SZA's Outfit At The 2018 Soul Train Awards Was Subtle Yet Stunning

Presenting an award at an awards show- regardless of which show it is, what the award will be, or who will receive said award- can be a daunting task for some to dress for. You want to dress nicely, of course; after all, no one wants to show up at an awards show looking like a slob. But you also have to dress in a manner that's not going to steal the thunder of the award recipient.

When R&B singer/songwriter SZA was tasked with presenting fellow singer Erykah Badu the 2018 Legend Award at this year's Soul Train Awards, SZA managed to nail the aforementioned feat.

According to Vogue this past Monday, SZA showed up to the 2018 Soul Train Awards ceremony wearing what could be described as a simple, albeit sexy ensemble. She ditched any color in favor of wearing white. You could make the argument that she went for an "all white everything" vibe, thanks in part to her talented stylists, Dianne Garcia, and Alejandra Hernandez.

via Vogue

SZA's attire comprised of a bra with wrap-around waist ties, a trenchcoat with a unique cut-out, baggy high-waisted pants, and heels with a red pattern of sorts. The entire outfit came from LARoxx, a relatively popular clothing company for both women and men. Based out of Los Angeles, California, their style is minimalistic yet modern; exactly what SZA's outfit at the Soul Train Awards was. Add in the expert hairstyling by Randy Stodghill and the strong makeup skills of artist Raúl Alejandre, and SZA managed to pull off a chic look that's understated without turning the singer into a wallflower.

Some say wish that SZA had gone for a more dramatic look for the Soul Train Awards; after all, any award show is the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops to make jaws drop for your fans and your peers alike. In fact, Badu- the recipient of the award presented by SZA- executed a daring outfit that surely turned plenty of heads. Yet in what could be seen as a sign of respect, SZA chose a muted look so that all eyes would be on Badu upon the former singer presenting the latter with the 2018 Legends Award. But it's clear that SZA can still make a splash at any awards show- regardless of outfit.


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