Target's Newest Swimwear Line Is Both Gorgeous And Inclusive

The process of buying swimwear is mostly a painful and borderline humiliating experience for most women. It can be expensive (depending on where you go to buy it, of course), and even trying them on can make you hate absolutely everything about yourself. But the one brand that seems to understand this is, of all places, Target. They decided to try their hand at making swimwear less of a painful process with their new line.

As revealed by Cosmopolitan this past Friday, Target has recently launched their newest swimwear collection. Known by its name Kona Sol, it could very well be one of the most inclusive swimwear lines that's out right now. The sizes range from XS to XL, with certain styles available in sizes 14W to 26W as well. So whether you're a very small size, average, or are a plus-size woman, you'll more than likely find a swimsuit that fits you well enough to wear when summer (or your next tropical vacation) arrives.

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Having a swimwear line that's as inclusive in size as Target boasts is already a huge positive for most people. After all, no one size is suited for a swimsuit. But another massive plus that comes with this collection lies in its price point. Depending on what you're purchasing- be it one part of a bikini, part of a tankini, or a one-piece- prices can range from about $18 USD to about $45 USD before taxes.

There are so many different kinds of things you can buy from Target's newest swimwear line. You can find one-pieces, as well as tops and bottoms for both bikinis and tankinis that could easily be mixed and matched as you wish. But it's not just swimwear being offered here. There's even cover-ups and swim shorts to browse through and buy if you so desire. So if you're in the market for a new swimsuit, perhaps give Target an honest try. You may just find something that fits without breaking the bank at the same time.

You can now look at or purchase Kona Sol swimwear in Target stores, or online.

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