Target's Inflatable Glitter Chairs Are Loaded With 90's Nostalgia, And We Are Here For It

Target is jumping on the 90's nostalgia bandwagon with inflatable glitter chairs that will take you back to your childhood.

Everything old is new again, and Target has outdone themselves with the latest home décor item that they are selling. These inflatable glitter chairs are not only perfect for a teenager's room but also will look amazing in a dorm or apartment. Full-blown adults may even want one of these throwback goodies for him or herself. Yes, they are that cool.

Total. 90's. Throwback. ✨ #TargetFinds #90s

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These chairs ooze the sparkly glitter that many of our lives have been missing. They come in three different colors. There is a fuchsia pink glitter-filled chair, a gold glitter-filled chair and a multi-colored one for those who want a little more pizazz in their homes. All three look really cool though, so you can't go wrong with any color you pick.

Target is also selling the same inflatable chair in a solid blue color, which is not part of the Air Candy collection. However, if you want something a little subtler, it will work (but it will not give you a full dose of 90's nostalgia!). Plus, there is an inflatable matching ottoman to go with each chair if you feel the need for a footrest. The ottoman is sold separately.

What does it cost these days to make you feel like a kid again? Well, thanks to Target's Air Candy inflatable chairs, you'll only have to shell out $30, plus $15 more if you want the ottoman too. Oh yes, for under $50 your home will be seriously styling in the best retro way possible. These 90's inspired home décor items can be purchased online or in stores, which makes them very easy to buy.

These fantastic chairs are one of the latest 90's theme products to hit the market, and they are undoubtedly our favorite. In fact, just looking at them makes us feel all giddy and young again.

What do you think about these fun glitter filled inflatable chairs? Would you buy one to spruce up your living space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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