Taurus Season: 10 Essentials To Make Your Own Self Care Sanctuary

Taurus season is finally here and even if your zodiac sign is not that of the bull, you can still appreciate the season of the second astrological sign from April 21 - May 21. Those of the second house appreciate the finer things in life and understand the importance of self-care in order to improve the body and mind.  We should all learn from the Taurus and spend this season appreciating ourselves while treating ourselves to the smaller luxuries in life in an effort to boost our spirits. What's wrong with some indulgence every now and then? It's good to "treat yo self" from time to time because life can be messy, and everyone deserves a break. So without further ado, let's honor Taurus season by allowing ourselves to indulge in our own self-care sanctuaries.

What are some essentials for your own self-care sanctuary? Find out below.

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Fairy lights are essential for any self-care sanctuary because they are the best way to set a positive mood in any room. It's hard not to feel giddy in a space with romantic lights that twinkle in the dark. They can provide an additional spark in even the most mundane room. Add a couple of fairy lights to a janitor's closet and Bam!, you'll suddenly feel like you're in Paris rather than a cramped storage space! The best part is, they are not all that expensive and you can even find quality fairy lights online for less than 10 bucks. Plus, you can get creative and pick earthy colored lights in honor of Taurus Season to properly set the mood.


If you're a person who appreciates self-care like the Taurus, you are most likely no stranger to aroma candles. Not only do scented candles smell delightful, but they also provide plenty of health benefits such as the prevention of stress, skin irritations, and PMS. The essential oils found in these candles are said to be therapeutic to the body and soul and what better way is there to engage in self-care than to light up gorgeously scented aroma candles? There are plenty of fragrance oils that offer an earthy scent in order to honor Taurus season. Pick the scent that you love the most and watch your mood instantly lift.


What better way to unwind than to watch a good old sitcom on Netflix? There's no better way to chill out and take a breather than by cozying up to your laptop screen with a cup of tea and a Netflix show.

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We suggest picking a feel-good show because watching a series with a positive spirit to it will make you feel joyous and relaxed. For example, watching Friends will most likely make you feel excited about life, while an episode of Criminal Minds might cause you to never want to leave your house again due to the fear that comes from assuming everyone in the world is out to murder you.

Some great "feel-good" shows on Netflix to binge in your self-sanctuary: Friends, New Girl, Big Mouth, The Good Place, The Office, Parks & Recreation.


In 2019, it's necessary to take your eyes off of the screen for a few hours at a time in order to relax your eyes and restore your brain. What better way to do so than to pick up a book? Adding some light reading to your self-care sanctuary will instantly work to relax you.

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Every once in a while it's okay to put down the melancholic works of JD Salinger and Sylvia Plath in order to replace them with happier novels that are suitable beach reads. What's the harm in reading a feel-good paperback every now and then? There's nothing wrong with making an effort to boost your mood. Plus, reading has been linked to reducing stress and anxiety, so do yourself a favor and turn off your phone while you lose yourself in the pages of an amazing novel.


Taurus season is all about appreciating what mother earth has to offer. Soaking in the sunlight is necessary to boost your spirits and fight off depression. It's why everyone seems so happy when the sun finally starts to come out after an icy cold winter. It's important to spend a lot of time outside once the sun is finally out, yet if you want to remain inside the cocoon of the self-care sanctuary you have built, just open the window all the way to let the sunlight bathe your room. It is one of the best feelings in the world to wrap yourself in sunlight at the end of a long winter stuck inside.


In the words of Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, music provides a form of magic that is more powerful than anything taught at Hogwarts. That's saying a lot considering the fact that Hogwarts is a school of magic, yet we understand exactly where he is coming from.

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There is nothing more powerful than music, and that is why a simple song is able to change an entire mood. Make yourself a musical playlist of your favorite feel-good tunes and let it gently play inside your sanctuary.

Feel-good musical artists to consider: Jason Mraz, Best Coast, Colbie Caillat, Dave Matthews Band, Led Zeppelin, 311.


In addition to aroma candles, body butter is an excellent way to boost good energy with scent- only this time, you get to be the one who smells lovely! Body Butter is a wonderful way to hydrate your skin from dryness while at the same time works to eliminate stress from the body and mind. To fully appreciate Taurus season, choose a body butter that offers an earthy scent such as Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Ginger.

Did you know that your sense of smell peaks during the spring and summer? This is due to the change of added moisture in the air so now is the perfect time to add an earthy scent to your sanctuary.


We all know how much Tauruses appreciate food, and there is no better way to indulge in self-care than to make yourself a tropical fruit smoothie for your sanctuary. Not only will a healthy smoothie filled with fruits aid to fight feelings of depression and stress, but it also tastes delicious! It's a win-win situation and sipping on this tasty drink can make you feel as though you're on a tropical beach in Hawaii when in reality, you're the farthest place from it. For a healthier alternative, use coconut water or almond milk rather than whole milk. It will taste just as delicious with fewer calories.


Exercise sounds like the last thing you would want to do when you're trying to slow things down and relieve stress, yet there is no better way to get rid of all the toxins and negative energy you're storing, quite like exercise. In the words of the beloved Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!" That feeling you get after a workout is the best way to fill yourself with positive energy and you can do it all in your self-care sanctuary. Invest in dumbbells of at least 10 pounds each in order to tone up and get fit in the comfort of your own room.


Although the Taurus strongly values independence and "alone time" can be seen as a privilege for some, it is also a privilege to spend time relaxing with friends. It's a nice feeling to be able to unwind with the people you love most, so feel free to include them in your self-care sanctuary! A spa day with your friends can be a perfect way to bond. Enjoy a smoothie and a feel-good sitcom with your buddies, while surrounding yourself with aroma candles and fairy lights.  What better way to take care of yourself than to enjoy the simple things in life with the people you love?

How will you be spending Taurus season? Let us know!

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