20 Terrifying Animals We Really Wish Didn’t Have Wings

Everyone knows that there are some pretty incredible and ridiculous creatures out there in the world. Some of them are actually pretty frightening... most of them probably are in one way or another. Some of the most terrifying creatures in the world tend to be the ones that have wings.

This is why Alfred Hitchcock did so well with The Birds. Knowing that there are essentially razors with wings flying around our world is a little scary, to say the least. But those aren't the only scary and winged creatures. Here are just 20 from the giant list of creepy creatures with wings.

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20 Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

via hgsc.bcm.edu

Alright, no one needs to know anything about this creature other than the fact that this just looks like a small vampire. While we do already have vampire bats, they are nothing compared to the size of this beast. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie, but we can see why they call it a flying fox.

19 Goliath Beetle


Even just the two words "Goliath" and "Beetle" should never go together. Imagine if a beetle the size of one's hand landed on one's face? What if that thing bites!? Well, to be fair, it can't actually bite but the mandibles it has can deliver a bad enough pinch to make someone think they've been bitten. That's enough for us.

18 Vampire Finch


Finches are pretty cute. We can't deny that. However, whenever a creature ends up with "vampire" at the start of their name, we immediately pay attention. It turns out that this particular finch will use its razor-sharp beak to puncture skin and then feast on the blood of other creatures... and it is a thirsty bird due to its high metabolic rate... so... lots of blood.

17 Asian Giant Hornet


These things are already plenty scary... they're HUGE! Add to that the fact that they can fly up to 25 mph and clear 60 miles of flight every day, not to mention the fact that only 50 of these things can eradicate an entire colony of bees that numbers over 10,000 strong, and we'd rather these things didn't have wings.

16 Flying Fish


Is it not enough that we have things like the Angler Fish in the deep ocean and the Great White Shark cruising the ocean wide? Now we have to have fish that also have wings? Some of these fish can clear tens of feet at a time and have been known to be fatal due to flying up into boats and hitting people in the head...

15 Scorpion Fly


Yeah, this is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's not just a fly with an unfortunate name. Nope, it's actually a fly that happens to have a stinger very much like a scorpion. Sure, it doesn't have pincers but... well, to be honest, they don't actually sting people either. But they are among the first and longest staying critters once a human expires.

14 Shoebill Stork


So, does anyone else here think this terrifying bird looks like a dinosaur? Anyone? Does anyone actually think this might be a little fake? It isn't. It just seems quite prehistoric and looks like a very dangerous bird. For humans, it happens not to be and will flee sooner than it will attack, but when it does strike, it is quick and violent.

13 Greater Adjutant


Alright, sure, these guys are mostly garbage birds (as depicted above at a garbage dump,) but that does not mean that they are nothing to be feared. These birds have no natural predators and can swallow a duck whole... WHOLE! That's terrifying. Not to mention they already look like some sort of demon-spawn.

12 Antarctic Giant Petrel

via pinterest.com

First of all, any bird that has a nickname like "Glutton" is unlikely a friendly bird. As it happens, the Antarctic Giant Petrel is not only a scavenging bird but also a predator, which means it is not afraid to dive in and cause some trouble. They take on penguins and seals...and will drown other birds that are as big as an albatross...

11 Greater Honeyguide


So... that's terrifying. The Honeyguide eggs are laid in the nest of another bird and when the honeyguide hatches, it feeds on the young of the other species... if the female nesting honeyguide didn't already just break apart the eggs of the other bird. And while these birds might guide people to beehives for honey, there is a theory that they guide honeybadgers as well... and we know that they don't give a...

10 Flying Squid


Was it not bad enough with flying fish!? Now there are flying squid! That is just unreasonable. These things can "fly" up to 30 metres at a time. That is a HUGE distance. Especially for something that is pretty much built like a torpedo that also happens to have several tentacles with which to grip while spearing prey!

9 Hercules Beetle


Again, any bug that is the size of someone's hand is just not the kind of bug anyone should want to be around. Especially if it has wings. Allegedly, these Hercules Beetles are actually not a danger to people at all. They won't bite or pinch and don't mess with our daily lives... but they can carry up to 850 times their own mass and we think that's just to scary.

8 Marabou Stork


Anything that just can go out of its way to eat a flamingo is probably something that might be a bit too scary to actually be out there flying around every single day. That could just be our opinion but, considering this bird also has a bare head so it can more easily dive its face into the body of another creature... nope. Just no thanks.

7 Martial Eagle


Yeah, so this is an eagle... taking on a gazelle. A gazelle! That is essentially an eagle fighting a deer! As can be seen here, the adult gazelle is attempting to save a younger gazelle, but imagine those talons swooping in. Even just look  of that eagle peering over the adult gazelle's neck is TERRIFYING!

6 Mobula Rays


Oh, come on! We've got flying fish, flying squid, and now we have flying rays!? And we should mention that these things can get to be 17-feet in size! So, not only are they enormous and naturally terrifying, but they are also giant which does not bode well if someone happens to be in the landing pattern of one of these beasts.

5 Mosquito


Well, come on. There is just no way that the mosquito could not make this list. Everyone has something against these little creatures. Not only do they steal blood from people and other animals, but they also inject a toxin that leads to the itchy bug bite... oh, and they sometimes carry disease. We say "take their wings!"

4 Pelican


Pelicans are very strange birds and while they are typically pretty harmless to people, we have to say they are still terrifying as well. The way in which this bird's mouth opens up to swallow food is not pleasant to watch. It expands in a way that no living thing should be able to do. It makes us think of Pennywise from It.

3 Poodle Moth


We know, this thing could be taken as cute, but considering that it is a giant furry and winged thing that has blackened, demonic eyes, and resembles something between a Power Rangers robot and a Pokemon, we figure it would be best left alone. That being said, a lot of people think this creature is more a legend than a fact.

2 Spotted Lanternfly


We suppose this thing is not all that scary in reality. It does seem pretty small and the vibrant colors (though usually a sign of danger) give it a pleasant look. However, these creatures have begun ravaging lumber and grape production in the U.S. since about 2012. They are certainly a pest we could do without.

1 Turkey Vulture


We probably don't want to do without the Turkey Vulture if only because it is a creature that cleans up a lot of the mess left by other predators and people around the world. That doesn't change the fact that they are scary customers that can grow quite large and have featherless heads so they don't get viscera caught all over their faces...

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