Teachers Are Becoming The New Instagram Influencers

Teachers have become Instagram influencers as many are now moonlighting on social media to make extra cash.

Amy Groesbeck is part of a growing community of people that are teachers by day and Instagram influencers by night. These new social media gurus are not only pulling in more money with their moonlighting gig, but they are also earning mad respect from the Instagram community.

Groesbeck, a third-grade teacher, has over 93,000 Instagram followers and as found there is a need for teachers like herself to share insight on social media. The new group of influencers shares photos of their classrooms, various learning products they use and specific items they have created to make the classroom fun and one-of-a-kind.

Although the influencers earn cash by sharing products they have created or different learning tools they use, it is not as simple as just posting and asking for money. Groesbeck shared with Buzzfeed that she fell into becoming an Instagram influencer thanks to the group "Teachers Pay Teachers". The group allows teachers to sell different classroom resources and can be pretty much anything as long as the teaching selling it, created it.

Teachers involved in the group promote the products they sell by using #TeachersOfInstagram and #TeacherLife, which helped Groesbeck earn the majority of her followers. Plus, the teacher influencers will also share tips, tools, guides, design ideas and more on Instagram. As with any other social media platform involving money, the more followers, the more money the person will make.

Although the money is excellent, Groesbeck shared being involved with the group and on social media has helped create a positive environment for her as a teacher. In today's age where teachers don't make much money, are not always appreciated as much as they should be, and face a slew of challenges while trying to teach our youth, the group is motivational and inspiring.

It just goes to show that there are so many ways to be an influencer on social media without being a celebrity, a model, a fitness guru, or a piece of avocado toast. There is so much more to social media than clicking "like", sharing, and commenting. Social media has become a real source of income for many, including teachers.


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