Taylor Swift Ripped Off Her Falsies In The Middle Of A Performance And We Couldn't Relate More

Taylor Swift ripped off her fake eyelashes in the middle of her concert on Friday, November 2nd, and it was the biggest mood. Fans who attended the pop singer’s performance at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia are still buzzing about the iconic moment all over social media. Who else can take off their makeup and stay on key at the same time? This can get filed under “Legendary Taylor Swift Concert Surprises,” right behind that adorable fan engagement earlier this year.

As the beginning notes to her hit “Don’t Blame Me” started playing, Swift pulled off one eyelash and continued walking across the stage. While she sang the opening lines, she flawlessly pulled off the other lash and didn’t miss a single beat. Somehow, she made such a small movement look so badass. Fans shared the moment on social media with awe. “Imagine catching one of Taylor Swift’s fake eyelashes,” one Twitter user said.

Of course, another Twitter user even created an account for Taylor Swift’s abandoned falsies (@tayseyelash). The account’s first tweet read, “I am lost.” Where are those eyelashes now, we wonder?

According to a series of photos Swift posted after her concert, it poured all night in Sydney, and there was no coverage at the venue. But, instead of postponing or canceling, Swift powered through the entire time, getting her hair and every outfit soaked in the process. We can’t imagine that being caught in the rain with fake eyelashes is comfortable, so we can’t really blame Swift for tearing them off.

Despite the rain, the pop star said she had a great time. “We had the absolute time of our LIVES with you…we all got to jump around together in a storm, what a dream 😁,” she captioned the post.

As Glamour pointed out, Swift’s concert in the rain just showed how dedicated she was to giving her fans what they came for. Swift’s Reputation Tour has been known for its intense choreography and lighting equipment—pouring rain probably poses a bit of a challenge to Swift and her team. Fans and performers alike stuck it out, though, and eventually the rain stopped. Overall, it seems that the concert was well worth getting soaked.

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