Taylor Swift And Drake Might Be Making Beautiful Music Together

The Internet is freaking out over rumors that Taylor Swift, fresh off her break up from Tom Hiddleston, was flirting with Drake at his birthday party this week.

When the Toronto-born singer blew out 30 candles on his birthday cake, apparently love was also in the air. Reports are flying around that T-Swift and Drake were super close and touchy-feely pretty much the entire evening.

For those who are in the know, it might not be a total surprise. After all, the singers have known each other for a long time, and they've been spotted chatting at various events over the years. Plus there's the fact that we never really expected Taylor to stay single for long. That just doesn't happen, right? We've been down this road before and we know that once she's broken up with someone, she writes a song about them and then moves on.

Adding some interest to the rumors? The fact that Drake's mom was in attendance at the party, and, yup, Taylor met her. Seems super early to be meeting the fam...

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Of course, this being Taylor, the focus was also on her amazing outfit which gave everyone a look at her crazy long legs which apparently have been insured for $40 million.

No celebrity party seems to be without tons of drama, and this birthday bash was definitely no exception. John Mayer and Katy Perry were both helping Drake celebrate, so naturally, Taylor had to avoid them. But she wasn't without at least one member of her girl squad since Karlie Kloss was also there, so we don't feel too sorry for her. Oh yeah, and then there's the fact that she might be dating Drake. Nope, we don't feel bad for her. Not one little bit.

Speaking of Karlie Kloss, sidekick to T-Swift, posted a birthday message to Drake with a picture of them on Instagram. Please tell us what you know Karlie!

So are the stars really a pair? Only time will tell. But we think this is a match made in musical heaven.

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