20 Terrifying Batman Action Figures We Didn't Need

The Dark Knight is not only one of the best known fictional characters in media, but is also instantly recognizable around the world for his appearance in movies, television shows, games, and comics. It is obvious, then, that there would be plenty of toys based on the franchise to take advantage of its huge popularity.

Unfortunately, not all of these toys are fun-loving toys that you would want your kids to have. Some of these action figures of the Caped Crusader are not just suitable for children but are downright terrifying. The examples below all show awful designs that make no sense and will probably haunt your dreams.

20 Neural Claw Batman

Neural Claw Batman
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The Neural Claw Batman action figure was a toy produced by Kenner in 1996. The suit is supposed to allow the Dark Knight to fly across Gotham and do battle against the villains he finds. The giant claws give him the ability to overpower the huge foes he might face with ease, although do give him a nightmarish appearance.

19 Decoy Batman

Decoy Batman
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Based on Batman: The Animated Series, this action figure shows Batman in his normal alter ego of Bruce Wayne. The main feature is that he can hold up a decoy in the image of his superhero self. Exactly why Bruce Wayne would want to hold a torso and head in front of him is something that we will never understand.

18 Tank Blaster Batman

Tank Blaster Batman
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Everyone knows that Batman doesn’t use lethal force. For this reason, it is unusual to see him use weapons such as guns. This Tank Blaster action figure kicks that idea out entirely to create a horrifying version of the Caped Crusader with a huge gun capable of taking out tanks.

17 Anti Virus Bruce Wayne

Anti Virus Bruce Wayne
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First released in 2000 by Kenner, the Anti Virus Bruce Wayne action figure is meant for children ages four and up. Part of the Mission Masters series, it sees the hero with hideous orange and yellow accessories that he can connect to his back-mounted power pack. This was unfortunately standard for the era. 

16 Fist Fury Batman

Fist Fury Batman
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The Fist Fury Batman gives the Dark Knight an awful look as if he has been crossed with Wolverine from the X-Men. The description states that the outfit is designed to enhance his martial art skills, allowing Batman to fight against opponents alongside the Knight Force Ninjas, but there can't be much benefit to Batman fighting shirtless. 

15 Laser Batman Beyond

Laser Batman Beyond
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Laser Batman Beyond is another very different look for the Caped Crusader that swaps his classic gray and black outfit for one that gives him a far scarier appearance. That’s ignoring the question of why Batman, a character who uses mostly non-lethal gadgets and his martial arts skills, would need a pulse missile.

14 Slalom Racer Batman

Slalom Racer Batman
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Whether Batman would ever need rocket skis in the urban city of Gotham is one question. However, even more strange is the flame missile that this action figure also features. Part of the Batman: The Animated Series range, it gives the character a bizarre white suit that is far more menacing than a slalom racer would ever need to be.

13 Sky Escape Joker

Sky Escape Joker
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There have been many incarnations of the Joker since his first introduction. Each one depicts the character in different ways, with their own individual styles and looks. This Sky Escape Joker from 1990 is one of the most terrifying Batman figures out there. Despite the fact that it is not meant to be a particularly scary toy, it manages to look completely ghoulish thanks to the poor quality of the face.

12 Batman And Ax Rhino

Batman And Axe Rhino
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If there is a sure-fire way to make Batman even more frightening than he already is, it would be to give him a giant metal ax and a robotic pet rhino. If you want a toy that will haunt your dreams, this Batman And Ax Rhino action figure could be the one for you, especially with the seemingly evil outfit that the Caped Crusader is sporting.

11 Piranha Blade Batman

Piranha Blade Batman
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At first glance, it would be almost impossible to tell that this action figure was actually of Batman at all. Only the small logo on his visor would give it away, as the character is completely obscured by alarming machinery and gadgets— including a gigantic spinning piranha blade. Not exactly as iconic as the Batarang. 

10 Knight Star Batmobile

Knight Star Batmobile
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This toy from the series is not actually scary but it is still frightening to think about why anyone would create such an obnoxious action figure. A bright neon yellow Batmobile is not something that most fans would want, especially when you consider the dark and brooding nature of the world’s greatest detective. Add to that the fact that figures from the same line don’t even fit into the vehicle and its a clear toy to avoid.

9 Bruce Wayne Batman

Bruce Wayne Batman
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Absolutely no one has ever wanted to play with a Bruce Wayne action figure, even if he can suddenly change into Batman at a moment's notice thanks to his quick change armor. However, this toy is particularly frightening thanks to the inclusion of the disembodied outfit, which makes it look at if the Dark Knight has perished and his costume is haunting the world.

8 Gotham City Thug With Crime Scene Evidence

Gotham City Thug With Crime Scene Evidence
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It’s obvious that anyone playing with Batman action figures would want to also have some villains for the Caped Crusader to fight. Most people would probably choose famous bad guys such as the Joker, Two-Face, or the Riddler rather than a normal city thug. Yet, they might change their mind when they see how truly horrifying a thug can become with a clown mask like this.

7 Flightpak Batman

Flightpak Batman
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Anyone who bought this action figure would be hard-pressed to tell that it was even the Caped Crusader at all if not for his signature winged logo proudly displayed on his chest. That’s because Batman has been encased in some strange blue armor, a demonic helmet, and truly fearsome wings.

6 Total Destruction Batman

Total Destruction Batman
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Just the name of this action figure should give you a clue that it isn’t a normal Batman action figure. He character has been completely encased in bulky armor that makes him look more like a mech than a superhero. Combined with the numerous missiles and huge launcher attached to his shoulder, it is an alarming visual even for an individual who tries to use fear against his enemies.

5 Penguin Commandos

Penguin Commandos
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Penguins have never been known for being scary animals. When under the control of one of Batman’s most famous foes, though, and wielding powerful weapons, they suddenly become a gruesome prospect. What's even worse, people might pick these up thinking they are sweet and innocent creatures without realizing they are actually skilled commandos.

4 Inferno Extinction Batman

Inferno Extinction Batman
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Although fighting fires is an important role, the job is probably wasted on a billionaire detective who is capable of taking out the greatest super villains in the world. That’s exactly what this Inferno Extinction Batman action figure does though, making the Dark Knight a glorified firefighter. Imagine the sheer ferocity of a blaze that requires the talents of Batman to extinguish.

3 Neon Armor Batman

Neon Armor Batman
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What makes the Neon Armor Batman such a terrible toy is the fact that it is simply so ugly. This is also a major factor in the action figure being such a scary toy as well, as it gives the Caped Crusader a very unfriendly appearance. If you want a figure of Batman that has seemingly been made radioactive, this is the action figure you need.

2 Fractal Armor Batman

Fractal Armor Batman
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Created in 1996 by Kenner, Fractal Armor Batman is a variation of the Total Justice series. The four-inch figure has a bizarre and gruesome weapon along with purple armor melded into a more traditional costume for the hero. Despite the additional color, the highlights give the character a more fearsome look that might very well scare any children who had the chance to play with it.

1 Night Glider Batman

Night Glider Batman
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Another example of a toy that is not scary deliberately, but rather as a side effect of the hideous design the manufacturer chose. The bright orange coloring, red goggles, and blue wings make this action figure look nothing like Batman. Any criminal would probably be far more worried to see this guy in a dark back alley than they would encountering the Dark Knight.

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