrings, and a bundled up, all-white look said one thing: #Confidence.

19 Pete: "Anybody Looking For A Roommate?"

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The first pictures of Pete following the split didn't quite show the confidence we saw with Ari. Three days after the news broke, Pete was spotted in NYC. People reported that his matching Ari tattoos were covered with Band-Aids.

"Does anybody have any open rooms?" Pete jokingly asked on SNL just after the split. "Looking for a roommate."

In December 2018, ET Online reported that Pete is back in the dating game. He was spotted in New York enjoying a meal with a woman at celeb hotspot, Carbone. Put it this way – Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio eat there. Carbone isn't a place you go if you don't want to be seen.

18 "Spending Time With My Friends, I Ain't Worried 'Bout Nothing"

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The lyrics to "Thank U, Next" could not be more honest. Listening to them, you really get the feel that Ariana sat down with her thoughts, closed her eyes, and put every reflection into her lyrics.

"Spending time with my friends, I ain't worried 'bout nothing" doesn't show us a girl drowning her sorrows into a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Ari was always about making time for her friends.

Arianators might have sent this girl a million hugs from across the Internet, but Ari had her IRL friends to keep her going.

17 "Plus I Met Someone Else, We Havin' Better Discussions"

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"Plus I've met someone else, we havin' better discussions" is the "Thank U, Next" line that stops you right in your tracks. It's clever. Just when you absolutely think it's referring to someone new, you learn that it's not.

This has to be the most suspense from a lyric we've ever heard. #NewBoyfriend is what you expected, right?

Ariana hasn't been spotted with anyone romantically since her October 2018 split. Time for herself seems to be what Ari has decided is best – she's no Kourtney Kardashian. Of course, we got the epic "Thank U, Next" video. Admit it, everything about it is awesome.

16 Pete Sends Out Worrying Words, Deletes His Social Media (Does This Still Hurt?)

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Pete Davidson might be Mr. #FunnyMan, but everything from his "looking for a roommate" words to his social media actions has shown us a guy who's still hurting. In December 2018, Pete sent out the most worrying message yet.

Writing some worrying words before deleting his Instagram, Pete caused a huge wave of concern, as Capital FM reports. Nicki Minaj and Machine Gun Kelly had joined fans in sending their support. It didn't seem to be enough.

Following the message, The Daily Mail reported Ariana showing up at Pete's SNL office. Now there's a girl who'll be there for her ex.

15 Ari Brings "Mean Girls" Back Overnight, Literally "So Fetch"

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Nobody even expected "Thank U, Next" to happen. It's now a phrase, a response, a thought, and the most inspirational quote of 2018. Ari promised a video for the song (and boy, did she deliver).

Full-on Mean Girls vibes, a Legally Blonde scene, blonde highlights, and celeb cameos from Jonathan Bennett, Kris Jenner, and YouTubers, Gabi DeMartino and Troya Silvan– this video will go down as pop culture history.

With those Santa outfits, Ari brushing her teeth in a Yeezy hoodie and those cozy bedroom diary scenes, the video gave every girl on the planet the biggest #FeelGood ever.

14 And She Did It Just In Time For The Holidays

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Looking cute as a button, here is Ariana giving us her best smile for the Christmas special with Jimmy Fallon. The two joined forces to recreate SNL's "I Wish It Was Christmas Today." The holiday period was approaching when this was filmed. Ariana was single, but she was ready to mingle.

Painting on a smile for the cameras is the last thing a girl feels like doing after a breakup. Ariana's job is entertainment. FYI, the job description doesn't come with a #WhenIFeelLikeIt.

December marked "Thank U, Next" surpassing 400 million streams on Spotify with just two tracks. This girl had every reason to smile.

13 That Four-Octave Whistle Register Returns For A Christmas Mash-Up

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It's when Ari puts her hands in the air, does that tiny wave, and closes her eyes that you 100% know this girl is all about the music. With a four-octave range and a whistle register, Ari is a pro. In August 2018, Ari filmed Carpool Karaoke with James Corden (Pete wasn't mentioned).

Just in time for Christmas, though, Ari returned for a Christmas mash-up that also featured Cardi B and Paul McCartney.

Ariana's Carpool Karaoke gives us a #InTheRoom version of "God Is A Woman," a surprise Starbucks trip (where she orders a Grande), and epic childhood stories. Go watch in on Youtube.

12 And Ariana Is Crowned Billboard's Woman Of The Year

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2018 might well have been the most competitive year ever for women in music. Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Halsey, and JLo were all topping charts (but the ponytail came out top). Despite being crowned Billboard's Woman Of The Year, the outlet reported:

Ari admitted feeling "completely underserving" of the Woman of the Year title. "I really have no idea [what I'm doing]," she said.

"I'm not going to cry, that's really annoying," Ari joked. Of course, it's Ariana Grande. The girl is going to burst into tears. Still, looking a dream and 100% deserving it, Ari rounded off the year with a #OwningIt.

11 Pastel Blue For Ari?

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There were no awards for Pete Davidson this year. The closest Pete got was saying he felt like he'd "won a contest" by dating Ari, The Independent reports. Okay, first of all, she's a person, not an object.

In November 2018, Allure reported that Pete had dyed his hair pastel blue. If you're an Ari fan (and know that her favorite colors are pastels), you might also be wondering if this is a subtle sign that he's #MissingHer.

Pete continues to feature on SNL, but 2018 didn't come with any major conquests. Well, aside from him bagging Ariana (for a bit).

10 Ariana And Her 93-Year-Old Grandma Get Hand And Finger Tattoos

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You need to be one awesome grandma to agree to getting a tattoo at the age of 93. Ariana is super close to her Nonna (who features on her Instagram and in her interviews).

"Nonna got a tatoo 93 — that's sick," Ari said on Instagram. Nonna got her husband's name "Ciccio" inked on her finger. Ari got moons and stars.

Cosmo called Ari's nonna "the baddest granny on the block." Ari's tattoo artist shared the adorable hand tat on IG, while Ariana showed her granny's ink via video.

9 Six Weeks Post-Split, Ari Hits Disneyland (Cutest Thing Ever)

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You're never too old for Disneyland– end of. While the Kardashians might take their kids here on a regular basis, these moms are enjoying it just as much as North West and Penelope Disick.

In December 2018, Ari celebrated the record-breaking "Thank U, Next" with her mom and friends at Disneyland, The Daily Mail reports. Ari wore cute the cutest set of Minnie Mouse ears while riding Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Space Mountain.

Going to Disneyland and showing your face with the cameras there? Nothing about that says "moping."

8 Six Months Ago, Still With Pete, Was There Underlying Uncertainty?

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It's hard to believe that this time six months ago, Ariana and Pete were #Engaged. So much has happened since. Ariana has reinvented herself with "Thank U, Next," and that career is sky-rocketing like nothing we've seen. After the split, The Daily Mail reported:

A "hollow relationship" with "no wedding plans." Ari had even admitted they had "six bean bags and no forks."

Ariana and Pete were shopping here in NYC when the paparazzi caught Ari in a possibly awkward moment. Whether she was shading the cameras or feeling insecure, we'll never know. The cracks started to show pretty early on during this whirlwind romance.

7 #Single, "Most Stable Part Of My Twenties"

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December 22nd, 2018 was the date of this Instagram pic from Ari. The caption read: "most stable part of my twenties." At the age of 25, Ariana has hardly had an unstable time – for reference, remember the 2000s pics of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

With her dog and not much in the way of fancy lighting, Ari seemed totally grounded and at peace here.

At the same time, if a girl is calling her post-break-up time "the most stable," what's the message? Was that the most giant hint ever that things felt "unstable" with Pete?

6 Hats Can Squash Ponytails, But You Can't Crush This Girl's Spirit

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While Kylie Jenner changes her hair color every week, Ari has stayed more loyal to her signature high ponytail. BBC even wrote an entire article on the history of the ponytail recently – seriously, it's a big deal.

Fans will know that the ponytail was lowered 45 degrees for Sweetener. "Thank U, Next" also showed some different styles, with Ari wearing her hair down, plus throwing in a bit of color variation.

Ariana has admitted that her ponytail leaves her "in constant pain," Cosmo reports. You can squash the ponytail, but this girl's spirit will never be crushed.

5 Performs On Ellen, Trips Up, Keeps Going Like The #Boss She Is

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You're not a celebrity without going on The Ellen Show. 2018 Ellen threw us Kim Kardashian commenting on the Khloe and Tristan drama, JLo sharing a bed with Ellen, plus a highlight from Ari.

"Thank U, Next" was Ari's chance to perform the song live for the world. While she wore custom-made Alexander McQueen, not everything went to plan. Ari tripped up on stage (and everyone saw it).

What did Ari do? She laughed it off, picked herself up, and kept going. There's literally no stopping this girl.

4 "And For Pete, I'm So Thankful," The Lyrics Make It Clear There's No Beef

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"Thought I'd end up with Sean, but it wasn't a match" is the opening line to "Thank U, Next." Ari lists Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, and Pete Davidson as the exes she's learned so much from. Not a bitter word about any of them.

It takes a lot to "thank" your ex on a song. Nicki Minaj bashes her former boyfriends. Ari respects them.

"One taught me love/One taught me patience/And one taught me pain/Now, I'm so amazing." The lyrics to this song respect and honor everyone that Ari has been with – well, except maybe Ricky Alvarez. He got a "now I look back and laugh."

3 Sweetener Tour Announced, Cloud Fragrance Is Released, The Only Way Is #Up

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Some celebs disappear off the grid after a split. It can literally drive them out of Hollywood. Ariana? The sky's the limit for this girl. After the split, Ariana announced American and international Sweetener tour dates – FYI, going on tour is about as exhausting as it gets.

Ari's "Cloud" fragrance is now available to buy. Ariana has also confirmed a return to the city of Manchester in the UK.

At the very end of December 2018, Ariana was offered a Damehood by the United Kingdom. She stayed humble and declined the honor.

2 "I Know They Say I Move On Too Fast, But This One Gon' Last"

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No words for Ari's style here. In December 2018, Ariana was spotted leaving the SNL offices following Pete's worrying Instagram message and the deleting of his account. Fans briefly wondered if the romance would be rekindled, but there's been no suggestion of that.

"I know they say I move on too fast," is the line that follows "Plus, I met someone else/We havin' better discussions" in "Thank U, Next." It could mean a lot of things.

Ariana has moved fast with her relationships. She split with Mac Miller in May 2018 before quickly moving on with Pete. And yes, she's ready to admit that people have opinions.

1 "Cause Her Name Is Ari, And I'm So Good With That"

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Following "Plus, I met someone else/We havin' better discussions," Ari's record-breaking song tells us something interesting. It isn't that there's a new guy. Or that she's missing Pete. It's that she's okay with herself.

What a line. Her name is Ari. She's strong. She's herself (and she's 100% okay with it).

"I know they say I move on too fast/But this one gon' last/'Cause her name is Ari/And I'm so good with that." We are too, Ari.

Hit share on Facebook with a #ThankUNext. This girl didn't write music like this for nothing.

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